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Blue screen of death

I haven’t played FlyFF in years and I’m trying to get back in but every time I launch the game after a couple minutes past the launcher my computer fully crashes and resets. I was wondering if anyone else encountered this and had a solution.

Webzen account email in use problem

Every single email I have, even ones that I have certainly not made webzen accounts for, cannot be used to register an account because they are "already in use"

Server down?/Aibatt

It's been telling me "Cannot connect to the game. Please check the network." but I haven't seen a single post about the server status in the website or official forums. ​ Also, can someone help me with my Flyff crashing every 1-3 hours.

US or EU server?

Scroll of unbinding

Any one know if can i unbind a stack of x5 Amps Q with only one Scroll of Unbinding or i´ll need 5 unbind?

level 52 mercenary looking for recommendations on where i should be grinding

hey everyone, I was wondering if some of you could suggest a good mob or place for me to level up my mercenary. Im currently level 52. thank you

Server Choice

Hey there, Im planning To start playing Flyff again after 10 years of abstinence. Are there Tipps for official servers which are nicely populated ? I don’t wanna run around alone all the time. Thanks guys

Which server. And who wants to play?

Hey guys i used to play way back. I recently got on the only account i remembered. Managed to farm over 100 mil in a day from farming and selling rice cakes from the event. I got the money i need the knowledge and team. And which server should i star

Can smb give a Knight eq guide ?

Didn’t find an updated one and I want to start all new again. I’m playing on the German server btw but if it’s in English I’m also thankful. 1on1 knight*

Any people who wanna start fresh again

Any people around here that wanna start a new character fresh again and level together. Starting with the Aibatt! I haven't played Flyff in a while and was wondering if there are some people who just wanna start it again for nostalgic reasons. (On th

Leveling guide for Offical Server - 2019

Hi everyone, Tried to find an updated leveling guide but cant seem to find any after level 60. Any tips/recommendation on where to level up after level 60 all the way to Master and higher? Thank you!

EXP Event

Anyone gonna be on this weekend during the EXP Event? Maybe we can play together and/or be in an adv party together :)! I am in Clockworks EU btw.

Flyff EU Or NA?

Hello everybody. Im thinking of joining back to fly for fun because that game is just best in the world but.. Which one has more players? EU or NA?

So i guess watching how i met your mother when you are a newbie is bannable

Flyff Gold - is that merge for just NA?

So I'm reading about this Flyff Gold, or server merge that happened recently between three servers. Believe they are NA servers. So, as I'm considering starting to play very casually again, should I go EU Webzen or go for NA Gold? I don't believe I h

Free 5x Q Amps and 5 x R Amps - Webzen Flyff

5 x 1 Day Q Amps and 5 x Pride of Victory buffs ENY4T3AKS5CZJPUU will expire in Dec 14th, 2019. 5 x 1 Day R Amps MBJPZJNPEUUZB97Y will expire in Dec 19th, 2019 Redeem @ [](

Coming back

Thinking about coming back to flyff for nostalgia. I remember having a bill poster and using asaalrakium or whatever and use a bug so I could use it across the arena. Which server has more players, official or private, I’m in NA btw. And what is f

Come play with me

Getting back into the game after a long break. I have a lvl 96rm. Willing to start a new character. Just looking to hang and relearn the game.

Anyway to play on a mac?

Been wanting to get back into the game for years but i only have a mac. Anyway to play?


I need some good Billposter guide. I'm already LVL 77 was plvl'ed. At the moment I'm STR AOE but got bored. Got re-stat and re-skill ready to use. INT AOE or BP which is better and more interesting? Let me know down below! :D

Seeking help getting my 115 RM to Master during the upcoming exp event (Webzen US)

My RM is my highest level character at 115 with my yo-yo jester second at level 101. I just haven't found anyone to help me out in a while so I've been this level for quite some time. I know official Flyff is nothing like the old days and very pay to

Webzen Flyff NA, Exp Event and Invasion this weekend

[]( [](https

Searching for an active guild

Hi, ive played this game for a long time but recently decided to come back with a new account. Im level 30 and looking for an active community, I play on Webzen EU.

Flyff Mocomochi - Webzen NA. Classic Party of newbies/veterans. Flyff is alive in us.

Magician>Elementor>Arcanist Guide

Hello, im just going back to play FlyFF, and i used to play elementor, (last time i played, the level cap was 120), there is any guide for it?

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Webzen account email in use problem

Every single email I have, even ones that I have certainly not made webzen accounts for, cannot be used to register an account because they are "already in use" [..]