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Issue on Anaconda - G-meter has to move, seriously

GU-97's retracting wings

So its been a long standing joke, and triggering event for many, that the GU-97 (the imperial fighter) wings magically phased through the hydraulic pistons on the fighter bay. Today I was derping around in outfittings and wanted to look at the gu-9

Best Exploration Ship

What do people think the best exploration ship is? I'm planning to head out to Bernards Loop after doing farming for Felicity.

VR Jitter

Been having weird issues with Elite VR. This is running in oculus app not steamVR. I have a ryzen 2700x and x-fire RX580's. Ran into this problem a few weeks back and after trying everything I could find I believe a Radeon driver fixed it, still on m

I’m sure you’ve seen this a million times, but when will be able to “walk” out of our ships?

Just got the game today and I love how in SC, you can walk around and do “whatever”. Would be really cool to see this, but I’ve seen many posts say “soon”. So how soon is soon? Thanks, I’m just OOTL.

Anyone know what that's all about.....? 🤔

Empire rank grind:

Are there any downed (by thargoids) emipre stations for grinding with passenger missions?

Decided to get a headstart on DW2 and go hunting for lagrange clouds on the way to the core. Wasn't disappointed

Can We Get Some Land-able Magma Worlds Please?

My first space whale

​ [Just hanging out.](https://i.redd.it/w7he0f1cinb21.png)

(yet another) 3D Printed Asp Explorer, painted White Pharaoh

After 250 hours, i finally did it!

Only my second time adventuring towards some nebulae, and man they are pretty!

Thargoid Ship Spotted at Bug Killer

So this probably isn't news to anyone as I've only been playing for a few weeks. Was logging in and out at bug killer. 3rd time into collecting raws, one of the thargoid ships showed up (the one that looks like a flower) and stuck around through mult

15Km Deep Canyon Run 50,000Ly Out - Dryihnae MB-Y c16-1

​ [Really Deep](https://i.redd.it/zj9y7rn6enb21.jpg)

A brown dwarf, with rings.

a vast emptyness

It took me two days, but I finally arrived in Colonia!

Greetings Commanders! I finally did it! It's been a year in the making, but I'm finally here. It was a long journey, I spent several hours per session these past two days just jumping, honking, and checking the FSS bar to see if there was anything wo

Mercury fly by

Sir, would you kindly get your butt off my landing pad.

One of the famous "glowing green giants" They really do get mighty green!

So I decided to revisit the ringed neutron star in Skaude....

Market/Trade data

Hey guys! So, I've never understood this. If I accept a trading mission, thry ask for a certain number of a thing, right? Say it's weapons. I go to my galaxy map and filter for weapon trade routes. I'll find a system that had the import to, a system

Just a tip for all the miners out there.

Returning player with 200+ hours What do I do?

As i said I have around 250 hours in the game for when I was playing I had access to alot of money and most of the ships at the time. Basically what Im asking is how do I get back into the game? Just for clarity I stopped playing around the first en

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

As someone coming from KSP, I’m used to games with steep learning curves. Elite dangerous doesn’t have a curve, it has a god damn mountain.


I found the Flat Galaxy Society


Gotta Catch 'Em All


Welcome to the center of the galaxy, Sidewinder


Never trust reviews.

I regret not buying it a long time ago, all because of bad steam reviews. "It's boring", "There is no content", "It's a grind-fest", "It's empty(isn't space mostly empty?)"etc...I am glad I followed my instincts and finally bought the game two weeks [..]

Found some ancient relics


I fell into a Canyon in my SRV. Couldn't find a way out so I called Seal Team Fix! Bloody heroes that they are, they jumped 900ly to save me!


Good Morning CMDR's


30 hours in and the feeling of cracking your first asteroid, incredible!


Skipped this system on the way to Omega. Glad I went back.


Hey kids! Want some D R U G S ?


Finally got my first elite! And its the one I scoffed at ever attaining when I picked up the game.


It's Treason Then


Unofficial DW2 POI: Traikoa fl-p e5-4 (The Black Treasure).




Neutron Spook


Encountered my first stellar phenomena. Lagrange clouds at witch head AL-X B1-0, barnards loop in the background. 65k ls from jump.


COVAS Leo is the best.

I just picked him up today and at first I thought my computer had a cold then I realized that I just bought Marvin, the manically depressed robot from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. So good. Edit: I realize now it’s the voice of Holly from Red [..]

50th anniversary of Apollo 11

So, July 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and I suspect FDev are brewing up something special. The moon has been permit locked since Horizon, but the planned improvements to planets makes me think they are going to throw a party [..]

Elite Dangerous 1984, free for PC and Mac


Made it

The first thing I wanted to do after getting this game was go to Sol. After finding out what that entails, I gave up for a long time. Today, I finally made it. https://i.imgur.com/7ogyduH.png Good morning, Earth! [..]

Atmospheric landings would be cool, but is there any chance we'll ever get more unique nebulae?


I think I've found the Horizons Loading screen planets. (Too lewd for Fleetcomm)


"If I owned this place and Hell, I'd rent this place out, and live in Hell"


I don't think this is gonna fit on the cargo bay