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Fallen Earth

I have never missed a game as much before as I do this game :(

A send off Commission to Fallen Earth.

Fallen Earth servers going offline (not permanently)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Unfortunately after we run the 10th anniversary event for @FallenEarth, we will be taking the servers offline till the new version is done. You can read more on our forums: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/10992-fallen-earth-serve

Server update to address Character Select and Lag issues

Hi all, We just made another change this morning.  I wont go into the technical details, but it appears that when moving servers, one of the core libraries was left dynamically linking to the OS version. There was a slight difference in OS c

Free code for 30 days of Commander Premium (expires 6/16/19)

Code is FallenNot4gotten Commander is the highest subscription model FE has. The game is not pay to win. The community is getting this free 30 days of premium due to a couple weeks of downtime and a rollback we had earlier this month. You'll have t

Transfer to new engine will not wipe progress


New player, hopping in to try

Hi Guys! ​ I haven't played FE since I was much younger, must have been over 7-8 years ago now easily. I have such fond memories, and I remember finally getting a dune buggy kind of thing so i didn't have to ride a horse or walk everywhe

More progress on Fallen Earth art importing.

New Player

Not keen on PvP. I just want to craft and play is it possible or am I delusional?

State of the Game 12/31/2018: Fallen Earth - Fallen Earth

Holiday personal project: rebuilding #FallenEarth level assets. Recognize this location?

Holiday Events 2018

Is the game playable?Last time i played (year ago) was constantly laggy.

Halloween 2018 Events

Hey so I got abit of a problem here

I played this game a couple months ago with little to no problem but didnt get very far. Decided I liked the gunplay and wanted to try it again. Went back to play it last night and suddenly when I'm at the character select screen all I get is a grey

The Future of Fallen Earth under Little Orbit (Fresh Server, New Engine...)

*Last Update May 19, 2019* ​ Hello everyone, I'm the new moderator of this sub, I took over since the last moderator had not been active since 8 years and the other one was banned. For those who don't know a company called **Little Orbi

Fallen Earth shows off Alpha County in the newest State of the Game

A sneak peek at Fallen Earth's Progress Towns

Can't connect since yesterday 9/11/2012

After the 2.5 patch maintenance I was able to log in for a few hours. Then I got disconnected and I haven't been able to log in the server since. Anyone else?

Useful links for new players

Hey, I just started playing last weekend, and have found that a few of the old resources are no longer available (mostly talent calculators) So I decided to post some pages I have found rather useful. FE Wiki: http://fallenearth.wikia.com/wiki/Main

Fallen Earth Clan-Foxhound

Anyone who is tempting to try fallen earth or is still subbed to this, feel free to shoot "moob" a pm online. Foxhound will gladly take you in, since we are a loose faction based clan. Hopefully someone reads this!

Holy hell, this subreddit is completely dead

Is Fallen Earth still populated at all? I haven't played in a really long time but I certainly found it enjoyable. Quit at a level 33 but kinda wish I had kept playing! Quests just got too difficult to do on my own and I didn't really have anyone to

Crafter's Market saturday 13th of July in New Flagstaff

The event takes place at midnight in central europe, 5 PM EST and 2 PM PST. Happenings usually include instacraft tables, trivia and straight up buying and selling. Hope to see people stopping by. It was a blast last month.

What's new since G1 took over?

Greetings fellow Wastelanders! I stopped playing Fallen Earth when the F2P was announced, (I thought this was the beginning of the end to be honest.) * I would like to know if anything changed since then, Did G1 add new content/Zones? Or did th

MattScott Q&A W/ Nysek Fallen Earth +Chat

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Fallen Earth

I have never missed a game as much before as I do this game :( [..]