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Fractured MMO: a new thriving, solid crowdfunded and indie MMO to explore?

Have you heard of Fractured? []( It has a really unique design, reminiscent to me of Albion Online and somehow of D&D's Plan

Really good MassivelyOP editorial on Elyria closing

Really good YouTube editorial on Elyria closing

Will there be a shiny today?

Does this mean there won't be a shiny today?

I know it's probably futile, but anyone have any tips on what to say in an official complaint to the Attorney General Washington?

Caveat emptor, blah blah, I'm aware of it. I'm filing a complaint simply because I have nothing to lose, although I fully expect nothing to come of it. With that being said, what's the best way I can word an official business complaint besides "Jer

As someone in the industry who knows Walsh, and has friends that worked with him in the past

I've been watching the (non) progress of the game as it was doomed to failure from the beginning, but the one time I posted on KS with a warning I was bashed into the dirt. I have friends in the industry that worked with Walsh (I personally haven’t

File a complaint with WAs A-G

I am developing my own indie medieval survival game, and I can do it on a shoe-string budget! I just ask that you check out my video and join our Discord if you like what you see.

An open letter

To whom it may concern. This is an open letter to any employee or CEO of Soulbound Studios who may be reading this. When I first came across Chronicles of Elyria, I was ecstatic. I didn't even care so much for the fact that it was going to be the


This is the fault of Backers

All the signs were there, they showed basically nothing in years of development, a two man team in a basement for 6 months or less could produce more than we have seen. And at every step of the way so many of the backers just nodded along and made e

Since NDA is in no effect anymore can someone share this hilarious prealpha playable monstrosity?

let us all be amused by this product. Come on guys, share! :)

Caspian had all his team work from home before firing them remotely?

Is this true? ​ WHAT A FUCKING COWARD. Couldn't even man-up at the end. Such a little, little man.

My observations on this shitshow.

Goooood morning EU players, welcome to the dumpster fire we've been living in for a while now. Basically, I'd like to thank u/SicariusAnatar, myself, and the other "trolls" who don't have game dev experience for trying to get the community to unders

Into the Abyss

Soulbound took in 1.6 Millions in the last 7 months so I call BS on that State of Elyria

**September 2019: $6,400,527 --> March 2020: $7,994,462** **Total: ‭$1,593,935‬** --- So he raked in \~1.6 million in the last 7 months and they're out of money because they couldn't make a website? Come on. Who believes that, seriously. W

For the last time, let me remind you IT WAS AN INVESTMENT

Some of you already know this, so carry on with your lives! To the rest of you who in months past have screamed bloody murder and raged about wanting refunds, or demanding the game to come to at least alpha, or talking about how the company is a sca

If Jeromy Walsh/Caspian reads this subreddit, can we get an AMA?

I feel as though this will help to give the backers better insight as to why the project failed, and to actually re-assure people that you weren't just mattress stuffing. Another benefit would be to give other content creators tips on how to succee

Minecraft anyone?

Welp. This is sucks. I remember well the Christmas break I learned about COE. ​ ... ​ Anyone wanna make a souped-up COE themed Minecraft server? Maybe something similar to this? ​ [](http

After 4 years, I feel nothing. I've become completely indifferent a long time ago.

Join the Class Action 4 COE Discord Server!

It's Over and Done With. Godspeed everyone.


This will make a great YouTube documentary. Anyone excited for "new world" mmo from Amazon? Looks pretty dope.

Washington State - Office of the Attorney General


Soooo..... ahhhhh

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Fractured MMO: a new thriving, solid crowdfunded and indie MMO to explore?

Have you heard of Fractured? []( It has a really unique design, reminiscent to me of Albion Online and somehow of D&D's Plan [..]