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Entropia Showcase Q1 2020 - YouTube

The Economy of Entropia Universe - The Real Cash Video Game

Question about crystal palace payout

Can anyone please share what the return was per share for the last 3-4 payouts please?

Anyone else crashing after the update they just deployed?

Crashing at load screen ever since the servers went down and came back up, can't get into game.

Downloading game now. Any tips suggestions?

Things you wish you knew when you started? I recently learned you can make a profit buy it takes time and while I'm currently waiting for a transplant I have literally nothing but time. So maybe this just turns into just for funziez or maybe it becom

Looking for a buyer of 100k+ skills to chip out

Reasoned to quit, might start over in a year from scratch, not used to long-term commitment to characters, Mostly LR, LP, also Melee's, Mindforce (less than the other), Mining (moderate amounts), Construction, some misc skills, basically trying to c

How active is this game now? Is my old character worth anything?

Hey guys, I played 1000's of hours of entropia back in the day. I also spend 1000's of dollars. I was thinking, is there any point in trying to sell my skills and stuff? I don't have any valuable weapons or armor etc, that I sold long ago.

The good old bad old days - video was made as part of a contest around 2005-6 or so, By Dub & McCormick


MindArk Actually Spent money on promotional stuff

Started a small website, wrote an article on some random info about EU

Not very structured, but had some thoughts i layed out that might help newer players: I might be wrong in some points, about a year+ playing so far [https://www.moonbound.net/](https://www.moonbound.net/) topmost article is about EU, might make m

Mission difficulty filter?

I wish you could filter missions by difficulty. It'd hide missions with stuff you aren't leveled enough to do and lets you know when you level enough to do one.

Newer player here; really enjoy the game, but curious how high I need to skill for PvP!

Title really says it all. From what I’ve read, the PvP zones are places where you can make some good money (I’ve no illusions on making tens of thousands of dollars, I just would like to make enough to continue playing). Also, which planet is t

Am I missing something or did all the creature information on the Entropia Wiki get deleted today?

I was looking up some creature information earlier and noticed there were no entries at all for creatures that started with the letter "A", but everything else was fine. Came back a few hours later and now no results show up at all for any creature I

Entropia Global News January 2020

Entropia Universe until 2020 with Julien McBain

catch the end of cloaks stream

Question about public hunts

Wondering if anyone has a list of public hunt areas on Calypso, Thanks


hello everyone, i have been playing for a few days now and am really enjoying the game and meeting new people in game, however i have hit a point where i am out of ammo andmining equipment, i cant afford to deposit money into the game and was wonderi

Entropia servers down?

FairSweat on Calypso

Hello there fellow colonists! As we all know sweat prices have gone down the drain and prevent new players from experiencing the game, which might turn them away from this game. A few events exist where sweaters can get 2-2.5PED/k, but that won'

Its Mayhem Time Everybondy

Who wants the FFA stars I'm gonna farm? and what will you pay?

Entropia Universe Some Turret Testing

I am trying to get an Entropia channel going, need help from community

My name on YouTube is ABigLetdown, and ik Entropia is a bad game to post on YouTube, but I find it fun!

Entropia Universe A Quick Test of the new Tier Upgrade system

Dumb noob question

Just found this game, wanted to play on planet arkadia, clicked the download link from their website, made an account with entropia universe and its currently "downloading planet data". How do i make sure i start out on planet arkadia not one of the

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Entropia Showcase Q1 2020 - YouTube