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Is there a chance?

Is there a chance the game will return?

Happy ever after: 25 ways to live well into old age (Guardian) 26 May 2019

Global Agenda

unable to connect to server. how to get pass this?

Any current Private Servers Running?

I am hoping that the answer is yes, but if this is truly dead, then RIP.

Used to love this game

I've been trying to remember the name of this game and finally got it, loved the co-op parts of this game, loved farming with my turret, loved the co-op levels. Built a small clan from top pve players and we'd regularly top the charts. I actually bo

‘Gender Studies’ Hoax – Three scholars wrote 20 fake papers using feminist jargon to argue for ridiculous conclusions – Passed Academic Peer Review – 5 Oct 2018 • r/HarpiesBizarre

Official update as to why the database has been down for nearly 3 months

Modern art was CIA 'weapon' Revealed: how the spy agency used unwitting artists such as Pollock and de Kooning in a cultural Cold War - By Frances Stonor Saunders (Independent) - 21 October 1995 • r/leftwinger

"Trying" to make a server for GA

Hey im trying to make a private server for GA but when i launch the server like every other UDK game its just giving me this information and then it closes any idea how do i fix this issue? \(sorry for my bad english...\)

Still Live

Is this game still playable?

Stand-alone Game Installer (no more editing shortcuts, ALL is automated)

GLOBAL AGENDA INSTALLER   ***Global Agenda Setup Repository (includes everything related and helpful to this installer)*** Main: Mirror #1:

Trying to Reinstall?

The thing that usually stops you from logging in is the login bug. "Unable to connect to server" is the bug. Keep trying or let it sit a few moments. It's the finnickiest thing about the game. The best resource we have on the Discord presently for i

GA Discord!

There's a lot of us meeting up on Discord now! If you don't have Discord, an account or client, you can use this link to access it

game still down or gone?

been trying for bout a month now. dont know if they gave up on game or if just trouble forme to login. tnx

trying to come back to game

is it still up? i got it downloaded but says pass is wrong.

I have just placed an inquiry on the price for Global Agenda and the rights.

I do not know what this will accomplish but i have just emailed Hi-Rez for the price it would cost to purchase global agenda and the rights. I was planning on starting a fundraiser or some sort of Go Fund Me page to get this GEM back up. Lemme know i

HOW TO DOWNLOAD GAME? (Global Agenda Live is waiting for download)

I have the launcher operational and it is up, I want to install this game and get to level 30 so I can get my Vulcan skin, this is literally driving me crazy, I have tried just about everything under the fuckin sun and all over the internet and nothi

Promo skin for console?

Is it possible when completing the promo requirements to be able to get the skin on pc that the skin can be sent to my console account for SMITE aswell?

Character Wipe?

Used the bypass launcher to get the game started. Upon logging in it says I have no characters for this account - choose your desired player name. Trying to enter my old one and it says it's taken.

Can't log in

It says the server is up but I can't log in into GA1, anybody else have the same problem?

Download Stand-alone Client (bypass launcher with instructions)

Hello world. In light of Hi-Rez shutting off the world to download this game I have decided to put together a client that works as a stand-alone client without the need for that pesky launcher and service requirements being install to your PC. ***N

A revival of sorts.

Since Global Agenda broke some real ground with me in 2009 and since then i have always thought fondly of my time with the game (all be it i didn't actually play too long after beta). I thought it was going to take over my life like WoW did for other

AOE Assault = stronk!

It's not dead. We're still around.

For all users of the GA NON-Steam version

Start the launcher, and press F10. Surprise. See you back in Dome City. Good day, ladies and gentlemen.

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Is there a chance?

Is there a chance the game will return? [..]