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How's playpark flyff?

How's the population, market, event, etc?

How to access the options menu?

Please, as much as I love the music, it... gets old at a certain time during long sessions :D I've tried pretty much everything, including googling how, tried all the buttons on-screen and on the keyboard but nada. Please help, I need to find the opt

Trying to get old acc back.

I played in in 2009-2011, started again at 2012. I remember my iD and my email, but not password. I tried to get my account back by recovery but when I type my iD and email, then it says out of no where ”Recovery failed!” What does this mean? D

Ignite Flyff Corrupted waste of time and money.

Let me break it down for the people who dont know what ignite flyff is and who the admins are. Ignite flyff is a cashgrab corrupted server ran by Admins that are corrupted and offer all kind of privileges to their friends ingame. All events they do

[OC] Aibatt Pixel Art

Worth coming back as a newbie?

I used to play FlyFF back in 2008-2012 Absolutely loved the game, style, community, and the job system. Has a lot changed? I am looking for a good MMORPG to get back into and put some time into. Has it followed the trend of pay-to-win that all the

Newby here! Any tips?

Just started to play and wanted to know if there are any tips you veterans may have for me. Thanks in advance! :D

The Battle Of Clockworks Alpha, 2008

So I got a FlyFF inspired tattoo on my calf. My best friend thinks it s a bad descision. Thoughts? 💅🏽

Looking [F]or help leveling up (EU server)

I used to play when i was younger, and i suddenly felt nostalgic and reinstalled it last week, it's kinda boring playing alone plus i get the feeling that flyff kinda lost its livelihood. I remember there used to be people flying around, farming or h

That time again, Old Mia players give us a wave!

So who here's home use to be Mia? -Jesterlicious and Flummie/LoveFusion still around and kicking.

Tyrent Set for AoE?

Hey! I am playing as a 1v1 ranger, but would like to switch to AoE as I approach lvl 105. I see the Ranerz Set being recommended everywhere, but I was wondering whether the Tyrent set would be a viable option as well. The reflect damage seems pretty

Really old player from the KERN server

Just wanted to see if anyone else here was from my time in the game. I led the Exedra Guild on that server.

I wish the FlyFF soundtrack was on Spotify.

This soundtrack is one of my favorite video game soundtracks, not only because it's nostalgic but also because it's really lit. It's a shame it isn't there.

Anyone know the droprate for Necklace of Lord Bang?

I've attempted to get it from him multiple times now and it's starting to get really annoying, especially since I don't even get any xp. I'm starting to think that it's bugged. I read a thread on some forum that it was bugged but that post was from 2

Looking for new players to level up with

Newbie here, looking for players to Party with for faster leveling. I have a lvl 19 Magician and a lvl 5 Vagrant (going for Assist job). - Rhisis Server - Bubble (Normal)

Auto attack for non melee weapons? Or maybe just wands?

I'm fairly new to Flyff, I've played it when I was young but only for like a minute or so. I've downloaded it now after several yrs and now I bought a wand since I chose Magician(now lvl 16). Do I really have to click on the monsters every time I try

Guild for returning members

Since getting back into flyff I've noticed there arent many active friendly guilds around much so I've decided to make one on tanuki. It's open to returning newer players or people that just want to be part of an active guild. If you wanna join just

Back to FlyFF after several years

Greetings! As the title says I've returned to FlyFF (Gold) after several years, I was pleased to find that I still have my account and my items intact, but some things have changed and I'd like to ask the veterans some questions about the new sys

Looking for old friends from Glaphan, IGN: Axfan - Guild Leader of Swagger / Faint and EternalShadow

Looking back those guild names are really cringey lol, if you were in any of my guilds or remember me let me know :).

Slayer vs BP

Hi. I can't decide on what job to use. Which is better for independent boss hunting? what are the pros and cons of those jobs? I'd like it be like 70% PVE - 30% PVP because making 2 characters takes too much time. I mostly play on private servers.

I wish this subreddit was more active

Should start sharing the interesting/funny shit that happeneds in game

Request for Guild siege logs

Hello, I'm writing a little siege parser tool just as a side project (despite there being plenty of these services around already), and I'm kind of in dire need of data. If you happen to have *any* Guild siege logs lying about, I'd love to take them

A complete beginner going for assist class

I have no idea of the game's difficulty but can I manage to go through the highest lvl with the assist class (Aiming for seraph)? I fear that I may not be able to join a party (if dat exist in the game...) since the game is old and a lot of players a

Just tried to get back into the game, but nothing will launch?

Download the game from the main site. Everything downloads normally. But when it ends, and it says "start flyff after closing downloader " nothing happens. I click on the flyff desktop icon, nothing happens. I have redownload with both antivirus a

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How's playpark flyff?

How's the population, market, event, etc? [..]