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Back to FlyFF after several years

Greetings! As the title says I've returned to FlyFF (Gold) after several years, I was pleased to find that I still have my account and my items intact, but some things have changed and I'd like to ask the veterans some questions about the new sys

Looking for old friends from Glaphan, IGN: Axfan - Guild Leader of Swagger / Faint and EternalShadow

Looking back those guild names are really cringey lol, if you were in any of my guilds or remember me let me know :).

Slayer vs BP

Hi. I can't decide on what job to use. Which is better for independent boss hunting? what are the pros and cons of those jobs? I'd like it be like 70% PVE - 30% PVP because making 2 characters takes too much time. I mostly play on private servers.

I wish this subreddit was more active

Should start sharing the interesting/funny shit that happeneds in game

Request for Guild siege logs

Hello, I'm writing a little siege parser tool just as a side project (despite there being plenty of these services around already), and I'm kind of in dire need of data. If you happen to have *any* Guild siege logs lying about, I'd love to take them

A complete beginner going for assist class

I have no idea of the game's difficulty but can I manage to go through the highest lvl with the assist class (Aiming for seraph)? I fear that I may not be able to join a party (if dat exist in the game...) since the game is old and a lot of players a

Just tried to get back into the game, but nothing will launch?

Download the game from the main site. Everything downloads normally. But when it ends, and it says "start flyff after closing downloader " nothing happens. I click on the flyff desktop icon, nothing happens. I have redownload with both antivirus a

Looking for lost ppl - Lawolf, Clamp Guild

Any Clamp Guilders here? :3

Flyff shutting down after 5 ish minutes

Hi guys im a long time vet, i figured give it a shot again but after ibstalling flyff again the client shuts down after 5 ish minutes (just randomly closes) i cant find any recent support posts so figured one of you guys might know a fix? Thanks in

Is playpark heavily P2W?

FlyFF Character Index Thread

Thought it would be cool to list our character names and what we played back in the day. I mainly played two characters from v6~ onward: Mia - DraneX / Kern - Insanity

Does anyone have a Sound Effects pack?

Does anyone have a sound effect pack or at least some sound effects from this game? e.g punching sounds, spell effects, mob sounds

In case you missed the music, here's a collection I found. Enjoy the nostalgia.

Just started playing again after a long ass time

I got to level 17 now and remember that dungeon by bangs being great for early levels and having good drops. But when I went inside (Mars mine I think, you all know where I'm talking I'm sure) the fucking scorpions by the door inside are level 133 or


Osiris Guild

I’m just returning to the game after 6 or 7 years of not playing. Anyone remember the Osiris guild? Any active members?

Flyff Cards

Do you have any idea where we can hunt Piercing cards faster other than Dungeuns ?? ​ Im playing older flyff with no Tower so i was hoping if someone can suggest where i can hunt piercing cards faster .

Glaphan Server friend search!! V6/7-V13 (I believe)

I’m looking for some friends I had way back when the game was still loaded with people! I had a BP named Cupid484 and a Blade named DaddysPrincess, But my first ever character was an assist named Cupid482! (And a magician named PrincessWolfie becau

Madrigal appreciation post

Even though this game is pretty much dead can we take some time to appreciate how good the world of Madrigal was? This is the only MMO in which I remember pretty much every area, its soundtrack and mobs. I remember the first time I flew into Garden

Started the game

And I was wondering, if there are any quests that are actually worth doing. I Mean, Im especially looking for quests, that offer some gear as reward, maybe upgraded jewelery or stuff like that. Something a new player doesnt know.

Best gear

Hey, got back into flyff recently but have no idea about anything really anymore. I'm trying to level a 1v1 yoyo jester (don't hate me) and wanted to know what the ideal load out would be. I guess at 90, restra with Lusaka yoyo is gonna be the best g

Old player coming back

Haven't played this game since 08. What server and class should I pick? Wanting the most populated server, and I enjoyed rm but I need a good solo lvler? Bj or BP?

Question about the MAFIA guild.

Hey all, “veteran” player from about 2008, but I was really quite young back then and don’t remember much at all. I was wondering if anyone knows about the MAFIA guild. Are they still active? What happened to their leader Wilhelm and some key m

North America East Server. Looking to connect with other players.

I'm gonna join Prrotector because they're recommending it but I'm just starting and open to restart in a better server (anywhere). If anyone wants to like network and connect a little group to play and stuff I'd be down. If anyone wants to connect

Official announcements: Flyff World (is this a lie or a truth?)

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