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MMO Live News/Posts

Cannot take helicopter to grothmar

Yes its the old story but still annoying as fuck

dead game is dead.

Just put it in maintenance already. Go find new careers. Work on other games, Make your impact elsewhere and aspire to be great game developers! Maybe we will be playing them in the future. Oh, and as per reddit etiquette down vote this the hell.

What I EXPECTED from Boneskinner / Dark Forest (Suggestions)

I guess I just let my imagination get the better of me...actually I DEFINITELY let my imagination get the better of me. I had a lot more expectations from this particular section of content that just were not even close. My Expectations: *ANY* of th

Season 5 Portal Tome

Where is it, anet? WHERE IS IT?!

Final Cutscene

Noticed something interesting in the final cutscene when Jormag is talking through the Svanir body. Its movements and expressions started out disjointed and lurching, but by the end of the scene it gives you an almost genuine (albeit unsettling) look

32 slot bag

Is the new 32 slot bag account bound ? And can i craft it multiple times ?

I can't believe I heckin' died

Condition of condi reaper ? :)

Like the title says, how is condi reaper compared to power reaper these days. I understand that power reaper is the more common build these days, but if possible, I would like to use the same armor for scrouge and reaper, and from scourge is a cond

I got a legendary weapon collection item for a weapon collection i didnt buy.

Do i need to keep it or can they drop multiple times if i were to decide to start that collection later?

What is wrong with me, if I enjoy gw2 reddit more than actually playing gw2? 😅

[EU] Good WvW Community Server?

Hi everyone, ​ I've recently moved from FC in NA to the EU servers and I'm currently finding that there isn't much of a community spirit and the commanders berate each other. Does anyone know of a good WvW server where the community an

I enjoy that Strikes are becoming more difficult...

...but it feels like casuals can barely handle Voice and Claw. These are going to increase in difficulty (by Anet's own statements) and casuals are going to stop playing them entirely at this rate, and we'll be back to only "hardcore" Strikers (Raide

Raven Mastery Tier II blocked

Anyone find a fix for this? I completed the story mission and leveled up my mastery to the specified level but the story is still prompting me to level it up. Is there any fix for this?

So, there's like 10 of these just "flying" around.

suggestions for roaming/dueling build for wvw

Hi gw2 subreddit, Right now I'm rank 2k and I play mostly cele sword weaver in wvw. It works great for me and I can outlast most people in duels or small scale fights. That said, I'm looking to gear another character for roaming. It is nice to play

There are some stories you can listen to.

Take to Relief Crew Scout at the marked position and select a story. There are three stories, not super long but well voiced. https://preview.redd.it/6tbr1aeo1wz31.jpg?width=754&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=74ad3c2d881017afb8b42e457079bb37920

I have a decent PC, but GW2 is the laggiest MMORPG around right now.

As the title says, GW2 is probably one of the worst optimized MMORPGs around right now. Let me explain why. I've played AAA games. I've played most if not all online games on the market. I've tried them both in high and low graphics settings. None

[PC] (DLC) Guild Wars 2 - Icebrood Saga Hero’s Bundle

It may seem small, but this perfectly sums up the frustration I have when I look at GW2 compared to GW. How come a game that came out 14 years ago can handle my 32:9 monitor perfectly in the title screen, but a game that was patched today displays my characters like this?

Why is there no portal between new maps?

I know it's just a minor detail but I really like when maps in Tyria are connected. I kinda gave up this idea after S4 maps being scattered all around so the only one which had it (Jahai Bluffs) was good surprise. But now in Icebrood Saga they have m

Am I the only one who felt liek we got only half of the episode?

I mean come on it ended with us exiting thru the portal to the cut off part of the map we will probs only see in ep 2 cause sagas is just slicing up seasons into smaller pieces apparently....

The new weapon sets are Fantastic!

I love the practicality and detail without all the particle effects!

PSA: There are 4 large daily chests at the end of the Raven Maze outside of the story mission.

I went back through the maze after completing "The Invitation" in order to get the book and went all the way to the boss chamber. I found the chests there with no additional gimmick. Just wanted to make sure people did not miss them.

Anet, you tried, now finish the SAB story please!

Living Story is great (or whatever we are calling it now) and people enjoy new content, but what I think everyone loves more is SAB. It is such an iconic addition to this game and all of my friends wait to hear "Join us for the next Super Adventure

Mac Client

Hey does anyone here play with a Mac? In my opinion anet should maybe make an update for it cause it’s not that great. I mean it works but it could work way better! I use a MacBook Pro 15‘‘ 2018 with 4 gb vram but I get big as lagspikes at

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

The best part of the update


Thank you Arenanet

I just want to say thank you. Mid-terms are coming, and I finished everything patch had to offer within 8 hours of release. Now I can truly focus school when I dont have to even think about logging into this game. It is truly magnificent how [..]

All of you talking about lack of content on the newest episode, conveniently ignoring this massive gameplay update


Whenever Anet adds new content. #Fluff


Petition to have Jormag's voice be the hourly reminder to take a break from playing

"Areeeen't you tiiiiiired?" "I can heeeeeelp you" "Reeeeest" [..]

First of all. Thank you very much for the new launcher design. However, can you bring back this character screen from Guild Wars 1: Eye of the North? We didn't get new character screen.


I know we joke about having only 2 hours of content but...

That doesn't mean we wanted it cut down to only 1 hour of content. ...no activities, nothing to explore, no interesting achievements/collections, a VERY underwhelming and anti-climactic ending, a tiny map...3/4 of the story was literally just move a [..]

So where is the expansion-worthy content?

So far we got less than even Living World worthy content. We didn't get new raids or fractals, no lege weapons. [..]

Request: Icebrood Saga character select

Hi ANET! I really adore the color scheme and look of the new launcher. However, as you may be aware, a lot of expect a new character select for this exciting new saga of GW2. If we ask really nicely, perhaps you might consider a new character sel [..]

Me after playing through the first "real" episode of this Living Story


We've been reduced to nothing from anet if the new launcher is the top post of the sub on a "new content" release day...


Metabattle: November 19th Content Update

Greetings all! I'm Wrin and today I'd love to share something awesome with you! A few months ago I was brought on to write and curate for [https://metabattle.com](https://metabattle.com)'s Open World. Today we're expanding that role to include produc [..]

The new strike mission...

...is actually really good! Even if you do raids on a regular basis, the new strike mission got some interesting mechanics, a cool fight, a twist and it is definitely (way) more challenging than the first one. Imo it's what anet claimed strike miss [..]

Soft Talking in Dimly Lit Environments


[that_shaman] "The actual map boundary of Bjora Marches"


Current state of the game.

Story was awesome, excellent, amazing cutscene and attention to detail on his face was just super well done. so far the three major cutscenes done like that (joko, bangar, and this one) have been superb and worthy of being remembered. the map is amaz [..]

Finally the 1st Episode is out

And it's not only one of the shortest so far, it's shorter than the PROLOGUE that set the whole thing up. I really have no idea why i had even some hope that, after all the controversy, they would actually deliver something solid and not a small map [..]

[Data-Mining] Upcoming features from the November 19 patch

Hello everybody! Episode 1 is here and the next patch will be in [two weeks](https://www.thatshaman.com/tools/countdown/). Enjoy! **Edit:** that's about it for today ##Images - [Shiverpeaks Hunter Glider](https://imgur.com/ddX30K0) - [Infernal H [..]

[GUIDE] Essence Looter


The Hunger collection guide

**Just Resting: 1 AP** Find Bright Shore in his hut in the Aberrant Forest. \[&BB4MAAA=\] This unlocks the collection for The Hunger. **The Hunger: 10 AP, Mastery Point** For this collection, you bring food to the hungry Kodan, Bright Shore, i [..]

Don't talk to me or my Vigil devouring son ever again.


2 hidden achivements in the new episode

Sweet Surrender - Become a boneskinner. *You have accepted Jormag's strength and transformed into one of Jormag's minions. The flesh of mortals is yours to devour.* (0AP) - Buy a Boneskinner Tonic from the karma merchant at the start of the new map [..]

[Art] That was... an interesting suggestion.


[Spoiler] [Lore] About the diary of a certain character

In the new map you can find a book called "A burden" (I guess... My game isn't in english) in Asgeir's Legacy. This book has obviously been written by Asgeir Dragonrender after he slayed Frostfang and teaches us a lot about what trully happened after [..]

Possible Combinations and Resulting Effects from Mysteries of the Raven Sanctum