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Brimstone Throat

I cannot find anything about this monster to save my life. No videos or anything. I cannot find it. Where is it? I'm where Giant Alligators are. Is this a bug or just an outdated quest that they never took off?

Is this game still active?

I have not played in about a year or so and logged on yesterday to see no one in East Eyrda. Is this game still active? What happened?

hi guys haven't played for years,have some questions

OK here it goes,what servers have the highest population, and is there a way to transfer characters?is the population healthy enough to make zen or whatever the currency is called by farming gear from bosses and selling?or how do I get rich in game?

PWE abuses community members

This week the PWE employee Anole300 jailed my profile for "inflammatory" posts. Since they admitted my posts were not technically inflammatory I asked them to justify the punishment of jailing me. Their response was silence while they applied the tro

Free stuff because why not

I don't actually play FW. As a Raptr user, I've accumulated a fair amount of points that I can't really use for anything else either, so I'm buying up codes before uninstalling that crap. Feel free to take them. I assume they're one-off codes, so le

2 Newbs playing Forsaken World for the first time.

I need help...

I started the first quest/dungeon/whatever for DreamCity. I freed the Mysterious Faerie and it started walking down the path, it gets half way and then says "Quest Completion Times Not Met" I don't know what to do because I can't go any further on th

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State of the game right now

If any of you are still playing this game can you tell me if its worth coming back for this game, or in other words is there a players base now or has the game died?

Forsaken World on IOS & Android now..

Here is the link for IOS Android Pretty Cool game i am getting into it and its Free right now. Happy Gaming!

Forsaken World Mobile Review

Is anyone here? Forsaken World Mobile is Coming Soon

I feel in love with Forsaken World the first time I played. It's free, it's pretty, and it's got hot, busty vampire chicks:D Now the Mobile version is coming, and will you guys give it a shot? I will 100% play this game. **here is the Forsaken Worl

Anyone want to play on Illyufe?

Just wondering if any1 is alive here. If u play on Illyufe eu pve server inv: Makvynas lvl 75

Starting Again!

Hello :-) I am starting to play this game again and was wondering if anyone would like to play together? I don't know many playing the game, so I am trying to find someone here :-) My Nickname is Yde. I am from Denmark and 15 years old :-) I am fin

Getting back into FW

Hey everyone, noticed the last post was 1 month ago and I just started the game back up yesterday after about a year hiatus. I was just wondering if anyone is still lurking around this forum and would like to game. I am on the PVP server, can't remem

I have a question...

I played Forsaken World a few months ago, and I loved it. I stopped playing it though, I did this because I didn't have any quests to do. I was a level 56 or 59 or somewhere around that and there wasn't any quests for me to do. In the quest window th

still a good game to get into or is it past its glory days?

Is this game still worth getting into?, if so what are the decent populated servers?

is anyone here?

the last posts ive seen were over a year ago, just wondering if anyone still came on this sub


I currently play a Human Assassin. In the Venom tree, Killer of Darkness grants me increases in my Dark Mastery. Can you explain what masteries are? and how this relates to my character? (what is does, how it helps me)

What just happened?

I just started playing, and I chose to be a Human Assassin first. While doing to Centaur quests, I was told to release the gas at the pole. So I went to the pole, put on the gas mask, and released the poison gas. Then, suddenly, I was in control of a

always wanted to play FW, need help

I've been always wanting to play FW or Perfect World, but I always give up after about 10 minutes into the game because I can't understand half of the things that going on. So much to take in at the same time. Could someone please give me a brief ex


I found FW subreddit i didnt even this it existed :D cool! but dead?

A Message from the Subreddit Owner - Read Before Posting

Hello all! As the 130 (as I write this) subscribers are likely well aware, this subreddit has pretty much died out. Nothing has been posted in the last three months, and so I have removed MajorMax08 and lahdeefuckingdahforu as moderators. I want to

Forsaken World cosplay - Kindred and Elf

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Brimstone Throat

I cannot find anything about this monster to save my life. No videos or anything. I cannot find it. Where is it? I'm where Giant Alligators are. Is this a bug or just an outdated quest that they never took off? [..]