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Crystal palace shares payout?

Has it happened?

Guide: Farming Free Defense Skills At Zychion Citadel

EarnPED.com Livestream with StevieB! Big coop announcement! Whose gettin paid?!?!

Not able to login - status of crystal palace shares

As the title says not able to login I’m wondering if someone could tell me what the shares paid out - thought it was tonight anyway maybe it’s not till tomorrow night?

Loot theory for crafting or as a whole

So I last night I did a bunch of crafting doing the recycled blueprints (turn explosive projectiles into sharpnel) - lost a bunch of ped and went to bed (two depos) Tonight I try 50 clicks of explosive blueprints - first set global 175 - second set

Efficient and cheap weapons for a noob?

I've been running around doing quests and have burned through my freebie weapons and ammo. Now I'm sucking sweat off things with hopes of eventually making a trade and buying a weapon to get back to the killy part of the game. The guides I've seen


I Just found out about Entropia Universe. I’m coming from console (PS4). So this is still a adjustment. I see this is not really an active forum. Would anyone me willing to help me get started.

Fellow Entropians will understand...

Hit for 9k last night

So I had a few bucks left over and decided to try my luck on ep4 blueprints I had about 3k from deposits and then another 1.5k ped on the auction house in orders Long story short after along craft session of running qr100 blueprint on normal mode e

Changes to Entropia to make the game more 'Main Stream' and bring in new players...

Hello! Entropia is a fun, huge game but is falling in regards to quality game play. Most of the mechanics are old and out of date. Mainly the combat. I propose MindArk changing the combat system to be more like an FPS and less like a mobile auto sho

Entropia mobile game

I can't remember where I had seen it, was a couple weeks ago, but someone had mentioned the possibility of Entropia being ported to mobile platform. Has anyone else heard this or know more about it? I've been using my phone as my daily pc for a whi

Returning player needing stats for research article

I am returning to this game after 3 years, in an effort to play for 1 year with regular blog updates about it, and at the end of the year writing a large review/ article to a wide audience. My writing career is rising and by the time the year is up I

lost cellphone

somehow at the beginning of the year my cellphone from RT disappeared i contacted support and they said i sold it to the TT i wouldn't do that due to it being needed for quests now they want me to pay $100 USD to get it back is their any other way?

Latest entropia update

Is anyone having problems with it?

How do i level up my skills and get good armor and weopons

I have a weaponized quad and good stuff but i dint actually know how to strengthen my character

2 questions were can i get vehicle fuel and were and how do i get guns for my slepnir spaceship

Is this game dead

Is it worth playing could i still turn a profit and enjoy or does no one even play it i was considering starting a cheep transportation system to players who dont have ship but i dont even know i theres enough people to profir off of it

Loot Algorithm ACTUALLY Solved

**1/29 \[Final update\]** *This is already becoming quite unmanageable for me, between discord, DM here, and comment, I will no longer be responding. I am also removing my discord info. Until such a time as MA decides to do the right thing and rele

Help with Outpost near PvP Oil Rig on Calypso

Hey everyone, I've been playing Entropia Universe for a few months on/off and love the game. I was exploring the map so I could add more waypoints and found myself revived at an outpost by accident. I have no working vehicle, ammo, or ped for weapon

Tutorial Question

I tried to start playing Entropia Universe a couple months ago but the tutorial seemed super long and hard and I got overwhelmed. I was wondering how long the “tutorial” takes before you are actually in the world. I also don’t want to have to s

Just want share with you guys a Clip i have make :)

Hello, Newb here, chose the path of..

Auction Order math

There's an Animal Muscle Oil order (0.03 value per unit) I want to fulfill with a max markup of 102.73%. I want to determine the stack size to maximize my profit and sell for a markup as close to the 102.73% as possible, preferably exactly 102.73%.

Arkadia Moon Deeds

So I bought like 5 Arkadia Moon Deeds and have recently dove back into the game. I didnt really buy them because i expect them to be a money maker but because I felt it was a bit of a missed opportunity not buying deeds before. But being as im not ve

Crystal Palace for sale via deeds

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Crystal palace shares payout?

Has it happened? [..]