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Where is everyone getting all these bound +12 items from?


Coming back after forever, how do i make cp/coin for equipment.

my bp is 280, I got 3 gears that i want to put a 2nd socket in and sdg and make them +8, but on my server constellation aquires the market is pretty dead nobody selling much of anyone but everyone walks around with near or over 400 bp, is this game j

Conquer Online Private Server Development Forums

Hi there, I thought I'd post here in case anyone was still interested in developing Conquer Online private servers and content (like new assets, etc). This forum is tutorial / learning oriented, all about sharing knowledge and content. If you'd lik

Coming back after 10 years, ALOT has changed help!

After hours of trying to recover my old account im finally playing conquer again, but the game seems really empty, market only has 10 people selling, nobody is selling any late game armour, i was gonna try to get my bp to 300 currently at 280 but so

New server Anima_EU

Hey guys, If you're a new player, or a returning player. Play on the new server Anima\_EU. It's pretty fun, theres a lot of english speakers there.

Help !

Can someone suggest me a good EU server full of players and speakin english ?!

Best Trojan Build

Just wanting to know what the best Trojan build is these days.

Can't download patches.

So. Long time player returning after a big hiatus. I downloaded the new tq game launcher, and now when i try to patch conquer it says "Preparing to download, please wait...." But never actually does anything. I've had it running for a good 4 hours st

PLVL plz.. ok or no?

Who remembers? Also when people sat on your met/DB ughhhh lol

Programmers in Conquer Online

The days of Conquer Online

Hey all, ​ Does anyone miss the old old Conquer Online? Before CP was introduced? ​ I used to play Triumph a long time ago, I used to love the game. I even met the first girl I fell in love with on that game.. ​

Reminiscing CO 2.0

Hey all, Anyone play on the Hebby server around 03-07 Those were some of the best CO days. Anyone playing 3.0? I just saw it whilst at work and wanted to know if anyone had feedback/vibes on whether it's good or rubbish? Miss the days where you c

Returning to Game (Need Advice)

Hey everyone, I used to play Conquer waaay back in like 07 and have made spotty appearances ever since. I have since returned to find basically every server overrun with non-english speaking players and everything littered with CPs while gold remai

Reactions to the new Conquer Online 2 (NOT 2.0)?

Wondering what peoples feelings about the upcoming new Conquer game is. TQ just released a demo on their site, that has 3 classes to try, out of.... probably too many. Doesnt seem like a lot of people are into conquer compared to even just several ye

Introducing Origins - A Classic Server true to its name =]

Best classic server (EU)?

I really wanna get back to CO. I've played on Love2Hate, Classic Conquer Veterans, and a few others, but most of them seem to be dead now. Which one is the most popular and overall best classic (preferably EU) server?

All servers busy and asks me to login after 20 sec

I keep having the above message.

Returning player, quests bugged, says ‘no quests available’

I’ve done a bunch of quests before and got to level 103 and now none of my quests show up and it says ‘no quests available’ and ‘no finished quests’, if anyone has a fix that would be greatly appreciated!!

What in the actual fuck?!?!?!?!?

Returning to the game, confused on what to do or a water tao

I want to make a water tao, but ive heard difering opinions on what paths are ideal Ive read some way go war> wat> wat then reincarnate for pure water, some said go pure monk then reincarnate to pure wat, someone said that azure shield wasnt w

Learning about new features as a returning player

Hey there. I just made an account a few days ago after not playing about 10-12 years. I'm finding it really difficult to learn about the new features in the game. The official site has several pages that are outdated/not that informative. Does anyo

ConquerDevils | Classic | Private server.

**ConquerDevils - A new classic server** **Introduction** Conquer Devils is a 5165 server with only the basic 4 classes (Trojans, Taoists, Warriors, Archers) with the old-school game play. We aim to provide the best game play out there by liste

Which server is more popular?

Conquer Online 3 Bot - Earn millions daily. 100% working

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Which Pserver is Most Popular ?

Which Pserver is Most Popular ?

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Where is everyone getting all these bound +12 items from?

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