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"The game will never release" and other similar sarcastic replies on this sub-

Your childish impatience (feigned or genuine) will only be vindicated if you continue this meme after the game is released.

So...what's the huge January 2020 news?

Just wondering if I missed it. Do we have a reveal date or something?

I will find a way to make solo griefing viable


Missed Connections

Who is one person from DAoC you wish you were still in touch with? ​ I had a buddy main character named Kzlast who played a ton with until he went to college and just stopped coming around.

How long will life-time add on be available for purchase?

Hey guys, ​ I'm contemplating purchasing the life-time add on, which will also grant me access to beta. Does anyone know how long this will be available for purchase?

The sad part is...

That if they only decided to NOT make their own engine they could be so much further along if not released already. The game itself is simple in design from an MMO standpoint yet so much fun in concept.

Is Camelot unchained still a thing in 2020?

Hello, is CU still in development or canceled? Backed it many years ago with 100dollars,

do you think june 2020 can drop NDA ? as guessing i mean

as title said do you think that ? and will beta 2 drop NDA ?

The Realm Status!

Unveiled: Camelot Unchained Newsletter #62

[News] As 2019 Ends, 2020 Will Bring Forth Something Fun! – December 31st, 2019

Alternative for all those "waiting" - Gloria Victis

Hey, I just found Out about that game, its pretty cool and , of course, niche, but actually pretty good. Maybe it helps some of u "waiting" :)

Where can I found some good gameplay of this game?

I've been reading about this MMO for a long time but I can't find a good gameplay of it From what I saw were millions in investment by kickstarter and everything. I would like to get an idea of what your gameplay will be like, all the videos I saw w


Is beta aviable ? If yes in wich region and the progress will be saved ????

I am really looking forward to playing this game.....

When I retire in about 15 years. It should be ready by then if it is going to happen. In the meantime I just found out about Amazon's NEW WORLD which is going to be released in May 2020. Sadly I had such high hopes for this game since I DAOC was pro

Game or Engine?

CU has been development for years. Based on the limited scope of the game to RVR , I anticipated maybe 6 years with some nice perks. Really liked the idea of a dedicated character towards crafting and siege, but at this point doubt it will be release

AIR system response from MJ during last Q&A concerned me.

Gonna paraphrase: - During the last Q&A, someone asked MJ whether the AIR system will be important for mages to use. - Edit: question was asked around 44:35 in the stream. - MJ responded with something along the lines of: yes it will be import

Overview of Camelot Unchained Monthly Wrap Up.

Just found out about this game...

Hey guys, Im an old school MMO fan. I backed ashes of creation and pantheon hoping for one of them will succeed. I was a big fan of the WVW in GW2, and this game seems to be that but on steroids. This is my question, what state is the game currentl

Character Customization

Hello, I'm new here and I'd like to know what the character creation screen will look like. Is it going to be Sliders (BDO) or presets like in WoW?

For those who need to scratch the itch

DAOC is officially free to play!

Unveiled: Camelot Unchained Newsletter #61

[News] A Stormy End of the Month – Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

What do we know about tanks & melee hybrids?

See title- I'm currently under the impression that the mjolnir class and its equivalents for the other two realms will be able to execute various gameplay styles. By this, I mean a two handed bruiser, an in your face dual wielder, or a tank in out of

This community reminds me of Bannerlord's, but without any of the charm.

Just a lurker putting in his two cents. I can't wait for the game to come out regardless of when. See you guys on the battlefield!

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"The game will never release" and other similar sarcastic replies on this sub-

Your childish impatience (feigned or genuine) will only be vindicated if you continue this meme after the game is released. [..]