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This shit isn't helpful

Oh my gog it's really happening. I didn't know.. praise Aradune!!?!

EQOA: Return Home December 2019 update + details inside. Want to help? Here's how!

Path Maker for roaming in EQOA

EverQuest Online Adventures: Symphony (Unofficial Fan Compilation Album)

Eqoa - Return Home : Halflings On Hagley

Emulator aggro test

Merchants working on emulator

Copyright Office Adds DMCA Exemption for ‘Abandoned’ Online Games

Do we have a discord chat?

as the title says.... im so lost without EQOA xD

Test server progress and NPC modifications

Loved EQOA - Bring on Pantheon

I spent many a days playing this MMO and many more wishing someone could bring it back. Brad McQuaid the co-founder of EQ is creating a spiritual successor to EQ1. While it's not as simple in mechanics as EQOA was, there's also a lot of new feature

Let's talk about EQOA my memories.

The Game Archaeologist: A talk with the man behind EQOA’s revival project

Gap in the market for EQOA.

In todays MMO's as you well know there are so many buttons to remember, Along with learning new rotations and buttons all over again with every expansion/update. When you go away from the game and go back again a few months later it's another learnin


I like to try and recite certain things in my head while I wait in public for something like a bus or during a meeting that's incredibly boring. When I say recite, I mean usually lists from memory. What just went through my head were the classes from

Gym diaries #3

The water fountains are broken at the gym. Really a bummer. Tying into that, the water options from merchants in Tunaria were pretty interesting. There are 3 that I remember specifically however, as an alc main, I rarely used waters. The level 6

Gym diaries #2

What the F was up with camera angles in tight spaces? Specifically the winding towers. I know, I know... It's part of 3rd person and the camera angles blah, blah, blah... I'm well aware of the obvious answer of why it did what it did. However, it was

Gym diaries #1

Twice a week I do a day at the gym dedicated to core. I usually bring my phone on those days because I'm rarely using weights and am typically sitting. In between sets I browse Reddit and after checking the same subs and /r/all for the 9th time, I've

Can we get some life in here?

It's spring time and March, which means it's anniversary time for a lot of us. I started in March 2003 and my fondest early memories took place in this season. Granted I was 15 years old, I was watching The Office Finale episode this week and Andy Be

Peaky Blinders TV series has a bar called the Black Swan Inn!

A new group of people have identified the server handshake, huge step forward.

According to the Facebook EQOA Revival group, a user named Ben Turi has successfully messaged the EQOA clients and received a message back. What this has resulted in is a server list where the status of each server is 'Ready'. Turi still believes tha

Diren Hold

Hey everyone, just happened upon this sub. I played EQOA from age 12 to 16. Out of curiosity, did anyone play on Diren Hold, and if so, what were your toon's names?

What other websites do you look at for EQOA?

6/10/2014 Update

There was an update over on the EQOA revival forums that I thought I'd share. **Link:** http://eqoa.forumup.com/about375-eqoa.html **Quote:** >Little progress had been made over the last month, due to several team members real life events as we

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This shit isn't helpful