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Nightmare Invasion - Week 2 of 2 (In Progress) | New Costume Rewards | 50% Off Z-Store Crafting Catalysts & Upgrades | 10% Bonus Success At Crafting Tables | Ends May 23 |

Best starting class for a new free to play player

Hello, it seems there are only 8 classes to chose from as a new f2p, which is the best to solo properly at early levels of the game?

what is compelling about CO for a CoH/CoV Player?

I am a CoH player, did play CO long time ago, never went above level 20, and now with the excitement of playing CoH again, i am tempted to give CO another try, but wondering what is the game like after 20? end game? and what really sets apart from Co

Is possible to track only my debuffs on the enemy?

Hi, im a new player and ive been looking in the options for something like this, but i cant find, im playing as the blade archetype, it have tons of debuffs but is hard to tell if i have max bleed stacks or not. Ah also there is an event schedule? i


***Hello,*** ***I'm looking to buy an account.*** ***I'm not looking for anything very specific, come with your offer.*** ***My budget is not too high, so do not expect incredible deals, like $100+*** ​ ***FONT:*** [https://

Back in game

Nightmare Invasion - Week 1 of 2 | Ends May 23 | New Hairstyle Pack Added To Z-Store

Does this game still get new content??

Just wondering. I miss this game, would like to get back into it. I just want to know if it is still getting content.

Comics from early CO days by "revenant"

Ello, I'm trying to track down some old comics that was created within the game, that amongst others included my old character Grill Chickin. Google is not my friend, but I am fairly certain the guy that made them was called revenant, and so was hi

Community Info | Bluhman's Guides Are Going Away On May 22

Freeform Build Help

I’m trying to do a sort of Black Canary/ Falcon mashup. I’m thinking of using either fighting claws or bestial claws with hyper voice and sonic device. I’ve also been using Way of the warrior.So far my results feel kind of squishy, and runs ou

Alert Bonus Week In Progress | Ends May 9

Maybe I'm blind but.

I can't seem to find any fur options for the chest. There's a part for every other section. Help?

Talos and character "Stars"

I'm a lifetime returning player. Well, I returned since three months with very occasional play, but since the game evolved a lot I rerolled a Freeform character during the Easter holidays. I'm now stuck at the Talos showdown. I'm level 9 but I hav

Is there any actual way to buy gold with irl money?

Multifaria resistance mission

Can you abandon this mission and get out of this environment, once I exited the building the exit no longer works. I seriously do not want to do this mission if it requires this much effort.

I am new to COnline

How does the Nighthawk event work? Are there any leveling guides around? Also... LOVE this game!

Nighthawk Event In Progress | New Costume Rewards | 20% Off Archetypes And Travel Powers | Ends May 2

Archetype Ideas

Are you free on Sunday?

[]( ​ https://i.

The lifetime subscription seems like a horrible deal

This is not a "I want free stuff" rant and yes I know the game has costs as well and the devs have to make money. I am simply comparing subscription with the premium pack + freeform slots. To subscribe you need 222£ and I just went to the zen store

New Super Group 'Umbra' is looking for members.

We're looking to create a nice, respectful community of casuals, light RPers, everything from newbie to returning player to lifetime subscribers with unlimited knowledge about the game. To get in touch, join the discord and poke one of the availa

Passive heal auras not healing chaperone mission npc.

So I did an inventor archetype on this last event which has medical nanites and I figured chaperone missions would be a breeze with the passive healing. It turned out not to be the case as the npc I had to protect did not seem to be healed by it. A

Champions in top 5 games on arc site.

Not really sure how long its been there but it has been there awhile and I know it used to not be there. Im a little wondering if its a tracking thing but I see it in private mode on anothers computer but at there i

Thinking of giving this game a try

Hello Heroes! Like the title say, i wanna try this game, and knowing the late game have enough people to play, i only have some questions about it For background, i play a lot of Neverwinter, and that game have a beautiful progression, with the