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Warden.ExE - Gameplay / New Frontiers - Phoenix Classic Server - [Dark Age of Camelot]

What year is it?

Autimatic// The World's Favorite Troll

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iBEXCFpVg8](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iBEXCFpVg8) ​ Ywain Daoc.

So a kobold walks into a pub in Jordheim

The bartender looks up and ask "why so blue?"

As a visi solo in NF


Realm timer coming to DAOC Classic - Endless Conquest

I thought the whole point of Phoenix was returning to Old Frontiers.

I guess I was wrong. Why did they decide to upgrade to New Frontiers?

iRoot.exe - Dark Dawn Action on Phoenix Server - [Dark Age of Camelot]

Phoenix DAoC: The 1v1 Arena Event (Thane POV)

Hunter leveling spec

Need advice on a spec please. Sword vs spear and how do I activate stealth?

Phoenix RVR questions

Hey guys I am getting pretty deep into Phoenix. Just started a week or ago but looking on the herald a few things stood out to me. When sorted by kills I noticed Mid had most of theirs on Alb and Alb had most of theirs on MiD both having low kills

can't change realm

On the character screen, can't change realm it just clicks and that's it


How to AoE Farm like a Cabalist Cowboy!

Its somethin..

Ain't no one got time for that..

Official Classic server is coming

I thought the idea was scrapped, but I guess not. Should be interesting, considering so many classic fans are on Phoenix now. https://darkageofcamelot.com/article/friday-grab-bag-05242019 * Are there any plans to bring a classic server back or at

Molvik Event Highlights - Mentalist POV

Why did the strafing penalty exist?

Like what was the purpose of this game mechanic?

Sleep well friend

What a blast (this Morning's group)

So I played while in the Marines from launch until TOA and I just started here on Phoenix today! Has a group this morning that was a blast, we formed up near Pryd keep and leveled from 7-33 from 8 or so to 12, not bad. We did spiders, trees, apple

Ole heart attack

This game is still live?!

I played over 10 years ago, 5 good years. I thought the servers were going down so i quit. I can't believe this is still a thing

Save UI configuration

Hello, once a week my ui settings gets wiped including: system settings like screen resolution, spells in the hotbar, location of all my ui windows, I even have to setup all my qbinds and keyboard settings again, it's frustrating. How can I backup th