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How rare is a sealed copy of darkfall?

Returning noob few questions

Hey all, just returned and overall pretty happy with how fast progression is compared to launch. A few questions to point me in the right direction. 1. I'm currently following screwloose' how to build a mage, is that still a good guide? I cant see

A fun video showing off the physics in Rise of Agon

Ark devs. Still looks promising.

RoA World War - Players per guild

Ganks per day since launch of Darkfall: RoA

RoA Free Until January 1st, With Plans to Switch to Freemium Sooner Than Expected

Read more: [https://www.riseofagon.com/news/prioritizing-freemium-release/](https://www.riseofagon.com/news/prioritizing-freemium-release/) ​ Also, with the changes to village loot, villages have turned into the hot spot for group PvP ra

Rise of Agon: World at war weekend recap - Seems healthy population playing the sieges

This Video is the best thing to come Out of the existence of Aventurine

Post your late stage UW videos

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBIh2L4vjjI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBIh2L4vjjI) Post your late stage UW videos. Must be when the health bars became free from the top and customization. Check out all the different armor and weapon types u


It may very well remain free to play because of how well the population and supporter packs are going. ​ Stop hesitating, hop in and check it out. PM: Darth Lizard

RoA - New Players

Hi, new player here to Rise of Agon. I was wondering where to begin. My friend told me to spam my conversions and self heal ability to level them up fast. Other than that I'm killing random mobs I stumble upon, looting them and banking weapons/item

Not getting email verification on ROA

tried on 3 different emails three different browsers. I'd like to try it before the free period is up but support isn't open till monday. what do?

Old DFUW footage (I'm bad)

To those still trying to decide which Darkfall to play:

Know that New Dawn is 100% dead and its company is in liquidation. Rise of Agon is pumping out patches and has a new content expansion reworking conquest on the way as well as they have removed alot of the tedium behind leveling.

Been following this game's history, have some cash to throw at an mmo and would love to play DF... As a previous Shadowbane, EVE and WoW player, which of the two versions would you recommend? (im torn between DF and EVE)

as the title says

What stealth aspects are there to this game? Can you be a thief and steal from other players?

Back when Darkfall was first coming out I chose Mortal Online and I was just reminded that Darkfall exists. One point I remember being made was that in Darkfall the stealth depended on how you played as a player. It was something along the lines of c

Is this the solution to Low Population PVP? Has Rise of Agon considered creating hot spots

I have this great idea that would create tons of pvp even with a low population. When more than 10 enemy players enter a city radius. Have a flashing red dot at the city that there at on the map. This flashing dot is viewable by every player on the s

Free Period Extended Another Week, PvE Patch, and a Server War!

"Since we've done so well in our Supporter Packs we've decided to extend the free period for new and returning players until November 26th. Thanks to everybody for the support so far. " -Nielk in Discord ​ PvE patch introducing new "name

Free Period Extended, Combat Being Reverted, And New Polling System For Choosing What Combat Changes Will Stay

Free game time for everyone until November 19th. Since the free period has started people have been dropping sieges almost daily. Seeing lots of new names every day. ​ In other good news, the community voted to revert combat while pollin

RoA Expansion - Embers of War

Rise of Agon Free to Play Until October 4th

After a rough couple of weeks, things are beginning to look up after a much needed fix of combat (still not perfect but in a good spot), and devs attempting to be more transparent. If you’ve been hesitant, now is as good a time as ever to take ad

What's the difference between new dawn and rise of agon?

In DF1 when you raid one of those "newb clan's" cities.

RoA community poll - make your voice heard!

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How rare is a sealed copy of darkfall?