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How I feel seeing Vice in C Rift

Where do you get the actual soul bender look?

Title says it all. I'm far from endgame (lvl 58). Where do you get that fur cloak?

its been fun boys.

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZjlmfjcONs&feature=youtu.be](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZjlmfjcONs&feature=youtu.be) its sad to say but its time to move on from this game, its been one hell of a ride. ive had a love and hate relation

Gear Reinforcement

Is there any reason to reinforce non-inter dimensional gear? Such as Tayberrs, everyone that I have seen pretty much kept them at no reinforcements.


End Game

How much time takes you to get to the end game.

cursed picture

Today (Wednesday) Emilia's favourite food is Baked Potato w/ mayo

Monk & MStriker current performance?

So i wanna make a "fighter" type class and these 2 are what comes to mind, one uses punches and the other uses kicks, which is find in both cases. what my question is since i enjoy playing both of them and find them fun, which 1 is better to gear la

All Slayer 20s optimal rotation for Prey raid

[Question]: Space key is assigned to an unsuitable command.

so this thing pops up every time I enter the game, I have tried to reset all the keys but it still shows up.

Which Sky's Legacy Should I Choose for my Asura?

I'll have enough Sky Fragments after Tayberrs tomorrow to buy myself a Sky's Legacy weapon. Right now, my Asura is using a Katana - Cursed Sword Muramasa - but what should I pick for his new 'permanent' weapon? I've kinda gone back and forth between

Raven 20s Sandbag Rotation

Wall of elitism gone for fiend war?

I never usually do raid content day 1 because of the war that goes on between casual and hardcore people. So Ive been waiting for all the try hards and elitists to finish their stuff so i can finally enter content calmly. Has anyone had little trou

when the stars align

Honey Cell title Question

Which of the plat Honey Cell titles is Elenore?

End game

What is the end game of this game?

Elitist at their best..

I don't know why I still play this game. Taybers Dungeon: Gotta have that full Taybers set to do Taybers... Prey Raid: Gotta have that full Taybers WITH super to do Prey... Like come on people where is the sense of community here. Can't spare 1-2m

Proper way to complete the event.

Weapon Masters as syn

how good are weapon masters currently as syns? how do they compare in terms of damage and utility of a syn to something like DT, and are they good to gear or it would be better of leveling another syn? ​ Plus any tips in leveling one? c

Regarding buff swap set with special effects..

Asking this cause i couldnt find the answer anywhere.. for example, ghost blade OH buff 9pcs set wrote that it gives you additional 21% atk/skill atk. Does it really do that when I put it as buff swap set?

Today (Tuesday) Emilia's favorite food is sandwith

got my first harlem legendary drop

its heavy and i need leather, i dont plan on making another character to lv.95 soon. do i just save it for eventual upgrade and retexture, or disassemble it?

DFO steam rezero DLC

Does the rezero steam DLC give a rezero coin for the hidden avatar boxes? (Currently grinding from lvl 90 to lvl 95 to be able to purchase CERA otherwise..)

Unlimited Flying feat. Cutie Egene