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My stickers came!

We trapped a hauler. Best pre-expedition ever.

Hello Friends! A few questions from a new(ish) commander!

Firstly, whenever I hop into a system, even without scanning anything, I'm told I've discovered some belts and other things. Why is this happening? Secondly, mining doesn't seem worth it. You don't get nearly enough profit, or am I doing something w

Elite Dangerous Horizon Xbox for cheaper?

I would like to get horizons, but it's 30 dollars on Xbox. Any way to get it cheaper?

What's the point?

Hey, I've been playing this game on and off since 2016, and a few months ago I heard about the void opals thing. I grinded them and bought myself an Anaconda. Now every time I go to load the game up I feel like "What's the point?" Sure I could keep t

How to waste 3 hours of mining void opals

Xbox players

So since my pc decided to light itself on fire I've been doing most of my gaming via XBOX ONE (sometimes PS4 with the wife because it's her preferred system) But I rarely see any Xbox players on these threads or in the game in general. Anyone else h

Aspiring combat pilot looking for friends, possibly a squadron [PC]

o7 Fellow commanders. I've owned Elite dangerous for about three years now, and I've played it on and off with no real staying power just from lack of friends and struggling with the haz res grind for a better ship. I recently picked up a Rift S th

49 bodies all unscathed while heading to sagittarius A*

Anything to get on TV...

Man this is such a cool feeling you all weren’t kidding

Anyone recognize this location?

Mission Design Suggestion: "Sorties"

I used to play games from the Armored Core series, and believe it or not, this series that began around the time when the PlayStation 2 was popular has a lot of similarities in design to Elite. AC2 had missions that effectively utilitized and maximiz

Im lost as hell, and you're watching the disney channel

Some one wanna help me what this means?

[https://i.redd.it/jlkuk7ig1gi31.png](https://i.redd.it/jlkuk7ig1gi31.png) MotherBoard: ASUS ROG Strix B450f Gaming ATX Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT (drivers are up to date) Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core CPU Cooler: AIO Corsair

ED fans are everywhere, even Philly!

Blie Phlue QA-G b52-1(2.5Mil KM Ring)

I found this gas giant with [2.5Mil KM rings](https://youtu.be/S6AuWJu2rL8) and it has 5 moons between the A/B rings. I tried to probe the outer ring, but the probe burns out long before reaching the ring. I wish FDEV would make a probe that could ha

Commander deluxe edition pack - worth the $17.99?

Hi all, I love space sim games, and I have been waiting for Star Citizen to make further progress but it appears to have slowed. I’m a big fan of No Man’s Sky as well. I see on steam that the Commander deluxe edition pack is currently $17.99 unti

Can’t accept a wing invite

I’ve been playing elite for about 2 years and nothing like this has happened to me before. My friend recently bought elite so naturally I wanted to wing up. However, whenever we send wing invites we see that it was received, but then it also says n

Blue and Green. The moment I finally killed my first Cyclops!

Removing notoriety by suicide

Didn't know about the notoriety system until after I had a 500k bounty and a notoriety level of 5 which i can't be bothered to wait the 10 hours to decay, if, I commit suicide by AI in my ship that has the bounty are both my bounty and notoriety eras

Completing the VR + Hotas setup

Hey guys, I currently have my VR setup and i'd like to join the VR+Hotas side. I'm aware that the t16000m is superb compared to the Hotas 4 / One based on the reviews and comments here. However, due to the strange import tax laws in my country

Bounty hunting basics - choosing opponents

I earned a corvette with trading and mining and just start bounty hunting in a chieftain. What is still dont get and what kept me from doing it since i started with ED are the conflict zones. In a Video tutorial i saw on the left panel, hw decided wi

[DAILY Q&A] Ask and answer any questions you have about the game here. (August 24, 2019)

Greetings, Commanders! This is the **Daily Q&A** post for /r/EliteDangerous If you have any questions about any topic, whether it be for the moderators, tips and tricks for piloting or general gameplay/development questions please post here! Pl

Anyone else getting booted right now?

I've been booted and unable to re-load/login to the game...wondering if it's me or anyone else experiencing issues?

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Elite isn't perfect, but with a sale on, you will probably get your moneys worth.


Bridge to Colonia made of private stationary carriers?


Fleet Carriers - Wishlist, Analysis and Speculation

This post is also available on the forums at [https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/fleet-carriers-wishlist-analysis-and-speculation.520261/](https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/fleet-carriers-wishlist-analysis-and-speculation.520261/) for those wh [..]

Bit crowded in here


A planet orbiting a Wolf-Rayet in a nebula somewhere near Barnards Loop


Im lost as hell, and you're watching the disney channel


Came Across This Exploring Tonight...


You know what they say cowboy, easy come easy go.


I know that it's nothing new to most people here, but I just found my first ever undiscovered planet. As a trader main, I don't get out much. It's not the prettiest planet, but it's mine, and I love it.


Blue and Green. The moment I finally killed my first Cyclops!


Found my first undiscovered Earth like planet while en route to Colonia


Third time's a charm! Thank you for all the kind words and advice yesterday, safely got to Farseer with my 1 meta alloy :)


Worth it in 2019? Thinking of buying ED

I was always intrigued by this game because of its massive scale (1:1 Milky Way), as I love space exploration games/simulators f.ex Space Engine or now also No Mans Sky. I sometimes find myself exploring the galaxy for hours in Space engine and so I [..]

Triple star system with pulsar at the center


Fleet Carriers - What we know and what we still need answered


Long time Eve Online player giving ED a shot

As the title states, I'm giving this game a shot. What kind of stuff can you do that involves PvP? I'm not expecting anything like eve Online, but I've noticed combat related stuff in the game. Does that include piracy/player combat? Also any guide [..]

Honorary Double Elite post. Made 274m off of my first “real” exploration journey out into other sectors. Put my name on 6 ELWs and many more water worlds! Even got a few neutron star discoveries out in Elysian Shores.


Discovery Scanner: Reshaping the Simulation - Lead Server Developer Dav Stott details Background Simulation changes


Played in VR for the first time

I've been a fan of the game for a long time and I've put a lot of hours into it just exploring the universe. I always thought the game looked pretty as it was but VR just takes the experience to a new level. Ships are **huge** and space stations... d [..]

Alright, let me rephrase: If fleet carriers will be used for squadrons, there needs to be a way for the squadron to fund them collectively.

So I made [a post here](https://old.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/cue07p/if_fleet_carriers_are_meant_to_be_travelling_hubs/) the other day about how there needs to be a way to transfer credits to a player if the game is going to start implemen [..]

Eclipse is imminent.


About 30 jumps away from the Lagoon Nebula, those stars really lit up.


Arrived at Salome's Reach today


That horizon is mystical


Hey guys, was jumping to random systems and found this thing! What's a Sagittarius A*? It kinda looks like a butthole...