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How many players are there now?

Hi all, I am just trying to find out how many players are there on a daily basis in the game? Thank you

Checking out Darkfall Rise of Agon for the first time, looking forward to it as an UO alternative

Just wanted to put out there for all of the players still playing that I am going to be trying Darkfall Rise of Agon because I think it can deliver a decent PvP, Full loot experience. If you want to meet me in-game my player name will be Evilar.

Hello Darkfall community, long time no see

My name is Claus and I made Darkfall with some awesome people back in the day at first Razorwax in Oslo, and then Aventurine in Athens. I am now working on a small team with some of those same guys, and we are releasing our first game as a small ind

What about new world mmo?

will try it for sure...

Trying to figure out where darkfall is these days.

I remember when the game launched, I was SO excited. Played it for a good while, but eventually got tired of all the bugs and how chunky the combat was. I figured if I revisited it today, maybe a lot of that has been smoothed out. That or the game i

Does anyone have a high quality image of the old Darkfall logo?

Anything pre-UW would be ideal. I'm trying to find one so I could make a poster, any help would be amazing. Thanks for your time.

Just for those who wish a Darkfall Arena mode...

I know this post is not about Darkfall itself, but some people requested a Darkfall Arena mode so... Just forget about it and stop losing time with bullshit. If you are looking to play something really fast paced, just try Diabotical if you can get


​ https://preview.redd.it/5nugo3r7ujj41.png?width=348&format=png&auto=webp&s=7b14a3ba41d79094dde02259b2b5b277fe2a7014


https://forums.riseofagon.com/threads/new-player.20225/ 5-20 NEW PLAYERS A DAY

The truth

Whatever you guys may say this is the truth about Rise of Agon. [www.mmorpg.com](https://www.mmorpg.com) \*cough\* never lies. The rating is given by users... https://preview.redd.it/7y30kr56bmh41.png?width=443&format=png&auto=webp&s=f92

RoA's GM's/Devs

First i wanted to say i have been a big supporter of Darkfall Rise of Agon. Since the very start when RoA was just a pipe dream i was very vocal about how awesome it was going to be to get Darkfall back. They made a Moderator on the RoA subreddit as

Camelot Unchained is more of a spiritual successor than ANW

MJ gave a Camelot Unchained update. I believe this much better than Amazon New World. I am linking a shorter video, but you can check the 2 hour video with Q&A. The cherry keep is constructed with 9 million "cubes”. * Player collision * P

Got my posted deleted 3 times because of what follows

Falling through the world is not happening to everyone anymore, but "there are some cases while its happening"... Ofc Ryco at this point is associated with BPG somehow. HE knows it was happening to everybody and now it's just happening to a selected

Some more ridiculous moderation - ban for everything

Ban: https://imgur.com/zTPEFKW For posting this link in Off Topic section of the forums: https://guardian.ng/news/genetic-makeup-of-12-year-old-angolan-boy-in-dispute/?fbclid=IwAR3RyH6DCxEgiIyY-oyS1iY2c2EauKOITyD4q2ndzSffwA4S0o3azH8L7EU Very easy

Colossus engine is amazing

This is a game that is being derived from the engine being developed for Camelot Unchained. Fast forward to see game play https://youtu.be/PqR5J4gNuck ETA end of 2020 This might the first engine to compete with DF engine

Mortal Online 2

[https://youtu.be/cwBIfg4FZQ0](https://youtu.be/cwBIfg4FZQ0) [https://mortalonline2.com/](https://mortalonline2.com/) ​ I don't know. I was fully occupied with DFO during the Mortal Online release. But maybe this second attempt could le

The darkfall Dream that died with BPG.

Many true followers of Darkfall that have sticked with this game for maybe 10 years or more and being misthreathed by serveral companies; AV/BPG/new dawn. Most of the followers and fanboys of this game already left and were left with a broken heart o

No longer allowed to quote BPG devs on RoA forums. Considered trolling.

This post https://imgur.com/a/0d4eVu4 removed from this thread: https://forums.riseofagon.com/threads/population-and-the-grind.20142/ For this reason: https://imgur.com/xnkrvA4 Looks like even Ibis thinks NeilK saying theres 5-20 new players a day

Profane Full Loot MMO

Looks like it has potential. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO6Z2-9rTlU](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO6Z2-9rTlU) [https://www.profa.ne/](https://www.profa.ne/)

Nazi Germany

https://imgur.com/hpYfWdn https://forums.riseofagon.com/posts/300014/ omegalul.

BGP at it again

https://imgur.com/fgQulN7 ^ this post removed from: https://forums.riseofagon.com/threads/village-feedback-encouraged.20036/page-3 Banned me and removed my post as well agreeing with him, especially the bit about dragon armour being ass. https://w

Ashes of Creation Update

[https://ashesofcreation.com/news/2019-12-31-creative-directors-letter](https://ashesofcreation.com/news/2019-12-31-creative-directors-letter) ​ This to me, is the spiritual successor to DF in every way. Hope it is.

Unholy Wars Interest

This post is to gauge the interest for Unholy Wars. If interested, leave a message below or in PM. As minimum, please include your ingame name in any of the versions. I've during the holydays revisited the project and updated the cost estimate for A

New Player - What to play?

So Im new to Darkfall, but I love openworld sandbox pvp/rvr type games like mortal online, and albion, so naturally Darkfall tickled my interests and I wanted to try it. So I go googling for darkfall and Im met with 3 choices. Darkfall New Dawn, Dark

Is it happening again?

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How many players are there now?

Hi all, I am just trying to find out how many players are there on a daily basis in the game? Thank you [..]