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I just dont get it,you will be adding the ability to unlock skill trees on new characters buy paying BUT...

Our damn mount stats still dont carry over? I mean in every other mmo rpg the shit carries over to the other chars mount . I cant stand going from high speed on one mount on a char I play alot to a turtles pace on another

This Community is Awesome

I’ve been playing ESO since it’s release and this community has grown to one of the best I’ve ever seen compared to other games I’ve spent my time on. There’s next to no toxicity wherever I’ve been on the world map and it’s always a wel

Bugged Battlegrounds

Anyone else joining battlegrounds and just stuck in the 'waiting for more players...' phase with like 2 players in each team? Seems to be happening fairly frequently lately. Sorry if this is a known issue or a repost, couldn't find anything simil

Zones with the worst overland gear drops?

I will be leveling a new character soon, and I am trying to think of all the worst loot drop locations to bring him through. I would just feel horrible if I am leveling through like deshaan or stonefalls, and looting a lvl 20 inferno staff of mother

New Necro ability "Philiac"

Elder Scrolls Artifact: Skull of Corruption

What happened to it? I never saw it in the crown store once and supposedly today is the last day for it. Anyone else not find it?

Would love to see an endless two-man arena, something like Maelstrom, but for duos!

Imagine an arena which is just like Maelstrom. It’s hard, requires strategy and practice, and it’s actually rewarding. But instead of solo, it meant for two players. Increased health for enemies, logical challanges designed for duos, in the focus

Help logging into my account.

A while back I switched PlayStation accounts. My old PlayStation account had a bunch of progress on its linked ESO account. Now, I want to switch accounts, but I didn’t remember my login. I tried to recover it with my email, but it said there was

Magwarden or Stam

For pvp

Quest Help: In the Name of the King

I am at the final part of this quest, where I need to Recruit the Chief of Clan Morkul. The Hint says Aid the Morkul Clan and the quest marker takes me to the area were I find a Carpenter and a Blacksmith. But despite speaking to every NPC in the are

Upcoming changes.

Im actually excited for once. I wish they would take it further and erase the cp system and come up with a new progression system, while simultaneously the endgame community makes a bonfire comprised of Maelstrom bows and staffs in a fruitless effort

Log in fail

Still can’t log in on PC EU. Anyone having these issues? Or can help me in any way?

Worm’s Raiment/Olorime’s still the “best” healer sets?

Working towards gearing my healer Necromancer for veteran trials, etc, but finding it tough to find groups for vault of madness. Cloudrest is easy enough, but was wondering with all the DLC if there’s a set that replaced Worm’s as one of the go-t

What's the difference between Templer and Warden for healing?

Recently I began to play ESO again, now I want to play in a healing role, but what is the difference between a templer-healer and a warden-healer?

Can the devs stop this idea that argonians are always slimy or wet...

Maybe they just like to stay moisturized. from all the talk I’ve had with argonians in this game I get the idea that there always slimy and wet.. there lizard people not salamander-esq, more monitor lizard or crocodile to me. Yes crocs occupy water

Summerset still as beautiful as ever

Which package do i download/ buy?

So im planning on downloading eso but i am totally confused as to which 'package' i download, im planning on paying for eso plus. So firstly this says it includes all dlc , so does this mean morrowind and summerset? (i'm guessing it doesn't include e

See? Nobody Cares.

Khajit has no ties to Sithis. Khajit is innocent.

Mmo mouse same size or smaller than a Corsair Sabre?

Im new to the game and finding it damn near impossible to move around and cast spells at the same time, so im thinking of trying a mmo mouse with the thumb buttons. My current mouse is a corsair sabre and i really like it, but just doesnt have enough

PTS Patch Notes v5.1.1

Minor Patch Information?

I'm still pretty 'new' to eso. I've played since launch but only recently got to champion levels on my first character. Is there any place to find information on the more minor patches? 15gb update on xbox this morning and I can't find anything about

How to level up healer for pve?

I mostly play solo but I enjoy playing a healer role in group content. How should I level up? Fairly new to the game, please excuse me if this is obvious... Edit: Just to clarify - I'm trying to build a character that can still solo overworld conte

Low FPS in cities

Are the frame drops in cities a recent issue? Was finally going to give ESO another shot, but the frame drops in cities are unbearable. Usually going from a steady 90-100 down to the mid 20s and basically staying that way unless I get super far outsi

Any 2PC sets, or 2 piece bonus that offers heroism?

As the title says, I'm curious if there are any 2PC sets, or 5 piece sets with a 2 piece bonus, that offer heroism.

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

When you wanna play a different game but it's the last day for the event.


See? Nobody Cares.


Last time on my Main, was created in 2014 and inactive for almost 4 years


They could break anything next patch and outposts will still be the most aggravating thing in Cyrodiil


Summoned our lord Akatosh in Auridon today

​ https://i.redd.it/1q8qpre9rca31.jpg [..]

Finally got there in the End; DC, AD and EP, you were a pleasure my friends...Cyrodiil, go do one mate!

​ https://i.redd.it/sc4fip5jdca31.png [..]

An Opinion on ESO after playing since February 2019

First off this is the best MMORPG game I have played, ever. *(I've been playing MMO's since Ultima Online, some for 5 years - some for 5 days...my heaviest played \[over a year or more\] are DAoC, WOW, AOC, Secret World, GW 1 & 2, Istaria, SWTOR [..]

Just returned to the game.... what's up with the lag?

Can someone just quickly update me on the lag situation? It's like Elsweyr has broken the game? The audio lags, I'm being attacked by invisible mobs that don't spawn in, the dragon fights are awful because there's so many people and it just blows up [..]

[Elsweyr/Dragonhold spoiler] A very, very old friend from Skyrim might be showing up in ESO soon...


Was this costume ever released?


What are the odds

I'm a overnight worker and I recently came back to eso after a fiver year hiatus. But I'm getting so mad the every time on my days/nights off I get hit with maintenance what are the odds the every maintenance coincides with my days off [..]

For what stupid reason have you recently died?

Just for fun, what is the dumbest thing you did recently that caused you to die? True story: during the first Harborage quest I was following The Prophet down one of the winding paths and got a little too caught up in the view of the sky. I walked r [..]

PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.0.11


[Daily] Set Discussion: Precise Regeneration

**Precise Regeneration** *Obtainable as: Weapons* *Type: Arena* *Location: Maelstrom Arena [vet]*   ***Set Bonuses*** Items | Bonus ---|--- 2 | When you critically heal with Regeneration, you restore 800 Magicka. This effect can occ [..]

What is the next event?


Staff and shield? Wish this was a thing


What is going on with Battlegrounds? Yeah.

I keep getting into lobbies that refuse to fill out the roster. I sat for 30 minutes. Then I left, and now I have a 20 minute debuff. Is anyone else having it this bad? Is this common? I’m fairly new to PvP. [..]

Crystallized Shield = 75k damage absorption? That can't be right.


We need this in crown crate please

After we turn the cards, there should be an option to let us choose either take the items for ourselves or gift it away, often there are items that I don't want or already unlocked but not worth much to turn into gems, I like to give it away to my so [..]

Are we supposed to have already received the doom wolf from the promotion?

As the title, are we supposed to have already received the mail since it ended yesterday? Edit: I just wanted to confirm if it was just me being omitted or what, but it seems we'll all have to wait :) [..]

PSA: Remember to leave devices on today so they auto-update! ... well, if you are like me and have crazy slow internet =)


Just felt like sharing


Summerset still as beautiful as ever


PTS Patch Notes v5.1.1


I'm very skilled at riding horses. As you can tell