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Guild Hall and Guild Stolen - Need Advice

Friend logged into their alt-guild the other day and discovered that all their chars had been punted from their alt guild. This is a guild that is comprised only of his accounts and he is a super-careful guy that does not share account info. He att

Some of you have never played EQ2 and it shows...

Nagafen PVP 2019

I am just returning. Maybe. I am poking around a little and see talk of a Nagafen PVP server launch in early-mid 2019. What happened to this? Is this still a thing? I am PVP. I am trying to decide what I want to do.

Producer's Letter: Enter the Den of Darkpaw Games

I don't get it...

I apologize if this is a rant, but it seems like I'm going backwards instead of forwards with my three highest leveled toons: a fae swashy, a sarnak berserker, and a froglok inquisitor. I am not all-access, I don't want charity, and I wanna "git gud"

GoFundMe request for help by Smedley for a SoE/Daybreak colleague

Need help with beastlord

So I got back into the game about a week ago and leveled a beastlord to 72. However I cant seem to figure out some of the abilities that I have. Like it says to be in feral stance and have advantage from my pet attacking but I cant use shiverback end

Is blood of luclin the last everquest 2 expansion?

I have been looking to get back into this game, but Day break has been pretty quiet lately, even right after the latest expansion release. The risk of the game shutting down seems to be very high at this point. I really don't want to invest in a gam


Does anyone know if there is a map that will show you how to get to the hole.

Dragon in the Commonlands

I found this guy today in the Commonlands. I've been there \\within the last few months, but don't recall seeing him. What is this statue for? https://preview.redd.it/lt1uax0ecz941.png?width=1920&format=png&auto=webp&s=20e2cd1bb9fabe00a5

The population of ever Everquest 2 server not even 3 weeks into the latest expansion. Peak times.

Returning player with some questions/concerns and general thoughts

EverQuest was my first MMO and will always have a place in my heart. So I decided to download EQ2 and give it a whirl (I haven’t played an EQ game in well over a decade if not longer!), and so far, I’m really enjoying it despite the population be

Blood of Luclin Access

Hi all :) I recently returned to playing and used a token to up my 88 to a 110. I'm trying to access Blood of Luclin but am failing miserably. I received a key for access to The Duality's Vigilant Sanctum via in-game email and am able to use it

<Legacy> recruiting raiders on Kaladim TLE

<Legacy> is a US East guild on the Kaladim TLE server, and we are recruiting to fill out our raid roster! All raid zones cleared. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 PM EST to 10:30 PM EST, and Sundays 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM. &#x200B; Recruiti

Need some help on assassin please...

I am a returning player and I started an assassin but since information is limited I am unsure how to spend my AA points and what poisons I should be using. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

Why do people remain optimistic about there being another Everquest game when day break doesn't even have the resources to make one?

I noticed a huge amount of people still waiting for the next Everquest game. I hear it all the time, yet it wont ever happen. Look at Everquest next. They wasted a huge amount of resource trying to make that game, pissed off a large number of player

Epic 2.0 spell upgrades question

For the daily crafting quests in Twark from Oogthor, EQ2 Wiki says that: > Once you finished your epic 2.0, those daily crafting quests in have a chance to reward you with: > >[Awakened Abilities](https://eq2.fandom.com/wiki/Awakened_Ab

Do mercenaries scale to your level?

Hi! Just looking for an answer to this question. I've just returned after 9 years and learning a lot of new things. Skyfire server:)

Returning from a long hiatus, looking for people to play with.

45 yo Male here. I have been away from the game a long time. The last time I played was when level 70 was max. I am going to get the subscription base and start playing again and make a Freeblood SK or an Assassin on either the Kaladim server or M

Returning Player

You guys probably get this a lot, but I'm a returning player looking to maybe get back into this game. Do I have to fork over some cash to have a chance? What servers are good? Is the Test server similar to EQ1's test server?

Worth fixing my PC and resubbing to EQ2/AB server?

I think I played on AB server before I last quit again... had some decent toons around cap. I think lvl 100 or 110 don't remember what the cap was at the time. Had all my Epic 2.0 Skill Convert abilities on all my classes I believe... A Pally, Guardi

“Good” SK?

Can you be a SK and not KoS in Qeynos? Does betraying still make you into a pally? I thought maybe moving to Gorowyn would move me out of scowls at least but it didn’t.

Unretiring; Recommendation on best path

I'm coming back to the game, and wondering if anyone has recommendations on how to level? I have a 95 Dirge from when I played before, but I was thinking of starting fresh to remember how to play. I know whenever I unretire the button bloat over-whel

Couple of questions from a potential player

1) Which is easier to play with macros, a Swashbuckler or a Ranger? 2) If you're trying to simplify things, how many macro buttons can you get each of these classes down to? 3) Does anyone group on the journey from 1 to 110, or is it all solo?

Awesome Quest Guide, Cannot Remember Site

Hey all, there used to be a site that showed you all quest in the proper order for each zone/expansion. It's not the wikia, this was much cleaner, and easily searchable. All I can remember it had a red theme to it. Anyone have a clue what I am talk

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Guild Hall and Guild Stolen - Need Advice

Friend logged into their alt-guild the other day and discovered that all their chars had been punted from their alt guild. This is a guild that is comprised only of his accounts and he is a super-careful guy that does not share account info. He att [..]