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Legends of Ultima (Ultima Online 2) - Dungeon Covetous

I found some old stuff... !

Phoenix DAoC: Zerging Thane POV

Understanding Escapism in MMOs [Survey, Academic]

Greetings and salutations, Thank you for considering this survey. I’m a master student doing placement and a project for my supervisor, Mark Coulson, in Middlesex University. We’re trying to understand escapism as a concept using MMOs. Escapism

daoc phoenix discord ?

is there a discord server we can join ? the link on forum was invalid

(Phoenix) <Captain Cox and friends> 6 months of footage across 3 realms

Worth trying out as a complete noob?

Currently looking for an MMO to spend some time on while I wait for classic to come out. I've always liked the idea of DAOC but is it worth coming to try out Phoenix?

Good Time To Return?

Hello everyone, I have pretty fond memories of this game from when I was younger playing with my dad. It’s been years of searching for a good pvp mmo and I have still been pretty unsuccessful. ESO is okay, GW2 is getting dull and with Camelot uncha

Palo or Mordred friends on Phoenix

Anyone around? Looking for 8man or small man on Phoenix. Yeow / Onesock

Live server enchanter question

Just returned to live servers and noticed the enchantment line spec for the defensive heal proc is missing from my 2 level 50 enchantment spec'd chanters... cant find any information anywhere, think there were 3 different spell levels... the last on

And people say live is dead

Phoenix DAoC: The Siege of Nottmoor (Game of Thrones S5E10 spoof)

Hunters live vs Phoenix

So I just read a post that says hunters are all the rage on live...but another post saying hunters are kind of meh on Phoenix. Why the difference? I have never played hunter on live or Phoenix, but was thinking of trying one out. Thanks!

Still nothing for performance improvements?

Got it on a SSD, modern i5, modern GPU, 8 gigs ram, lag when mid alb and hib zerg meet. Expected sure, but still I got a heavy rig.

Autimatic//Live Daoc

(Phoenix) Just got 24h Mute, verbal warning and indefinite term in jail for attacking a tower guard

Apparently they broke the LoS on the ranged keep/tower guards and got mad that i was attacking them. I asked how to attack them without it being abuse because i wan't going to just not attack the guards, i got a verbal warning. Went to ask advice cha

Jewelry box key

Found this item farming poc. Says it may unlock a friends box in town. Cant find anything online about it. Anyone know what for?


Welcome to DAoC is Ledri! And I am the new millennium for the Dark Age of Camelot. Now for those of you who don't know me, I am Ledri the Thane, your new hero, your party host, and most importantly, the most charismastic showman to ever enter your li

From someone who has only ever played OF; NF isn't that bad.

I quit DAoC (the greatest game I've ever played) shortly after TOA launched on live, and never played New Frontiers. Phoenix is my first experience with New Frontiers. Honestly, I kind of enjoy it. I miss the instant action of Emain, but I really do

Shaman Leveling Guide

I can find plenty of endgame spec ideas and talks around best races, etc. What I cant seem to find is a guide for leveling a shaman solo by level. For instance, if I solo as a shaman then what should my cave/aug be at each level? Full cave up to 30

How is DAOC Phoenix end-game for PVE players, is there a lot to do?

Hi guys, I've been leveling up in Phoenix (currently 35) and all the game has really boiled down as so far is grinding mobs exclusively. Shame they didn't incorporate some quests, as that also helps with giving the world some life. I was wondering if

Quick question, what is OF and NF?

I have been seeing people talking about phoenix switching from OF to NF and I'm not sure what that means. Can't find anything on google.

Can someone update me on the state of game?

I haven't been on a year or so. I am seeing my Facebook groups screaming the game is dead now because it went private server. Can anyone give me a solid non-bias update on what has happened here? I can see there is a private server (Phoenix Freeshar

NF on Phoenix Permanently

its here boys. NF is up now on the bird for good. im glad to see it. as much as i like OF its brown and sucks. &#x200B; see ya out there!

Long Live The King

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEVTxhQ7XY8&feature=youtu.be](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEVTxhQ7XY8&feature=youtu.be) I've reached 10l0, and I no longer feel the drive to my play big bulky warrior anymore. Perhaps when I'm done pla