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Gaesis' Roost: Orange field won't open to boss area

Did they ever fix this from beta? Because it won't open for me regardless of me resetting the dungeon. Does anyone remember how to fix this bug?

The Dragon's Prophet Server is now online - CPN Forums

coming soon CPN Dragon's Prophet

**coming soon dragon's Prophet to Chicken Pickle Networks** **we are Dragon Prophet server is on the most recent EU patch before the takedown** **we will be the most up-to-date and fully functional Dragon's Prophet Private Server** **for more


Does anyone still play? Or am I going to be alone in the game :(

giving away some old keys for a Crystalline Chaos Dragon

I never played this game but i got 4 keys for a mount or something. It's a [crystalline chaos dragon](http://dragons-prophet.wikia.com/wiki/Crystalline_Chaos_Dragon). Reply here why you want it (any reason really works) and ill pm you the code Edit:

Needed help

Yo peeps, i have a question: whats the best stats for a fabled ancient dragon to have? I assume constitution,strength and int right? How much to each slot would be awesome! Thanks!

Savage Hunt DP Game Live: Elaris server [savagehunt.gamigo.com]

Hi guys come and play Savage Hunt https://savagehunt.gamigo.com/ 400 new Dragon:) Elaris Server Active guilds: Nightfall and FallenStar ^^

hello new player here need advice on good solo pve class

which class an build do u guys recommend? and i am getting knocked down ALOT by mobs making this game unplayable why the devs made mobs knock u 24/7?

Dragon's Prophet, what a great game!

I found this game 2 years ago, created a few characters to test it out but due to real life commitment, I couldn't continue playing it... up till recently, I got to know it has been axed.. and heavily to the point there are no more NA servers!! WOW!

Wood face adventures start here! (BUG - Please do not force remove ^^)

Can't see character BUG

So i just downloaded game,and there's a bug already. When game starts and i press create char. some blue screen pops-up and i dont see character at all. Same when i press customize char. and select classes. Found some advises on internet,people say i

Steam is recording playtime and thinks I'm playing this game, even though I am not.

In the last 2 weeks over 50 hours of gameplay where recorded for this game, even though I didnt touch it in months. Sometimes my profile also states that I am currently playing this game, even though I am not. Does anyone know whats going on?

Dragon's Prophet Gameplay - First Look HD

I founded a youtube channel for new players to MMO's and I just discovered Dragon's Prophet ... any in game tips you may want to offer? I am doing my best to give tips to new players through my videos

A new dragons prophet server is opening

They just had a competition on choosing a server name, so it should be up soon xD https://playernetgames.com//games/dragonsprophet/forum/

So NA not available to play anymore?

So i just stumbled on this game and wanted to try it when i get off work. And now i see NA is gone? is anyone still playing or where are the NA players?

DP europe banned a lvl 105 friend of she didn't get diamonds she paid for.

she bought Diamonds via Paypal for 20€ (11.5 k), and never got the m. So naturally she flagged the transaction on Paypal and it was marked as a dispute. Three weeks later she couldnt log in and was banned *without any reason given*. Now they told

New NA Dragon's Prophet server called DPDragonFang

New NA Dragon's Prophet server called DPDragonFang Hello there! Do you love dragons as much as we do? Well, you are in luck! We would like to present to you a new North American Dragon's Prophet server. With the current North American server closi

This games combat will forever be my favorite heres some PVP ! :D

DPDragonFang (Dragons Prophet)

DPDragonFang (Dragons Prophet) hello we would like to invite you to play on a us-based dragon's Prophet server dragon's Prophet at Daybreak Studios is shutting down so we would like to provide the opportunity for all of the players to continue playi

Anyone out there

Anyone out there still playing

Best Publisher [EU vs NA]

As many other MMORPGs this game has different publishers for Europe (Infernum) and North America (Daybreak Game Company, formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment). So I'd like to know if there are any major differences between the two versions, as

Can't log in.

Game looks cool, but I can't log in, entered my name and pass hit enter and it gets stuck at "connecting"

hi, new player from SEA

hi, i am based in singapore(SEA) how is the game play of dragon prophet like? i love the dragon mounts but i am not sure if the game still has a community and if its worth to invest time in it. Newbie here, please help with job choosing and guild

Is this game still have an active community?

Per the title, I'm curious if this game is worth any time, and if there are people to join and play with online?

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Gaesis' Roost: Orange field won't open to boss area

Did they ever fix this from beta? Because it won't open for me regardless of me resetting the dungeon. Does anyone remember how to fix this bug? [..]