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Has this been done before?

Controversial oppinion: FC upkeep is actually a good idea.

Whoa, put down the pitch forks, let me explain. Even in the stream with yamiks, mini and a few other creators, the problem of having "20.000 fleet cariers in Shinrarta Dehzhra" was, even jokingly, mentioned. Giving FC's an upkeep and decomision mec

Silver lining.

Do you think it's a Space Legs leak??

Something that could make carriers a bit more useful to all players (even those who can't afford one): offering shuttle services

Let's say a system has no large landing pads available. So I park my fleet carrier in orbit around its main star. Since it has four large landing pads, up to four other commanders can land there simultaneously. I buy 4 small ships and 8 medium ships

AXI Unofficial Carrier Survey

Having watched the carrier reveal stream I've seen a wide range of reactions from different parts of community. But no matter what I myself feel, it is our opinion as a community that matters most, and for this end I've devised a (completely anonymou

Can anyone help me? Every time I try to open elite dangerous it brings me to a alpha demo. Does anyone know a fix?

"Don't buy without a refly"

For all CMDRs complaining about the upkeep cost of FC, doesn't this fall into the same category as "don't fly without a rebuy"? If you are afraid you will lose your FC because you can't afford the upkeep then it's maybe not the best idea to buy one

Maybe I miss it all the time, but with FC I really basicly only want one thing ...

...I want to fly this thing myself! Can i? Have I missed something? In addition to all the necessary micromanagement and more if you like! Give me that! There is an enormous potential behind it! Why is this not being used? Reference to flying yo

I keep having the same problem with my game. Every time I try to open it it brings me to an alpha training demo. Can anyone help me out with this?

Question about the Ngalinn/Mainani Run

I am grinding empire right now, and only ever manage to get like 5 data missions from the imperial contacts on each stations even though Ngalinn is in a boom state right now. Am I doing something wrong?

Can't scan megaship

Hey ya'll, I know there's a great guide on the "disable megaship turrets" mission, but I can't scan the megaship, there's no mission markers, I don't see any turrets... Is this mission completely broken or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in adva

Had an idea for this poster one of the many times I forget to deploy my landing gear.

Does my rover make my ship look to big ?

It would be usefull to be able to scan Nav beacons without dropping out of Supercruise

I find it anoying arriving in a populated system which I usually have no interest in exploring, I just want the system data, so have to navigate to the beacon, drop out scan then back to supercruise to continue. Edit: For example: Planet surfaces ar

ELW, 1760 LY below the Sol

Fleet Carrier Commodity Market

I'm missing something here. How exactly will the commodity market work on a fleet carrier? I set a buy price that other commanders will be able to sell to me, then if I want to turn a profit, I take those commodities and unload them with a ship to se

And if you look to our right you'll see a Beutiful pair of close binary stars

Upkeep - an alternative thought

Prefacing by stating here (as I have elsewhere) that I personally don't have an issue with the cost of running the FC. Neither of those (personally) is off-putting to me purchasing one, however, in an effort to have a balanced view, here is an altern

Shield Engineering Question!

Is there a good rule of thumb on when to engineer for boost vs resistances?

I think this opinion is unpopular, but...

Okay, negative aspect of FCs is clear as with any previous features. But I see an idea that don't fit this "tradition". So I decided to share these idea with you. FCs bring new type of cooperation - market cooperation. Before FCs will appear in the

Type-7 or imperial clipper?

Hello I did look this question up and found results but I want to get some up to date info. I will be using the ship mainly for trading but might dip my toes into some other things. I am only one rank away from the clipper so I'm not worried about th

Do NPCs land on your carrier and buy commodities?

It would be really disappointing if player ships are the only ones that can purchase from your carrier. NPC ships could help with the passive income.

Ill say this again hoping that FDev actually sees this and consider it: PLEASE consider rebalancing other activities to pay more than they do now.

If mining can earn you upwards of 400 millioms per hour, why are combat and xeno hunting still limited to no more than 100 million per hour? Would it take more than just tweaking a few numbers here and there to make it so both combat and mining can e

There are two types of people right now

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Start your journey now!


Once again, Fleet Carriers have revealed the core (and by now unfixable) problem with Elite

The outrage for the price and maintenance cost, in my opinion, is misguided. If the FCs were designed properly – as flexible cogs in a truly dynamic economy -- a new way for money to leave the economy would have been a good thing. The problem is a [..]

Fleet Carriers...


The fleet carrier jump sequence sounds awesome


The hype is real boys! Can't wait to have some fun and engaging gameplay!


I am horribly disappointed by the fleet carriers reveal.

    Like many of you I was concerned about the upkeep costs, and while they aren't as bad as they could have been it's still not great. Yes, 10 million a week is nothing to an active player, but what if you play in [..]

Basic upkeep cost of Fleet Carrier is currently 10m Credits (prices may changed during beta)


The result of 4 years of flying


VY Canis Majoris is waaay bigger then I thought it was. You have to be moving at 100c to get around the star. In this pic I'm over 5000 ls away from it.


The Fleet Carrier Announcement highlights a large issue with the game: Commodities are useless without crafting

Carriers should have been designed to be mobile factories, where you supply commodities and output higher priced Commodities, Modules and Ships. No one is going to want to sell to Carriers when stations are going to offer better prices. The Commodit [..]

I'm not here to explain "How upkeep is fun and realistic". I'm here again to say upkeep is dumb and so is that 2 hour jump cycle.

You can down vote and move on. Can't change my view on this. FDEV look at me! * It's really lame. I don't like it. * I don't lose my ship for not playing. * I just wanted a carrier to haul my ships around because I hated the ship transfer system. ( [..]

Upkeep costs and player-to-player trading: Am I missing something vital here?

I just feel like these are features that work fine on paper, but the game isn't suited for them as presented in the stream. Firstly: player-to-player trading. The only use of the vast majority of commodities is to sell them, and the economy of Elite [..]

I just realized with Fleet Carriers you'll finally be able to buy an anaconda at Hutton Orbital


Ill say this again hoping that FDev actually sees this and consider it: PLEASE consider rebalancing other activities to pay more than they do now.

If mining can earn you upwards of 400 millioms per hour, why are combat and xeno hunting still limited to no more than 100 million per hour? Would it take more than just tweaking a few numbers here and there to make it so both combat and mining can e [..]

[FDEV Forums] ANNOUNCEMENT Fleet Carriers - Content Reveal Recap


So Elite Dangerous is now aiming to turn into a Space Debt Simulator

Fleet Carriers suck. The amount of time spent on this and the outcome is stupid. I'd rather literally anything else, even a single skin, than fleet carriers as they are now. [..]

Structured Feedback - your opinions on Fleet Carriers: price, upkeep, jump cooldown, and Stellar Cartography

So it's easier for FDev to review feedback, due to the high volume of posts and replies, please comment your choices/opinions below on the following Fleet Carrier sub-topics (the most discussed so far): * As they currently stand, do you think FCs ar [..]

My Concerns about the upcoming Fleet Carriers

So, interesting stream we just watched.. A couple of things come to mind: \- The 10 million upkeep. I don't care a bout the price, that's easy. What I care about is that this makes you locked to the game. If you don't play the game for a while, you [..]

The 10mill Credit weekly upkeep for carriers is not a big deal, and there are way bigger problems with the carrier.

After looking around youtube and Reddit it seems like this will be a very unpopular opinion. One I'm willing to defend though. I personally think the 10 Mill Credit weekly base upkeep is blown way out of proportions by YouTubers and the community [..]

Obsidian Ant - Fleet Carriers: How They Work, What They Do And More


Fleet carriers without the implementation of NPC wingmen is a missed opportunity for the solo player.

Imagine if owning a fleet carrier let you hire npc pilots to fly your owned ships onboard and not just your fighter. You could provide the pilots with custom built ships and they could wing up with you. It would be like having your own posse. I feel [..]

Got my Conda!!!


The deal of the century


That is a gas giant in the middle!


Only 745 jumps left