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All Legends unlocked weekend

Hey guys, didn’t see anyone post about it, but this weekend all Legends characters are unlocked for legends pve. If you have feats to get, make sure you get them!!! I already got 2 skill points out of it

Upcoming Episodes: Metal I & II

Returning Player, New Power help!

Hey so i’m a returning player and i’m CR 107, it’s been a few years since i stopped playing (Rage came out when i stopped lol) and i’ve decided to re-spec from Celestial which i’ve mained heavily to some new troller build that i can also DP

Spring Festival Crown question.

Can this item be traded? The wiki says it can be.. but since its seasonal I dont really believe that.

Help Casual tryin 2 get League base

Hey i built a league team years ago and me and my brothers play together, we built the team to stay in touch with all the life stuff goin on. But now we are finally tryin to get a base, we are currently sitting on 71,160 prestige, how do you gain pre

New player

So I just started last night on PS4. Only played for an hour so I only got to level 8. Are there any pointers people could give me? Things you wish you knew when you first started? Also, when should I start looking into joining a league?

DCUO Nintendo Switch August 6 launch date

Legend feats

Anyone wanna team up to do legend team up feats

Understanding Escapism in MMOs [Survey, Academic]

Greetings and salutations players of the DC universe. Thank you for considering this survey. I’m a master student doing placement and a project for my supervisor, Mark Coulson, in Middlesex University. We’re trying to understand escapism as a co

New characters


How can I make good money

I’m new to DCUO on the PS4 and I was reading chat about how people spend millions on auras and I’m sitting on 2000 so I was wondering what are good ways to make money just starting off

Me just queuing up and playing with random players. It was pretty fun.


Cruising along now at 186CR. I’m not sure how trinkets are done properly. I use one and all of them I have go on cool down. But I’ve had others that don’t share a cool down. Do the trinkets rating effect your CR? What are good options to use li

Bonus Catalyst Weekend

I’m getting bored

I feel like the game is really Pay to Play and there isn’t much content for F2P players. I’ve restarted the game like 3 times with different mentors and abilities but I honestly am running out of ideas to make the game fun? Anyone have any ideas?

Returning player Celestial question

Returning player from over 4-5 years ago here, wondering if Celestial is still as strong as it used to be or has it been nerfed to the ground? Used to be you could spam light/dark shields and trigger the dps/lifesteal/healing hand power thingy and th

I give up

For years I’ve been on and off this game on Xbox I never really got into to it because it was so much and I felt so behind honestly. But today I decided I give up and I’m all in now. This game is literally Super hero’s and Villains like I love


[PS4] Returning player looking for league

Nature DPS/heals 88cr not many skill points currently in a dead league where all the high cr players don’t really help anybody out. What I’m really looking for is a league to help me raise my cr and feats . Willing to mic up if needed PS4 ID is

Bonus Currency Weekend

Throne of the dead villain loot.

Is there a way to be more likely to be put with villians to get their loot? I'm a hero.


Returning to the game, feeling overwhelmed.

So I have been away for a long while. I stopped playing right around when God of monsters and rip in time were the latest things, I think. I'm CR 197. Where do I go now? There so much new stuff I don't know where to begin. Thanks in advance!

Summer Sale

Finished a video with the "headline Cutscenes" from DC Universe.

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