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Oh how I miss CoS

The game was unlike any other, It had so much potential I miss it so much

City of Steam is Officially Closing, Play While You Can :(

no, THIS is the first post in a couple of months!

This. is the first post in months.

Do i get some electrum? :D

Check out the ZAM CoS Wiki

LemonGame to bring City of Steam in the Philippines

Hey everyone. CoS is still fun, don't give up on it.

First of all; I'm new to the game. I started playing it a few days after release with a friend. I've played MMOs/RPGs for a long time now. Played RuneScape back in '06, then WoW for a few years, few MMOs on the side like Dragonica, Maple Story and

City of Steam is not quite dead yet!

Best Review of City of Steam...EVER

Looking for new moderators for the subreddit!

As the title says we are looking for new moderators to help maintain the City of Steam subreddit. Send a message to the mods as to why you think you should be a moderator.

New content update raises the level cap and adds new quest hub "The Vault"

Game doesn't start?

I know this has to be purely from my own end and not on the server's end, but I was wondering if anyone could help me here. Every time I go to launch the game in my browser, Chrome, it just sits at a white screen. I've disabled both AdBlockPlus and

As the head developers arrive back from their honeymoons/press conferences, expect a host of information to all your questions

Next Patch adds several races, new content, level cap

And more! Plus there will be a host of bug fixes. I will edit the thread with an link to the official announcement when it is publicly released Edit 1: that's a level cap increase*

After the smoke clears, the survivors emerge from the rubble.. First impressions?

How are you liking the game or are you disliking it? What would you like changed. Remember the Developers have been known to drop by the sub-reddit, so your voice won't go unheard. Let em have it.

City of Steam has good customer support!

Is there any CoS guilds here?

so yeah looking for a gamming comunity currently playing CoS, I also have a mic..

I completly agree with this guy MECHANIST PLEASE FIX!

The Game is live!


The cogs turn!

Gameplay on the trailer looks like torchlight 2 gameplay )

I just heard of this game, and will be playing this tonight... also willing to play with others so let me know maybe we could meet up.. Edit: this is the trailer i watched, some of the fight scenes remind me of torchlight 2..

Behind the Steam Podcast goes live at 5:00 PM PST that is in 25 minutes!

Behind the Steam Podcast goes live an hour earlier than everyone else, come watch us discuss the game with the Developers!

I will be streaming 99% of my City of Steam gameplay, so feel free to drop by and watch

Gab and Frank will be on the Behind the Steam Podcast, list your questions

We will be having the Developers Frank and Gab on our Podcast, and if there are any questions you would like to ask them, please post them here.

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Oh how I miss CoS

The game was unlike any other, It had so much potential I miss it so much [..]