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I got a new computer and do not have the old EQ, is there anyway someone can send me a copy or show me where to download it? I really want to play this game.

Hello, I need the download. I have NO idea where to get it, unless there is some super secret/ (Not secret I'm not internet/computer savvy) place to get it. Thanks!

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How can I get started?

I was planning on giving EQMac a shot, then I heard about it getting shut down. This was, what, a year ago? I see that there are plans to put up an emulated server. How can I join in?

Al`Kabor is back! Everquest for MAC set to return with emulated server, with native Intel and PPC OSX support!

Eqmac to close down. Again.

Got this email from SOE: Along with many fallen heroes of Norrath, EverQuest Mac will now make its journey to Ethernere. It’s with heavy hearts that we announce EverQuest Mac will come to a close at 1‌2:01 am PT on 1‌1/18/13 when SOE shuts dow

SOE Sunsets Four Game Services (EQOA included)

New EQMac Article on Massively

Massively article on Smed's decision to save EQMac

Reddiors on EQMac

Hey guys. Seems like there is an influx of people on EQMac. That's great! Feel free to send me a /tell on Judah. Would love to help out some new Redditors on the server.

Catch up on the recent drama...

On 1/27, John Smedley alerted the EQMac community that the Al'Kabor server would be sunset during the transition of EQLive to a F2P game. The reasons he gave made sense from a business perspective -- the codebase is ancient and only one developer (th

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