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10 Year Anniversary

So with this year being the 10 year anniversary of the game's launch do you guys think the devs will do anything special or is it going to be the same rehash we've been getting year after year?

Showing off the character

I just wanted to show off a little picture I edited of my hero, Rubber Bullette. I'm pretty proud of it, especially given that this is the closest she'll ever get to using her powers in-game. [RB, the fastest rubber band ever.](

Cryptic games will no longer be supporting connection to our internal chat system via an XMPP client.

I never even heard of this before the announcements, but here ya go. Greetings Champions, As of September 19th, 2019, Champions Online will no longer be su

If it sounds like I’m bitter, don’t worry; I definitely am.

I’m starting to get really frustrated with how players ignore you in this game. I contribute to conversations of all kinds, I post questions to the public; I participate. I keep my grammar in check. I try to be polite. I see so many players having

Death Rattle Part #4 - 1st Impression When Tested In Live Server

Death Rattle: Part 4 | Final Chapter

Nightmare Invasion - Final Week | 20% Off Services | Ends Aug 22

Old Subber Questions

I used to pay a monthly subscription for this game and I remember it having benefits on what my characters could do or something(I guess its called the Freeform System?). Its been a couple years since I played and am curious since it seems completely

Need help regarding costume unlocks.

Yo, So,I'm currently working on a sp00ky hero, for which i need the "Aligator" head. I did a bit of reasearch and on the ancient champions wiki it says that the part is unlocked via the "Mojo Rising" perk, aka, kill 5000 Sovereign Sons. Is this

Nightmare Invasion | New Event Rewards | Ends Aug 15

Grinding for Elysium Coins Question

I've recently picked up the game again and would love to try out some of the archetypes. I notice in the current event, you can exchange 750 Elysium Coins for the Void archetype, who looks pretty cool! I must say though, that I've no idea exactly ho

How much will the game cost me and what do I get for it?

Hello there with the release of DCUO on the switch I got reminded of the world of super hero games. Now I remember liking the combat of Champions Online more (mostly because more options/more spells), so i googled and to my suprise this game is still

Noob questions.

Hey just starting the game and really like it. I want to make a free form character but it seems it cost 30 dollars? Is th there a way to unlock it through gameplay or no? Also, a lot of archetypes are sealed off. Are they all pay to play or can I

Onslaught Week

Death Rattle: Part 3!

24 Hour Lifetime Subscription Sale In Progress | Ends July 28 10AM PDT

Nighthawk Event | New Costume Rewards | Ends Aug 1

Endgame: So You're Level 40

So you just tick level 40, or you're a returning player that haven't been around for quite awhile, and you want to know what you can do with this new found power. I would recommend that you should set a goal, whether its getting the best gear set in

Haven't Played Actively Since 2017, Just Re-Downloaded - Let's Get This Going Again, Heroes!

I just re-downloaded the Arc launcher after years of not playing, Googling to see if "Champions Online still alive 2019," finding this subreddit, and realizing my crappy computer can't play any other game but Fortnite, Minecraft, and Trove (lol), so

Request Advice on Freeform Tank Builds

Short form: plskthx Advice on Free Form Tank Builds for a character that looks like a jester with one foot in the grave. Leaning towards an earth theme plskthx GO. ​ Long form: uh.. Hi! ​ Many moons ago I played this game a

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fucking arc keeps refusing to let me fucking log in no matter how often i reset my goddamn password and i know i am getting it right, HOW DO I FIX THIS GODDAMN PROBLEM?!

Death Rattle: Part 2! (going Live July 17th)

Give a LAN Party a short primer on Free Archetypes

Hey all. I'm going to a LAN party with 8-10 of my longtime pals, and I wanna push for giving CO another try. We all tried it once within 6-12 months of it being released (or being F2P, I don't remember). It was a major hit for the character creator,

Best passive pairing for bestial claw powers?

I’m debating either going way of the warrior or unstoppable as they both boost melee and bleed. Question is, is the dodge boost or the minor resistance better to build around? I’m taking Dex as primary, with recovery and strength as secondary sta

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10 Year Anniversary

So with this year being the 10 year anniversary of the game's launch do you guys think the devs will do anything special or is it going to be the same rehash we've been getting year after year? [..]