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Hey so I got abit of a problem here

I played this game a couple months ago with little to no problem but didnt get very far. Decided I liked the gunplay and wanted to try it again. Went back to play it last night and suddenly when I'm at the character select screen all I get is a grey

The Future of Fallen Earth under Little Orbit (Fresh Server, New Engine...)

Hello everyone, I'm the new moderator of this sub, I took over since the last moderator had not been active since 8 years and the other one was banned. For those who don't know a company called **Little Orbit** took over Fallen Earth (And APB) in Ma

Fallen Earth shows off Alpha County in the newest State of the Game

A sneak peek at Fallen Earth's Progress Towns

Can't connect since yesterday 9/11/2012

After the 2.5 patch maintenance I was able to log in for a few hours. Then I got disconnected and I haven't been able to log in the server since. Anyone else?

Useful links for new players

Hey, I just started playing last weekend, and have found that a few of the old resources are no longer available (mostly talent calculators) So I decided to post some pages I have found rather useful. FE Wiki: http://fallenearth.wikia.com/wiki/Main

Fallen Earth Clan-Foxhound

Anyone who is tempting to try fallen earth or is still subbed to this, feel free to shoot "moob" a pm online. Foxhound will gladly take you in, since we are a loose faction based clan. Hopefully someone reads this!

Holy hell, this subreddit is completely dead

Is Fallen Earth still populated at all? I haven't played in a really long time but I certainly found it enjoyable. Quit at a level 33 but kinda wish I had kept playing! Quests just got too difficult to do on my own and I didn't really have anyone to

Crafter's Market saturday 13th of July in New Flagstaff

The event takes place at midnight in central europe, 5 PM EST and 2 PM PST. Happenings usually include instacraft tables, trivia and straight up buying and selling. Hope to see people stopping by. It was a blast last month.

What's new since G1 took over?

Greetings fellow Wastelanders! I stopped playing Fallen Earth when the F2P was announced, (I thought this was the beginning of the end to be honest.) * I would like to know if anything changed since then, Did G1 add new content/Zones? Or did th

MattScott Q&A W/ Nysek Fallen Earth +Chat

Anyone Still Playing?

So i noticed the Reddit has not had a fresh post in over a month. Is the game completely dead? Are their still player clans out there? I’m returning to the game after a few years of being ‘gone’. I’d love to connect with a clan/guild still

Need Help With The Launcher

Yesterday i downloaded Fallen Earth From Steam, so i am now trying to play it. But, when its updating, it doesn't stop updating. Currently, maybe for the 9th time, i see : Downloading Updates... Help Please? I really wanna play! EDIT : Im not gett


Does anyone know where the schedules are posted? Like when maintenance will happen and when it ends? There's nothing I can find regarding it on steam, the website, twitter etc.

This game is so under-rated, met some awesome people who role-played a rescue mission for a player

Just starting out - Any construction/crafting guides

Hi everyone, I've recently decided to venture into this game for a bit of no pressure downtime gameplay, when I can't be bothered to play killing floor 2 on 'hell on earth' mode and etc. I seem to have picked up the basics, managing to find ways

Death of a Game: Fallen Earth

Is this Full Loot PvP or just Consensual PvP?

Hi all, Just want to know is the PvP Full Loot, Consensual PvP or just Faction based Full loot PvP? Thank you for your noob kind answers please.

Despacito 7 spotted in the Grand Canyon Province (circa 2156)

Fallen Earth is coming back

A company by the name of Blue Light has purchased GamersFirst and is attempting to revisit their titles. They have already done more work on FE than gamersfirst has in the last 3 years and I believe they understand how valuable the titles they now ow

Started anew

Here it is 2018, I've come back after 3-4 years I think. Reason being, was enjoying Defiance until the recent changes to Defiance 2050, totally dumbed down and has classes now. So I came back hoping it was alive and well, AND actually it was, there w

Discord Server - Fallen Earth

Apocalypse... Oh wait, Discord in sight! https://discord.gg/7thtfKD Trying to gather up active people ^^

Any MMO's similar to this one currently out or upcoming?

Low to no chance of anyone ever reading this but... This game's dying if not dead sadly. are there any similar MMO's to this one's playstyle/combat systems that are looking promising?

Let this game rest in peace

This game suffers of terrible lags and errors. I went back to it last week, by nostalgy. And because there is no post apocaliptic MMORPG. Seized the black friday offer. And i'm happy not to have spend more than 5 dollars. The game is barely playable.

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