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Reasonable 6 man party w/mercs?

Going to be starting fresh on FV with a couple friends - we're all familiar with classic thru pop (p99, TLPs, etc) but we want to start fresh on FV and experience some of the other content. Can mercs do pretty much any role reasonably well? Wonderi

Haste questions.

Having mostly played healers to 60-70, my understanding of haste stacking is not great (as im very inexperienced with melee toons), so I'll just lay out what I think I know and would appreciate any corrections. V1; highest item innate haste, no stac

Installing GINA to another drive

Gina automatically installs to my C drive, which is very tight on space. Installer doesn't offer me the option to install elsewhere. Anyone know a way? Thanks!

Just downloaded the game and this is the message I got

[https://www.dropbox.com/s/wrgilbe7stw87cg/doesn%27t%20work.PNG?dl=0](https://www.dropbox.com/s/wrgilbe7stw87cg/doesn%27t%20work.PNG?dl=0) ​ Do I actually have to delete everything and restart? It's just disappointing if I do. Thanks to

[Firiona Vie] Returning player looking for guild

I just started playing again and am looking for a casual guild to join. I play most nights from \~8 to 10 pm EST and would like to hang out on Discord and chat with the group as we grind AA, quest, dungeon crawl, do events/raids or whatever. Bac

Newbie on Mangler getting mangled!

Hey guys Mangler newb here, haven't played EQ since Velious. I rolled a Barb Shammy and I'm having a blast. Got to level 14 and am plugging away in Deserts of Ro right now and I've kind of hit a roadblock in regards to finding groups to level with.

Just Running Around

Every now and again I get nostalgic, reload the game and run around old content for a while. I like to kill Crush a few times. Go into Befallen or Blackburrow. Spent a lot of time in lower dungeons because I always had alt-itis. It's a nice break fro

New player

Hello im a new player and i was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on what sort of character i should make or tips on anthing else, thanks. Ive played some WoW before and thought it was decent but the subscription killed it for me discord-

Dragon Attack illusion

For Christmas I wanted to 3D print something for my uncle, and he was really excited about the new dragon illusion. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a .stl file of it or something similar.


wanna get into everquest and i need to make a daybreak account but i cant because all of the names i could think of are taken, even my REAL NAME EDIT Never mind, **SenorBigPeen** has joined the game

Confusion with getting into 1999 the 2-3 week old server

What's the video on a how-to guide for this? I went into a few twitch streams and I got all sorts of bad and varied information

New Player seeking guidance and friends on FV

Hi everyone, I’m a newish player returning to EQ. I’ve made a few low level toons but never really committed to leveling them or playing the game, but now I’d really love to get into the game itself. I’m a High elf wizard starting in Souther

Black Friday

Does DBG put all of the items in the marketplace on sale for Black Friday like other games?

How to deal with an asshole?

Before I start I will admit that this is as much of a vent as it is a question, but please hear me out because this maybe useful for all. So, I am a longtime EQ player, 20 years on and off. Love the game and community, honestly never had any issues

Everquest: Freeport high res screenshot/map?

Hi everyone, My dad is a big Everquest fan, who played all the time back in the day and I'm wondering if anyone had a screenshot/map of Freeport? (https://wiki.project1999.com/Freeport) My dad now lives IRL in a city named Freeport so I thought a

Katta Castrum portal guide?

I want to take portal to Zhisza, the Shissar Sanctuary from Katta Castrum, Does anyone be able to tell me the guide information about potal? Thanks. Gslai @ Miragul

How to activate basement portal in Katta Castrum?

I am trying to get the Gorilla Wrangler's Staff and the quest starts with Head Attendant Haestus. Allakhazam says to take the portal in the basement to get to him. My problem is the portal won't work for me and I don't know why. The portal looks like

How to heal as an Enchanter (no Merc)

I just started an heroic Enchanter on FV. While researching the class I came across a video of someone playing an Enchanter healing without a Merc. In this video you can see him heal several times from about 90% to %100 and it looks like he is just c

Magician Items on Mangler

Hey guys, I know Mage "twink" items aren't really needed but was looking to make a Mage and spend some plat on some items that will make life easier. Looking for some input for gear/weapons/clickies that can be used from level 1 on. Any input is appr

Helpful in-game Boxing commands?

I'm interested in boxing four to six accounts. Are there some helpful in game commands and macros I should know about? Any non obvious ones that are helpful?

Looking for CoN members of the 7th Hammer?

Plits here, just seeing if any members are on here.

How would you handle Keldovan as an Enchanter?

I have a 110 SK that can solo Anguish...it's all trivial. I just started an Enchanter, never played the class, but wonder how the class would pull off some encounters that are trivial to other classes. Take Keldovan, you get a bunch of adds that spaw

New TLP guides

So I’m a long time on and off player that never made it past level 65. So I understand the core game especially in classic-pop. The new TLP opening intrigues me because it’s areas that I’ve never seen before but I have no clue what to do once

Are Guild Hall Anchors Tradeable on FV

Anyone know if you can trade guild hall anchors on fv? Looking to get one but don't have enough loyalty points.

Looking for old Aurora Polaris (Tunare) people

Hey folks, After many years away I heard about the new P99 server and gave it a go. Happy I did bought back so many memories.. which got me thinking about all the old guildies I used to roll with back then. If you are still around and want to stick

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Reasonable 6 man party w/mercs?

Going to be starting fresh on FV with a couple friends - we're all familiar with classic thru pop (p99, TLPs, etc) but we want to start fresh on FV and experience some of the other content. Can mercs do pretty much any role reasonably well? Wonderi [..]