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Nightmare Invasion - Week 1 | New Repeatable Mission-Related Event Rewards | Ends January 30

TK Melee -Gear for Ego or Dex?

Hi again all, I'm back with more questions! So I've been playing my old lvl 40 TK Melee toon and it's been a blast, I was able to find a build online that absolutely shreds and allows me to solo things meant for 2 players or more, which is great! B

What AT would you choose to be in real life.

So this question was posed in zone and I felt this is a better forum for it. I honestly was not sure I had an answer myself but as I wrote this im pretty sure I would choose the mind. I figure healing others is just to big a deal to be able to do s

Is there a way to share costumes with others?

Hello all. I'm wondering if it's possible to send saved costumes to other players in a way that they can use them. As far as I know, costumes are saved as images, and the game goes off of that image's meta data. As expected, simply dropping a costume

Which ATs heal the best?

As the title states I'd like to know if any of the ATs stand out as the more powerful healers as I've been away from the game from years and am looking to level a healer next. I'm a Lifetime member so I usually go Freeform and mix and match as neede

Cannot play my Freeform characters

Hi all! So I used to be a sub and played the game at launch for about 6 months or so and I'm looking to play again and managed to recover my account thanks to customer support but at the character selection screen I am unable to select the "Play " b

Unable to finish mission " Gallant Colonel Gertz and his Courageous Crew "

So i left the mission and the tunnel collapsed but i noticed I didn't save one last person in the mission area and now I am unable to finish the mission. Is there a way to redo that mission or get back into the tunnel? Will this stop me from doing th

Winter Event - Week 3 | Clarence Attacks | New Event Costume Rewards | Double XP Week | Ends Jan 2

Winter Event - Week 2 | Black Harlequin Alert | New Costume Rewards | Introducing The New TPB Store | Rare Old Event Rewards For Vouchers/Questionite | New Magnificent Key Pack | 35 Keys & Regal Flight Power | Sale Ends Dec 23

Build critique needed

I have a boomerang wielding character I really like, but I’m trying to tweak his build get it working a little better. Can someone take a look through here and give me some ideas to improve? Here is the latest revision:

Winter Event - Week 1 | New Costume Rewards | Reprint Event | Past Event Rewards Available From Recognition Vendors | Drifter Exchanges Currency | Ends Dec 19

Lifetime Subscription Price Drop

So ahh supposedly recognition vendor power unlocks are going to cost questionite as well in the future (I think its on test server). So ahh pick up any you can before whenever.

title is post.

What archetypes do you really love? Especially interested in ones you weren’t expecting to like, but ended up enjoying a lot.

Mine is The Specialist. I did not think it would be that great but I actually enjoy it quite a bit. I built a ranged version which is actually surprisingly durable and can even do light tank work. What are some others that surprised you?

RELEASE NOTES 12/11/2019

Attack of the Misfit Toys 2019?

Hello, all. I have not been a regular player of CO for years now, but I have a friend who is trying to see all the winter themed events in games and I remembered there was one here. I don't see any news on it for 2019 yet, though. Is it still being r

Why no console release?

Don’t you think a console release could breathe some new life in the game? Get some money rolling in for new content etc. I think the art style holds up well and DCUO is awful. What are your thoughts?

Nighthawk Event - Week 2 (Final) | New Costume Reward | Alerts Bonus Week | Ends Dec 5 | Z-Store 20% Off Everything Ongoing | Ends Dec 2


How is this game doing population-wise? I played it heavily a few years back, and after returning to no Monthly Sub plan (-_-) I’m considering LTS, but I’m worried about investing $200 + into a dead game... Is the population stable, if not big?

Qularr script in Bik

Does anyone know how to add Qularr letters to the Bio. I can do all the html formatting but can figure out how to get that script

Black Friday Sale | 20% Off Everything In The Zen Store | Ends Dec 2

Flash Sale: Mecha Claw 10-Key Keypack | 900 Zen For 24-Hours Only | Start Nov 22 10AM PST

Nighthawk Event - Week 1 | New Costume Event Reward | New Tenebrous Archetype | Four New Powers | New Lockbox

About the restricted regions

so i am in a restricted region and i saw this game earlier today and i was wanting to try it but it said that my region is banned and i heard that some people used proxy servers to get in the game so i was wondering does anyone know any proxy servers

Crafting Bonus Week | 20% Off Catalysts | Flashback Lock Box Week In Collector Store | Ends Nov 21