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Steam Remote - Play/ Non-Steam Version of FFXIV

Hey guys, So I have the non-steam version and was wondering if anyone has had any luck adding that version to steam and running remote play on it? I tried to add it and when I'm on my other computer it doesn't give me the option to stream. If a

are any worlds currently free to transfer too

on chaos at the moment. are any of the worlds free to transfer over to or going to be over december?

Shadow Glitch

Since i returned to play FFXIV i've had this weird glitch on shadows on kinda mid to long range objects with shadows (like stairs, columns or any other object with tiny shadows that move like crazy when i approach them). I don't know if you guys have

5th Annual Shroud Sapling Secret Santa - Leviathan server

*Five years! Thanks for being such a delightful game and community.* Have you been eyeing a new glamour piece? Furniture perhaps? A cute pet or filling out your orchestrion roll collection? Well 'tis the season! The best part of this time of year, f

With all the Blu logs, and PF stuff SE should really make it easy to boot Nasty Folk!

There seriously needs to be a way to kick nasty players. I'm not going to go into much detail, but there's a growing population of people that we get opened up to to be harassed by, with the PF additions, and the blue log basically being a glorified

Kai is ready to WERK!!


New highest damage options on status-immune enemies for blu?

Title. What's the new go to combo when trying to kill status-immune bosses?

The FFXIV Calender gives me the feels every december with this window into the past.

Ysayle sketch 彡☆

Bought a Plot of Land, Accidentally

So I am SUPER excited this happened, but I 100% didn't expect it. The accident is that I didn't expect it to actually go through. Was waiting in a queue and went for a walk in the Mist. My FC estate is there, but I saw a plot of land for sale. Now,

Princess Pudding | Cooking Final Fantasy XIV Food

What Sells in FFXIV AH Compared to other mmos

In WoW I know how the AH moves like what sells constantly are 30 slot bags, Pets, Arkhana’s (on its time), In SWTOR Companion Gifts sells fluidly So I’m asking the community in FFXIV what are some items that constantly sells that new players

Caption this...

Any easy classes?

Im not very good at MMO games usually, this was no exception, I picked White Mage and was shit at healing, got to level 52 and just gave up. The expansions look cool but i know a lot of it is gated behind group content. Does anyone have any advice wh

If I buy this complete edition will i still be able to activate 30 days free of i already had an active account?

Hi guys im looking at buying this as i havent been active since HW came out, I gave up on the slog of quests that were released before I could even play HW. I think i can have another go at it now, just wondering if I buy this https://www.coolshop.c

[Weekly Thread] Crafting/Gathering & Market Thread (Wed, Dec 11)

Hello fellow Eorzeans! It's Wednesday, so let's talk about crafting and making gil. Maybe you want to discuss methods to improve crafting success rates, economic impacts, popular recipes... anything around crafting is welcome in this thread. * Monda

What server do sea/ocx players play?

I'm a new player and idrk which server to go to. And also what healer or rdps class would be good for high ping?

I’ve never PVP’d in this game, but I want the body suit I’ve seen around. What do I need to do?

I’ve PVP’d in WoW, but never in FFXIV. I’ve got 3 jobs at 80, all with basic (no raiding) gear: DRK, BRD, and SAM. I’ve done the one quest that opens the island PVP place, but nothing more. IIRC the skills change?

Why are people upset about the morbol mount?

Sorry, it's been getting on my nerves seeing every thread about this mount being filled with bitter/defeatist comments about how they'll never get it, what were the dev team THINKING!?, etc. Why do people care? Is it just mount hoarders being sad th

How difficult is it to change GCs?

Do you start out completely new and have to grind out ranks again?

Image from the game as a wallpaper.

Hi , i just was wondering if anybody here knows where i can get a 1920x1080 copy of this image here []( . Thanks if anyone can point me in the right direction , wanted to have it as a wal

(Glamour/Viera) most sexy/slutty outfit?

Hello guys. ​ Can anyone help me finding the most sexy/slutty outfit for a Viera? only requirement is that the gear should not be to hard to get. ​ Asking for a friend ofcourse, who wants to do this...thing... in FC house

Daily Questions & FAQ Megathread (Dec 11)

Hello, all! We hope you're enjoying your time in Eorzea! * **Looking for our [FAQ? Right here!](** * This is the thread for *any* questions! * There are no dumb questions, so ask away! * Yes, this is the threa

SE is amputated butts, looks 90% flat

I can't install the game. This window shows up and I can't progress. Any help?

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Continue as you were


Ah. VER language


IGN names FFXIV The Best Ongoing Game of 2019


Don't care if I get downvoted, but I STILL absolutely hate how every aspect of Blue Mage is "get a friend to help you do this" or "get a party of Blu's to help you do that" when it was advertised as a "solo" job. This patch only reminds me of that.


Another way to use the wooden Loft~


Blue Mage Useful Spells + Combos Guide

I've been asked to update my BLU Guide from 4.5. However, since we're all still leveling through content right now, I figured it would be best to just cover the important spells and combos for BLU to make your leveling easier. I'll be writing this [..]

Finished my mighty moggle mogrod! Decided to just have fun instead of being 100% accurate.


You only pull wall to wall?

So, yesterday I had what I consider the most hilarious dungeon run ever: I was rouletting in Tam Tara, levelling my Thaumaturge 24. Our Tank was a WAR 50 (having some other jobs at 80) and our healer a new player with their first job being a conjur [..]

Patch 5.15 Nier pants ass is small with some clothes.

Is this a bug or did they "patched" the ass flat with the last patch? There was no need for doing that... [..]

Starlight Celebration 2019


The FFXIV Calender gives me the feels every december with this window into the past.


So this is the power of the blue.


Found this video on YouTube today - FF XIV 1.0 in a nutshell from Trueblade Seeker - found it quite hilarious


Made a new custom minimalist ACT design

Inspired by a recent screenshot on this sub, I decided to try and set up a minimalist design for my own ACT. [How it looks on Option 1]( [..]

Garlandtools, XIVAPI and Teamcraft have been updated with 5.15 content

This also adds the new spots page for Teamcraft and a nice QoL overlay for fishing data reports. *Sorry for the almost empty post, just wanted people to know that everything was up to date* [..]

SE is amputated butts, looks 90% flat


Made a balcony with the new wooden deck!


All BLU Skills Affected by Aetherial Mimicry

**No. 77: Aetherial Mimicry** Mirror the aetherial properties of your target, granting yourself a beneficial effect corresponding with the target's role. **If target is a tank**, grants Aetherial Mimicry: Tank, increasing your defense and augmentin [..]

Miqo'te WoL Sprite [Fire Emblem Fates Style] Commission drawn by me


[Bards Ensemble] Full Fathom Five | The Tempest/Amaurot Theme (CONTAINS 5.0 SPOILERS)


Ysayle sketch 彡☆


A Very Minion Christmas!

Hi all! My wife is not a redditor, but I wanted to share her delightful Minion-related Starlight Celebration project with you all in her stead! May your holidays be wonderful and filled with adorable Minions! ​ [A Very Minion Christmas [..]

Blue Mage spell guide WIP

I wanted to make it easier for others to find all the spells so they wouldn't have to do the same as I and fly around fighting every mob you could find hoping you would find the one you were looking for so Im making this guide. Mind you I haven't got [..]

I found great use for my Stream Deck


So...... Ishgardians

So according to the Au Ra back story. The Xaela attempted to settle in Corethas, but were slaughtered because they were seen as part of the dravanian horde. Which was in 1562..... fifteen years prior to the main story. Is there bad blood between them [..]