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Any faster way to get gold?

Anything faster then doing smash alerts?

Premium Pack help?

So I'm jumping into the game and I'm a former gold member. I know former gold members are supposed to be able to redeem the premium pack for free from the zen store but where is the zen store located at this point? Thanks

How is this game for someone starting fresh now?

Are there enough also-new players to justify it? Would it still be fun?

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Death Rattle Episode 1 Is Live

Your top 3 nemesis

I've always like the Nemesis system in Champions, creating your own villain is one of the best parts of making a superhero character. I'm going to put down my 3 favorite villains I've made with a few of their details. If any of you want to show off y

Returning Player LF Super Group to join

I'm looking for a social super group to join in game. I have one level 40, but i really have no idea what I'm doing. So much has changed. I had free respecs because powers had changed so much. I wasn't allowed to train more until I respected fully. I

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Trying to get back in it...

I have a lifetime sub, bought it before CO was even fully out of Beta. I played for a year, then dropped it for a few. Played it for another year around 2013/2014, then dropped out again. And I am wanting to get back in, hopefully for more than just

Article: Death Rattle: Our First Serialized Story! Champions – we’re about to launch an exciting new story for you to experience while defending Millenium City. Called “Death Rattle,” this story is the first act of a

A question regarding the "Ranged Weapons Pack"

Yo, ​ So I'm looking to make munitions based character that uses ranged energy weapons - blasters n' stuff What I'm curious about is if I would use one of the blasters in said pack, like the A1A Eagle Blaster Rifle, does it actually cha

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I'm planning on doing archetype tier lists

Build help.

Hi all, I'm super late to the champions party, but it's something I've always wanted to try and I finally have the chance. I am hoping to make a good, or at least decent, free form build, but most of the information is extremely old, and there doesn

I am shifu’s pet and I crave toes of all remaining players

when is the next time I can change my stance?

im new and was creating a character and ended up giving my character the beast stance not knowing that they would walk on all fours which I don't want, when is the next time I will be able to change my stance if possible?

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Regarding Returning to the game

As the title states I used to play this game religiously since COH got canned. I know of the private servers for COH but I put a lot of time into CO. All 10 of my toons are freeform and locked as I don't have sub anymore so my main questions are:

Happy Birthday Batman!

Happy 80th Birthday Batman, from all of us at the Digitally Rebastard Network and Chanpions Chat! ​ ​ Thanks, Jim Pendleton The Digitally Rebastard Network - Public Relations

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new player

just started playing this game today and I'm enjoying it very much so far. I'm just at level 7 now but I'm finding it difficult to make much progress with the quests I'm on. can't survive most encounters with mobs. should I buy zen to upgrade my too

Does the game honor time cards? Or wait for a freeform sale?

Hi friends - I recently heard about the game getting rid of the monthly subscriptions and was wondering if anyone knows whether or not the game honors the monthly time cards that were put out? Also, if anyone has an idea of when there might be a

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Any faster way to get gold?

Anything faster then doing smash alerts? [..]