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Brand new to DDO

My friend and I have been throwing the idea around to start up online dnd. Any tips as we get started?

New Raid: Too Hot To Handle

This is mostly a post directed at the Devs. I cannot post on the forums and I know that at least one of them reads reddit so I am endeavoring to post some feedback and add to that on the forums but feel free to discuss the raid here as well. &#

Need vs. Greed: Is loot sharing courtesy?

I'm a little stunned to be honest. If something drops in your end loot that someone else needs and you really don't, it's just common courtesy to pass it on. Do people not play by those rules? Do you still roll on loot in raids if you don't pass s

Sharn Drop Rates?

So I've just finally seen the Pendant of Azure Sky drop for the first time. Some douchebag warlock decided to keep it 'just in case'. (May he never find his artifact!) That's after ransacking the chest on three characters. I have the other pieces

Any guilds on Cannith recruiting?

Hello everyone, another new player here! So I started on Cannith and was wondering if there were any guilds recruiting? I went on the forums and found out that The Hand of Death was pretty good so anyone know if they are recruiting? All I want in a g

Epic Reincarnating a melee monk into a shuriken monk

Is it feasible to ER from an Aasimar Falconry/Shintao handwarp build back to 20 but as a shuriken thrower? I know it wouldn't be optimal, but I'm just looking for some variation in playing and not into the idea of starting back at level 1 just yet. I

Mist of Ravenloft point discount%

I know last year the expansion went on sale for 50% off during the summer so instead of $40 it was $20. Has the expansion gone on point sale? So instead of 2495 it was some % less? 20% = 1996 25% = 1872 30% = 1747 50% = 1248 75% = 624 those a

I'm a Half-Orc Druid doing wolf DPS. I've gone through the whole Nature's Warrior enhancement tree, which tree should I do next? The Half-Orc tree, or the Season's Herald tree?

As the title says. I am, of course, using two-handed weapons for the wolf, so I would get some of the bonuses. What do you think? Should I do one of those trees, or one I haven't previously mentioned? Any suggestions are welcome.

DDO Hirelings commit suicide intentionally

The hirelings aren't broken or bugged. They're clearly programmed to commit suicide intentionally. They find a way to commit suicide when their contract timer runs out. Just. like. clockwork. You can count on it. If you're quick enough you may be abl

Tentative Sharn Shintao Monk Pre-Raid Gear Set

I've finally settled on a planned new gear set for Sharn. Any feedback would be appreciated. Here's what I came up with. Note that this set does not attempt to include Hide (for Scion of the Ethereal Plane DPS), Transmutation DCs (for Mass Frog), no

What quests to do?

Hello new player here! I just made it to level three on my wizard palemaster and was wondering how to level up faster? I'm sure its just me but all the quests I do that are the same level as me (areas like waterworks) are somewhat too hard. I'm reall


I'm trying to get a Bladeforged life while leveling up my Epic Destinies. I'm planning on doing a 14/6 Paladin/Fighter build, focusing on Kensei and Sacred Defender. Is it better to use greatswords and THF, or longswords and SWF? I don't want to use

Domains and Warlocks

Can't seem to find an answer on the subject. Do fire and earth domain abilities allow you to to use light spell power for pact damage?

Question about rogues

So I'm going to build a first life Dex based DPS rogue, and because I've never played one before I looked up a guide. The guide was pretty bare bones honestly, it had stats skills and feats, but no enhancements or anything. I only have the core enhan

Do Druids Suffer from Spell Failure?

Hello! I've noticed some armor has spell failure chance listed as an attribute. However, I don't remember my spells ever failing (outside of being directly attacked when I just failed a concentration check). I am a Druid. Do Druids suffer from spell

No Refunds Quest [minor (non-lore) spoiler?]

There is a chest in a secret door in the wall. Does anyone have any idea how to unlock it? It can't be picked. I've done all the optionals I've found in the quest, but it remains locked.

Is Sharn going to be available in the DDO Store like ravenloft, or do i have to buy one of the bundles from the website?

Also, will it be available as a dlc on steam? That's all :)

Returning Player Looking For Builds

I've been MIA for a while, about 2 years at this point, just logging in casually for events. Right now I'm looking for some of the more popular builds. My group is pretty well shorthanded a decent amount of the time, and being honest I really enjoy t

returned to DDO after so many years

I played this game in beta and shortly after live. Unfortunately I forgot my acct. info but started fresh which is good. Game is very different in the beginning areas from what I remember. My question is, the first area Im at all the instances I e

Best Inquisitive build for endgame?

Running 15 Wizard, 3 Rogue, 2 Artificer and it's good but want to compare.

Crafter Needed Cannith

Hello DDO community, I am back after a 5 years break and loooove the updates. Just finished lvleing a Sorc to 20 and would like to have a Proper necklace for epics. I am looking for a crafter (while I lvl my crafting) to craft a lvl 21 Neck

Stone Shoes

[https://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Stone\_Shoes](https://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Stone_Shoes) ​ These weigh 1000 lbs. Im trying to think of a character that can wear these (or even carry them) where it would be useful. The itemization is for a

is the game worth playing in 2019?

I want to basically know how the playerbase is as this game is really fun and want to know how good the game is


Hey there, thinking about installing this and getting into it again, been a long time since I’ve played it but had a question. Is it possible to play this F2P or is it one of those games where you have to sub? Just kind of curious since I know some

Early Sharn story question [very minor spoilers]

I ran through the story arcs last night, but not sure if I did things the right way from the story point of view. So, Sharn welcome ends with you in the cogs, and in that first quest you learn that Vaunt has records in a cogs hideout. This is also c

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Brand new to DDO

My friend and I have been throwing the idea around to start up online dnd. Any tips as we get started? [..]