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[Weekly Thread] Crafting/Gathering & Market Thread (Wed, Feb 20)

Hello fellow Eorzeans! It's Wednesday, so let's talk about crafting and making gil. Maybe you want to discuss methods to improve crafting success rates, economic impacts, popular recipes... anything around crafting is welcome in this thread. * Monda

A fatal DirectX error has occurred.(10000000)

I'm getting this error immediately upon trying to start up Final Fantasy XIV in Directx 11 mode. I'm on the latest video drivers for my GTX 1060 and dx11 has worked fine in the past. I've looked around and come across other posts about this issue, bu

Sometimes is hard to make decision.

Squad taking out Cape Westwind

Locked out of my account. Every time I try and reset the password, it resets the wrong service accounts password.

So I have one email address. Unfortunately it's got 3 Service Accounts tied to it. I only use one. The other two are just the same name but with a 2 and a 3 on the end. Whenever I try and reset my password so I can access the original account, it r

The Chocobo Ranger is here to defeat evil.

Well at least now I've got a cool debuff now, right guys?!? Wait... why is the healer glaring at me...

most active NA server?

moving back to the us and need to transfer

How does this always happen to me

The Road So Far

As I approach my 2 year mark anniversary since I joined this game, I wanted to write a small review of what my opinions of the game are in general. If you're reading this, thank you so much and any inputs are appreciated as I might upload this to Ste

remap keyboard

I hurt my thumb so it hurts when I press Ctrl or ALt and the key: 1-9 My Question is there a Keybord reconfiguration program where I can remap say Alt-2 to Numpad\_1 So I only need press 1 key and not use my tumb My goal is that I can remap the mo

What would you like to see as a mount in the game?

Curious to see what people would like as a mount in the game and why. Despite that there's not much communication by Square Enix here they do read here, so they might follow the suggestions, who knows :)

Daily Questions & FAQ Thread (Feb 20)

Hello, all! We hope you're enjoying your time in Eorzea! * **Looking for our [FAQ? Right here!](** * This is the thread for *any* questions! * There are no dumb questions, so ask away! * Yes, this is the threa

Help need (error i2501)

So I bought the game through steam and as I was registering a new account service. I ended up getting this error message every time. I tried various methods of getting around this but now I am curious if this is normal for people. I read the reviews

When you have some alone time in BA.

How much damage does Duskblade do in the Orbonne Monastery during the Thunder God if you miss one of the circles?

Upgrading from free trial to full game

Playing on PC. So I tried the free trial of the game and liked it enough to upgrade to the full thing. I want to keep the character. So I went and clicked the upgrade button and when I try and checkout my cart it won’t login my account. I figure

Will the Ninja's pvp weapon *Claws of the Falling Dragon* will ever be dyeable? I really want them black tbh

Has anyone been pulled into a dungeon by a GM before?

Out of the blue today I was teleported to a dungeon and a GM was talking to me about my supposed behaviour in public chat, but wouldn't tell me what exactly I had done, said, when or where the incident had occurred. I play on Kujata on the JP datace

What is the hardest DPS class to play?

New to the game, But I would like to jump into the game playing the highest skill cap DPS the game offers. What would you say that is?

PS4 regions and FFXIV account regions?

Hello there everyone! I used to play FFXIV a lot on PC. I haven't played in a long time but I would like to continue playing in preparation for the new expansion. I recently bought a PS4 and would like to continue my account there. Would I be facin

community appreciation

I have played different mmo’s for years but this one somehow slipped me by decided to try it out due to getting it from twitch prime and i wished i started a long time ago. Been playing a paladin as its always been my go to class in most games but

Free FFXIV Starter Code from Twitch Prime!

This game is great and the community keeps me coming back. Hope the person that claims this can enjoy the game as much as i have :) R4WU 8GNN 7AUQ KU45 RGU5

Eureka Hydatos: PW Spawning Theory.

Quite Simply put: (And if this has been said anywhere else I had no idea since the information isn't on the tracker) *Weather needs to be Rain.* I realized after several times trying to spawn this guy I recall it was always raining when he did. T

Square-Enix needs to make it so all other player character models go transparent when your character is on top of someone else during combat (or in general).

If a fight requires me to stand on a specific spot (like Titan during UwU for example) to not fail a mechanic, then I should be able to always see my character and the ground.

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

My girlfriend finally completed the commission I asked from her, when we first met over 6 months ago. (Story in the comments.)


Comission of FF14 character + FF11 Excalibur


My wife made me a delivery moogle.


Female Roegadyn commission I just finished

[..] interview with Yoshi-P - potential crafting changes coming with ShB


My martial arts teacher is strict on the mat, but off it he is a huge nerd.


It took 5 years but my character is finally getting sick of fetch quests (Spoiler for post Orbonne side quest)


[Guide] The Masked Carnivale: Week of 02/19 - 02/25


I find this after not being in my FC house for awhile...


FF14 機工城アレキサンダー ボステーマ "Locus" 8bit chiptune Remix


Well at least now I've got a cool debuff now, right guys?!? Wait... why is the healer glaring at me...


Share your Elezen! Spread the elf love <3


Find someone that looks at you the same way this Renaud looks at our sch


Commission of my fluffy highlander Aldheim! (Arist: Zein)


How does this always happen to me


Newest Taito FFXIV Item on Toreba now - FFXIV PU Leather Smartphone Cover w/ Metal Parts


How can I get some good SCH practice?

I have SCH at 70 because of SMN. I use to main WHM before I tried DRK for the first time in HW so I'm already familiar with healing in general (I also have AST at 44, fine with it but I don't like the lack of personal dps). Come now and I've leveled [..]

Things to do before Heavensward?

I finished MSQ recently and doing 2.0-2.55 Patches right now.I unlocked tons of dungeon,did Crystal Tower Raids and Hard mode trials.Is it worth doing Coils of Bahamut for story and should I do Extreme Trials?And are there any other thing worth doing [..]

Return to the Crystal Tower


What Drew You to This Game Over Other MMO's? (someone coming from different games)

I've put a ton of time into both Guild Wars 2 and Black Desert Online, as well as Elder Scrolls Online, but a few of my friends wanted me to try this game out. The combat feels quite a bit slower in comparison to the others, and I'm still puzzling ou [..]

So, what is the best way to get Light in Pagos?

Got all the crystals from NMs that I need, now I want to know the fastest way to get light. I know of 1. Forge Farming 2. 2-Dragons (the ones in the mid-left of the map) 3. Anubys Farming (they give decent light) 4. And the Bunny Fate Level Sync C [..]

Twitch Prime Code

So yep, here ya go. First Come First Serve &#x200B; R(four)WU CW8N 76(three)R A3S4 (three)YMH &#x200B; (Sorry about it being weird. Thank the bots.) [..]

Torn between DRK and WAR for tank main.

I have both DRK and WAR at 70 and I do enjoy both very much, my dilemma is I want to go with one until ShB comes to master tanking as I’m a SMN/DRG. I enjoy the ‘edginess’ of the Dark Knight and I just find it overall fun, however, I tank ca [..]

Hero we need

I am on Midgarsomer and I forgot the guy's name but I wanted to give him a shoutout. he completed the jump puzzle in Kugane that he landed on the lamp post near the Atherite, he invited all blue mages to use self destruct and he would revive you, and [..]

Masked Carnival Weekly Challenges - 2/19/2019-2/25/2019

\-Novice: **Eye Society** As always, easy. Just Pull the catoblepas onto the Mandragora and Glower/Plaincracker/Flamethrower them to death, act 2 same thing, just watch out for the Ahriman's Stone abilities &#x200B; \-Intermediate: **Some Like [..]