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Blood Moon - Week 2 | Turakian Deathlords Invading | New Event Costume Pieces

Blood Moon (Oct 10th - Nov 7th) Bloodmoon For the next 4 weeks Bloodmoon will be running! During week 1 Dweomer has a task for you to track down creatures impersonating as Tri

loyal sidekick questions

Is the guy from the moon arena the only tank one? Do any of the support ones have support auras? Do any of the support ones heal you?

Foxbat Drops Some Sick Beats! (Foxbat rap on Soundcloud)

What hairstyle is this?

Travel Power Trade

I just had "Lightning Speed" travel power drop... Does anyone have an "Electric Speed" they would be willing to trade for?

High Noon At Snake Gulch | New Event Pet Reward | Ends October 10 | New Midnight Jester Costume

10th Anniversary Event - Week 5 (FINAL) | Foxbat Joins | Anniversary Scavenger Hunt Active | New Login Rewards | Last Chance For Earning Anniversary Favors | Ends Oct 3

Fatal Error Boss

I \*think\* the mission is Fatal Error, I don't remember right now (at work), but it's the "hacking" mission where you have to contact three superheroes, fighting "Rogue processes" and such, and at the end, you >!fight this big digital spider thin

10th Anniversary Event - Week 4 | Mechanon Attacks | New Event Missions & Rewards | Free Vehicle | Double XP Week | 20% Off Archetypes & Travel Powers | Ends Sept 26

Infernal Supernatural Tank Build

Hi all! I've been thinking of making a freeform hero based on the infernal supernatural and bestial supernatural sets. The concept is basically an off-tank, so hopefully good in solo with enough survivability to tank alert bosses and the like if need

Fireball DPS build advice

Recently rebuilt my freeform from the ground up because I realized I was never using half my powers and didn't have any passives... made a lot of bad decisions my first time through. I know it's still not a perfect build, I did the thing I usually do

Power Armor help wanted!

So I have been playing this game for a while now and I am pretty sure I can build pretty much whatever I want without much issue. However one power set still eludes me. As the name title suggests that would be Power Armor set. I love the idea of an I

Why can't I rescue some of the cats during cat rescue anniversary event?

Some of the cats that I locate, I'm not able to interact with. Is it bugged or am I missing something? Please help.

10th Anniversary Event - Week 3 | Destroid Invasion | New Event Rewards | New "Wrecker" Archetype | Catalyst Sale and Crafting Week | Ends Sept 19

Power Skating

I really want this power for a new character, but it is way out of my price range. Anyone out there have an extra they’re willing to part with? I really want to make my rocket powered rollerblader character!

ICYMI: Free 10th Anniversary Gift Box Is Available In Z-Store

Changing builds(FreeForm)

Hi, i hit 40 with my first FF and i wanted to try something a little different, so i swapped to build 2 to see if it was a complete new thing with no skills and etc, or same skills but without the adv points wasted...but everything was the same with

Any tips for the Training Program event?

Tips besides buying the $20 level 30 pack, I mean.

Defender's National Training Program | New Rewards | Ends Sept 12

10th Anniversary Event - Week 2 | New Costume Unlocks | Destroyer's Plans Mission Active | Bonus Questionite Week | 20% Off Costumes | Ends Sept 12 | 33% Off Lifetime Subscriptions | Ends Sept 19

What is going on?

It genuinely feels like Perfect World or maybe even Cryptic is actively trying to kill the game by removing the subscription model. Who would even buy a lifetime subscription at this point?

Freeform build advice

Hello! I'm considering getting a freeform slot, and I wanted to ask if my planned build is good. My theme is a "Death metal knight," and I was trying to make something along the lines of a tank character with good self-sustain and fair damage. I'm pr

newbie looking for guidance have discord

LisTEN to Your Heroes - Map

 For more info or other anniversary maps > [Click here](   [count 19](  For more info or other anniversary maps > [Click here](http:/