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[Raid Build Concept] Marshal Chrono -- Pure Healer

[http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vhEQRAsc8ancfClohFqBufCEgilVjqsDGhA48ISior+Yj2pF-jxRBQBkV5XaVCCV9DaV9nss/AAeCA67kAQKA/GDA-e](http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vhEQRAsc8ancfClohFqBufCEgilVjqsDGhA48ISior+Yj2pF-jxRBQBkV5XaVCCV9DaV9nss/AAeCA67kAQKA/GDA-e) This

ArcDps not compressing logs.

Hello, i am currently having issues in regards to compressing arcdps logs. I do have windows 10 (i checked) with powershell installed, but arcdps continually outputs .tmp files, which are unreadable by elite insights or gw2raidar. I have been informe

To clear up some confusion around Rune of Speed, Superspeed and Swiftness

​ I've seen a lot of discussion around how much Rune of Speed affects your in combat, and out of combat movementspeed and wanted to do some quick mafs, so that we have exact values and not just "gut feels" of how much movement speed is in

Psa: Superior Sigil of Bursting from Pnsa

https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Recipe:_Superior_Sigil_of_Bursting https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Superior_Sigil_of_Bursting At wastes hollows waypoint, malchors leap. North of Pagga's waypoint (where you cut all the elder logs)

Air vs. Impact vs. Accuracy?

after new patch, about 2nd sigil of power class, which will be next meta set? for class that doesn't need extra precision 1. Force+Air 2. Force+Impact? for class that need extra precision 1. Force+Air with some Assassin gears 2. Force

I could finally complete my Firebrand look

With the sigil of nullification recipe, I could finally make the pieces I needed for my main Firebrand look. I fucking love it! And I love angelic beasts themes. ​ Pieces are: Glint's Gaze - Head Legendary armor - Chest and legs Requ

GW2 Rifle Deadeye 36,5k

Any of the new runes good for Guardian in pvp?

Trying to make a Guardian build work in pvp Tried Greatsword build from metabattle and the healing build from it Both got wrecked hard by holo/mesmers/reapers/scource/etc Dunno what else to try to at least do better... Cause for now it feels like I s

So if all runes/sigils automatically get salvaged...

Then how do I get runes/sigils for new characters if I dont boost them? Isn't the finite number on the market the last ones? Or did I miss something.

Ninja nerf to Istan? No champs spawining during events.

or a bug (that wont get fixed). They spawn only during gh and pala but they are gone from all other events.

Non Legendary Bounties

Is there any way (aside from just getting lucky with people deciding to help) to do these? I have been trying to do the ascended back collection and NO ONE wants to help with it, and even with like 3-4 people we just get dumpstered by the boss.

At this point GW 2 really doesn't need leveling

GW 2 is the most modular MMO I have ever played, staring from class, skills, zones everything has options. Only one thing in this really doesn't fit leveling till 80. Story content is still progressing without any problem in progression. Leveling do

How many Divinations will we need for the ring? Can you tell us ANet?

A full stack? Less? It would be helpful to know. I know you can convert Insights but I don't want to waste them if it ends up being less.

Quick qustion on Superior rune of the holosmith

Do you gain the laser disk even if you're not a holosmith? Say a guardian? [https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Superior\_Rune\_of\_the\_Holosmith](https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Superior_Rune_of_the_Holosmith)

pack rune and enhancement

I noticed that the 6th bonus of the pack rune doesn't add e.g. concentration when using the new potent lucent oil. Same thing with all other "gain anything equal to x% of your precision"

Thoughts on Djinn's Domain Beta? (New sPvP map)

Good - * **Layout**-- I love how none of the points seem like a particular pain to get to. * **The Lantern Arena**-- great concept, great buffs, I love it. * **Aesthetic-**- almost always great in GW2, and this is no exception. I love how it fresh i

Current Events and Side Story Achievements

Does anyone know how to tell which of the older achievements are still completable? I keep starting one (like Bloodstone Harvest and Conservation of Magic), and only finding out later that I can't finish it. ​ How can we avoid wasting o

Trying to find my game to play and "friend" (READ BEFORE JUDGE)

Hello. As I'm shy when I come to the internet. Beware as I'm autistic (mild) but I looking to find a game where I'm looking forward to. I honestly don't know what I am at this point. I been depressed for to long to remember what I am and I been getti

So, now that we have our answer for as to why Null sigils were part of the Requiem collection...

...Wouldn't you think that it'd be a really good idea, on the release day for Ep.4, to *let the players know* that an upgrade rework was coming in the first place? Here we were, wondering for almost a month, why in the hell such an odd design decisi

[VIDEO] Tormenting Rune Bugged - Heals on Every Condition Applied

[Tormenting Rune Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtIcqIp9Pnk) ​ Spread this around, this needs to get fixed ASAP.

What are these element types on Runes and Sigils now?

After the update, all runes and sigils seem to have an extra bit of info on their description called an "element". So far I've seen: Brilliance Pain Skill Potence Enhancement Or were those always there before? What do these things do? Do sigil

Black Lion Chest reminder

We all know RNG can really suck, especially when it comes to BLCs in GW2. For anyone considering buying up keys for the chair...remember you have to get that rare 5th bonus role to get anything uncommon. I saved up 35 keys and bought 25 and got one

lucky to have, don't deserve to sit

Why all the Scourge and Sanctuary rune uproar?

I'm not a necro main but I tire of seeing them getting flag first for any OP changes. In case you guys are not aware, there are many other OP things out there that needs attention. Soulbeasts doing 50k crits with norn bear? Deadeyes with perma s

Can we talk about the massive item/crafting disconnect?

Are we ever going to have a serious talk about the massive disconnect between whoever decides which items are used in a recipe etc and their knowledge of how those items are already used or their availability/obtainability? I just feel like there is

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Honor of the Waves let's go


Game Update Notes: November 13, 2018


I am new to the game and loving it so far ^^ Here are two of my Charr characters!


After years of off-and-on playing, I finally sat down and finished the last six maps over the past two days. What a nice adventure.


Can we talk about the massive item/crafting disconnect?

Are we ever going to have a serious talk about the massive disconnect between whoever decides which items are used in a recipe etc and their knowledge of how those items are already used or their availability/obtainability? I just feel like there is [..]



New Sanctuary Rune - overpowered on Scourge (perma 25 Might and condi cleanse)

There have been some posts asking about this rune or posting about this clip. But to clarify: The new Sanctuary works for lifesteal. So Scourges through [Abrasive Grit](https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Abrasive_Grit) ( Granting an ally a [barrier]( [..]

WvW Scourge Big Think


[Data-Mining] Upcoming features from the November 13 patch

Hello everybody, Today's new items from Dog Wars 2. Enjoy ## Images - [Pet Dog Whistle - Basenji](https://imgur.com/UTiiqTi) - [Raven Mantle](https://imgur.com/euJLn6H) - [Raven Helm](https://imgur.com/8XoTmpu) ## Loading - [Djinn's Dominion](h [..]

NEW Sigill of Nullification Recipe

​ https://i.redd.it/uim0yvi2v4y11.png [..]

+X to all Stats

... but not really all stats. Not the totally new concentration and expertise ones that were born only... three years ago. ​ You would think a rework on Runes would finally get rid of this "mistake" after that amount of time. Iam fine wi [..]

Thank you Anet for finally making Hoelbrak Runes craftable!


[PSA] Salvage kit rarity doesnt influence salvage results of runes and sigils

just did a couple of thousand salvages with copper and silver fed salvage o matic and got the same results. * Minors gave me 0.19% drop chance for charms/symbols and ~1 lucent mote * Majors gave me 0.39% drop chance for charms/symbols and ~2 lucent [..]

Server Crashes after Update?

I keep getting kicked out of the game. Anyone else experiencing this? [..]

I recycled for you 1000 Minor runes of the Flock


Feathered Fashion and Battle-Ready Updates to Black Lion Chests


Gemstore Update - Raven Helm/Mantle & Desert King Throne

**New Items** * Raven Helm - 400 gems/ Raven Mantle - 400 gems * Pics: https://imgur.com/a/RohMBtt * Charr/Asura: https://imgur.com/a/JlekJXM * Desert King Throne - Uncommon drop from BLC chests * Thing thing is massive, makes human character fee [..]

[ART] | Take a snack and a seat ... Patch is incoming soon. | "Extra - Cupcakes" | by gears2gnomes


[BUG] Impact sigil +3% not working

I have only tested the 3% and not the 7% on knocked down foes but this sigil's +3% damage modifier is not working either on its own or with force sigil (tested both combinations). I also tested Superior Sigil of Serpent Slaying both with and without [..]

Salvage Stack Added to Salvage Kits.

​ [ \(=ↀωↀ=\) ](https://i.redd.it/wepno3f5t4y11.jpg) [..]

here are the new utility consumables

craftable by huntsman. recipes from the NPC https://imgur.com/RpVZ6UD https://imgur.com/aux41uv [..]

[Wintersday Zine] Bundle Preorders End In 2 Days! -[Nearly $4,500 raised for Save the Children]


These new 10% Max Health effects are so fun


Current state of Guild Wars 2

​ https://i.redd.it/3dnnc4a8c5y11.png [..]

Standard Support Chronomancer Build Update (Soul Pastries + Lucent Oil)