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What games are former EQNext/Landmark players now playing? Is anyone playing Voxel games or looking forward to future voxel games or MMOs or just EQ?

Not more to add other than the title. Curious to hear what people now do for their gaming enthusiasms?

EverQuest and PlanetSide developer is splitting into three new studios - new EQ project referenced.

Quick question: Is Fortnite created from the shell of Everquest Next?


EverQuest Next failed to clear its ‘technical hurdle,’ but Daybreak hasn’t given up on a sequel

Are the e-books still available somewhere?

I quite liked the short stories that were written for the game, but sadly they got taken down along with the rest of the game. I tried following from here: http://everquestnext.wikia.com/wiki/EBooks The ones by Maxwell Alexander Drake are still av

Will the new owner of Daybreak bring us EverQuest Next back?

I hope it sooo much. This is the only online game that I ever found to be interesting.

Could this be what the EQ3 rumor is about?


still possible to play it offline / Solo atleast ?


Anyone else who still hasn't gotten over it yet?

I still find myself gut wrenched frequently thinking about what could have been my new virtual home. I go back and watch all the old video's and stuff and just sit there sad as fuck :\ There;s nothing new on the MMO horizon that even gets close to E

This subreddit is now reopened

Hello. It's been a while since the announcement of EQNext's cancellation. Since /r/landmark is still up and running despite suffering a similar fate, I thought I'd reopen this subreddit for discussions on all things that could have been.

David Georgeson on the fate of EQ Next

Hoped for more. Time to walk another road. Goodbye fellow adventurers.

Bought Landmark hoping for more, didn't get more. There are no true promises in life but its end and it has come too soon for what could have been a new chapter in both MMOs and Everquest. I was a beta tester for the first EQ. I had just got my cable

Dave Mark: On EverQuest Next and AI-Driven MMOs

This song seems fitting here.

Raiding in EQN

Farewell all

Just wanted to say good to all other you ladies and gents. Its been a rough ride and it didnt end the way we wanted but it has ended and as they say when one door closes another opens so i wish you all good luck with your future adventures.

Why EQNext Players Should Be Excited for Pantheon: Rise of The Fallen

If you like everquest here are some things to try

- The official time locked progression servers (TLP) are currently running in Kunark and Velious. - Project1999 is a legal EQ emulator that will not progress past velious. Both PVE and PVP servers available. High population. - Pantheon - Rise of

Why I think the devs have been quiet about EQnext and why I think it's still very much in development


Another Black Eye for the MMORPG Industry as Daybreak Games Cancels EverQuest Next

So long... Farewell

EverQuest 1 design wins

EverQuest Next design loses. Clearly. Daybreak: you should have listened to the people who understand classic EQ. Project 1999 is an obvious example and you ignored it.

The actual Everquest Next/3

For those looking for an actual EQ1 redone. http://pantheonmmo.com/

[Tinfoil Hat] DBG has some tricks up their sleeve...

So I've been thinking...If you've seen my previous posts...they were just me slowly going through a thought process and being irresponsible in my need to blab all over comment threads...anyway...here I am. #Everquest Next and Everquest Next Landmark

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