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TLE - mystic or inquisitor?

I'm tossing around the idea to get member access and start a fresh character on kaladim. I havent played since the level cap was 90. I had a mystic before and I remember how dreadfully slow it was to solo/level while waiting for a group even with a d


Hi everyone! I grew up playing EQ2 from the age of 10. When it first started. My dad was a big EQ1 guy and it was something we played for the longest time! I was there helping build the spires and doing end game content by the time I was 15... I’m

Raid Trophies with Buffs?

Mostly a solo casual player but managed to get a GH up to lvl 75. I've been attempting some raids with a merc, and noticed I am able to clear through many of them no problem. I guess my question is, what are the raid flags that would give my guild

Looking for a partner for TLE

Hi there, I'm a returning player wanting to start a new character on Kaladim. I have a hard time getting any of my friends to start with me on this server and was wondering if anyone wanted to duo or start a group on the TLE with me. I live in Pac

Original Shattered Land Dungeons

So with all this lockdown free time, I decided to run one of my characters through the Speak like a dragon quest on Monday and attempted to do fire and ice yesterday until getting one shotted while rezzing Vox(solo). For those who have done to Speak

Coming back question.

Are those dragon people and channelers only available for purchase. Or do they come with membership or an expansion? And is the new expansion include all others?

Is there a Bristlebane Day overseer quest?

I’ve heard rumors of one in qeynos sewers but I can’t find anything. Has anybody seen or heard of one somewhere else?

Melee class rec

Hey guys, looking for info on melee classes. I’m tryna start a scout I think probably assassin, ranger, brigand, or swashbuckler. I like the idea of something I would actively play with running around, getting behind enemy, etc. I’m tired of ma

Finding a guild on the Halls of life server

Returning player looking for sage advice, hearty companionship and crafting stations on the Halls of Life server. 3 Chars 21-80. Pretty casual but plenty of time.

Am I able to buy Daybreak cash with Steam money

I've seen posts on other websites saying that people have done it, but I cannot seem to find the option to do it. Did they remove the option to do it?

Kander's Candor Podcast

Dreamweaver and Kander are doing a podcast now: [Kander's Candor](https://www.everquest2.com/news/podcast-kanders-candor-ep-1-2020) Direct mp3 links: [Episode 1](https://assets-cdn.daybreakgames.com/uploads/dcsclient/000/000/209/741.mp3) [Episod

Mid 50s on TLE

So I took an XP potion during the XP bonus and went from 45 to like 56 in one session. I'm kinda out to lunch on good spots to go now. Does anyone have suggestions for leveling areas that are efficient for a 56 Necromancer? And what dungeons I can lo

Power struggle?

I'm a returning player. I last played in ToT, but only casually. My prime was KoS. I recently got from 100 to 120 by just completing the PoP questline. I'm going back and doing the CD quests, but I'm having trouble with running out of power in the so

Returning Player - What’s my next step?

Hey guys - just returned to the game about a week ago and I am really enjoying it. My only problem so far has just been the catchup - in this game it feels like there is almost 0 catchup mechanics - I can’t even get that red rune anymore that gives

Why on earth would you take our servers down for 24 hours in the middle of a global pandemic?

I mean seriously. So many of us are trapped at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Why on earth would DPG take the servers down for 24 hours at a time like this? This is idiotic.


Is there a site with builds and rotations for the TLPs?

What local files do I need to back up?

My hard drive is starting to have sectors fail, and the one program that seems to be hit the hardest is EQ2. The advice I was given was to uninstall and reinstall, (in addition to making a general backup). What files should I copy, (such as *_uiset

Necro vs Conjuror; Illy vs Coercer - DPS-wise

Hi, returning player here. Thinking about the endgame. Who wins dps-wise b/t Necro and Conjuror? And how home? I 'm sure Wizards/Warlocks do more damage in general but wondered if a Summoner and/orn Illusionist/Coercer could get close to their dama

Premade AA"s or better for a sk?

Just curious if the pre-made aa builds are decent for a SK solo leveling or am i missing out on stuff by not building my own? so many choices.. don't want to waste my time digging through it all if the premade is fine. thanks.

Bonus xp

How long will the bonus XP be going on?

SK vs Zerk for me question

I'm guessing the answer is SK but I'll ask anyways before investing my time. Between these two classes, which can solo more content? I want to be able to tank a little at some point, but more concerned with just being able to be self sufficient if I

Necromancer priest pet?

Looking through necromancer AAs and Teamwork mentions priest pets giving extra health. I can't find anything anywhere that even mentions priest pets. Do they exist? Did they at one point?

Returning Player -

Will be playing on Skyfire since I wil be playing casually and locking lvl frequently to do content throughout. ​ Feel free to shoot me a pm in game or pm me on here! Monk ! IGN: Lockedis

Pizza command screeshot?

Everquest 2 gamers of Reddit, I'm doing a research project; do any of ya'll have a screenshot of the pizza command from back in the day? Thank you!

Returning player -

I am a fairly casual player now prob less than 1-2 hrs a day. I used to raid in the Kunark era but would like to play the game much slower and casually this time. Which server do you think it's best for casual players? I am mainly playing to do th

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TLE - mystic or inquisitor?

I'm tossing around the idea to get member access and start a fresh character on kaladim. I havent played since the level cap was 90. I had a mystic before and I remember how dreadfully slow it was to solo/level while waiting for a group even with a d [..]