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I miss this game. Such great times. . .

Hello! o7

I played dust right up until servers were shut down, and had pretty much forgotten all about it until I was watching John Wick and I saw the 514 beta in [one scene](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7K-cQHgg7nw). I suddenly started to miss all the fun

Global Bag Dust Collectors Market Revenue, Growth, Analysis, Opportunities and Trends 2019 – 2025

RE: Fan-Fic

Hellos I wrote some Dust514 fan-fic a few years ago and recently turned it into the script for a comic book mini-series. If you'd like to read the script and give me notes PM me and I will send you a copy. Edit: It's 17 pages and 2951 words if th

X-Post: (Old) Feedback for PC Eve shooter... Nova doesn't look like any of these comments

THIS is the concept I imagined/dreamed of for the successor of Dust

RIP Project Nova

Novembers End

And as expected, we reach the end of November with nary a peep out of CCP regarding Nova and the November Alpha. EVE Vegas' show left a lot of people cautious even wary of what was shown, but optimistic after what was said by people who played it. T

An Appeal for the Logibros

I would like to give feedback on what I saw as Rattati's opinion of the logistics role during the Q&A session. From what Rattati said, it seems like he doesn't want people to become "heal bitches" (my words) and wants people to be more engaged i

Project Nova hands-on | Rock Paper Shotgun

Project Nova Rountable - EVE Vegas 2018

Project Nova Keynote - Eve Vegas 2018

1080p 60FPS PvE Match (No Deaths) courtesy of Destructoid. - Project NOVA gameplay.

Project Nova teaser trailer (Eve Vegas 2018)

EVE:Vegas live stream starting at 20:30 UTC skip to 27 mins in to see project stuff and then 1 hour 14 mins for gameplay

EVE Vegas 2018 - The Megablog!

Nova Is Coming

Breakdown of how to reserve your DUST514 name for #projectnova

At some point I went and got this from the dust514 forums. It's been my login screen for the longest time.

I got the email!!!!!! Yeahhhhhhh! Pheonix suit here I come!

Hope you all get it too (don't know why you would not). See you on the other side my fellow Vets! ​ What are you most excited for?

New PN Email About Reserving Dust Character/Names Plus Veteran Rewards

Just received an email with a link (below) to reserve (apparantly only one?) former Dust characters/ names. Also, they mentioned “the first veteran reward” to be the “PHOENIX” dropsuit, pictured in the email (I’ll try to post but I’m at

This game was really something special

I just got hit with a wave of nostalgia and went back and watched some CEOpyrex videos. Those were amazing times

What is Project Nova? Part V - Fittings

What is Project Nova? Part IV - Progression

Dug up ps3 for daughters room because her DVD player stopped working... got unexpected feels...

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I miss this game. Such great times. . .