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MMO Live News/Posts

Does anybody even run Dragon’s Stand meta anymore?

I need my crystalline ore!!!! Farming the minuscule amount of pods that are available during the reset is getting old 🥱

Party Guardian: Common questions and misconceptions

**Is this an important Mastery Point?** Abolutely not. You only need 10 Mastery Points to unlock all of the new Masteries, and 13 new Mastery Points were added. This is one of the hardest ones to complete. **When do champions spawn?** *Within* fiv

[Eitrite Ingot] RECIPE

ANet Restored my T2 Boreal Weapons when I set in a support ticket

Earlier today I sent a support ticket to Anet requesting that my Restored Boreal Weapons be returned to me as I had salvaged them two months ago upon completing the collection. I listed out which ones I had sold, which ones I kept, and which ones I s

DirectX12 vs The New Strike Mission xD

Expansion Level "Features"

Tried Drakkar (world boss) 4 times: 1. Drakkar stuck in phase 1 - no loot 2. Jhavi stuck at still waters speaking 3. Jhavi didn´t show up at all 4. Jhavi stuck midway ​ But yay we got a Unicorn, I guess... At least we had on

Raids/Fractal speedrunners & female humans

Hey!I've wondered about this for a longer time now. I watch alot of speedruns - fractals, raids (&lowmans), dungeons. And 99.9% of time all I see is human female - is there any REAL difference? Other than heheass or heheboobs, like idk - clearer

Since we can’t say anything negative on the official forums...

Can we just ban devs from viewing this sub? If we can’t post there, why are they here?

SPOILERS!!!! Easter egg at the end for potential fractal? SPOILERS!!!!!

I noticed if you jump in the pool in front of aurene she has a couple lines about strings in the mists and time travel or something. Maybe something to look forward to!>!!<

soo.. I need to call on the community rq.. anyone know how to find your digital game receipt if you bought the game online and (for the 99% of us who don't keep every email we get) recover the receipt code? I need it to submit a tech support ticket

Luminiferous Achievment

Has anyone managed to find where lighting the gate starts? All the light puzzles i had previously completed had their achievements reset so i’m not sure if it’s in the new or old half of the map. Thanks :)

Raven Ceremonial Armor: Am I stupid?

Hi all! So, I checked my e-mail, and Anet has sent a newsletter with the subject title "Earn new armor rewards in GW2’s The Icebrood Saga". The Raven Ceremonial armor was advertised very prominently in that e-mail. So. Am I completely stupid? I h

Really strange room that can be accessed in Asgaer's Legacy, but has like... nothing. What gives?

Explain this Drakkar Meta event to me please

When does it start? Where is it at on the map? What does it consist of?

Why didn't they just give West Bjora a new currency instead of screwing over anyone who had Eternal Ice saved up?

Feels pretty bad. I was going to get my Skyscale today, but now it's going to take a week of grinding to buy the LS4 currencies because of this surprise change to make everything cost 3x as much. If this is truly just an expansion to an already exist

A Letter to Anet from a Veteran Player of the GW Franchise *SPOILERS*

I have been playing the Guild Wars Franchise for 11.6 years. I have played every expansion of Guild Wars (Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall & Eye of the North). I have been playing Guild Wars 2 since beta. I have played through Core, Heart of Thorn

[PSA] You don’t get a second map completion with Bjora Marches

Title. Those who completed the first half of the map during Episode 1 seemingly don’t get access to a second map completion rewards for doing the second half. Not sure if it’s a bug, but I didn’t get anything. Cheers.

That's creepy Anet

Is this a game worth playing in 2020?

Wiki is Incomplete for the restored Ruler of the Skies

Illuminated Boreal Weapon Achievement Rewards

The achievement for crafting all 16 Illuminated weapons has 9 tiers of rewards associated with it. [Tier Requirements](https://imgur.com/4AXfyyP) [Tier 4 Eitrite Ingot Recipe](https://imgur.com/c0hjG5L) [Tier 6 New Raven Armor Skin](https://imgur.

Discord for GW2?

Is there a Discord server? Is so, would someone please reply with a link? The search function in Discord didn't turn up anything. Thanks!

poor pegi never stood a chance.

Nick Hermandez, lead designer of today's episode, asks for feedback. We should all go and give him some credit for today's episode.

PSA: Contact Support if you salvaged your Restored Boreal Weapons!

Support just confirmed that they see the weapon skins in my wardrobe and they sent me replacements. Still a shitty decision on the design side, but the CS team is picking up the slack!

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

What the fuck is this?


Charlieee, We gave you wings Charlieeee


Budget pegasus


GW2 New Patch Bingo - Guaranteed all squares version


I'm so so so so sorry.


Gemstore team night now


T3 boreal weapons require T2, moment of silence for these who salvaged them.

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/454288585718366240/671823161653854245/gw747.jpg edit: Anet if working on a fix for us. Connor Fallon.9408 Hi All, We are working on an alternative, easier way to reobtain the T2 weapons for those who have alre [..]

Designed a new pegasus griffon skin because anet apparently couldn't


Be careful what you wish for... (Nov 8, 2019)


I greet you like a tree greets the axes


the new pegasus griffin mount - an artist's interpretation


A horse? In Guild Wars 2? That's illegal.


Why this still says Path of Fire?


News regarding fractals are coming soon - MassivelyOP


Game Update Notes: January 28, 2020


Anet’s Hype Train


I tired to fix the new Pegasus


>Its a Braham episode


[Data-Mining] Upcoming features from the January 28 patch

Hello everybody, Episode 2 is here, next update in [two weeks](https://www.thatshaman.com/tools/countdown/). **Edit:** that's it for now! Enjoy! ## Images - [Jora's Outfit](https://imgur.com/RfxLB3C) - [Jora Appearance Package](https://imgur.com [..]

Achievement Guide: Shadow in the Ice

Hey everyone! There are quite a few new achievements in the newest update. We at Metabattle have been working all day to create this new guide for you all to help everyone out!! Included are screenshots, maps, and tips and tricks to maximize your [..]

ArenaNet working on a way for players who already crafted (T2) Restored Boreal weapons to reobtain them


PSA: Icebrood Saga Portal Tome is now available

Unfortunately it's using the same icon and color as the one for Season 4. [..]

The rewards for the events in the new section of the map are ridiculous.


Updates Coming to Drakkar Fight Rewards


[Spoiler] New Strike mission in a nutshell