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This community reminds me of Bannerlord's, but without any of the charm.

Just a lurker putting in his two cents. I can't wait for the game to come out regardless of when. See you guys on the battlefield!

Welcome to /r/CamelotUnchained

Welcome to /r/CamelotUnchained >*Unofficial community for City State Entertainment's (CSE) upcoming MMORPG Camelot Unchained.* Please remember to read the subreddit's: - previous [sticky posts](

Unveiled: Camelot Unchained Newsletter #60

CSE Update: Camelot Unchained Not Releasing This Year - No New Projected Release Date.

Today, upon the familiar black couch and before the holiday tree, City State Games dropped the announcement many of us have been expecting. The game is delayed.. They have given a number of reasons and many of these are reasonable. They have hired ne

Where does most of the discussion of this game happen?

I'm surprised at how little activity there is on this reddit. This game used to be so heavily hyped. Is there another place that most discussions occur? On the official forums, or in Discord? Thanks.

Build expectations - A Beta done right

How to spend years building a game and keeping your backers interested, excited and actually transform them into your best marketing ambassador. ​ * Every month of two, give us a full week end of beta! So we see progress. And every one c

[News] “Are we there yet?” say the NPCs – Friday, October 25th, 2019

Today's Weekly Wrap-up

Where was today's weekly wrap up? Checked their twitter/fb and didn't see anything. Also, MJ said there was an announcement coming in October, but next week's stream would be in nov. Anyone know what's going on?

New Rules Discussion

Hello all, A recent post to this community asked for us to implement new rules to improve the tone of discourse. While Tinnis and I are against using our moderator positions to penalize negative discussion, especially when people have quite legitima

My biggest gripe

I don’t mind the slow progress - I can wait for a great game. But if I have to read another update that begins with a description of the weather in Virginia I might lose it.

[News] Progress is Snowballing – Friday, October 18th, 2019

CSE's Mark Jacob's interview on 'Countdown to Classic' (WoW) podcast on 'Camelot Unchained & WoW Classic'

third part of interview series in episode [#125]( starting at 1:59:45 on "*Camelot Unchained & WoW Classic w/ Mark Jacobs*" *** previous parts were: - part 1 - Episode [#12

If I buy it can I play it.

And is the game worth buying ? Seems there's alot of drama going on right now. I loved daoc so I am curious.

What was the original planned release date?

Hey guys, what was the original planned release date for CU? I can't find it on the Kickstarter page. Was it really December, 2015? Thanks!

go go harmonic axe support

This game looks like trash.

The idea of the game is amazing. The problem lies in the combat. If they can't make the combat fun and impactful then it will never fly. People don't just want to hit buttons and apply damage they want visceral combat. They want to feel their hits la

Is anyone concerned that there's still an NDA?

Does anyone feel that at this point, the NDA still being in place is a serious red flag? Are the developers trying to hide from the masses exactly how badly the current state of the game looks and plays? They give almost constant updates on things

The Realm Status

A unique render pipeline architecture -- maybe helpful for the CU engine? > Our render pipeline architecture is a hybrid between a direct draw approach and a deferred shading system, so, our architecture avoids

[News] Shield Be Coming ‘Round The Mountain – Friday, October 11th, 2019

Beta servers

Any idea when we’ll get the servers back up? “Old school” Beta may mean less polish and content but it should also mean far more than occasional testing.

CSE's Mark Jacob's interview on 'Countdown to Classic' (WoW) podcast on 'The Making of DAoC'

[Episode #124]( Between 1h 31m 05s and 2h 39m 25s **** had a previous interview segment on another episode [#123]( that

New here

Hello folks. Been looking for a strictly pvp mmo and it looks like CU is gonna check those boxes. Guild wars 2 came close. That said how do i get involved to help out woth bugs and development and also play. They have about 15 different donation p

Launch date hype

Who is pumped for this? Maybe a date for other betas as well? Yea I am a sucker but it is something to talk about at the very least.

[News] Spearheading The Next Effort – Friday, October 4th, 2019

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