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Hi everyone, sorry to mind, I left this game 10 years ago and I'm pretty amazed it still exists. I've been though high school and university, can't access my old account (probably deleted) I wanted to know, if possible, how much the game changed and

Understanding the Concept of Escapism by using MMOs [Academic survey]

Greetings and salutations, Thank you for considering this survey. I’m a master student doing placement and a project for my supervisor, Mark Coulson, in Middlesex University. We’re trying to understand escapism as a concept using MMOs. Escapism

Seeking advice

Just got back to the game and so im a little lost for what to do, been trying out the assassin build but it doesn't fit for me. So im looking for this so called rog18/art2 dps/trapper inquisitive build now but i cant seem to find anything on it

Guild Renown Loss and things earned by guild level

Hi. I have a solo guild that I am leveling to 70 (61 now), for the airship. I have a somewhat active alt that is the successor. Anyway, I am planning on joining another guild once I hit level 70 and still enjoy the fruits of my labor for purposes of

Cannith Challenges

I need some Bracers of Wind. I'd like to get the Level 3 and Level 7 versions (7 fully upgraded, of course). So it looks like I'm going to need: 800 Obsidian Arrow Heads (Lava Caves - Circles of Power) 800 Crude Talismans (Kobold Island - Kobol

What can a first lifer expect going into Epic first time?

And yeah. Title basically says it all. As we get closer to the expansions going on sale, I'm getting ready to finally level my main character to 20 and take him into Epics to start that grind so I can end my first life with an Epic Past Life feat. &

Is having your camera unlocked really that big of a deal?

Title. I have always played with a locked camera, but whenever I see anyone online played they always have unlocked cameras. I know it makes getting to clickies easier but I've got a mouse with 8 buttons and I can somewhat quickly switch between bars

Found a CR 0.25 Kobold in Through a Mirror Darkly, Who Surprisingly was Very Tough

​ [yes i don't have many clickies, its an old screenshot :P](https://i.redd.it/mbqk2roovga31.jpg)

So I've been thinking of getting this game

So I looked at steam reviews and saw that some of them said it's pay to win. I mind if it affects my experience, like having a lower level cap than all paid users, or items locked behind by some pay wall or something. Is there any in this game?

How do I sell stuff when I’m maxed out on platinum?

Returning player here and I need advise

So I'm a returning player and playing on thelanis server. My friends aren't interested in playing the game and everytime I join a party they are all reincarnated and with 4 times the health as me. Of course with it being like that I'm dying alot and

Are store supreme ability tomes account bound?

I'm currently on a break so can't access my main character (no VIP, so no warlock), but I want to make use of the sale. So my quick question is: Can anyone confirm that supreme ability tomes are bound to account and not bound to the character who b

Does quest difficulty level affect Orchard sigil fragment drop rate?

+8 tomes of ability on sale

The upgrade to go from 6->7->8 still almost 180% the cost to go to 0 to +8. So I have a +6 on my main group guy that I play 3-4 nights a week and an off solo character that I play when the group doesn't, Mostly a farmer. Opinion on who should

signup.ddo is not working

**\[SOLVED\]** Hello, I searched on google about that problem and it looks like it's quite a recurring one. I wanted to try the game for the first time ever, spent an hour downloading the game, launched the game, and when I try to create an account

How is the game for a new F2P player?

And is there much grouping going on in the levelling process? I remember playing this back in the day, fast forward to 2019 and MMOs all suck ass. Thinking about playing this, potentially digging in deep with it.

I want to get a second character to 30 to farm collectables etc, and I don't care what it is. Preferably Iconic.

I know that warlocks and sorcerors are great for leveling up quickly, which implies that they are great for clearing easy content in a big hurry. But I want to start with an iconic so I can skip the first 14 levels entirely! ​ My ultimat

Crafting sharn heroic weapons. How do I get all of the mats in a reasonable time?

I've done both sagas on LR, plus a few repeats. At a guess, I've done about 25 runs, of which 20 were R1 to R7 and the rest on hard or elite. Of the 320 base ingredients I need to craft a single heroic weapon, I still need 119. I have extras of some

Interested in joining

Hi as the title says I am interested in joining DDO, I have played almost all MMORPGS out there and have not tried this yet. Is there any difference between using Steam or not? ​ edit: Thanks for all the answers, will go with the standal

Is epic elemental grataxe of fire sentientenable?

As per title. Wiki doesnt confirm it. Can anyone confirm if the cannith challenge epic weapons are eligble for sentience?

Silvanus animal form build?

Was wondering how viable Silvanus maul wolf/bears are now, and what divine class/multi-class breakdown would you use?

This Wand of Charm Person has a Buyout Price with Gold and Copper 🤔

Returning pally after many years...What's changed?

Downloading the game after many years. Last time I played my paladin had over 100 ac and was really fun to use as a tank. I think the last time I had played was when they were releasing Menace or at least when that silly carnival with the rockin' fig

Vanguard Paladin and the Bastard Sword

So I'm half way through the build (lvl 10) and I'm realizing while Bastard sword is the way to go for the glancing blows, there appears to be very few options out there at this level. ​ Should I be even looking for a named Bastard swor

You can quick deposit collectibles, ingredients, and gems...

[Check it out](https://i.imgur.com/zEai0un.gif), I have been playing a long time and I never knew this. ​ Literally was dumbfounded when I was messing around with my bags on a new character and just ran my bag over the crafting bank and

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Hi everyone, sorry to mind, I left this game 10 years ago and I'm pretty amazed it still exists. I've been though high school and university, can't access my old account (probably deleted) I wanted to know, if possible, how much the game changed and [..]