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Development Update Oct 17th, 2019 | Rise of Agon | Sandbox MMO | Official Site

3 things to change/improve: Paperdoll Weapon Slots & Combat | Forums | Rise of Agon | Sandbox MMO

Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse

When I first saw AoC as a Kickstarter back in 2017, I wrote it off as yet another Lineage/Black Desert/Archeage knockoff that was going to fail. However, they just released a testing version of their combat system, in Battle Royale format, available

Development Update Sept 26th, 2019 | Rise of Agon | Sandbox MMO | Official Site

What 1000 active players looks like

​ [A single clans portal network](https://i.redd.it/y0pb8dekx2o31.png) ​ [The PvP heat map](https://i.redd.it/9skrq90vx2o31.jpg) 1000 active players and 2-5 new players entering the game every day with a 30% retention rate -

Development Update Sept 16th, 2019

What WoW server is the Darkfall community playing on?

Implementing prowess system to DF1/New Dawn would've kept the games alive for years

imo it was the biggest reason for the games' deaths, with prowess system everyone including casuals could've used whatever playstyle was most fun for them to farm prowess points and even crafters could've pvp'd after only crafting and avoid getting r

Staff closing threads and sending threats: 7 thread closed on first page

Curb your Rise of Agon 2

Curb your Rise of Agon

Virtual vs Physical Worlds - What is Escapism? (Psychology Study)

[https://mdxl.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV\_8wWL97IsvTuxBzf](https://mdxl.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8wWL97IsvTuxBzf) \- Link to the survey on Qualtrics. To participate in this study and do the questionnaire, you need to be an MMO player and 18+.

Everyone ready for classic?

pop very low on roa.. everyone is preparing for classic? what are you rolling? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXUetgi1D9o

So... I wonder what the price tag for UW is these days.

It has been a while. Things certainly got quiet on the UW front, mostly due to the former players having lost interest or any faith in someone obtaining the assets and rights by now. I am aware of three attempts to reboot UW shortly after the game

Patch Notes - July 25th, 2019 - Today we have the planned combat revert, activity windows, hotbar changes and many other updates.

Greetings Agonians. Today we have the planned combat revert, activity windows, hotbar changes and many other updates. We expect to do a follow up patch relatively soon with armor dyes, daily tasks and some other items. Combat: * Armor values ha

Which game to Play for simillar to morrowind experience

Rise of agon vs Darkfall emulator vs new dawn??

Hey Guys, Thanks for all the feedback on my last post - Alpha Sign Up is here, Build coming this week end hopefully!

RoA still run by kids- dont waste your time & money

Banned from their offical discord because I said something randomly and positive about another version of DF (currently shut down, so ya the horror) not even sure what I said to get banned. And they won't- never told me. Think I had 2 posts in year.

BPG GM's "smiting" down players because PvP happens

This company is out of control man. The blatantly obvious bias they've showed during political warfare, along with all of their toxic moderation of deleted posts and bannings from forums/discord for minor opinions and critiques were already hardly t

What About Legion Eternal War?

https://www.legioneternalwar.com/ Is it good? Will it be similar to darkfall. Will it fill that hole in my soul left over from Unholy Wars?

Msg to - Valar Morghulis U.N HOLYWARS

Yoo Valar i might of not tought that move trough ,,, I was too pissed about the damned wizzards and magefall i was reckless with the whole wizzards ?! aliens !! move ,, i geuss that back fired real quick will we be seeing you on the W,W HOLY

Hey guys, not really DF related but just thought I would fill you guys in on my progress for an MMO in UE4 similar to DF/UO

ROA Censorship

So I spent a day having forum alerts on and it's impressive to see how many posts disappear, discord is even worst with people muted and kicked constantly for minor issues. I wonder if it's just me or anyone else noticied it

Gloria victis, similar to DF crafting/looting open pVP, on sale 50%

​ [https://www.reddit.com/r/gloriavictis/comments/bvk12n/early\_access\_gloria\_victis\_is\_now\_50\_off/](https://www.reddit.com/r/gloriavictis/comments/bvk12n/early_access_gloria_victis_is_now_50_off/)

Darkfall: The Next Reboot