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Is Kaladim Dead?

Playing on live, but want to try out Kaladim again after my first attempt ended in wanting to try live. I heard it's already dying?

Kaladim 4-Man Group Viable?

Hi everyone, ​ Me and a few friends are thinking about trying out the Kaladim server. We're a bit late to the game but don't mind playing at our own pace. There are four of us in total and we'd like to play together as much as possible

Advice for a new support toon

Hello friends, ​ I have a very old account that I just brought back up to life. I'm enjoying all the /claim items and had a decent time getting a merc and soloing stuff as I level up a baby conjurer. However I miss being in a group so I

Game crashing while loading.

Like I mentioned, the game is crashing while loading in Windows 10. It boots out of the launcher and I see the in-game cursor then it crashes to desktop.

(Kaladim) Berserker Prismatic 2.0

Trying to decide which 1h prismatic 2.0 for my zerker. The 1h piercing (dark fury sabre) looks tempting because of the +offense and the damage proc looks ~3x over the 1h slashing (dark fury sword) - but the 1h slashing has the +defense proc. Does s

Economy question

Hello, I am a new player and just got my paladin to lv 25, but looking at the broker, the skill books and crafting recipe prices are crazy. There is still a economy in this game? What items are commonly traded? Does it exist at all? Thank you in adva

Returning questions

I am making a return to the game after roughly \~8 years. I want to remake a character on a server that has a good population. I don't really mind solo'ing, as that's what I did back in the day as well. I was just wondering what DPS class would be th

[Datamined] Expansion 16 Luclin themed?

https://imgur.com/a/3Moxrjm Thoughts?

Potentially Returning... Server Question

Hi all, ​ So I am originally from Antonia Bayle and I've heard that things are somewhat sparse these days. I'm hearing that my main "Live" option if I want a decent pop, is Maj'dul. ​ That being said, how are the progression

Good Solo Class on Live Server (halls)

I want to play as a fighter-type class with mercs and just enjoy the game at my own pace. Would a berserker be fine solo with a merc?

[TLE] T1 DPS for DoF and KoS?

What's the projected T1 DPS / parse topping classes for DoF and KoS on Kaladim? Always Pred/Sorc? Why does it feel like there's a 10 to 1 warlock to wizard ratio and assassin to ranger ratio?

Timelines for TLE and Normal Servers

I'm trying to play on Kaladim, but I have no idea which timeline to follow on the good side. Any recommendations? I want to stay as close to a classic timeline as possible. Same question for the normal servers.


I was just wondering how to play pvp?

Semi-returning player: state of classes and soloing?

After a close to 3 year break I somehow got the idea to reinstall EQ2 and take a look at what's going on. Well - a lot apparently and I've not the slightest clue what all the stuff on my hotbars and in my inventory does. Kinda expected that of cour

I want to play again, but I have a few hangups

I want to play EQ2 again because of the vast, open worlds and the amazing amount of content. I want to go to frostfang sea and get lost, or craft a bit and just relax. It appears this game in on its last legs, so it's really hard to commit. I like F

Strange Question to Ask

So, admittedly, I am incredibly burnt out on EQ2, and.. I've been trying to find a MMO similar to it for years, but nothing ever comes up other than Project: Gorgon and Pantheon. I have tried Project: Gorgon, it.. is kinda far from being enjoyable, r

Why don't Daybreak Games want my money?

Slight rant incoming. So... I've been playing EQ2 on and off since launch and in that time have lived and played in the US, France and the UK. I had a bit of trouble when moving to France but nothing a CS ticket couldn't sort out (this was when it

How do I find Kaladim PLing?

If I were to tryout Kaladim, any idea how I would go about finding some PLing. and what it would cost?

What’s “Classic” EQ2?

Daybreak Games runs the Kaladim progression server as their “Classic” EQ2 experience. I haven’t played on he Kaladim server and when EQ2 was released back in 2004 I was pretty young and remember playing it but never got to a very high level. Ho

New player

Hey all just started a char on halls of fate server and was wondering if any guild recruiting new players are available Hears this server is still alive cuz my other one is dead for the most part

Naggy Port

How can I get the port to Naggy in Sol Eye? My google/wiki research coming up slim.

New player!

Hi guys just joined up and made a character on the Kaladim server. Loving the game so far just had a question in regards to mercs? I have them unlocked on my account but can't seem to find them in any cities? Any place on the mini map that says wher

Is EQ2 work some time still?

Old school EQ player recently returned, but looking to play EQ2 when friends aren't online there. I play on test on EQ, is there something similar here that let's me be free to play while also having useful benefits? Would love to hear tips or advic

How much does krono cost in platinum on live servers?

This has got me curious, there doesn't seem to be any website that shows the prices on items for everquest 2. When I google search, I just get a bunch of pirate sites selling krono for real life money. I don't play these kinds of games anymore, but

What should I expect.

So I'm a returning player who's been out of the game for a few years. I started an new character because I'm so far out of the loop that I don't understand my old toons and their giant hot bars lol. Anyway what kind of time frame would be reasonable

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Is Kaladim Dead?

Playing on live, but want to try out Kaladim again after my first attempt ended in wanting to try live. I heard it's already dying? [..]