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Minis Value

So, i've just got my account back and had many birthday presents to open, and as u can imagine by the title i'd like to know some prices, because i've no idea how the market is running right now. I'll leave the withes out, 'cause they're probably wor

Jora's Human head sized...

Help with starring hero builds?

I am doing a run through of the campaigns with my secondary character, a dagger spammer, and currently have access to the following heroes: - Koss - Tahlk - Dunk - Ogden - Gwen - Zhed - Vekk - Melonni - MOX What are the optimal builds I should use

Finally achieved "Legendary Defender of Ascalon" title.

New to being monk. Any tips?

My brothers and I have started playing again after ~10 years or so. I made a monk a little while ago, I always wanted to play monk and heal but never did it for some reason. I’m just wondering if there are any tips that could be useful to a new hea

Working on Guild Wars Video Series - Seeking extra footage for YouTube.

**TL;DR: I'm creating a Video Series focused on Guild Wars 1 and its large variety of builds. I'm here to gauge interest and seek out footage for hard-to-find builds or builds I simply don't have the skills for.** This isn't full playthroughs, these

What if i can't find the serial code?

Hello guys, i would LOVE to get back in the game with the old account i had, but i were so little when i started playing that my father used his e-mail to register the account. That said, i know the e-mail, the name of one of the character i used (i

Is there a game with GW-like farming ?

Hello there ! ***(TLDR at the end of the post)*** Something I always loved in Guild Wars was farming. Yes, it sounds weird. Many people don't like it, called for nerfs, but GW farming is one of the things I loved the most on this game. In particula

When you use Mistrust over Gwen's Mistrust and she looks at you like:

Mercenary Death Squad

Spent a few hours farming Turai Ossa's Story for undead weapons and kitted out my full mercenary death squad. My only complaint is they still "run" in the costume despite not having legs... If only they could just hover around. https://preview.redd

Most enjoyable profession list and why

Leaving speed runs and meta builds aside, which profession is most enjoyable for you? Here's my list 1. Elementalist: Great energy management for spells, which are most skills in the game. This lets me use most skills in the game on a single charac

Whats your view on the game? Single or multiplayer game?

How do you guys look at this game? I know its technically a co-op, but all players, as well as npc henchman, heroes and even mobs use the same combat skills and mechanics which lets you play alone with friendly NPC AI vs the enemy AI, and its almost

Pre Searing Black Dyes for Post Ecto

As the title says, I’m looking to swap over some Pre BD’s for Post Ecto. I have 40 dyes I’m looking to swap and they go for roughly 17k each in pre right now. Anyone interested hit me up in game. (Gool Ooglia)

The Grawl Ulodytes have been saying "i love you" this entire time #grawlLivesMatter

[Link to audio clip, download audio will open in a window]( If you reverse the Grawl Ulodyte's attack sound, and change the speed it sounds like they are saying "I love you" (they probably aren't) Inspired by Halo reversing "

Pre-Searing Gate Opening

Is there anyway to do this solo, or do we still need someone to open it for us?

Nightfall trailer?

I was searching for GW content on YouTube and stumbled upon the cinematic trailers of Prophecies and Factions. They were really great and I always love to rewatch them. Does anyone know why there's no cinematic around for Nightfall? I would love to

Wintersday Event in Presearing - December 21st - 3pm EST/8pm GMT

Everyone is welcome to join us in Ascalon on the 21st for our Annual blowout of Presearing cash and prizes. Mini games and outright shoveling of loot will be accompanied by a Peter Kadar livestream. We’ll start in American district one and expan

Perfect Scythe for a Dervish to Obtain in a few Minutes

completely Stuck at blood washes blood

Firstly to get it out of the way, im only playing this game to get hall of monuments, i like the lore thingies and items i can get in GW2. i started new years last year and after finishing the Canthan story and starting EotN i got so frustrated at

How to use heroes in prophecies?

Starting Nightfall for the very first time. A few questions.

First off, I wanted to say thanks to this community for being so helpful. [I posted a week ago asking for help with LDoA]( and received plenty of gui

Guild Wars Unite

Join Guild Wars Unite @ [GWU Discord]( and []( for uncensored and no bans for GW social media outreach. Guild Leaders PM me for mod privileges

Skill frequency during battles

So this is a noob question but I was wondering what is the optimal frequency of using skills vs just a regular attack. I am using a straight ranger, not planning on using my secondary class as I like the pure ranger. I am trying to build a spider/dam

Combat Lag Fix?

I'm new to guild wars 1. Just bought the complete edition. Enjoying the game so far except that when I enter combat my characters (and especially the NPCs) seem to warp around a lot. Is there a fix to this, or do I need to adjust a video setting? I'v

Blender renders of Drakkar's ingame model

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Minis Value

So, i've just got my account back and had many birthday presents to open, and as u can imagine by the title i'd like to know some prices, because i've no idea how the market is running right now. I'll leave the withes out, 'cause they're probably wor [..]