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Summoner guides?

Can anyone reccomend an up to date guide for Summoner? It is the one job that I keep coming back to and was wondering what rotations to use in the future as I am only level 45. I hear it is really difficult to play at end game but I am committed to b

Is it just me, or is the Garlean invasion in 4.5 utterly insane?

Any actual attempt at conquest, even with the full might of the Garlean Empire behind it, seems doomed to failure at this time. Why? Airships have a relatively low flight ceiling, so they can't just cross the mountains by air. That's why they need t

Narrowed it down to 3 options, decide what I fantasia to

Revival Wings" Gathering (Astragalos) - TODAY and TOMORROW December 15 and 16, 2018 - EU and NA Data Centers Hi Reddit, Zarah here from the Revival Wings Discord! Another week has come and gone, but there is still Rival Wings this weekend! If you're still chipping away at victories in Rival Wings for your Magitek Avenger

Need help figuring out what to craft

I'm pretty new to crafting and i've lost a fair amount of gil (kinda) speed leveling my crafters up the first few levels. My CUL is level 31 and the rest are all around level 20. I want to start making a little gil from my crafters now but I don't kn

An odd question: My cat seems to love watching me play, any suggestions for where I could go AFK to let her watch?

I'm not yet sure exactly what she gets so entranced with - I know there's some minions, but haven't pin-pointed it. Do you have any recommendations for zones that have more background animation than others? I'd love to find out if I could leave it on

Monk, what do you bind look like ?

Hello I m frensh, I juste com back in the game with my Monk, and I would like to make a good controler système with my keybord Thanks’s for your helps ! 🎮🔥

How easy are HW EX primals now?

I want to go after the Firebird mount. I do not have ANY of the other bird mounts. How easy is it to run all of the HW EX trials unsynced now? Also do you need a full party to run each one now?

Touch Pad Issues When Using Controller On PC - Not Shown As Option For Mouse

When the bard complains about trick being absent/late

1080P 144Hz vs 1440p 60Hz

Hi guys, Want to which monitor will benefit me for playing FFXIV? I would like better experience with the game such as the looks and better enjoyment of the game. I have a i5 8400 + GTX 1070. ​ Thanks all!

Overmeld crafter or wait for 4.5?

Want to overmeld my crafter gear but im not sure. Will there be new crafter gear comming with 4.5 I should wait for?

Ironwork weapons

Uh how do you get those Rowena’s tokens for ironworks weapons. Do I complete a mission later on?

A little bit late, but still proud as if it had been world first.

Daily Questions Thread (Dec 15)

Hello, all! We hope you're enjoying your time in Eorzea! * This is the thread for *any* questions! * There are no dumb questions, so ask away! * Yes, this is the thread for literally any FFXIV-related question: one-off questions, random detail quest

anyone know what top this is?

Jenomis and the First Emperor: Speculation (spoilers!)

So I was looking through my lorebook and read the entry on the Prima Vista, the airship used by the theater company in the Ivalice storyline. It says the airship was given to the company by Solus zos Galvus, the first Emperor of Garlemald, who was a

[PRIMAL] Primal Data Center discord invite! Everyone is welcome!

Hey everyone. I wanted to take a moment and invite everyone to the Primal Data Center discord.. This discord is ever evolving and I am hoping to make it the hub outside of the game for a slew of things. From finding an FC to call home, making

starlight spirit ❤️

there’s been some negativity lately (okay, one post, and we all know what post) so i figured why not shake it up a bit: share some stories/tidbits of positive encounters you’ve had! whether it be some lovely people in a dungeon that helped you ou

Connectivity issues

So I've been playing this game since early 2014 on PS4 and my job moves around alot. Since I moved to South Korea I haven't been able to hop on at all! I read an earlier post from 2 years ago about it being a fault with the Korean servers and no one

Funny/strange headcannons

Alright, I've been wanting to start this for a while. ​ Just share with me some headcannons you have heard of, or that you have yourself, about the game and characters. :3 ​ For mine; ​ The canonical Warrior of

What do you mean he'll "be back"? why isn't he here now? :(

Visiting Haurchefant [HW spoiler]

Question for RP community

Ok I got a really stupid sounding question concerning a idea if I duel play WoW with this. For context here's the idea with 'Risa' Being the WoW toon and Koli being the FF one. Risa would be to L'koliwe. The two dream of eachother. Like vivid

Can i just unlink my ff14 account from psn?

I forgot my birthdate (since i dont use my real one) and password and square enix isnt doing shit, so might as well untie it right? i dont see the option anywhere though, how do i log in with another account on ps4?

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Okay, when did they do this?


Healer Optimization Guide


I made my character into a fashion magazine cover


A Heartwarming Encounter

Long time stalker, first time posting. I have seen a few of the "This community is great" posts lately, and just thought I'd share my experience from a couple weeks back that really caught me by surprise. I was in Limsa and had been back in the game [..]

Singing in the Starlight |Developers Blog(NA)


Playing through 4.4 MSQ on an alt and caught this line


Happy Holidays from Famfrit!


Link from XV to XIV [SPOILER]

So, we know that FFXV is having a XIV collab event (and I loved it). Right after you defeat Garuda, the Miqo'te realizes that Noctis isn't there, amd right after he appears behind her like he was teleported there. And he says something like "I think [..]

My Bring Arts Estinien finally arrived!


A little bit late, but still proud as if it had been world first.


Wanted to share for anyone just wanting to see the Final Fantasy XV version of The Howling Eye (Extreme)


Now that Stormblood is nearly over, we haven't heard Revolutions appear in content yet. Do you think it will be Ghymlit Dark's dungeon music or final boss theme?


This is how Gridanian archers fights


High Resolution versions of the images used in the 4.5 website


Personally I think he just got contaminated rye bread, but who wants to hear about "Saint Basqual and the Ergotism Psychosis"?


Can't make use of Free login been inactive since patch 4.2

It tells me there's no valid service account, which I get but how do I make use of the campaign? [..]

Last raid in storm blood

What are your thoughts on what the raid will be? The armor, bosses, and story? I really hope we get armor that looks like the judges in 12 [..]

Things You Hate Getting In Roulette

Just curious to know what dungeons/trials people out there absolutely hate getting in their roulettes. For example, even though it's super easy I loathe Tam Tara Deepcroft (spelling?). Everything from the pulls to the drab hallways that all look ali [..]

Jenomis and the First Emperor: Speculation (spoilers!)

So I was looking through my lorebook and read the entry on the Prima Vista, the airship used by the theater company in the Ivalice storyline. It says the airship was given to the company by Solus zos Galvus, the first Emperor of Garlemald, who was a [..]

Borderless stutter.

I've tried about 5-6 different drivers now but I cant get borderless to run smooth. I have a g sync monitor and other games run fine, but FFXIV refuses to run decently in borderless. [..]

Glamour System

Hi guys, just wondering anyone with some insight into SE's "under the hood" code could ELI5 why there's such massive limitations in storage space and glam plates? Other MMOs seem to have no problem tracking every piece of gear you've ever earned of [..]

Starlight Bear

How do you throw presents on the mount for PS4 [..]

Can't Get Trial Because I Had The Beta?

I just tried to start a trial and I got an error that I couldn't play the trial because "the game is registered on the account." I loaded up Mogstation and saw I had apparently been in a beta. Am I hosed? I don't understand why having a beta register [..]

Mess up crafting a HQ item for ixali quests

Hi all, ​ What do you do when you mess up a craft for a HQ item for the ixali quests? The only thing I could find to do was to abadon the quest and restart it. Is there a better way? [..]

This is why I play FFXIV - Great Community :)

To give context to this post I'll start by describing myself. I'm a new player who started as a Dragoon got to lvl60 and decided to try Glad/Paladin. I will be 100% transparent and mention that I watched all of 3 - 20min guides on how to tank (most o [..]