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DAoC Phoenix - Classic Dark Age of Camelot Freeshard - January 12th 2019

Hibernia: A Dragon's Curse Campaign Prologue and Chapter 1-8 Sunday December 2018!

Hibernia: Otherworlds Campaign Prologue and Chapter 1-10 Saturday 15th December 2018!

Hibernia: A Dragon's Curse Campaign Prologue and Chapter 1-8 Friday 14th December 2018!

Ywain: Hibernian Calendar December 2018!

Dark Age of Camelot Newsletter 26 December 2018!

Hibernia: A Dragon's Curse Campaign Prologue and Chapter 1-8 Saturday 8th December 2018!

Anyone remember the hand resist icon?

Does anyone remember for like a month that they had an icon above your head when you resisted that showed a hand instead of the resistance spark they ended up with? It was the first iteration of a resistance visual cue, and before that you just had t

Any oriented pve Freeshard ?

Hi all, i planned to come back a little on DaoC for the sake of nostalgia and was looking for a more PVE oriented freeshard. One where i can try the new minotaur, Vampiir, Reaver, Catacomb place, you got the idea. I tryed Phoenix, but no mino and it

People getting Perma-Banned on Phoenix Dark Age of Camelot Fix

[**r/daoc**](https://www.reddit.com/r/daoc/)•Posted by[u/Petsalwaysdie](https://www.reddit.com/user/Petsalwaysdie)[6 hours ago](https://www.reddit.com/r/daoc/comments/a1n781/fix_for_permabanned_people_phoenix_freeshard_daoc/) ## Fix For Perma-

Hibernia: Dragon's Curse Campaign Prologue and Chapter 1-8 Saturday 1st December 2018

Hibernia: A Dragon's Curse Campaign Prologue and Chapter 1-8 Saturday 24th November 2018

What’s a good spec for a spiritmaster in molvik I can’t seem to find much all looks to be from 2017 or earlier any help is appreciated

The Federation of Hibernia is Recruiting New and Returning Players!

Hi all, The Federation of Hibernia is recruiting all new and returning players to the guild. If you are into PvR/RvR and want to join a friendly, fun and helpful community then this is the guild to join. We run regular events such as Otherwor

Downloading the game client

Hi, does anyone know if there is another way to download the game client other than the setup on the official site? This .exe is blocked by Cylance on my work laptop :|

Farming for money in Live DAoC

Hey all, I’m dropping in to live servers and want to play 50 rvr but I got no cash, so for the time being I’m in Molvik just messing around, which is fun :) but I’m curious. Besides event items and or buying plat or crafting (which seems inco

I cant attack creatures. I click f8 to target then f6 but nothing happens...

DaoC Trial Accounts for 4days LAN worth it?

So, me and my Friends always have a small lanparty between Christmas and NewYear and always looking for games to play. Since we are really nostalgic for DaoC i was wondering if it would be feasible to make trial accounts and play them for a few days

Returning player I am looking to play a archery class which class would be the best Pure DPS class I tried looking it up on google can’t really find much

Phoenix: How will it be After Launch? (EQUIP/BUFFPOTS)

Currently you get full equip and buffpots fir free in phoenix...but how will it work after launch? I know XPing will take about 48hours average, but what is the goal on the other Stuff? Will an alchemist be able to craft such a "combined forces"-po

Tribute to Dark Age of Camelot 2001-2019

Waiting till Phoenix Launch pretty much atm.... If Phoenix Fails who knows where we gonna end .... ;D [Tribute to Dark Age of Camelot 2019 (4K)](https://youtu.be/ODWeitVzQK4)

Phoenix - Guild - Albion

Hello DAoC lovers alike, I just wanted to take the time to announce the creation of my guild on the Dark Age of Camelot freeshard server: Phoenix. I know many are anxiously awaiting the escape from beta into live launch on January 12th and just wan

Is phoenix back yet?

Been wanting to play again!

Looking for Ment/Peeler - Phoenix

We are a strong guild getting ready for launch of Phoenix. We are looking for strong players at the ment and peeler position. We have a few weeks to run together. Send a message on here!

I really wish someone would do a DAoC remastered

Remastered games are doing great. Dota 2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Dark Souls Series (?), simple concept of arma 3's battle royale map leading to games like PUBG and Fortnite, same thing only with a smoother engine, \*cough\*. Warcraft 3 refo