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Gifting 5 tickets for crates

So I play on PS4 and the announcements a couple days ago said that if I gift 5 event tickets to another player that I will get 4 gloomspore crates by the end of the month or event, I don’t have the announcement any more so can someone tell me if th

Obsession with Argonian characters

Have all 3 main healing classes Argonian lmao Warden, Templar and Necromancer, idk what it is but from their names to homeland to the eso skins looking best on them I just cant stop lmao

1-50 journey

So I am quite new to the game, leveling my 1st character (nord warden, lvl 27). I looked up some alcast guide for new players, where it is advised to take ability from each tree to level them up simultaneously. Is this common/optimal way to level cha

Question about Expansions

Hey, so i just bought the Game for the first time (Elsweyr Collectors Edition) and i'm confused about the Expansions part. I'm sure this has been asked before but i didn't really find an answer that i was able to understand.. So how do i "access" al

A lone adventurer, on his travels through Summerset.

Can I do Morrowind DLC again to help a friend?

So i finished the morrowind questline in may 2019, and my friend is going to buy eso now, and she asked me for help. is there any way for me to do the dlc again to help her?

the dragon escape

the scene that the dragons escape from the cave is in game too? I swear that I saw an Ingame picture of that but I cant find it on the internet

I have exactly 1500 crowns. What would be the best way to spend them?

I have exactly 1500 crowns. How should I spend them? Which DLC would be the best one to buy? Or should I hold onto them and wait for a sale or something?

Thinking of getting the game

It’s on sale on the PS4 store currently and I’m just wondering how active the servers are these days and whether it’s worth buying

This clanky fella has been my main mount for so long — can wait to uncover some antiquities and give him an upgrade!

What about racial abilities?

Ok, first things first, this is purely a creative idea. Discussion is welcome. I wanna play this off, see what you can contribute aswell. I had a shower thought about how we could make races interesting: racial abilities. I know we have passives, bu

How many intricates to level, wood, clothing and blacksmithing?

I've googled a bit and can't find actual numbers. I've created a bunch of alts lately and trying to calculate the cost to buying intricates for fast levelling. Anyone know? 100, 200, 500? ​ Thanks.

We might be getting DW on Back for Greymoor!!!

​ [ https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=e4Z-j7EHKqU&t=545s - 9:05 ](https://preview.redd.it/i0p8fwqc99r41.png?width=571&format=png&auto=webp&s=15e4e58e049ad5022d48b38f9011b593144f733c)

Fast leveling

How do I lvl up fast?

What should I do?

I already have the original game but I'm hearing elsweyr is good. What do I do, do I get the collectors edition or the standard elsweyr?

Parse dummy

How do I purchase a parse dummy like the 3 mill one? I cant find it in crown store unless im just blind. I also looked in guild traders and couldn’t find one. Anyone know how to acquire one of these?

Probably a stupid question...

So I got the game that includes all the expansions except greymoore. And I've made my account, connected to steam account, made a necromancer. Is being a necromancer why I started in the elsweyr place? So you start in the expansion based on your cla

Could someone on Xbox help me out

Just need to run through vet city of ash II for the Valkyn Helmet, I’m level 173 and having tough time queuing

Is there a way to lock exp on a character? I want to stay at 49 for a little.

Reason is i just discovered battlegrounds and I want to get more then a few days in before i get tossed into the post 50 bracket. Plus i hear Werewolf is shit after 50 =\[

Looking for help.

I'm looking for someone who can help me power lvl and get good gear and teach me about the game, I'm on xb1 NA, just comment if you can.

Thinking about checking ESO out.

Hello and thanks in advance. Long time MMO player here. Currently on WoW but have been looking at checking this out for awhile. Any players out there that would be able to explain the main differences? I enjoy the structured PvE content in WoW bu

How not to waste transmutation crystals on a low-level characters?

Hi, Recently i have made a second account for some extra storage (and it appeared to be useful for events like Anniversary), now my low level toons (all of them are about lvl 15..25) are getting transmute crystals from the daily reward boxes. As I d

Will we have another chance to get the snow globe home?

I started playing a few months ago and am wondering if the enchanted snow globe home will become available again

Starting out in expansions

Just bought the game with Elsweyr expansion and starting out i noticed a note in riverhold saying that the planemeld (which i know happens in the base game) ended a few years ago. Does this mean I can't play the base game anymore? Or is there somewhe

[RANT] PVP - Team Red (almost) always 3v4 [PC]

As you can see in the title, when I get matched to Team red it's 80% 3v4 because someboy either not joins or leaves. Can't be the only having this issue, right?

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Thank you random stranger

To set the stage I'm playing ESO after a particularly difficult shift in my ICU. Self-quarantine away from my family because as horrible as work is I can't take the chance of infecting anyone at home so after a hot shower I grab a sandwich, cue for [..]

I'm in love with Militant Ordinator motif. Decided to draw my character with it. Hope you'll like it


I'm going to need a bigger pardon edict..


I keep finding myself rather impressed with the lighting in this game.


I am surprised because I always considered him a very diplomatic person. Oh, sorry ... a cat. A very diplomatic cat.


Level 1 to 50 In 1.5 Hours 3.6M XP


Need help! Missing ‘Y’ ‘M’ and ‘A’


This has got to be a running joke at Bethesda.


"The Flower of Youth" Such a short quest, but so touching.


Finally got my first vSS clear!


Frame from The Coven Conspiracy Machinima. BlackReach.


[RNG-Brag] Did the Abyssal Geyser daily today, got a boss on all three runs, and they were the three I needed for the achievement.


Earliest recorded legal display of levitation on Vvardenfell, 2E 583 colorised


Can other players see the Blade of Woe?

For Dark Brotherhood npc assassinations, if you are playing in a group will the other players see you kill the npc or does it stay alive in their world? I have always been confused about this. [..]

What’s the best thing about this game?

I’m casual and barely play but I have just a few more single player games to take care of and then I’m fully committing to eso finally. I always turn the game on and do a quest or two and the log off. I really like the feeling of the world just [..]

[PC][NA] This is a beautiful game!


The Empire’s Heir. (Screenshot of a Minotaur Shaman I took outside Anvil)


Look where I am, Look where the Dragon is. How do I get 1 shot by [Incineration Point]?


Mages Guild Monday - Share Your ESO Knowledge, Ask Questions, Get Info If You're New!

Hey folks, Welcome to **[Mages Guild](http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Mages_Guild) Monday**, a community-building, regularly occurring thread on the subreddit! **Mages Guild Monday** is a thread aimed at sharing tips, tricks, knowledge and inf [..]

Hot Dog!


Is 2H DPS as a DK still below PvE DPS compared to dual wielding?

I havent played in years but last i played everyone said 2H DPS as a DK was way under dual wielding DPS. Is this still the case? [..]

Favourite bard song/rendition?

Mine is The Star-Eyed Bride of Alinor sung by Monormil in The Gilded Fork, Alinor. If she’s playing it when I run past I’ll always sit down, take a break and listen [..]

Nightblade Blur question

Should I get blur? I have no idea if it is good or not. It says it decreases damage from area attacks by 25% but is that actually even good when I can just walk out of area attacks that I see coming? Idk if Im missreading this or not so someone expla [..]

Question Worm Cult Chest motiff

I got one today. Now, I know they are valuable so ... is it better for me to sell it. Or use it, make Worm Cult armour and robes and sell them? Which would be more profitable. [..]

The Elder Scrolls Machinima - The Coven Conspiracy