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Man its dead here

Well anyone still playing this?

C9 Wiki??

I don't understand why this game isn't bigger..I love it. It's easy to learn.. They're always coming up with new content.. And everyone I introduce it to is like "wow" Maybe it's the fact that there's no real English content out there.. For example I

C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal) Gameplay - First Look HD

Are there any tricks on "FISHING"?

I've been fishing for a month already,with an expert rod I still caught the same fish all over again,dorados that are bound to account and all those nasty gobys and etc. Are there any tricks or something that's need to be done to get those unknown fi

Key giveaway!

961LKL81C3EYWA2K9D736VKECLWCEAKK Congratz to the winner!

What to do?

I wish this game could be more popular, I really do enjoy this game. I don't know where it's been hidden all this time but its quite a fun game. How can we make it more popular?

not sure if there is anyone still here but i have questions

why is my new character lvl 50?

C9 - April 24th 2013 - A new Raid (also the first one in C9) is coming up!

C9 - Is there anyone left?

Hey Girls and Guys, I was wondering how many of you guys still play the Game? Are any of you on the EU server?

C9 or Vindictus or Tera Online or GuildWars 2 or suggestion in actionish style mmo?

C9 or Vindictus or Tera Online or GuildWars 2 or suggestion in actionish style mmo?

Shadow Questions :D

Hey guys, so i was wondering if there are any shadow guides/ builds that explain what skills should be maxed and items/armor are best for them. :D Feel free to post down below, theres no wrong answer ! Thanks edit: let's say i wanna go pvp-wise

C9 - Just another poorly executed Asian port.

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