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Scoop and a Boost on the way to Colonia

Is there a long range material finder?

​ Hey guys, 1) Is there a material finder with a longer range than EDDB? Something like 500 LY for example? Or to put it simply, a “sortable by distance to Sol or XYZ” database of all places where a specific material (like tungs

My first non human signal

Looking for a squadron (PS4)

Requirements: Beginner friendly Inner orian spur or surrounding. Discord And that’s all.

Decided to stay in the office after hours...

The Voyage Home

First Undiscovered Earth-like

New Player

I already played ED for 5 hours but I stopped. Now I want to start again but I don’t know if I should and what I can do in the game. So long I just farmed but I don’t think or hope that the game is just all about farming. Are there some Events wh

One cannot hope to “honor” The Far God. In the face of such awesome power, we can but tremble. To those who “worship” Him desiring personal salvation, be forewarned: this path, as all paths, lead only to darkness; only to desolation; only to His return. There is no hope. Death is the only future.

Stuck in fsd. What do?

The Broken Moon of Sesharrim (c4d, ps, ae, lr)

I need people to train me lol

I just got the game and I just want someone who can teach me ig I really like the games concept and would love be a good player my psn ishaboy21 ik the name sucks but please I would like some just invite me to a party. Btw I'm 14

Anyone have experience with Windows Mixed reality VR in Elite?

Hi folks, ​ I'm considering something like the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ VR headset for Elite. I'm curious if anyone has any experience with this? Does it work well? Main reason is the Odyssey (Windows Mixed Reality) doesn't require sensors

Came across the House of the Rising CERN

So when i was looking for ice rings, i stumbled across a planet called house of the rising CERN. What other hilarious punny things have you come across, commanders ?

Making Money?

Hey guys! I'm at the part where I have a Fed Dropship, and I'm trying to see how I can make money with it. Any tips? Been doing bounty hunting but that's about it so far. Not quite sure what to use this ship for but I'm liking it!

Elite Dangerous is a strange sort of game.

And I think I am in love with it. I don't know what it is. I can't remember the last time a game has gotten me so hooked with little to no story whatsoever. I know that everything takes forever but for some reason that doesn't bother me at all.

Fun fact, Jamesons Cobra has a single front hardpoint, just like Cobra in Frontier: Elite II

Just moved from PC to Xbox. What ship should I buy firts?

Like title says I just moved over. My wealth transfer is complete and I have about 480 mil. So I can get anything (except ones I need to regrind rep for) Any suggestions? I was in a fully engineered conda before switching. Wouldn't mind trying somet

Security Vs Security

Is Hutton Orbital something we should all visit? Yes. Is it worth the view? Maybe.

Frontier has apparently decided that my commander name is offensive, am I being dense here not understanding why it's "quite clear"?

Dann Orbital

Why is the Elite logo head so silly?

Rank grinding through cargo runs is the gateway to alcoholism. *cracks open a beer*

Twin geyser moons orbiting a gas giant

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Harry Potter - Infamous ganker - just uninstalled the game after losing a fair PvP wing fight.


Fuck this one rock in particular.


Every Elite Dangerous players worst nightmare. Honestly I'm writing this as I'm still flying it's currently at 394,134Ls as we speak.


Thanks to this game, my 5 year old son is constantly talking about black holes, space ships, fighting aliens (Thargoids), and how he wants to drive his car on the moon. The next generation of commanders is coming soon. O7


To those who wondered what made the T7 so nice to explore in


This is my first time ever doing embroidery. I'll re do it when I get better :)


Have You Visited an Electrical Lagrange Cloud Yet?


Lakon Security Search & Rescue


Space EYES


If the painting goes well, this will be the "before" picture


240 ls from Explorer's Anchorage on the return from Beagle Point and OH MY GOD I JUST HAD A HEART ATTACK


This is where I belong.


A week off work for mental health forced me to finally learn how to play this game after owning it for 2 years. No regrets AT ALL.


I found two stats orbiting each other while also orbiting another star **that was orbiting another star!!!!** this game is insane!!!


Never Forget - Salomé


Doing some mining on a 100% metal dwarf planet (large astroid?) 4,000 Ly from Sol. The planet has a radius of 240 Km. When I tried to match it's speed in supercruise, it seemed to be orbiting at about 170 Km/s. Small fast planets like this are some of my favorites to land on.


BD-12 1172 (Spirograph Nebula)


Finally in the club.


And so it begins!


I got drunk and fell asleep during fuel scoop. 👌😤👌

.. Red Wine, at 2 am. And it was far from bubble too. Good bye 100millions worth of data. [..]

Guys, I found them

For the first time I have enccountered Thargoids. I am now currently in HIP 15134. wish me luck [..]

Dann Orbital


A beginner's journey to Elite

Soo, thanks to the sales on steam and a bit of money made on the sides, I finally got to play Elite Dangerous, got my pc ready with the space and cleaned up that $10 dollar Genius joystick of 4 buttons; that no one sales anymore for some reason, and [..]

Found my firstThargoid structure

There I was, exploring somewhere around the pleiades (not far, but definitely not close) and I spotted a Gas Giant with Ammonia-based life (Bingo, thargoid juices are always a good sign), in a binary system with a regular Gas giant. Since the Ammonia [..]

My new screen saver