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Where is it, that I can get a club as a heavy melee weapon?

Yo, how tf do I get rid of the Foxbatified?

Title pretty self-explanatory

Lifetime Sub currency listing

Hey there, been playing on and off for years, really want to come back but not being Gold sucks. Does anyone know if the price listed is in USD ($250) even if my location is in Canada? Or is it listed in CAD?

Returning Lifetime Subscriber: What should I buy?

I have been a lifetime subscriber since launch. However, I haven't played in years. I just returned to find 18,500 zen balance. I have 1 level 40 character, and a few in their 30's. My goal is to choose one of them and gear them up to maximum effecti

When you go Gold/lifetime, do your existing Silver characters automatically get access to freeform class building? Or would you have to pay for a retcon token?

Edit: I mean "Retrain Token" i think. Thanks!

What is the name of this backpack?

Any idea why it doesn't show up in the character creator? (Neither do the boots or the leg accessory). Loaded up this costume from a saved template but these items seem to be missing. Thanks! [\\"Boss\\"](

The pain of coming back to an old character

Let's see if I got this right, and maybe you guys can help: I have an old toon from the early days, before free-to-play. Bought the game, paid a monthly sub. The character select screen says he's "Freeform" and "Gold." But account status is Silver, w

Spec tree bonuses - do they stack?

I have a question: do certain specializations from different trees that do the same thing stack? For example Caregiver in the Sentinel tree and Precise in the Sentry tree? Thanks!

Any active SG willing to help returning player?

Lvl 40 looking for a guild or even just a teacher to get me back on track in-game

Looking for people to start an endgame super group

Discord: []( (put in chat your handle name, or account specific name so I can add you c:) Looking for anyone interested in doing endgame contents, I have nothing going on in lfie that will hold me

Nature/Plant Based Freeform Character?

Hey all, simple question for a build I'm working on themed around nature/plant control. Doesnt have to entirely by plant based, as animal based powers could be a nice little mix up as well. Also doesn't have to be fully optimized as will primarily a

I made a character many years ago and have not logged in since. Do you think the game will have deleted my character?

Travel Powers are not allowing me to set them.

Advice needed for build

When making a freeform character that uses both melee and ranged attacks (DPS focused). What guidelines should I follow? I never know where to focus my super stats. And I don't want to end up a glass cannon.

Electric Speed

I was making a new electric/heavy weapon character and would love to use electric speed for it, but it's vastly out of my price range. I don't suppose there's any super awesome person out there who'd be willing to hook me up with one? I'd be eternall

What do you do with Perk Points?

I feel dumb for asking this, but I couldn't find anything online about it. Is there a purpose for Perk Points other than just watching the number go up? I read about a perks vendor but I couldn't find one.

Question about lifetime subs

I've got an old lifetime sub for this game that I bought back in 2009 when Cryptic first released it. Is that sub transferable to the Arc account? I see they also have a lifetime option, so I was hoping I could just use my original one.

ICYMI: No More Typing Your ARC Credentials When You Launch Champions Through Steam

Alert Bonus Week | Freeform Slots & Bundles 20% Off | Phantom Lock Box Available | Ends Feb 20 | Trade Paperbacks With Retired Rewards Are Back Until Feb 17

Serial Story #2 - Serene Abyss Has Begun

Getting back into the game in 2020?

I have an old account I logged into, that was wondering what the best way is to get back into the game? Is most of the content higher-level now? what have you been official to buy something from the store to help boost me or what? Just looking to fly

Red Banner Ruin | Updated Classic Event | New Missions & Rewards | Scion/Flashback Lock Box | Costumes & Auras 20% Off | Ends Feb 13

FYI: Nightmare Invasion Event Extended | Ends Feb 3

Nightmare Invasion - Week 1 | New Repeatable Mission-Related Event Rewards | Ends January 30

TK Melee -Gear for Ego or Dex?

Hi again all, I'm back with more questions! So I've been playing my old lvl 40 TK Melee toon and it's been a blast, I was able to find a build online that absolutely shreds and allows me to solo things meant for 2 players or more, which is great! B