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Anyone know of other games where you can earn real money?

I am curious, I doubt I have the time though! Thanks!

help with lowering graphics settings

Hi. Are there any files to edit or third party apps to lower graphics settings a minimal, i mean less than the lowest in the UI. Currently stuck on an old laptop and running at 1-5 fps lol, can only craft items at the moment =|TY

Iron Man FREE TO PLAY Challenge (EU version)

Context: I keep on hearing, "Oh if you dont deposite in this game you wouldnt last a day" or "Free to play? Go play another mmo!", all these negative feedback in rookie chat fueled my desire to do this challenge. So starting today. Ill be documenting

My Stupid Loot Theories

Theory 1: If MindArk gets paid by decay like it says in their filings, then decaying more gets you paid more. All you eco hunters have it wrong. Amp up that rubio, throw on a scope and a laser sight, put on the CDF armor with plates and then go shoo


Greetings, i am a somewhat old entropia universe player that has decided to come back to the game, fresh start 75 PED. I wonder all the veterans out there, how would you climb back to the top with only 75 PED. Im a quick learner and english is my fir

Im curious.

Can i ask if i can enjoy this game. Making PEDs, grinding, hunting and all. Without depositing a single dime. Like an ironman challenge in runescape type of stuff? Cause i live in a third world country and depositing dollars is really not possible fo

3D EU?!

I'm really hoping they port this to Oculous or Vive or make it available for 3d viewing/use. I imagine it being WAY awesomer with a visor. The catch is to make it so you can "look down" at your keyboard so you can figure out what to press to move ar

Newbie searching for tips !!

Hello Entropia Universe players. I just started playing this game and it seems so fun. Can you give me any tips or what should I do in my first hours of gameplay? Thank you in advance.

Newbie wanting to team

I just started yesterday and it's an interesting game. It's a nice time killer when playing alone but I wanted to see if there were anyone looking or willing to co-op.

Is EU dying?

I've seen this question a lot since I've started playing and I've been trying to find the answer for people ever since. Surprisingly it's very easy to gauge if you know where to look. Many people have suggested going off of how many market pages

Interesting story of why I love EU

So - I have been laid off from this GM strike (I work at a GM supplier) for two weeks now (this is half way through the second) I needed a way to make up this lack of income - so I decided to sell my AUDs Overtime somehow I had accumulated 540 of t

Are you new, don't know what you're doing? Let me help you out.

So, you've downloaded EU and you've likely done it for one of these reasons: 1. You want to make money off of the game, you think this will be your new job! 2. You saw the game and saw it was a real world economy, maybe you're interested in finance

What events are okay with MA?

The title kinda says it all, what events can I host in EU that MA is okay with? I have some starting capital but I don't want to violate any terms trying to run events.

Does anybody on this subreddit ever made money with that game?

And by that I mean substantial amount of money in game? I’ve bumped into that game something like 10 years ago, saw few articles on the game being a scam and last time I checked it was still up and running. I’ve never put a dollar in game but pl

Can you play this game without having to p2p?

Just curious, I was wondering if I can be a f2p'r

What is this?

Three days ago I discovered this thing underwater. Comment and ask in the \[Rokie\] chat and nobody knew what to answer. It seems to be a buoy or robotic beacon, or perhaps it can be a door to another part. Or better yet, a ship !! It's full of ve

Player Bounties?

Is there any sort of player bounty hunting system? Criminal justice? Assassins for hire? That sort of thing?

Done, constructive player advice for new players (Not a Ragequit Post)

I decided to quit. Tips for new players who are either trying to play without depositing more than maybe 10-30 a month (playing often)- or trying to make money. MY Game Life Story: Started not knowing anything, did some reading. Most info was eith

I’m a newbie

I’m still new to the game, can anyone give me any tips and tell me about all the different planets and how to travel between them?

This doesn't seem right.

Was afk for about half an hour, tried to post something in Rookie chat, and... Too many messages submitted to that channel. Please wait 20488.4 seconds. Too many messages submitted to that channel. Please wait 20478.6 seconds. \[Rookie\] \[DOS\]:


I’ve been sweating at Boreas for about two weeks and the chat pane shows almost all Cyrillic-which I know is Russian but which I don’t understand.

Team Eomon Hunt this Saturday!

If anyone here is interested in a hunting some biggish event mobs. I’m a smallish Entropia Universe “Youtuber” who will be hosting a late night(EST) Eomon Hunt Saturday. The details can be found via https://youtu.be/q48rVekzcUQ and coordinatin

How to get a refund?

I spent a lot while playing as a hunter and some ammo crafting and the lottery game-play seems to be more like 50% chance rather than a return of 95% How can i get a refund this game is a form of online gambling as it is anyway as i figure out afte

Max pet level

I looked online and couldn't find anything. Is the max level of pets 100? I have a dhampyre aka vampire chick which is lvl 38 atm. Just curiosity if max like 50 or 100.

Latest update problem?

Is anyone else having difficulty with the latest update completing successfully?

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Anyone know of other games where you can earn real money?

I am curious, I doubt I have the time though! Thanks! [..]