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Is Loping Plains down?

I need to go into the Loping Plains for a quest but cannot access the zone through any means of travel, direct paths from adjacent zones and druid rings do not allow me access into the zone. Would like some more info if any one else has zone issues

Game crashes when I change graphics?

I have a very slow computer, I have to turn the graphics down to get the game to move smoothly, but whenever I change the graphics to "Minimum" the game crashes.

Any active guilds for older guys? My dad needs to get back into it

Or if not, any other games you could recommend for him? He played EQ2 for years until the eq next fiasco

Recommend me a class for solo

Hey all, I am considering returning to play solo to learn more about the lore, since I never really did that years ago. I played a Warden, Necro, Dirge, and Coercer to 95. I could possibly use one of those to go back, but I'm not sure which quests t

New player here, thinking about giving Kaladim a serious go.

Hey everyone, ​ I've been playing mmos since 2005 (gw1/2, rift, WoW, Conan, ESO, Perfect World, etc...) I seem eq2 on steam and looked into it and found out about the Kaladim server. I bought a month to give it a go and so far I've got

Any tips on how to gather Planar Energy or is it completely random?

[I gathered 1500 times and obtained ONE, yes, one.](https://i.imgur.com/a2kuK59.png) I need 34 to master my ascensions or 102 to GM them, which a lot of T3/T4 raiding guilds currently require for their raiders. How do people farm these? Any tips? An


I’ve got the basic inquisitor Merc. But yesterday I got fury named dralsh out of a box. Would a fury be a better companion to an SK than the inquisitor.

JST timezones players(Kaladim)

Oceania works too. I have a 9-5 in Japan but I'm looking to start up and make friends/guildees with relatively similar playtime! Anyone who has info on guilds or groups playing turn on Kaladim would be greatly appreciated.

So I'll be starting today.

Me and my Partner are planning on starting up today and I've had enough of tanking it's awful but I really like both monk and bruiser(?). I'm also interested in Raiding and such plan on being DPS (my partner is playing swashbuckler) and i was thinkin

Addons - Kaladim

Hey everyone! I am a new player. I’ve seen a lot of videos with add-ons but can’t quite figure it out myself. Are there any good resources or direct links you may have to help a noobie out? Also, any recommendations? I started eq2 to fill some ti

Narrowing down class for Kaladim...

New player here. Ive leveled most classes that interest me up to about 12ish. So ive narrowed it down a bit. I want to level a tank and a dps, because our group of friends has a guy playing tank but his play may be limited a bit so since I have ex

Couple quick questions!

Started playing on Kaladim with some buddies and really enjoying it. Playing as a conj currently, but interested in rolling a melee character as well. Can someone give me a rundown of monk, bruiser, and swashbuckler and their role/viability late game

Yet another noob questions post!

Hi all. Enjoying EQ2, but have some questions: 1. what do I do with these books/papers i find? 2. what do I do with my old armor, doesn't seem like I can sell it off to vendors. 3. what do I do with these things that say I can give them to "certain

Are PUGs almost dead? (Serious post)

I've been making my return to live servers after playing on TLE servers since 2015 and to my surprise there is hardly any pugging happening. I've tried both Majdul and Thurgadin during EU and US prime time. I've been sitting there LFM for hours wit

Crash to desktop 30 seconds into game.

Every time I load into the game I crash within 30 seconds. I have more than minimum specs, new drivers, but the game has not fully downloaded. ​ Any clue as to why I am crashing? I do not get an error.

New player, a few questions

So, me and about 4 friends are gonna be playing on Kaladim, and for me its my first time playing EQ. Im super hyped, and will be playing the tank of the group as a paladin. So just a few questions from a noob. 1) Any useful macros/tips for tankin

Anyone know who made this

https://youtu.be/fKIxL6K_2ic I downloaded this from EQ2flames years ago and would play it over and over while raiding in a high end guild. No idea who posted it but I was hoping to reunite them with the mp3 of it if they need it and to also share i

Returning player question

I am a level 100 necro with 338 AA's. The last time I played EQ2 was when "Terrors of Thalumbra" came out. I have since purchased "Chaos Descending" and have a question. I see that I need to do the signature questline in KA to unlock ascention

Considering re-joining for TLE (Kaladim); worth-while for a casual?

I'm a casual gamer, looking for an MMO to scratch an itch while I wait for Star Citizen/Pantheon/Camelot/Crowfall. I used to play EQ2 a lot, mostly solo content with mercs, but also some dungeon crawls with guildies/friends. ​ Would join

The new TLE feels very dead. Fallen gate early was much more popular.

I have only recently come back to to everquest 2 for the new TLE, but it feels pretty dead for being new. From what I see, there is no tuning at all at level cap and its causing players to get bored quickly. There might be other reasons, but I'm not

Has it been a huge mistake to not tune raid content on kaladim?

The server never hits high population anymore and from my own experience, a number of people who like to raid already left the server. Leveling groups, while still possible has slowed down considerably too. Maybe the splitpaw and hunter union quest (

Seeking advice on Ascension

So I got my Pali to 100, and went and hunted down the Etherealist in Obulus Frontier. I talked to him, and he gave me an Ascension form, and a guided scroll with one charge. Do I just start killing stuff? Will I now get the ascended experience, or

What's Kaladim's population like now that the first month of AA is up?

Title. It's obviously down, because that's how these things work, but what's your ballpark figure?

Why does my menu have "change accounts" in a blue box at the bottom?

What program do people use for crafting these days?

I haven't played in years, but wanted to hop back on. Back years ago we had a slew of crafting bots but all I can find these days is a bunch of paid programs on sketchy looking sites. What do people generally use these days for crafting?

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Is Loping Plains down?

I need to go into the Loping Plains for a quest but cannot access the zone through any means of travel, direct paths from adjacent zones and druid rings do not allow me access into the zone. Would like some more info if any one else has zone issues [..]