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looking for some old hib perc players WOC

i played a bainshee/bm on hib percival way back when (Esmirella / Weog / Mouse).... looking for some of the old school peeps from wraiths of chaos.... gigadon, jaidiss and his bros, xin , Tray, cand/yash and so many more people i haven't talked to i

What is the new FREE TO PLAY and other changes like on DAOC

I hear there are a lot of changes to the basic DAOC classes in the last few months. Is there a link to a place where I can see IN DETAIL the latest changes ? How is the health of the population on DAOC ? (not Phoenix....the real DAOC ) ? Thanks P

Is Gaheris stills thing?

As the title asks. I would love to play Daoc again I would just be very casual and figured Gaheris would be more suited for that. Do people still play on it?

Berserker or savage

Hi guys, can u help me to chose between these class? I usually pay tank or caster and i will do the best damage in phoenix server mid side atm many tell me that the zerk does much more damage with less effort



trouble downloading daoc phoenix

im having some issues between step 2 and 3. i'm trying to launch daoc (phoenix) and this window is poping up. any suggestions? thanks :) https://preview.redd.it/rm3w2q7glmb41.png?width=1680&format=png&auto=webp&s=8d113b9f76df288123be4941

Phoenix, an illegal entreprise run by a 50 years old basement fat german guy

Phoenix is an unauthorized daoc server run by some 50 years old fat nerd called Uthred. The only reason why he created Phoenix (well he didn't create anything, his minions coded the server) is that he is selling gold via several 3rd party websites s

Downloaded Phoenix... can't get it working.

I've got everything downloaded, but when I run the client it loads to about 95% then hangs and eventually tells me to hit ESC to exit game. Any ideas? I turned off my firewall.

Returning player-

Hey guys I haven't really actively played in a while, was wondering where to start- I played phoenix for a day or two but didnt' have much time, is it worth playing over there again? I'm not too sure on population etc, I'm assuming live is still pret

returning player, what is a good infiltrator spec now?

Played years ago and left in 2009-10ish. Ive returned and leveled an inf up to 50, but having trouble finding a good spec. And none of the other forums seem up to date. Is there a decent standard spec for low RR inf now? ​ Im sitting on


Both my wife and I played live daoc back when it was fresh, nearly 20 years ago now. We didn't know each other then but when we started dating we played together, bonded and had a lot of fun. Years later I started playing on Phoenix, day 1 of bet

Is there a mobile version of this game?

As per subject, would love mobile DAOC, playing Dragon Online MMORPG which is pretty similar for the whole RvR castle siege concept, persis pvp zone, no p2w, full MMO, etc crap, but its much smaller indie game in development, do you know if there are

Returning Player: Bard vs Skald

Hello all! It's been many, many years since I've played DAOC and I've recently returned to give it another whirl. The nostalgia! I'm playing Endless Conquest...and my favorite class (Kobold Skald) isn't available. Do you think the Bard is compatible

Kinda new daoc player looking for group

Just Dl'd pheonix and im looking for some people/guild who are down to make new chars and play im pvp focused mainly and wanna group up in bgs from 1-50

Oh no

Do you ever dream about DAOC?

I do and frequently. I want to share my last daoc related dream. I see a SB kill a green in the frontier. I unstealth to hunt him down, engage, and he killed me. Couldnt land my stun and he evaded like a mofo. Albs stood around respecting the 1v1

Returning player

Hi guys, i play on phoenix server before the summer and now i will try to play shadowblade but i need some plats. I have a bd 50 and war 50 temp, can u give me some tips for farm plats fast?

daoc ywain - rr9 warlock solo #35 2020

Haven't played since 2004. Need a PC to play though!

Title says it all. Was looking to get back in to some RvR but currently a console gamer due to life and child. Is there anyone who could give me a good idea of what laptop I could get jut to run Daoc? ​ Thanks you in advance, I just dont

New player trying daoc (Phoenix) after years

Hi all! I played daoc years ago when I was definitely too young to appreciate it, and due to the current situation with mmos I've decided to give it another shot. I was wondering if anyone could point me out with a class/race combination that suits

Uthgard is dead, don't play it

The population on Uthgard is unplayable. About 50 max players online during euro time now, only 22 during NA. Here is the data: ​ https://preview.redd.it/0a5af1h91r841.png?width=1260&format=png&auto=webp&s=150ae29d12465cfaea3

Just got to 50 as BD on Phoenix. What are your recommendations for next steps?

It's my first time playing on Phoenix and I've decided BD first since half decent farming and half decent RvR and mid is usually a bit lower pop when I play. Quick leveling doesnt hurt either ;) I am going to grab my epic armor but I'm wondering if

Can I get my Old 15 year old inactive account?

I have thought about coming back but left during trials of Atlantis and am wondering how I would get my old account

Anyone feel like NF was the turning point of Phoenix?

It seemed to have split the community, changed the game's dynamics. etc Server pop is barely hitting 1k at peak times.

Suggestions on DAOC Alternatives ?

Yes,I mean real alternatives to DAOC. I've been on Phoenix and had the devs nerf the heck out of my favorite animist class. Looking for a really new world.NOT YESTERDAY"S world. Thanks.

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looking for some old hib perc players WOC

i played a bainshee/bm on hib percival way back when (Esmirella / Weog / Mouse).... looking for some of the old school peeps from wraiths of chaos.... gigadon, jaidiss and his bros, xin , Tray, cand/yash and so many more people i haven't talked to i [..]