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Static hunt help!

New'ish player looking for info on "stafics" as Iv seen players of this community call them. Trying to find a join a fun group of ppl to progress with first ShB. What should I know? Where should I look?

Regalia, here I come

I just found out one of the requirements for getting that sweet Regalia mount is by having completed The Ultimate Weapon msq, and seeing as I, FFXV devotee, cannot let that car slip outta my grasp, I am now a woman on a mission. Currently on lv35 m

The Only QoL Update I Want From 5.0

Will there be a sale on mogstation items, ie. mounts, outfits, etc. when shadowbringer comes out?

Will there be a sale on items since the new expansion is coming out?

Meister Chef Eorzea 2019, cooking competition with tasty prizes!

Feeling ignored when playing this game.

The feeling when everyone in my friendlist/FC/linkshells is a party member expect me, It hurts. I feel like FC/linkshell leaders and some members are a group of close friends that don't care to play or chat with any other new player, they don't eve

Name suggestions!

I’m new to FFXIV and I’m having trouble coming up with a last name. My character is an Au Ra and her first name will be Kira! I’m open to all suggestions even first names! TIA!

How is Primal like? Is it very different from Aether?

So, with the server merge I'm jumping ships. I am considering moving to Primal, but I am not sure how different from Aether it is. I was considering moving to Sargatanas or gilg. I plan on staying in Behemoth, by the way! Any help is appreciated here

Sorta newish to the game; having trouble setting up Glamours. Can someone break it down?

So I've collected some Glamour Prisms, I have a GrandCompany room with the ol' Glamour Dresser, and I've experimented with dying clothing and such, but I can't figure out how to actually create a glamour, and what the outcome of creating a glamour is

Question Bout Mog Gls

So if I was to buy the Nezha outfit from Mog Station as well as any other gear with opposite gender counterparts, would I be able to switch for the opposite gender if I was to use a Fantasia? I know when I did this with Lightning's gear I was able to

I abused the filters and lighting but this might be my favorite screenshot I've ever taken.

Actions and moving freezes mid-boss

So this has happened twice while fighting dungeon boss. I get a minor lag soon after the fight and character movements stops. My character kinda floats in one position but I can still move, use my spells and see aoe markers. Second time I had this h

I got two of these yesterday and one today. Is this really common or am I just super lucky?

Potential player asking for advices

Hello everyone I want to start the game today but i have a lot of questions in mind: - Is the subscription business model worth it? - Is it better to start with the free trial or start with my game with license? Because I noticed that my progress

Using one PS4 digital purchase on 2 profiles?

So basically I've been playing FFXIV on PC for a while but it recently broke. I can't fix it any time soon so I decided to transfer to PS4 for the time being. Anyway, I bought the complete edition on the PS store and upon downloading, I realised my P

Always bought physical versions of the game/dlc for PlayStation and was wondering if I could buy the new dlc digital (ps store)? Probably a silly question but would like to be sure.

The car is the best piece of content we've ever had

change my mind

Probability of triggering a spread eye for an eye

I think the title says it all really. If you spread an eye for an eye onto the whole party. The party then stack for an AOE. What is the probability that eye for an eye triggers off of the stack. My maths brain is currently failing

A12S Group

Hey! I am on Hyperion and am looking for a group to help me farm A12S unsynched for the Axe and the Chest piece that I have wanted since I joined the game XD it is almost impossible using duty/party finder to gather enough people so I'm hoping some k

My lalafell skect being made by a close friend, it still a work In progress.

Leveling tips?

I am pretty new to the game. I am just trying to finish the stormblood msq. I hate doing msq as a prerequisite to all end game content but I am doing it. Is there any tips for finishing msq's as efficient py as possible? I know hating story quest sou

Question for WoW and FFXIV raiders.

I've spent a fair amount of time raiding in WoW, but have only done more casual content in FFXIV, so I have some questions for people who have done both. What are the main differences? Which do you like best? Why?

I wanted to make a new glamour with the noctis clothes and had to share it.

Celebrating the release of Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in style

[Weekly Thread] Lore (Thurs, Apr 18)

It's Thursday and this means it is a day to talk about lore! If you're seeking lore resources, check out [The Lore Train]( * Monday: Media & Memes * Tuesday: Raiding & Theorycraft *

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

After a lengthy omega normal grind for glam as a WAR, just wanted to show DPS something they may not have seen before:


Me and my friend's characters getting ready for Shadowbringers!


Angry Susano breaks into your house ASMR


My coworker's 3d-printed Alpha's legs kept breaking off, so he "improved" it.


Soboro Sukehiro (Hildibrand 4.0) is a katana in FFXI, and its XIV appearance uses the same design


I Drew My FC in Our Favorite Glamours: Stormblood Edition!


The Final Fantasy XIV 100% Completion Checklist v4.5x is now available

Minor fixes and added in the items from the Final Fantasy XV crossover event. []( The spreadsheet needs to be down [..]

[SCREENSHOT] I did Snowcloak for the first time yesterday, and I HAD to go back to take this.


English Shadowbringers site update - Restoration of Ishgard


My lalafell skect being made by a close friend, it still a work In progress.


They watch you sleep, yes yes


You can see how huge Zenos compare to the rest


Zenos is taller than Sephiroth??!


The Only QoL Update I Want From 5.0


Greetings from Sunny Limsa Lominsa!


Questions about character creation

Hey all : ) I have some homework for a class that requires a 5 question survey (less than a minute) about avatar creation. I would appreciate if you could help me out. Thanks. [ [..]

FFXIV - Tataru with carbuncle figure


EU SQUARE ENIX Support Centre – Easter closure 2019 (Closed from April 19 to April 22, reopens April 23)


Meister Chef Eorzea 2019, cooking competition with tasty prizes!



I’m gonna start off by saying I’m new to the whole MMORPG thing, and I’m loving the game, the combat, the graphics, just about everything. The one thing I’m having trouble wrapping my little head around is the story. I’m been doing the main [..]

Lore question about ceruleum

What is ceruleum. Like I know it is fuel source but....Does ot come from crystals or is it refined aether? I am so confused. [..]

Hey y’all, Ex wow player coming because BFA sort of sucks... Sunk so many hours into the game hate to leave but hopefully going to a better game (FFXIV) Any tips for a refugee!

Edit*** just started going for a keeper black mage on diablos wish me luck on my adventure!!! [..]

Daily Questions & FAQ Megathread (Apr 18)

Hello, all! We hope you're enjoying your time in Eorzea! * **Looking for our [FAQ? Right here!](** * This is the thread for *any* questions! * There are no dumb questions, so ask away! * Yes, this is the threa [..]

[Weekly Thread] Lore (Thurs, Apr 18)

It's Thursday and this means it is a day to talk about lore! If you're seeking lore resources, check out [The Lore Train]( * Monday: Media & Memes * Tuesday: Raiding & Theorycraft * [..]

The Feast Season 13 (4v4 PvP) coming with patch 4.57, next tuesday