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Throwback find in basement! Miss those awesome days.

Beta info

There is a Beta???? If yes where can i take it ???? If yes there will be a wipe ????

Max resolution

Is it possible to know if the game will fit to a screen 49" 5120 x 1440 ?

So is this the next Chronicles of Elyria?

This is it, isnt it? Didnt we all knew before?

Question about backing now

If I buy one of the backer options will I get access to beta right now?

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all you People of Danu, Hibernians, and all the rest!

Can't get into CU, play Warhammer Online -- FOR FREE!

[]( ​ This server is crazy populated and well balanced and a TON of fun. Just did a keep fight that was 150v180, it was amazing and we were able to hold the keep! Give

I Just Pledged CU!

I just pledged for CU and I'm wondering how I can play the new upcoming game Ragnarok: Colossus. I heard good things about the game, but haven't been able to access the beta. I was told that backers would get access to the side project game, if they

[News] It May be Mini, but it’s still Mighty Fine! – Friday, March 13th, 2020

CU viability and the MMO Market

I have been keeping up with CU on and off since the kickstarter. I just learned recently that Amazon is developing their own MMO with a proprietary engine which will support \~50v50 battles. This has me wondering, due to the extended timeline for

What info you need to get a refund.

According to the support email CSE wants me to provide the following information to them in order to get a refund. 1. First and last name 2. Transaction ID(s). 3. Address 4. Phone number 5. Email address attached to the CSE account and your Pay

Has work on CU stopped?

It seems that work has stopped on CU. I noticed that they need suckers to test the game noone wants.

CU backers forced to receive emails about testing the betrayal game.

CSE and MJ specifically has decided that CU backers will have to receive emails about the betrayal game. There is no current way to opt out of emails about the betrayal game. If you want to stay up to date with the CU testing that you paid for access

Brief overview of the February Update.

Scenario map

Unveiled: Camelot Unchained Newsletter #63

CU Monthly Update with Mark Jacobs - 2/28/2020

[News] Hey Abbot! – Friday, February 28th, 2020

Camelot Unchained Vodcast Ep 76 - Final Stand: Ragnarok. Join us Sunday (3/1) at 5 pm EST to discuss the new game.

We're going live on our channel ([]( to discuss the newly announced Final Stand: Ragnarok. We will give our views on the game's potential and where it may be able to aide in

Ragnarok makes me want to become a backer.

Been following Camelot unchained for years. I know alot of people hated that announcement. But honestly that game and engine looks great! It gave me so much more hope for Camelot and it's future. Looking forward to Camelot and I don't care to play Ra

Ideas on how to make The Final Stand Ragnarok fun for Camelot Unchained

Lifetime addon question

If I were to purchase the Warrior 2.0 pack and gave the second copy to a friend, could my friend buy the lifetime addon to upgrade their gifted copy? Please dont spam with vitriol about the game being dropped or cancelled or killed and that I should

DAOC player - quick question.

Hi, I'm an old-school Dark Age of Camelot player (DAOC) from day 1. I spent many hours as a Thane, Warrior, Skald and even Hib/Albion at times. So many hours in Darkness Falls and other zones. ​ Is this game related to that game? &

"Estimated delivery of Beta 1 Access: February 2015."

remember 5 years ago when you thought you would be playing? What a salesman Jacobs is....slimy. Its 5 years late and no word on it and the same old rhetoric.

Csr are now refusing to give information held on you even though it’s against the law under the GDPR.

Making people aware of this here, I have asked numerous times and every time they try and fob me off by saying if I want a refund you have to contact PayPal or Kickstarter and get transaction ID’s I have sent 5 emails now saying i want all informat

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Throwback find in basement! Miss those awesome days.


Beta info

There is a Beta???? If yes where can i take it ???? If yes there will be a wipe ???? [..]