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Phoenix solo thane part 4

AHK Script

I’m having trouble getting AHK to register in game, does anyone have a working script I can reverse engineer?

Phoenix solo thane part 3

What’s the best staff for a Sorc?

I have seen a lot of people saying online that you don’t want the dragon staff for temping a Sorc you should get a DD staff but not the one from the feather vendors? Can anyone help me out? I want to make my Sorc my main and RVR.

Phoenix Solo Thane video part 2

[Daoc Motivation] - Sexy Dark Dawn Action - 16.04.2019

Any how-to guide on mezz?

I probably lack a great deal of eye-mouse connection, but I find almost impossible targeting a moving toon and landing a successful mezz. Any trick that might help a synapseless player?

RA’s for Sorcerer

So what are the best RA’s for sorc and in what order would you recommend getting them? Obviously long wind and tireless to start


Hey guys, How is the population on live at the moment? Is it worth resubscribing? Thanks!

Would you make a battlegrounds already

Waiting for a battlegrounds

So HYPED for Camelot Unchained that I might want to jump in DAoC

Questions.... 1. How event is DAoC today? 2. Is Phoenix shard the real deal server? 3. Are all classes viable or are some classes just pure shit? 4. Is it worth jumping into DAoC still?

Need advice as a returning player

Hi. I want to play DAoC again after a long time. I mostly played during Classic and SI, the other addons always for a bit, but not much. I have two "little" problems: very limited time to play, which is also unpredictable. It will be mostly on wee

Weapon Crafting guide

Does anyone have a good link to a weapon crafting guide for cheapest route?

Looking for Lancelot KoS or KoS era players on Phoenix

I played during this time was in KoS / Devil's of Camelot, wanted to join a guild with members from this time period. Currently on alb. Guilds from opposing realms of that time can also shoot me a message! (Kindred, Virus23 etc) Shoot me a message!

Phoenix - Here’s a video of the TOA Event test run this afternoon to give an idea how it works.

DAoC PHOENIX SERVER: From the 19th of April to the 21st of April there will be a limited PvP Event.

What Is Better than One Hero ...?? - Dark Dawn Action - [Dark Age of Camelot]

This has probably been posted... But what made Phoenix succeed overnight that uthgard couldn't achieve in 10 years?

In saying this, I want to make it clear I have the upmost respect for Blu an crew and at one point in my life was seriously considering a 1k+ donation. Just wanted to know why Phoenix exploded and uthgard... Didn't

(Phoenix)<Captain Cox> 71 enemies in 17 minutes

Footage is bard pov from last week. Really shows the power of tanglers when dealing with task zone. Enjoy! [Click here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VjJ3rTPA_Y&t=116s)

Least played class that is secretly awesome!

So, I’ve always been a fan of the underdog. I’m interested in hearing about your class/build that is rarely played...but is secretly really good and/or fun. And why? This could be for PvE or RvR or both. Looking forward to hearing about a

[Phoenix] LF people to play with

Long story short, my motherboard got fried the week after Phoenix launched. Finally had the money to build a new computer. Willing to play any realm, likely will be playing a tank or light tank. Im typically on most days after 6 ish CST exception bei

Phoenix DAoC: Solo Thane gameplay

That's okay, didn't want that exp anyway

Phoenix Albion: Sidi Raid Saturday 6th April 2019!

One day one Meme (#38)

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Phoenix solo thane part 4