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Hey guys, not really DF related but just thought I would fill you guys in on my progress for an MMO in UE4 similar to DF/UO

ROA Censorship

So I spent a day having forum alerts on and it's impressive to see how many posts disappear, discord is even worst with people muted and kicked constantly for minor issues. I wonder if it's just me or anyone else noticied it

Gloria victis, similar to DF crafting/looting open pVP, on sale 50%

​ [https://www.reddit.com/r/gloriavictis/comments/bvk12n/early\_access\_gloria\_victis\_is\_now\_50\_off/](https://www.reddit.com/r/gloriavictis/comments/bvk12n/early_access_gloria_victis_is_now_50_off/)

Darkfall: The Next Reboot


Several Dayar Dickheads members banned for exploiting stat potions.

Is Darkfall New Dawn finally dead?

Checked the website/forums this morning and it doesnt seem to be active any longer. I guess everyone went to Rise of Agon after oh I don't know you dont talk to your customers for over a year.... Oh well see you guys in ROA or the next darkfa

Armorsmithing Mastery - worth the investment?

I have recently come back to play DF:RoA and I was wondering if it’s worth it to level armorsmithing mastery? In particular, does anyone know roughly the amount of resources it would take to go from 1-50 AM skill? I have 100 armorsmithing and a hal

Just so you know, GM's (especially IBIS) will read your PM's in game for no reason other than because they can.

Resources for leveling efficiently

I played a lot of DFO a long time ago and I dabbled in RoA for a few days a while back. Thinking about checking it out again. I logged in last night and looked around the GUI and my bank a little bit. I'm wondering if there are any up to date resourc

Remember when Archery was actually fun?

Escape from Tarkov = Aventurine?

God damn game has the same load lag issue from Darkfall. What are the odds?

What About Profane?

Has anyone tried Profane MMO yet? It looks a bit like Darkfall. I believe it has open PVP, and possibly Darkfall style combat. Is it fun? Will it fill the void Unholy Wars left behind? [https://profa.ne/](https://profa.ne/)

Trip down memory lane

Anyone played Risk of Rain 2 lately and experienced walking the chains on one of the maps? Brought back memories of trying to climb the damn chains at the centre of the map. Damn do I miss this game sometimes. Or more like the times that were had wi

Could this be the Darkfall Killer?


Actual footage of Eradans fighting - Darkfall 2020

Legend of Aria is scratching that itch for me

My Darkfall: Rise of Agon Playlist

DND database breached?

[https://forums.darkfallnewdawn.com/index.php/topic,11396.new.html#new](https://forums.darkfallnewdawn.com/index.php/topic,11396.new.html#new) Time to change all ya passwords!

What about Arcfall?

So there's a newish mmo in alpha called Arcfall. It's supposed to be a sandbox, and its currently f2p while its in alpha. I haven't tried it yet, I'm just wondering if any darkfall vets have tried it. Is the pvp decent? Is the territory control syste

Darkfall Open Source?

So the original darkfall came out almost 10 years ago now. It was canceled, and Unholy Wars was launched. Unholy Wars was canceled, and then the original Darkfall remake projects came out. From what I'm hearing even these remakes are not turning a

Darkfall unholy wars coming back! ? Is this a troll or are my life going to end.



Aventurine SA is hiring on Glassdoor? Whats going on here.....

So after what 3 years of silence I randomly stumble on Aventurine's Glassdoor page and 1 day ago they posted a job listing for a Field Sales Representative..... Um what? [https://www.glassdoor.com/Jobs/Aventurine-Jobs-E592961.htm](https://www.glass

Final Nostalgia Trip