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I wonder what's for dinner...

Happy Hogithum from my main char!! 🌙 ☀

should I buy the game

searching for a new mmo and i think this could be it if i buy it i buy the elswyer thing with the previous Chapters should i ? i played the game privosuly with the summerset pack but lost the account

Tank help (Breton Templar)

So based on recent posts I decided to make a tank using one of my lower characters which happens to be my breton templar. I was looking for some builds and stumbled across this one: https://alcasthq.com/eso-templar-tank-build-pve/ I want to build

[Discussion] ESO Elsweyr or ESO Collection?

I used to play ESO on my PS4 and i want to get back into it but i want to switch to PC because my friends play on PC. I already have the standard game on my pc (Didn't knew i already had that) but now i'm wondering which version i should buy, because

39% crit damage?

Templar 10%, khajit 10%, medusa 10% and shadow mundus. Thoughts ?

Beating a dead Indrik.

I’m sure this has been asked before. When we get all 4 berries how do I choose which 1 of the 4 colors I want it to evolve into?

Need help, camera glitched

My camera’s Pov is glitched i’m forever stuck staring at my character’s scalp, help?

I spent today drawing The Blackfeather Court!

How to best utilize event exp bonus?

I'm currently CP 401 and ESO+, yesterday I made a full training set (epic). I'm sitting on 4 150% exp scrolls and a ton of 50%. I'm not sure how the exp buff works for this event, but I want to get the most out of it, unless this is not the right eve

Oh wow!

How do we start the Achievements event title quests for Jester?

I finished the Jester event stuff for today but I don’t see any journal quests for the Achievement and Title ones (like the Tin Soldier one and the others). Where do we start it?

Dubious Camoran Throne recipe in normal boxes

Hey all, I didn't quite understand the announcement on the official website. Can you get dubious camoran throne recipe from stupendous boxes? Cuz I've been waiting for this event a long time and have only one character, so it would kinda bum me out

Afternoon ladies and gents. In your opinion, what CP Level is acceptable to do veteran dungeons?

Forgot to say, I'm a templar Healer with CP 120.

Playing then game crashes and now Error 210 and Error 200

I was running around in game when all of a sudden the game closed as if it crashed with no message or warning. When I tried to log back in the launcher would not load, stuck on loading. When it finally loads I click repair and it gives me error 210.

[PC] Guess I'm a frog now... ribbit ribbit.

A quick reminder of how awesome the ESO support team is

[https://i.imgur.com/jo2WWut.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/jo2WWut.jpg) ​ Submitted a ticket about issues with gear when logging in after a haitus and the support team responded with an update and fix within a few hours. I've always found ESO

Max Champion Points?

If i saw a player with more than the current max CP what am i to think?

When you see a dude trying to nasty flirt with a female character.

Reached CP160 with my NB! Now what?

Finally reached CP 160 with my stamina nightblade. What should I do? What gear should I farm? Is there some easily farmable decent starter gear(not necessarilly Bis) from a dungeon? To finally able to start playing with my veteran friends?

ESO for free?

The game looks fun but I want to try it out first before buying it. Any way to do that

Tickets cost 250 Crowns each from the in game store.

250 crowns per ticket? So that makes it 10,000 crowns for a nascent indrik, 20,000 crowns for an evolved form and 1,250 for a single weapon style, if you're only using tickets purchased from the store. I don't remember what outfit styles typically

Style pages pricing: Cadwell's

I'm after a rough estimate on what is reasonable pricing on Cadwell weapons? Given the chance of acquiring them during the event and the fact they're 10 event tickets also. Obviously players are going to be asking for a ridiculous price within zone

Pc and xbox account, cant choose

Hi, I've never used this Reddit before but I've played elder Scrolls online since the beta, it was my first mmo, it's how me and my boyfriend met (5 years together:)), so this game is very dear to me, I've always enjoyed it. The thing is I used to

Jester festival

So there is no Jester personality to buy in crown store?

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

To the glorious healer in our dungeon tonight: a simple plea.

I get it, my high-leveled friend. It sucks to be running a dungeon with us lowly beginners. It irks to no end that the group leader is only a level 28. And we two DPS not much higher. I see where you're coming from, I do, when you barrel ahead wit [..]

First Completion of vMA!


[MEDIA] It's that time of year again! \:D/


People are actually waiting in line to pie High King Emeric


So this weird thing happened.


That's one way to do it


A Positive Experience...

Hey, y'all. Just wanted to share something that happened while playing this awesome game. So I was doing the "Legacy Of The Ancestors" quest and after walking into the crypt I got besieged by skeletal soldiers and whatnot. Someone else jumps in a [..]

Apparently it's possible to get stuck (at least visually) as a skeevaton.


To the DPS that joined random daily as a healer and said "kick the tank"

Go fuck yourself. [..]

The thing that annoys me the most after the new update is deleting mail is a lot slower.

Before the update, I could delete all my mail within a few seconds. Now after the update, I need to wait about a second in-between deleting them. Not a big deal, but an annoyance. [..]

So, I took a screenie after a successful Cyrodiil scroll run... Hope you enjoy it!


When you can't wait for the new assistants to be released


[PSA] The new novelty stick mounts are unaffected by mount speed.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. And to top it all off 1200 crowns for a single sword that you can't even dye got my blood boiling too. What the hell ZOS! [..]

🍴 Fork for combat? Sure why not 🍴


Desperate times at Zenimax


A New ESO Blog from someone who loves the game - going to be a labour of love please check it out! <3


PSA: Novelty Stick Mounts not affected by speed training!

&#x200B; https://i.redd.it/15chjojcghn21.png &#x200B; Just a heads up to anyone buying the new Novelty Stick Guar/Horse/Dragon, these "mounts" do not gain speed bonuses from mount training, nor does the appearce change! States in the hover [..]

Hooked on this game!

Hello all! I just wanted to share my re-ignited appreciation for this game! I played with a group of WoW friends when this game first came out, being what it was during launch, none of us lasted very long, probably level 25 before we all went [..]

[PC] The party before the storm


[Daily] Set Discussion: Mighty Glacier

**Mighty Glacier** *Obtainable as: Jewels, Weapons, Heavy Armor* *Type: Dungeon* *Location: Frostvault* &nbsp; ***Set Bonuses*** Items | Bonus ---|--- 2 | Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina 3 | Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka 4 | Adds 129 Stamina Recov [..]

Tank woes

I’ve bitches plenty of times on this subreddit, but this one really takes the cake In vet Banished Cells 1, I have a below 100 cp, a 200 and 300 Alright, it’ll be slow but whatever Last boss comes, and I notice no one is killing the orbs “ [..]

Whats everyones favorite character and why?


When there's an achievement to throw a pie at a leader but he's in a tiny room.


I spent today drawing The Blackfeather Court!


Finally come back from break since clockwork and I went beast mode