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Noob questions

Hello all. I love this game!!! Coming from years of Guild Wars 2, I am really loving a fresh start in a new world. However, GW2 has probably the BEST wiki for a game - at least the best I have ever experienced. Haven't found a comparable one for ESO


I have to say, I played in Cyrodiil from 7 to 9pm Eastern last night and it was a surprisingly good experience. I've had an awful time making Cyrodiil work with load screens, crashes, and lag-deaths,. Even after getting a new computer. I had stop

[Discussion] PC players. if you had to choose ONLY 5 addons to use what would they be?

So i moved to PC a few days ago because of addons and i've got quite a few of them installed. but my brain thought it was a good idea to question my actions and i got wondering what would be the 5 most important addons im currently using and how well

Help Me No Longer Be a Noob

Hello dear internet people. I’ve been playing ESO for a couple years now, and i’ve gotten to the point where i’ve done most of the quests, explored mostly everything and the only frontier i’ve not conquered is pvp/cyrodill. Problem is, I

How is your Midyear Mayhem going so far ? Come, join us!

Eso transfer account?

Hey guys I'm starting to pc game and I wanted to know if I could transfer my account with all dlc and expansions,characters and etc.. to my pc when I start or do I literally need to buy everything again?

Explain to me like a five year old how to get Emperor

I'm on ps4. Play mostly solo. Looking to get Emperor to platinum Tamriel Unlimited. I've looked at several threads, and I'm unsure how to find a guild (I'm not on discord). Can anybody please explain what to do, and the process? Preferably like this:

Ranked PvP

Hey returning Player here that recently came back After the wow shitshow of 8.3. I am just wondering if this game has anything like Wows Arenas( 2v2 or 3v3 Deathmatch) with a ranked System and rewards based on what score you get or if it's just the

Can minor lifesteal crit?


How's the necromancer for solo / endgame content ?

Hey, returning player here, i want to try a new class for my comeback ! For that, i want to know if the necro is good in solo (like questing, vMa, public dungeon) et how it is for vet content ! Another question : For doing all content, it's better s

PSA: ESO is currently heavily discounted on Steam, Elsweyr is 67% off

This Guy Ruined My Selfie.

Helpful websites/apps

Any helpful website/apps for good builds, crafting, daily timers, alchemy, ect. ​ *Preferably not outdated of course*

How to build a Magden

Hello! I want to create a magden. What race do you suggest, and what abilities? I would like to do either dps and healing, more dps oriented. And, about dps, is magden viable?

Newbie looking for advices

Hello everyone, as the title says, I'm a new(ish) player trying to get into ESO. In fact, over the years I tried several times to get into the game, but for some reason or another I never stuck around for long - my highest level char got up to lvl 2

First time playing

So I just got eso today, and bought the "greymoor edition" which includes all the previous DLC:s. I have watched alot of eso gameplay beforehand, and one thing i noticed when I started the game is that both the story and the location differ from othe

(PS4) (NA) Do tabards cover your outfit?

So I just learned about tabards two days ago. I was wondering if they cover your outfit up? I've spent a lot of time collecting the motifs I have to be able to show them off & I really don't want to lose that just to show off my guild below my na

Help me build an alt character!

I’m nearing CP160 in AD faction as a khajiit warden tank. My blacksmithing is at ~27. I’m trying to start a second character that would be the opposite of the warden tank- would you recommend a DPS with dragon knight or another configuration? In

What's the best class for tanking?

I'm currently torn between Necro, Warden and DK? Which of these classes make good and fun to play tanks that are viable in all aspects of the game?

Today I learned that the Draugr hate houses

PvP MMR,groups in BGs, and a solo queues

Looking for information on how the MMR system ranks players, also should I just bite the bullet and give up solo queues and group when reaching higher MMR brackets? And yeah I know Midyear mayhem is happening, but still interested.

Warden tank and end game content

I started playing a week ago and have done lots of research on end game content but I am enjoying the game and playing as I please! So my question is, if I don’t use one of the cookie cutter end game min/max builds, can I still tank vet trials and

Advice on buying the game

Hello boys, I was thinking about buying this game. Is it worth it on PS4 is there a version with all dlcs? Can you enjoy the game without them? I can’t play much, around 2/3h a day, can I still reach the end game w/o crazy farming? Thanks boys

Noob here.

So I just picked the game up and I’m wondering what would be the best class. Race, faction for me to start as a new player. Thank you for any and all advice.

Is Necropotence a good set for magicka necromancer?

I just hit 160 cp and I'm trying to figure out what gear to chase after. Necropotence looks cool but I'm not sure if it's a good idea since the pets aren't permanent, what do you think?

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

A memorial to the unknown Argonian, Hero of Tamriel. May her light never dim from our memories...


I had a bug so made this, Unlimited Power!


I feel accomplished I’ve finally reached cp500, only 310 more to go lol


*tries game chat for two seconds


Western Wrothgar


Still can’t bring myself to drink one


How does my throne look? (a small idea I thought I'd share)


Please dear god give us conjured magicka melee weapons like in Skyrim

Ok ok ok , I know people ask for this **all** the time, but I want to ask again because I recently took a several-month break from this game and have just returned. And, of course, I thought about this again. How can we make this happen? I have l [..]

Every wonder what the top of an anchor looks like?


Enjoying the view in Bangkorai


[Media] Complete Midyear Mayhem Guide!

New to PvP, or confused on what you have to do? No worries we got you covered! Complete guide to the Midyear Mayhem event! Both Video and written version! [https://www.learneso.net/midyearmayhemcompleteeventguide/](https://www.learneso.net/midyea [..]

My first dunegon and PVP experience

I was super nervous to do my first dungeon. I was terrified that it would be like WoW and I would get constantly degraded and attacked because I hadn't done the dungeon before and because I was inexperienced. ​ That was absolutely not t [..]

Dragonknight player character bursting through wall.


The proper spelling of Warden is Vvarden.


Regions of Tamriel - covered and potentially coming


Michelle Eugenie likes bread


Not sure if possible. But I'd love it if Zenimax and friends added underwater swimming.

Just more exploring. It wouldn't have to be any combat. Maybe treasure hunting and stuff. [..]

[Media] I don't think his mom likes him very much...


This Guy Ruined My Selfie.


[Media] come one come all... To elders scrolls online!!

A game where you can: -get annoyed by stuga in every town you visit -get involved in weird or crazy arguments in riften all the time -dance as an orc in a wedding dress and still make friends without judgement -stay underwater in a fountain and n [..]

Low Effort DPS in Dungeons

Lately when I've been doing the daily pledges (usually on my healer or tank) it seems to be very common where one or both of the DPS are running a nightblade or warden, and they will just be standing there light attacking with a bow. In these cases t [..]

Since everyone is posting theirs thought I’d post mine :D flawless on my magDK


[Daily] Set Discussion: Prayer Shawl

**Prayer Shawl** *Obtainable as: Jewels, Weapons, Light Armor* *Type: Dungeon* *Location: Spindleclutch I, Spindleclutch II*   ***Set Bonuses*** Items | Bonus ---|--- 2 | Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka 3 | Adds 129 Spell Damage 4 | Adds [..]

Ka'zago the Dragon, Dragonslayer and follower of the way of Tosh Raka


Best way for non pvper to earn event tickets without messing up at group

Any easy way for me to earn those tickets without joining a group and mess up just for those tickets? cause otherwise I will just pass on this event. [..]