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Returning player questions

Hey all, So I haven't played in a few years, what's the current state of the game? Is there a strong player base? What would be the learning curve coming back after so long? I've been playing a lot of Star Trek Online, so I'm def used to MMOs, but

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If I want to be 2 roles do I need to keep all gear in inventory?

Ive always been a healer but now I want to start DPSisg. I bought an extra armory but now im wondering when I switch to DPS do I need to always carry the DPS gear in my Inventory?

Starting episodes

Hello all, i am a recent level 30 character with 47 cr. I got a membership but dont know where to start episodes. Should i suppose to get a main mission that direct ne to do whatever instance? All i have related to episode 1 in my journal is "alert:

Confused returning player

I was wondering why they changed the leveling system for powers , why can you no longer choose what you want ? Also as a free player what is the max CR ? I wanted to get back into this game but wanted to know if it's even worth playing with the tons

St. Patrick's Day Event


Only one I know of that still talks about this game is this one. [dc podcast](https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/myrtle-beach-nerds/id1445643241?mt=2) that’s an itunes link. Myrtle beach nerds is the name of the podcast if you search on another po

(PC)I want to start playing again...

But I don't understand how to level up and grind... where to start? Because I maxed out (30) finished story, then tried playing the game Tiered Missions & worked up to a equipped CR of 196 (200CR). Tried jumping in groups, to play higher level ti

Double Crowns Weekend

Can someone explain Trinkets and Artifacts?

When you hit a trinket how long does the effect last? I always rank up my artifacts but I dont know how to use them or how they come into play. ​

Question about loot drops

I just came back into the game after 3 years away and had a blast doing the Atlantis missions and raids that are going on right now. I was wondering, if someone could refresh my memory on this; do we get a weapon drop every week if we finish the Atla

Question about DLC Missions/Types of Missions

Just came back to DCUO after a long break. had a cr97 mental dps toon before and just recently got the new character i made, electricity dd, when i came back to that point, cr97, oddly enough, when something occurred to me. Previously, with my menta

Who is Suulla?

In the t9 Atlantis 4-player mission, when you fight the thorn golem, the Magi mention someone names Suulla "(Suulla's horns...") when they summon the golem. Who are they mentioning? Any lore on this?

Resurgence Adds Animated Accessories

Need heroes for new league PS4

Any heroes out there needing a league? I don’t have anyone to play with for the most part so was looking to meet some players and start a league! 18+ preferred

A couple Crafting question(s) from a Returning Player getting back into the game after a 2 or 3 year absence...

Hey guys. Not sure how active this sub is anymore but reddit is always my first stop when i have questions pertaining to any game i play. Hoping that someone still lurking around here can help me with one or two things. So i stopped playing DCUO for

Looking for a hero Roleplay league

Nerdy, I know...but I’ve always wanted to give it a try so I figured I’d put myself out there. Any one with an active Roleplaying league or looking to start one I’m interested. Hero on PlayStation.

Looking for raid partners (hero) XBOX

I’m 219 CR just trying to get stronger to move forward. Lookin for more friends to play with as well. If you’re stronger that’s great. Help would be appreciated 😅

Question about PVE Tier 6c+ items attainability

Im considering returning after years of being gone, when I last played, they had just introduced the PVE tier 4 items, and if I remember correctly I had enough tokens where I was fully suited but was missing my weapon drop was all on my main, had a t

Bonus Catalyst Weekend


Fire dps Loadouts/rotation

Hi all I’m a fire type dps. I’m looking for a recent Loadout/rotation. I’m a 258 270 SP user. Anything will help thanks

Can’t even log on?!

So have downloaded dcuo for the PS4 and came up with a huge issue. I am unable to log in due to a faulty age restriction. I don’t have any games restricted, web filtering is off. There is not a single reason in this world why I should be allowed to

Is this game still active?

Hi guys I havent played this game in around 5 years and wanna give it another crack. Is it worth re-installing or is it too hard to find groups now days? Im based in Australia if that matters thanks

Dcuo ID?

Hey guys! Just had a quick question. Wanted to see what your thoughts were. Do you think we’ll ever have a DCUO ID or something similar to what Fortnite and other cross-platform games have that would let us have shared servers between PC, PS4, Xb

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