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Looking for League

I’m a new player on xbox one, looking for an active league so i can get i to end game and raiding, character name is Phazum Rage.

Resurgence Returns with Powerset Chromas


How often is the game down for maintenance?

Do you like chaos? Does danger excite you?

Then this could be the league for you! THEOI - The Gods That Heroes Could Never Become US/PS4 . We love entropy, chaos, and disorder. We thrive in the darkest of times, and it brings out our true strength. WE ARE VILLAINS. . We are currently r

Looking for league: Hero/Villain PC US

Looks like the league I joined before is on during time when I'm not. So I'm once again LFL. I primarily play my fresh thirty in t1 pve.Also I use voice chat on discord or in game. I usually play Tuesday/Wednesday overnight. And early mornings (7am

Price check on auras

Hey! Looking for a group

I'm a new player, love the game! Looking for a adult group that's chill. Recruit me!!!!


On dcuo im CR 252 can any help me on getting to CR 264.

Flight speed

How fast do you think heroes/villains fly?

What are theese used for?

A lot of questions just wondering if someone could help out

I haven’t played dc for 3 years. My main was deleted so i’ll just give a quick rundown of this toon: •Celestial •Healer •121 SP •187 CR Can someone please tell me what i should be focusing on? I’m also not sure what artifacts are the

Returning player

Hey all. I am recently coming back from taking around a 2 year break from the game and I am beyond lost. I have figured out a lot of stuff such as artifacts and exobytes being gone, etc. but I can’t find out which vendors sell what item level gear

DCUO Membership

Hey y’all, Just recently purchased the membership and I’m at 101 combat rating. Just wondering what I should be doing if someone can point me in the right direction! Thanks. Also, I just noticed I could use the lair system. Wondering if there a

Minimizing problems?

I play on PC and every once in a while my game will minimize for no reason. Anybody know the fix?

Halloween loot must haves?

Are there any items that drop or can be bought with spooky bites that are must have items or some that are really good/cool aside of just base items and styles?

Double Dark Metal Coins Weekend

Style Possibilities: CaptainSpyder

Good morning folks! I am fresh to level 30 and want to start working towards my heroes(PC) costuming. He's based on an amalgam of two characters(if you couldn't) tell and I use him as an NPC in my dimension-hopping superhero tabletop game. He's a shi

Do queue times have anything to do with your class/role? Question before I create my first hero

I played a bit of FFXIV, and I tanked there because it meant very short queue times--the party finder filled specific roles. Does this game work the same way? Does the class I pick affect my queues? If so, I assume healer and tank are the shortest. O

Question about On Duty Missions

New to the game and I am wondering if there is any kind of matching making system for the on duty missions that need multiple players to start?

How does escrow work?

Returning player but might as well consider he a noob. On dated sites/articles I read there’s a 2000 cash limit? But i have 3000 in my non-escrow cash. Is there a cap on regular cash? I am a premium member but I also read that f2p gets 1500, premiu

[Question] I haven't played since 2015. Are free accounts still locked to tier 1 raids?

Back when I played in 2015 I subscribed for a month. I remember even after my subscription ended it still let me have a slightly higher money cap and some other benefits I can't remember. I logged back on and I see its giving me the option to upgra

Prec Dps Artifacts

Im currently running venom wrist and grim as my artifacts. For prec dps should my third one be sparring ai or philosophers stone?

Best tank, DPS, Healer power

Hey y’all, What power do you guys think is the best for a tank role? DPS role? And Healer Role?

Anyone know how much the red ball lighting goes for, it's not in the broker so I can't find a price range for it

How do I advertise for league recruitment?

It does not allow me to comment in the thread

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Looking for League

I’m a new player on xbox one, looking for an active league so i can get i to end game and raiding, character name is Phazum Rage. [..]