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Armsman 22.09.2019 - Dark Dawn Action - [Dark Age of Camelot]

Truth be told

Phoenix has reinvigorated my love for DAoC

That's all. It's like I've accepted my fate as loving Dark Age of Camelot. Just absolutely love it. So much fun.

Paladin.exe - Dark Dawn Action - [Dark Age of Camelot]

./brain Meltdown on Phoenix starter guild (hib)

Question from old player

Hello. I last played doac about 13 years ago. Anyone know if they keep inactive accounts around that long? Also I had a realm rank 10 scout with the relic equipment...would I require a lot of time to regear the character?

Armsman 2.0 - Dark Dawn Action - [Dark Age of Camelot]

Phoenix: the dying server and the GMs' attempt to save it

They are trying to save their server by completing abandoning their initial vision, transforming their server into Ywain. Recently, they've proposed many changes on the forum, thinking those change would be welcomed.. little did they know they were

Llyn Barfog Loop! - Albion Feathers + Rog's Easy! :)

Phoenix is dying

Population is dropping lower and lower. In the last month, the server has lost approximately 400 players, partly due to wow classic. EU primetime is still somehow playable, US primetime is basically dead (see official forum) The same exact trend as

Random Clips//Few Tips thrown In//DAOC

Armsman DieOnInc - Dark Dawn Action - [Dark Age of Camelot]

Phoenix Sunday 8v8 Mad Action [Dark Age of Camelot]

4 vs X- Armsman - Dark Dawn Smallman Action - [Dark Age of Camelot]

Taking Thidranki CK! - Albion

Forgot I had these solo videos hosted still from 2006-2009

[https://vimeo.com/124125608](https://vimeo.com/124125608) [https://vimeo.com/124125609](https://vimeo.com/124125609) [https://vimeo.com/124125610](https://vimeo.com/124125610) ​ Yes, I know I was bad, I just didnt have a decent comput


One Button Class Armsman - Dark Dawn Action - [Dark Age of Camelot]

Is their a video how to install Phoenix

Hi can any one help me how to install Phoenix I down loaded everything and I can’t figure out how to put it in the DAoC file thank.

Only Hib players will understand

Live or Phoenix

Live or Phoenix ---- Where is everyone going to play after the summer? Live (Ywain) or Phoenix and is everyone going to try out the EC campaign when it comes out in October? Or do you prefer the Nostalgia of Phoenix freeshard server? ---- |Vote

Virtual vs Physical Worlds - what drives us to both (Psychology Study)

[https://mdxl.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV\_8wWL97IsvTuxBzf](https://mdxl.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8wWL97IsvTuxBzf) To participate in this study and do the questionnaire, you need to be an MMO player and 18+. I’m a master student doing placeme

Phoenix Players rolling on the Grobbulus Server

Anyone else from Phoenix playing on Grobbulus? I was thinking we could make a list of players who will be playing there Any fellow Hibbies rolling Alliance on Grobbulus?

Re-Subbed to live

Playing on Phoenix made me miss my old templated, buffed and higher RR toons. In two days the only chat I saw anywhere was lfg in NF. I asked a few questions in /region in housing and /advice and got no response. I would not mind the low population a

Advice on character for Phoenix?

Hey everyone! Getting a lot of DAOC nostalgia re cently and wanted to give Phoenix a try. Had a Troll BD to rr11+ on MLF back in the day (Ironknuckles if anyone remembers from that server), but it has been well over 10 years since I have played. I