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Question about memory usage

So, I have FFXIV installed on an SSD and I've gotten really spoiled with it. However, my SSD also has my OS on it since the rest are disk drives for work. I'm planning on getting another SSD since this one only has about 10Gb left and usually, that g

cant edit first post, but here's the black fat chocobo in all the different client languages.

Is Shadowbringers a scam now?

I have noticed quite a few people who bought the preorder back in march already were charged once for the Shadowbringers Expansion. Now as of this past week they have been double charged for some reason. In my case I have the first amount taken from

Going through my favorites on Youtube when I saw this gem. Figured I'd share for those who haven't seen it.

Question on Lalafell's hearing

so I was perusing the wiki regarding the [Xaela]( and it says: The Au Ra take great pride in the majestic horns that protrude from the sides of their head, which also serve to enhance their hearing a

How many of you healers will be progressing through MSQ come ShB?

Seeing as healers have not gotten a new job to play, I'm wondering how queues will be in terms of searching for a healer in light of how everyone feels about the healers atm. So how many of you are left? Not trying to antagonize the role of healer in

Shadowbringers Final Boss Speculation

So, the final boss for each FFXIV expansion has usually been a figure from earlier FF games which was a powerful figure that was nonetheless an optional to encounter. Ultima Weapon and Shinryu were superbosses, while Knights of the Round was a summon

UK based free company?

Hey all, do any of you guys have recommendations for a friendly and social UK based free company and/or discord server? Many thanks in advance! \-Trep

Is the Shadowbringers Crystarium the same from the E3 2005 Tech Demo?

If it is, that's pretty cool. If it's not, I'm really stupid.

Do many people use ACT or similar in regular/roulete content?

Title sums it up, just curious if many people use it while outside of harder stuff, like Savage content. I usually do, mostly because i got used to it back when i raided in SWToR.

[spoilers] My theory behind the words "Hear think feel"

There are going to be spoilers for the end of the Shadowbringers trailer here. So, if you don't want to read any of that, this is your warning now. Okay, you've been warned. This is going off the assumption that Solus isn't lying about Hydaelyn and

As someone who recently resubbed from 2.0 and getting ready for Shadowbringers, this scene had me confused for a bit

A Requiem For Heroes as Black Mage

Does anyone have tips for completing the 2nd half of this as a black mage?

Found a smooth criminal plotting a bell robbery on Ragnarok

This house ain't a home... help!

Hi all. ​ So I have a little apartment in the FC hall I am part of. The only problem is.. I am just at a loss as to what to do to make my room feel like a home. ​ [](

Game card question

So I pay the 12.99 subscription + 3 retainers. How does buying that 60 day gamecard work since it's made for the 15 dollar sub. Does it give me extra days to make up for the left over 4ish bucks from my 13 dollar sub?


Hey so I just reinstalled today, played when it first came out. Any tips, tricks or anything I should know restarting? Thanks!

Black Fat Chocobo mount description

My retainers are ready for the next patch

A Relic Reborn (Thyrus) quest not completing when I finish A Relic Reborn: Hydra

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I don't know what else to do. I've run this thing like 5 times trying to finish the quest and it isn't moving thw quest line forward. I've Googled it and haven't found anything really other tha

Installation problem

Hey, first post here, I need your help to install the game on another drive than the C drive. I've read multiple posts like mine except my situation is kinda different, my C drive only have 1.50Gb left on it, so I can't simply install the game then c

"Chargin' up"

Got bored and made a Tifa glam and ended up having fun with gpose

What is the soundtrack name in the recent E3 trailer?

This is gorgeous, I searched but didn't find anything. [\_Tl8-2ex6g&t=2684](

All handsome hyur MIDlanders please post your pictures (with archdemon horns if you have them)!

I am looking to possibly Fantasia from au ra to midlander (due to being annoyed that my favorite face has the dumbest horns and when I try to add GOOD horns - like arch demon - it just makes everything even more dumb) however I really only enjoy play

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

New Amazon Promotion


16 Days Left! Next of FFXIV'S official countdown artwork.


A reminder of how bad 1.0 was


“Yoshi-P once said the Au Ra rub their horns together as a sign of affection. He probably made this up but I think it’d be cool if it were real” No sorry it’s real now. Thankyou.


[FFXIV] SAMNK Ch.10 - Pilgrimage


Finally found him and had to take a picture


What the math is going on with these two right on the street?!


Tried to turn my choco white, somehow he pink. I'm sorry, Chocolate.


This boy's been bubbling 2 years and still seen no action.


I found this 1.0 limited collector's edition in a local charity shop and thought it'd be cool to share (more pics inside)


Long overdue: it's time to give us a proper Senor Sabotender outfit!


I was enjoying the game, but now that the game's willingly let me slap the shit out of a moogle, I'm in love


I found some typos in character names from the Live Letter that I thought I’d correct


Collectables in a nutshell. [..]

Our group cleared UCoB last night! Made a weapon display area in our FC basement


I can't be the only person in need of another XIV/DQ collab just to get this mount in game


Wanted to share this nice view of Shirogane.


I have found the best randomly named chocobo


They call themselves The Buffs - in Limsa Leviathan right now lol


[Spoiler] Hey, so I'm not really sure we should trust this guy..


Just finished the Namazu questline. Loved this wholesome message.


Saplings of Light


Anatman & You - not all Greased Lightning tools are born equal

With Shadowbringers on the horizon, Monks have been given a couple of new toys to think about. Some are badly designed, and some are very badly designed. A notable member of the latter category would be Anatman which is Square Enix’s attempt at mak [..]

(Possibly) Shadowbringers' second theme

This was streamed earlier today. [..]

PSA: Amazon Promotion Black Fat Chocobo Mount Is SINGLE CHARACTER

This promotional mount is not account-wide, like it was last time for the white fat chocobo. [..]