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Shopping around

Hey, all! I just started playing Webzen Flyff again this week after a long hiatus (like 8 years). I was curious about the current average costs for guardian equipment (specifically a knuckle). I've seen it consistently for ~500mil and was wondering i

active MMORPG similar to FlyFF?

He there! Played a lot of FlyFF a long time ago, but now it seems the servers are widely unpopulated (German server). Is there a similar game out there to start new with? F2P would be nice but not required

Playpark closing?

I heard from someone that play park is closing soon within a month or two. Is this true ?

Errors when installing PlayPark? Start here!

Hello everyone. I noticed a few posts here about errors received during installation when trying to use the PlayPark client. Rest assured that they are trying to resolve the errors. Be sure to find their Facebook page and group PlayPark Flyff. That's


I wanted to try this mess since 3 days SO MANY FUCKING ERRORS MAN im so DONE!! Trying to fix all those fucking errors god fix your fkin client im done! Was really excited to try the game out again after many years but you ruined all of that excitemen

new player :P

so more then 10 years passed since the last time that i played i want to check it out so i have couple of questions: s the community today? 2.there is a certain server thats more populated?

Hit% & Accuracy

Are they the same? While on Lv20+ Monsters I have Hit 10% but have a 6 Dex. My attacks always miss. After that i went 86 Dex and Hit 10%. Now it doesn't miss. While on Lv50+ Monsters Having 86 Dex and Hit 10%. My attacks got some misses again.

(Help) Seraph Tank Build

Hi as the title says I need to know what items are good for a tank seraph? Currently playing in Playpark Official Server Which is Good RM 105 Set or 120 set and why? Pure Sta or Balanced stats? Thanks

Which official server to play?

I am from BR, which has an official server, but I dont know how is the population there. Should I play on NA or global where there is likely to have more players?

Returning player to official US server

Hi all. So, I used to play this game like a long time ago. I know some stuff changed, there was a merge afaik too. Well, given the current situation I'm willing to stay indoors for the next weeks and grind with my 7x Yo-yo Jester or BP. I have 2 acco

Question about blades

I see a lot of sites mention that blades get the most block rate per dex but how much block rate do they get from dex? I can’t seem to find how much it actually gives. Does anybody know?

Po0h (old Lawolf)?

I just had the most random nostalgic trip of when I played Flyff from V5 to around V8 I think. I was a guild member of Po0h as KasumiSan and my other characters that I can’t currently remember, but I loved that group of peeps. I don’t even rememb

Any consignment shop websites? (That list current available items and sorts by price)

I'm looking for something similar to []( (for PWI) and []( (for warframe). Does one exist? Any chance of one ever existing? Anything to list average selling price for items?


Yggdrazil crossbow can be transmuted to Dragon's Rain crossbow?

Which Pserver is Most popular ?

Which Pserver is Most popular ?

Please help me to fix Error 0 Result 4

SOLVED!!! 😍😍😍 My boyfriend loves this game and we want to play it together. But now I have a really big problem and Google can not help me to fix it. I have already changed the time to the "correct" timezone, I deactivated my anti-virus pro

What is your favorite leveling method!?

Ahhh another weekend, more Flyff, and life is good - oh!? What's this? Ah... That's right... ITS 2X EXP WEEKEND WAHOO!!! As we are all undoubtedly raising the power levels of all of our characters it made me wonder: what leaving methods are we all l

Level 135+/150+ builds? FLYFF US/EU vs. Playpark

Hey all, as I'm starting my return to Flyff official after a hiatus, I am learning so much more about the games and their features. One forum post I came across discussed Intelligence Blades using Old Guardian Wand in order to deal damage to enemies

The scrolls betrayed me!!!

Tl;Dr I severely overestimated the amount for exp gained in an hour with the amp scrolls. Lol. Okay, I'm being overly dramatic, let me tell you, but - I bought 5 amplification scrolls es and thought that I would undoubtedly be able to reach level 76

Loooovin It!

Ladies and Gentlemen, GK here and I have to say that after starting to stream Flyff your reception has been the warmest and best welcome any gamer could have. I want to say thank you to those of you who tune in and watch and participate in this love

Returning player - Can't access bank items?

Hello, I am a returning player after about 5-6 years. I am able to deposit items into my bank but I can't take any items/penya out. There are 3 total boxes, 2 of which are red and contain items/penya. One is blue and empty, and I am able to deposit

Banned just after logging in

Just downloaded the game awhile ago. First problem i encountered was that i had to install easy anti cheat separately from the client installation. I downloaded the full client one so i thought it wouldv installed everything in a package. The

Got 1/2 accounts back!

Wow and am I excited. I've played Flyff mildly on and off again never really getting into the late game b/c of how many times I'd come back, restart, and have fun with it all over again. When Webzen took over I didn't merge my two primary accounts

New Player without money. Which class?

Hi everyone! I played flyff a lot in the past, and now I am starting over. It's quite hard to find information about the game online, so I would like your help. I will start from zero on German server. Which class should I aim for to start farming mo

The great Invasion of Lord Clockworks Alpha, 2007

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Shopping around

Hey, all! I just started playing Webzen Flyff again this week after a long hiatus (like 8 years). I was curious about the current average costs for guardian equipment (specifically a knuckle). I've seen it consistently for ~500mil and was wondering i [..]