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So RoA is free to play now?

Sweet, I wonder if some emails will be sent to people to let everyone know? Cool stuff, still gonna run a sub as I have too much stuff in my bank lol.

D#mn...What happen to Darkfall:New Dawn??

D#mn...What happen to Darkfall:New Dawn? I went to their forum to confirm whether the rumors of Liquidations/Bankruptcy were true and what I found was an empty forum and people wondering where the developers were? Is it officially dead?

Rip Darkfall


I was there, Consider coming back...

The only question I have is this: Is the Atlas game engine just another third grade FPS engine shoe-horned into a MMO environment, or does it have potential?

which game has more population playing? roa or new dawn

intrested in playing darkfall but can't figure out which one is currently being played if any :0 any1 know a rough population of new dawn and rise of agon thanks.

Game feels alive!! footage from the last siege!

can I create second character in rise of Agon??

well, the title says it all.

Game is still free!

Downloaded, installed, and jumped in this morning. Seems pretty interesting so far. But I have no idea what I'm doing.

Amazon's New World - Inspired by games like Shadowbane and Darkfall. What do you guys think so far?

[https://www.reddit.com/r/AmazonsNewWorld](https://www.reddit.com/r/AmazonsNewWorld) I started a sub-reddit where people can discuss Amazon's New World without getting banned or censored. The official sub-reddit is moderated by the developers and th

I am new and I want to try Darkfall

I was surf around the web and I found game called Darkfall. After a quick search I find the two games available: New dawn and rise of agon. Which one is better?

To everyone who, like me, thought New Dawn was the way to go


merry darkfall christmas everybody

Popularity of survival games vs. darkfall

I find it kind of strange how games like ARK / Atlas and their ilk, or even full loot BR games like PUBG etc. are extremely popular on twitch and with gamers but a well rounded full loot open world MMO like Darkfall which has basically the same exact

Last patch of 2018 for Rise of Agon

Curious non-player, looking into DF. ND or RoA? Possibilities?

Howdy! Newbie just now learning about Darkfall (and it's apparent reincarnations) and its existence. Just thought I'd go ahead and ask; I'm looking for facts. What are the differences between Rise of Agon; and New Dawn? If I were to play one or t

How rare is a sealed copy of darkfall?

Returning noob few questions

Hey all, just returned and overall pretty happy with how fast progression is compared to launch. A few questions to point me in the right direction. 1. I'm currently following screwloose' how to build a mage, is that still a good guide? I cant see

A fun video showing off the physics in Rise of Agon

Ark devs. Still looks promising.

RoA World War - Players per guild

Ganks per day since launch of Darkfall: RoA

RoA Free Until January 1st, With Plans to Switch to Freemium Sooner Than Expected

Read more: [https://www.riseofagon.com/news/prioritizing-freemium-release/](https://www.riseofagon.com/news/prioritizing-freemium-release/) ​ Also, with the changes to village loot, villages have turned into the hot spot for group PvP ra

Rise of Agon: World at war weekend recap - Seems healthy population playing the sieges

This Video is the best thing to come Out of the existence of Aventurine

Post your late stage UW videos

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBIh2L4vjjI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBIh2L4vjjI) Post your late stage UW videos. Must be when the health bars became free from the top and customization. Check out all the different armor and weapon types u

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So RoA is free to play now?

Sweet, I wonder if some emails will be sent to people to let everyone know? Cool stuff, still gonna run a sub as I have too much stuff in my bank lol. [..]