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looking for any info on my old guild

Hi, I'm looking for guild members from the original days of eq called "quest for enlightenment" on e marr The guild website seems to disappeared and I'm looking for my character name so I could restart my account for some reason I can't get the spel

New player LF people to play with on FV (Duo boxing)

Hi Everyone, I've played Evequest2 for a long time, after trying every MMO on the market I decided to try Everquest on the FV server. I'm really enjoying myself so far. I've been trying out a few classes and decided to settle for a Bard main and

Guide for Headshottint for dummy’s

Recently got 110 on my Ranger and was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction for getting me the most of of Headshot farming. Spell setups, AAs, Augs etc any pointers or tips would be nice. Been working in FM on Sarnaks and Goblins

What is class spread like?

On an average server, how do the densities of each class compare? Like is there an overabundance of any particular few? Is there a class you wish there were more of to group with? Or is it pretty even?

I started on Trakanon

Did I make a mistake? The population seems to be near zero.

Need some friends!

I play on Cazic on est time My play hours are usually really late Usually like 8pm to 5-7 am I'd like to get some people I could get groups with :) I'm a 110 enchanter (Name is Skymezzes) have ToV and am down to do anything really Feel free to

Class Guides

Hey folks - does anyone know where reliable class guides can be found? A lot of things I've seen mentioned in other posts are either inactive or are way out of date. Looking to get information for Warrior and Ranger for now. Thanks for the help!

Rogue moloing

Ok the new expansion is no good for grinding (unless you're doing quests), and I'm not terribly acquainted with the last few expansions (I take breaks from the game), so I was wondering if anyone could tell me my best chances at moloing for a 112 rog

Returning player few questions

Hey all, so i haven't played live since 05/06 and im super interested in playing the TLP servers, now as a Silver account (1 step above F2P) would i be able to access them all or would i have to pay for a subscription? I was thinking of either just h

DayBreakGames Down?

For the past 5 days I've been trying to update my password and information as I've recently moved. I've also been trying to add some Daybreak Cash to my account but have been unable to as their site seems to not be working. Anyone else having this i

Normal or TLC progression?

I want to play EQ and want to know if I should do live or progression servers. Live has more content, but will I be more lonely than the progression? On progression after a certain expansion everyone leaves I hear as well.

Starting out new on TEST

Played EQ from 1999 until LDON, stopped for many many years, played off and on here and there over the years. Lookingto come back and play on TEST server. I will be mostly solo, might get a buddy to play, whats the best class for solo/duo? I playe

Everquest 2 in unity!

Is there a way to import Everquest 2 (full game) into unity or a game engine?

3 or update

I dont want an Everquest 3 or anything that moves the franchise along.... Instead I want Everquest with updated graphics...preferably updated to unreal or something similar.....I know the cost and time isnt financially possible but I can dream....

EverQuest Titanium

Hi, does anyone know if DBG has ever considered selling a digital version of eq titanium? Apparently i need that to play classic version of EQ :-(

Daybreak Games is now three studios - Darkpaw Games is in charge of EverQuest

Just saw the news hitting some websites. Relevant to us in EverQuest, Daybreak becomes the publisher, the team working on EverQuest is now 'Darkpaw Games', the teams working on DC Universe and Planetside are Dimensional Ink Games and Rogue Planet Gam

Good Duo/trio to level from 1 to 115?

Looking to put some time back into EQ, want to have a fresh start and level a trio from 1-115, any thoughts or suggestion on not necessarily is “best” but what’s fun and efficient and will get the job done

Agnarr PoM

Do these dudes have old Plane of Mischief still? Does anyone run NToV so I can snag an empty DZ? I heard the revamp goes live with LDoN, but I also heard that the revamp goes live with GoD on TLP and I wouldn't be surprised if they just pushed the re

TLP PoP flagging

Is there a checklist anywhere that is verified accurate for TLP PoP flagging? Mangler gets PoP in a few weeks and I’d like to make sure my guildies and I can stay on track.

Returning after quite a while, looking for some advice

Hello everybody! ​ I've played some P99 (maxed out at 30 a couple of years ago) and I'm looking to give modern EQ a go, I'll be F2P for quite a while until I decide if it's for me, what sort of differences can I expect? I'm sort of aware

[Firiona Vie] What content should I not worry about?

92 Sk/Shm duo, started working on HoT progression because it’s fun, but I’m looking through the achievements and not finding many rewards or permanent stat boosts. I’m not super familiar with the any BiS augs that are still useable so it kind o

Mangler - Most needed classes

Hi all, Like a lot of people, I'm wanting to play eq again and thinking of starting in Mangler. What are the most needed classes? I like Necro, mage, bard, bl, and druid. I'm worried that if I play something too solo centric (mage, Necro, bl) that I

Cleric question - Why do they include "symbol of -" spells when the main HP spells overwrite them?

I've been on a play-though with a cleric, which is not my first, and I always end up questioning why they include "Symbol of - " spells in the lineup. The Symbol spells never land and are always less powerful than the main HP spells that Clerics get.

What happens on a TLP when you /pick?

I read that they were going to make it port you to the zone entrance to help stop pick abuse. Did they ever patch that in?

Been away a looong time

Poking my head out and seeing if any of the old gang are still around. Shout out if you are, server and guild. I may be spending some free time in EQ. I am/was Trevize, Guild Leader of Cats in Hats <CiH>.

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looking for any info on my old guild

Hi, I'm looking for guild members from the original days of eq called "quest for enlightenment" on e marr The guild website seems to disappeared and I'm looking for my character name so I could restart my account for some reason I can't get the spel [..]