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Bless Eternal (KR) - Official reveal trailer + best classes preview ever

Bless Eternal UE4 Mobile game announced.

One thing neat came from this game, these are what the steam icons in the inventory look like now, and I legitimately have broken items in it thanks to bless that I can't get rid of lmao.

Didn't know the game died. A day one Tribute.

Update on New combat changes coming to the Open beta

The Salem Witch Hunt of Bless Online

Man, this game was pretty good. Too bad, everybody had to Salem Witch Hunt this thing to the ground. Combat system was unreal, classes could use some re balancing sure. Optimization was shit sure, but give them a few months and they could have fi

Combat improvements are coming in the next open beta

Bless Online Officially Shut Down After A Year And A Half -

They shut down the official discord.

I was about to say my goodbyes to everyone there. Looks like that's impossible now. RIP every discord moderator and admin a part of that server. And Dulces as well. You were the life of the discord. Good luck with whatever you all move onto!

Thank You

[EVENT] If anyone wants to group up for the last hour of Bless Online...

The game shuts down September 9th @ 0:00 PDT (September 10th 3:00 AM EDT). A few friends and myself will be around during Bless' final hour. We never really enjoyed the game, but it's always fun to hang around before an MMO shuts down. Maybe we'll

Friendly reminder that this is your final week ;)

Enjoy what little time you have left. Don't forget to uninstall this fabulous mmo once it truly goes offline.

Yknow I kinda miss this PoS

Honestly, I miss this game. It was a piece of shit in some cases but its combat was honestly fun and the content was ok. I just wish we could get a lan/invite only version of the game to mess around with friends. After playing a couple other MMOs aft

Lol Frame rate issue fixed with a simple INI. file change

All the Lag and B.S is gone, a shame the Dev's didn't have the brains to do this, im sitting at 200 FPS and i capped it at that. [](

Smilegate RPG and GameOn [Neowiz] signed a contract to publish the MMORPG Lost Ark in Japan :O

Not Today, Gaben

Anyone know about Truebones stealing Assets from Bliss/Neowiz?

Will the hate stay for the Bless Unleashed?

I have to be honest, I barely gave bless a try. I played one of the betas and then didn't even tried or bought afterwards because of the decline. It was a decent game with bad optimization I think. ​ Now with Bless Unleashed only coming

Bless Unleashed Field Bosses

Bless offline

fuck yeah

Private server

Not sure if anyone cares but I would be open to getting into a private server. Anyone thinking about making/hosting one or know how?

Legality of closing a game so quickly aftre launching and giving the impression of longevity/support

I don't understand how it's legal for Neowiz Games to shutdown Bless Online so quickly after the launch. Can someone please explain this to me? I recall constant assurances from Neowiz Games regarding Bless Online being a project they believed in an

Literally just want to use the character creator, any way to do this offline?

So I don't really give a shit about this game. I saw it on an episode of Monster Factory and I thought the character creator looked pretty cool. I like using games to visualize characters in stuff I write, and this game seemed like a pretty good tool

Last Stand of 300 White Knights

Bless Online EU/NA: v3.5.2.0 patch note