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I need help

What platform is dust 514 still available on

Discord link?

I'm having difficulty finding any links to the veterans discord, if anyone could help that'd be great.

While not DUST or Legion, nor Nova, I get serious DUST feels from this trailer. The freshly released roadmap promises familiar features too!

I miss this game. Such great times. . .

Hello! o7

I played dust right up until servers were shut down, and had pretty much forgotten all about it until I was watching John Wick and I saw the 514 beta in [one scene](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7K-cQHgg7nw). I suddenly started to miss all the fun

Global Bag Dust Collectors Market Revenue, Growth, Analysis, Opportunities and Trends 2019 – 2025

RE: Fan-Fic

Hellos I wrote some Dust514 fan-fic a few years ago and recently turned it into the script for a comic book mini-series. If you'd like to read the script and give me notes PM me and I will send you a copy. Edit: It's 17 pages and 2951 words if th

X-Post: (Old) Feedback for PC Eve shooter... Nova doesn't look like any of these comments

THIS is the concept I imagined/dreamed of for the successor of Dust

RIP Project Nova

Novembers End

And as expected, we reach the end of November with nary a peep out of CCP regarding Nova and the November Alpha. EVE Vegas' show left a lot of people cautious even wary of what was shown, but optimistic after what was said by people who played it. T

An Appeal for the Logibros

I would like to give feedback on what I saw as Rattati's opinion of the logistics role during the Q&A session. From what Rattati said, it seems like he doesn't want people to become "heal bitches" (my words) and wants people to be more engaged i

Project Nova hands-on | Rock Paper Shotgun

Project Nova Rountable - EVE Vegas 2018

Project Nova Keynote - Eve Vegas 2018

1080p 60FPS PvE Match (No Deaths) courtesy of Destructoid. - Project NOVA gameplay.

Project Nova teaser trailer (Eve Vegas 2018)

EVE:Vegas live stream starting at 20:30 UTC skip to 27 mins in to see project stuff and then 1 hour 14 mins for gameplay

EVE Vegas 2018 - The Megablog!

Nova Is Coming

At some point I went and got this from the dust514 forums. It's been my login screen for the longest time.

I got the email!!!!!! Yeahhhhhhh! Pheonix suit here I come!

Hope you all get it too (don't know why you would not). See you on the other side my fellow Vets! ​ What are you most excited for?

New PN Email About Reserving Dust Character/Names Plus Veteran Rewards

Just received an email with a link (below) to reserve (apparantly only one?) former Dust characters/ names. Also, they mentioned “the first veteran reward” to be the “PHOENIX” dropsuit, pictured in the email (I’ll try to post but I’m at

This game was really something special

I just got hit with a wave of nostalgia and went back and watched some CEOpyrex videos. Those were amazing times

What is Project Nova? Part V - Fittings

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I need help

What platform is dust 514 still available on [..]