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Struggling to find a class I like. So necro heal yay or nay?

Usually every MMO has at least one class that I enjoy but ESO really makes me work for it. At my first attempt at the game I started a Dragonknight but didn't really get into it after around lvl 20. After that I tried Warden but got bored of it when

Buy the game now or wait for a sale?

Im thinking about buying this game since last month, but some players told me to wait a sale, and still no sales, what u guys think, its better wait? or just buy it?

(BUG) Nightmare Plateau WB in Elsweyr not completing after kill.

Goto crafted sets for leveling magica build

Like a lot of peeps, I am thinking to try a necromancer build. I want to try a magica build, but I've never done one before. I plan to make a few sets of training gear - what are the goto craftable magica sets? Like for stam it's usually Hundings +

Addon Broken

so after the update mini map is not showing and all addons are broken and there is a UI error.. IS this normal after an update ?? Will it be fixed or do I have to do something? I did update addons and enabled them. Need help .. Started using addons

How to see damage numbers when attacking?

I’ve been playing for a couple weeks now and I see on twitch streams that people have damage numbers that pop up when attacking. I don’t have any damage numbers, is this in the settings somewhere? Thanks!

Anyone know a sweet looking gear style setup for a 2H nightblade? Or any links to a sweet nightblade customization?

Everyone at work is talking about GoT, and I'm just sitting here daydreaming about playing Elsweyr....

[Media] Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Opener (In-Game)

Xbox/PS4 Players

What is frame rates like in 12 person trials? Where do you see the largest drops in frames? Does it ever cause an issue other than just being visually unappealing? Does the 1X or Pro help? Does it play better in 4k? Could running the game off a

Elsweyr Dragon Designs

Hey everyone! I just wanted to have a discussion on the art style of the dragons coming out in Elsweyr. In my opinion they aren't quite as well designed as those in Skyrim and I was just wondering what you all thought of them so far? I'm in no way sa

What are Necromancers going to be great suited for?

Will of course like everyone be making a Necro, but does anyone know what role the will suit best yet? Or just ‘whatever you want’ kind of thing?

Elsweyer is a lazy Expansion and a Scam

It adds nothing relevant to the Game, only a new Class. Its just a handfull of new Quests in a boring Zone. A new Raid is the only meaningfull Content addition to the Game, thats rly low. Its basically more of the old Content just reskined. Are ther

Well this might take me a while to get through.....

Loading screens are worse than ever!!!

Been trying to port into Rawl'Ka (EU) for 10 minutes now...

unable to connect, logging in problems

anyone else having this problem? (EU)

Question about housing on PTS

Good morning peeps! I just downloaded the PTS to figure out what I can do with the Frostvault Chasm before I actually buy it on the live server, but to my surprise it is not on the crown store and I can't buy it by visiting the house. Is there anythi

This Absolute Unit

GB on new patch

Is the new patch rly over 20 GB

[Media] The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr - Dragon Rage

The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr and Update 22 Now in Early Access on PC/Mac

Northern Main Capital "Rimmen" means rimming in german

Just thought to let you know. ​ Edit: Northern Elsweyr

New Elsweyr House Out Yet?

If so... how nice is it? I was waiting on getting one to see if I like this one. On a side note... are houses in this game account wide? Hoping I wouldn't need to purchase one for each character.

Why should I play?

Im really interested in elder scrolls online and I want to know why you guys play it! Im really curious on seeing if the game is for me or not.

Any information on additional character slots and skyshard achievement purchases?

How many additional character slots are available now? Is skyshard achievement purchases per account or character? It will be awhile before I can get on. Thanks.

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Just wanted to share the Blade of Woe I Designed/3D Printed


Ok who hijacked all the guild traders in Rawl'kha?

Instead of the usual suspects, they've been replaced with some guilds called Treachery, Overthrow, Infiltration, Repudiate, and Sabotaged. Masterful trolling or statement to ZOS about the guild trader bidding system? [..]

It is happening


Fiancé was AFK, so I decided to create a dark elf dance group


Would you guys like it if they added Achievable mounts in the game?

You could do a quest or defeat a boss and then you have a chance of getting a mount. Something you could grind out and not have to pay for. [..]

Main mission after 750 hours


PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.0.5 (Elsweyr & Update 22)


Memories of Sotha Sil

This artwork in the universe of TES was created by hand, using a pencil and colored ink. I decided to portray Sotha Sil, Clockwork God, Lord Seth, Master Of Gears.He is depicted surrounded by his memories of the events in his life, which can be read [..]

For the first time ever I'm excited for a Monday..

Just the thought of finished a long day of work and coming home to play Elswyr gets me excited as fuck! [..]

When your healer and tank are more fire and ice than game of thrones


Skyshard crown store prices have been released.


I hit a new champion level today


Summerset is now in the crown store (and most likely part of ESO+ too).


What did the Champion of Tamriel say to the Chef when they discovered and opened a heavy sack?

There was *barley* anything in it! *Time to run* [..]

Drodda of Icereach pet build op


I just wish I could download the patch while server is down

I understand they might need some last-minute changes (do they really?), but with my network speed it's equivalent to antother hour or two of maintenance. [..]

ZOS confirms Any Race, Any Alliance Bundle is permanently 2,000 Crowns. 11,700 is its listed value.


Elder Scrolls Online - Elsweyr promotional image


I think i touched something nasty standing in that line


[APP] Eso Price Checker App release

Hello everyone, ​ Today Wispsilver and I release our newest app project "ESO Price Checker". This app will allow you to check prices of items on the PC/EU and PC/NA server (including price history). ​ The iOS version has bee [..]

Why do YOU love ESO?

I’d love to hear from the community on this. An open-honest discussion :) For me, it’s an escape. A good example would be what I experienced just now. Grouped with some random cool people from my guild, took down some dungeons, and then just tal [..]

Please post active hours!

For all those who are looking for people for their PvE/PvP guilds, please please please post your active hours in the recruit message! I hate it when I think I found the right guild to play with only to realise they are active in 1am :/ [..]

How long to level 1-50 and am I doing something wrong?

I just checked my playtime for my highest level character (level 42), turns out I've played that one character for just over 90 hours. Am I doing something wrong? I see other people getting to 50 a lot quicker. I mostly just explore the zones and do [..]

[Daily] Set Discussion: Sergeant's Mail

**Sergeant's Mail** *Obtainable as: Jewels, Weapons, Heavy Armor* *Type: Dungeon* *Location: Wayrest Sewers I, Wayrest Sewers II*   ***Set Bonuses*** Items | Bonus ---|--- 2 | Adds 1206 Maximum Health 3 | Adds 129 Health Recovery 4 [..]

How to get into Trials?

I've played Eso for a bit and I'm getting close to CP 300, was wondering how strong you have to be and how to get involved in Trials? My StamNB was hitting like 27-28k DPS I'm not sure if thats considered good enough? I read that 30k DPS is good for [..]