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Dawnmire Memes ~Cheers Mate~

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So did people actually interactively pick their settlement locations or did people just pick off a drawing of a map?

Prelyria Desert Mine Pictures & Additional Info

[GIF] D&SS Progress Update (WIP)

Theoryforge Chronicles: Episode 24 - Elyria Wasnt Built in 7 Days

Fish are doomed

No more deadlines or dates? WTF

Any business that cannot set and meet any of its deadline is dead in the water. Chronicles of Elyria has taken this to a new level. They have so little idea about what they are doing that they can not set or meet a single deadline for anything they

Map Generation Demo Video

Regarding Families

So what I was wondering is can I have multiple characters in multiple families? Like say I want to play a store clerk in one life but a serial killer in another, but I don't want them as part of the same family, is that possible that we know of?

Theoryforge Chronicles: Episode 23 - Passing Time

Example of Settlement Distribution (on a test map)

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Community Participation: Vote on Temporary Duchy Names for D&SS

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Land Claiming, Crafting, and some other Questions about CoE

Hi all; I'm looking for a new MMORPG to play with my fiancée. She's, to be frank, a carebear crafter that would rather avoid combat if at all possible. I'm pretty flexible about what I do in games, so for the most part it's more finding a game tha

[May 12] D&SS Changes per community input & discussion

**TLDR:** No hard date set (due to community feedback) but once the maps are ready D&SS will be integrated to the website in review-only mode to give everyone some time to look at/analyze maps without picking pressure. D&SS picking will resum

Theoryforge Chronicles - Episode 22: Settling In

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Has Domain and Settlement Selection started yet?

Ducal Pick Window Pushed Back 1 Week

[Link to Post]( ​ TLDR: External factors like the website DDoS, Monarch counseling, and map data processing have led to the maps not being as ready as

Official Launch Kingdoms of Angelica

The Official Launch Kingdoms of Luna

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Dawnmire Memes ~I like money~


Dawnmire Memes ~Cheers Mate~