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Downloading vendetta now.

Anyone wanna level with or play. hmu

Help Me Remember...

There was one location in Eden Eternal that was my favorite, but I can't remember where in the game it was anymore: It was a higher level map, with a small waterfall-esque creek in an area full of sakura trees / blossoming trees. The creek was rathe

IS it worth playing Eden eternal vendetta?

Is it worth or is it just too low pop/dead ​

Im playing again on vendetta anyone want to join in?

We could make a guild and I'll probably promote the game to get more peeps :3

help! can't advance past the first quest

i'm trying to play eden eternal again after a few years, and i created a new account, but when i try to complete the first quest (L01. Awakening I) the confirm button is grayed out, and i can't advance. I've tried creating different characters and un

Any good Pserver ?

Any good Pserver ?

Getting an error in item mall

Recently i bought some AP to support the game. I am getting error 99 when trying to buy stuff from the item mall. Have anyone have the same issue? I've already filed a ticket and have not heard back from them.

Looking to return

Hello! >w< Well... title says it all I guess. I played a while ago, and was wondering if anyone would like to join me in playing again. Feel free to send me a message, or reply if interested c:

My First Day In EDEN ETERNAL - 2018 First Impressions

what are these items and how to use

[these \\"formula energy\\" and the other papers?? ](https://i.redd.it/8hdx90f566c11.png)

Just started back on this game. looking for....

Some friends (I'd PREFER to start fresh / low level, but i have a cleric 70+ and another one in the 50's.) | a guild | A Link to the discord (IF it still exists) | Also, If you need a cleric/shaman/sage/bard for any mission below 80, comment below

Anyone still playing this game?


Thief "Sneak" skill not working?

Hi! ... I roam around the world with Sneak mode sometimes activated and even in dungeons but mobs still attack me... it pushes me out of the mode and im visible to them... why? ... i have my pet stored and its just me

Hi guys. Look for automation.

Im looking for some bot for this game or scripts? Somebody have it? Is it works?

A few points of interest in Arid Wilds that I've just found

Has awakened Dragon Knight been implemented?

Title. Been waiting for god knows how long to download again and try it out...I highly doubt aeria care but wel...just asking as I can't find info elsewhere

LF> Item names and character checks

I'm trying to get my character back that I found was not on the original account. I can only guess it's because of the server merge. That they did not prioritize the highest level character on that account. I did have toons on Sapphire (50) and Di

PLS HELP! I'm a new player!

Hi im atm at lvl 78 and 86% xp and i finished all of my missions from the latest world which is Durando Kingdom, what shall i do to receive the latest < Soul Guardian> mission and go to another world ...

LFP for a fresh start!

Hey everyone! I have been looking to get back into EE, and have heard that there is a promising Vendetta private server. I would like a few people to join me and start the game afresh with new characters, and for us all to party up and play together!

In one sentence, how would you describe each awakened class?

How would you briefly describe each awakened class in a sentence/few words?

Thoughts on playing EE again?

Hi, so I’ve quit the game for years now and haven’t played or even looked at EE for a long time. As a returning player is the game still fun? And whats the player base like these days? I was thinking of starting from scratch too.


Starfrost Forest, Shiver Peak

Crap Item Designers Say: #6 Mysterious Wedding Veil (Prime)


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Downloading vendetta now.

Anyone wanna level with or play. hmu [..]