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New player question

The only game I've played that is similar to this is maplestory. I'm really having difficulty wrapping my head around the vertical movement aspect of the game. Is there any class that can easily kill enemies without having to move up and down?

Hearing screams from 100 cap when your whole party wipes.

Disconnecting every 10 mins

If I enter dungeon/raid, I'll get disconnected no matter which channel. Sometimes d/c in town too :( This only happened recently after the new event update and every time I log in the launcher keep updating (just really quick) but it never happend b

What should we farm with rental?

Now that rental gear has completely messed up my farming order. What should I be farming now as a fresh lvl 95?

battle Master

​ [\(增幅12,武器强化13\)](https://preview.redd.it/qfgefz7y7bc41.png?width=1280&format=png&auto=webp&s=55d254896ffa695688754100859ba51b093d0f03) ​ [\(全部增幅14\)](https://preview.redd.it/fjm0grm98bc41.

Error in the January 21 update with the blackcipher files

Hello everyone, I'm commenting here due to an inconvenience I have since the last update of the game. The problem is that every time I disconnect from the game, the launcher puts me back to download these files called "Blackcipher" and not only t

Who got this problem?

Happends all the time I get on my account. Any solution?

Prey Hard Mode



Why do i keep disconnecting?

I seem to randomly disconnect from dungeons for no apparent reason, it happens at any point in the dungeon but only in dungeons so far. My internet has no issues so i dont think it’s related

Yup dfo has done this to my right arrow key.

Whose the strongest?!

I honestly kind of expected this, but it's still disappointing

Rental Care Service

Are the rental items affected by the daily item quality? Or is it automatic set to superior 100% when we get it like the neople premium plus rental weapon ?

Fiend War Training Week

Devil Task Week 3 is basically for practicing your counter attacks on Euclid and Axion. So, take off your armor and weapon to save on repair costs when practicing. Remember to hit Euclid first (simulating the 10% damage you need to do in the actual

PSA: rental gear can not be put in storage

If you don't need it don't open the box. I was thinking I could use up the durability on the rental weapon then let it rot in storage for farming. Now I'm stuck with this garbage in my inventory until next month. Just wanted to post this here in case

The Arad Review! For the Events and Sales of the January 21st, 2020 Maintenance

[**The accompanying Google Forms can be found here!**](https://forms.gle/2g9rLoVtTPXwREXcA) **** This time we will be asking you to review the events and sales from the January 21st maintenance. Simply tell us your initial thoughts on the current

About fighting mage's skills

What is the choice of Korean friends? 如题,关于战法的cp护石选择 https://preview.redd.it/m4rjxf0mv1c41.png?width=800&format=png&auto=webp&s=d25e4c3b45fb1b06d701550d9b8b9521d08241e2 https://preview.redd.it/dmzl410dv1c41.png?

BINGO Number is 48

More Disappointing Avatars

Pretty sure more than half of these were already in the shop previously as untradeable avatars. I don't know why they don't unload old sets faster and get more variety going, especially when the original 5 classes have a huge selection of legacy avat

How do you play Short Sword Majesty?

I love triggering explosions with Magic Sword Medley so I really want to play SS Majesty. However even after reaching 95 and getting a full set of 95 Halidom gear, I can't seem to reach performance parity with the Zanbato in the training room. I fe

KDnF January Popularity Ranking, Bottom 20 (Captions on Video)

I'm obsessed with Staves

DFOG Prey Raid: 2020 You Can (Not) Meme [Shitpost]

Seria Kirmin's Question Corner- Weekly Q&A Thread- January 20, 2020

"Hello there." In this thread you can ask questions without ridicule! If you're a veteran please consider subscribing to this thread and answering any questions you can. In addition, this thread is sorted by new so the latest questions will be on

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Hearing screams from 100 cap when your whole party wipes.


Prey Hard Mode


Who got this problem?

Happends all the time I get on my account. Any solution? [..]