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Battle of the Century incoming

Super Armor skills becoming increasingly unreliable

Within the past month or two, an issue has arisen for myself and many other friends and guildmates where players are knocked out of their Super Armored skills while sufficiently deep enough into the animation. Some very common examples are Striker's

Lmao #2

Maintenance - Does it ever end early/when updates finished?

Just got off work all excited to finish my arena quest for the weapon. QQ when I saw the Maintenance Logo.' Wondering if it's worth it to keep trying to start the game.

My body is ready

I recently received a Dim Magical Dagger for my Wizard. Is there a way for me to upgrade it because I can’t enhanced it with a Black Stone (Weapon).

New event

Which fishing spot is the best one to get koibois

What class is the best roll for a beginner?

Just started to play Im looking for a class without much skills and combos. An easy class to play but good at pve and pvp large scale.

Drunken First Playthrough

Daily Questions and Answers Post

Hello and welcome to /r/blackdesertonline! Please use this thread to ask any simple questions you have about the game and hopefully one of our helpful community members will be able to assist you. Also, check the sidebar and dropdown links for links

How to transfer key, interface config between PCs

Hey, So I play on multiple PCs and I wasn't able with the magnificent steam sync so synchronise my settings mainly keys and interface. Is there anyway to do this? Thanks

Too true

Tomorrow's pearl shop patch is....?


Enhancement woes

When will I learn that whenever I try to enhance my gear without advice of valks I lose all my durability and cron stones?

When you remote collect ypur mounts

Is there an AP cap for certain grind spots?

Is there an AP cap for certain grind spots? ​ I see places on the map that say "Recommended" and "Optimal" from my understanding Optimal is the only grind spot that is what ppl call AP capped. If I'm wrong please tell me otherwise but gi

Did bdo jp just get doom? I'm working off of google translate but either its teased or they actually have it now.

Someone help me fkn awaken

So confused I reached level 56 and that part is crossed off and now it just says awaken the hidden power within I got that cool new weapon in my inventory and wanna use someone help me out I can’t track the quest or do anything with

How to find notable changes since I last played?

Hey guys, havent played since end of 2017, i think it was kama part 2? Just wondering if theres a way i can find all the notable changes since then to see if its worth playing again for a few months.

Class rerolling

I'm thinking of rerolling my sorc since I deal way less damage than a wizard even if i have 150 AP and he has 117 AP. It feels so unfair. He managed to solo all rift boss even when they are at their max level while it took me 1 hr+ to kill a normal r

BDO Discord Help V2

Hey guys does anyone use this helper? I got it for my server but cant figure out the prefix for the other commands.

Black Desert SEA 4/24 Patch Notes

Cliff weapon quest

Any tips on why I can't accept the quest from Cliff? He's just not giving me the quest. I finished the \[Boss\] With of Horrors as the event instructed and I'm less than 2 weeks old as a player. [](

Sea monster hunting is officially dead/hard now. (patch note is SEA region. View comment section for link)

BDO wont work!

I just downloaded BDO and started it up on the Steam launcher and it was working fine until i changed it to match the resolution of my monitor and now i cant click start or change settings. The only button that works is enter and it takes me to the s

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

The best guild recruitment I've ever seen


To be honest.. This is a really good addition :)


First time doing Garmoth today. 50% trying to land a hit, 50% running and screaming in panic. At least I got that picture! And two cron stones.


Cronstone Box


Timeline of Major changes to the game that NA/EU doesnt have

Manos Processing came out March 28 [\(13 months\)]( Manos Gathering came out July 12th, 2018 [\(9 months\)](https://www.i [..]

I hope they remember you


When you're not quite as afk as they think...


As everyone's talking about accessory enchantment, time to bring this back


Time to get fishing gear ready




If you were curious as to how long they can delay the major content: Underwater Grinding Area, Black Star, Lifeskill Mastery, Doom. Here is a full list of crap content you're not looking forward to.

Here is the list of MINOR Patch content that could fill up a week of empty patch note content before they are forced to give major updates. *For the purpose of the list, we'll consider RBF Update as a minor since it's just a slight reward boost and [..]

Sea monster hunting is officially dead/hard now. (patch note is SEA region. View comment section for link)


Too true


[Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 24th 2019


im ready~~


Any predictions on how all this new fish money affects the new market place?


Graverobber Afuaru in the Valencia grindspots, what does he give/drop?

I'm really wondering as he has been released in korea quite a while ago (I think, right?), does anyone know what drops he has? [..]

Whats the most easy/mindless/1button class for pve grinding?

Hi guys, ​ Im thinking of rejoining BDO after not playing the game for more then a year. Im looking for a class thats easy to pvegrind with while watching a movie in 2019. Basicly the least buttons i have to press so i can still focus o [..]

Warrior or zerker hystria

Which one would be better for the grind in hystria if both were on same level of gear [..]

Resetting Skills After 56?

i just turned 56 and find i cant mess with my skills anymore. i wasnt warned of this. if i knew, ida reset right b4 i turned 56. maybe im missing something. this seems pretty effed up to not be warned or anything. maybe i was warned and E spammed pa [..]

Black Desert SEA 4/24 Patch Notes


Maehwa 244 AP with TET Kutum, not sure where to grind.

Hey I'm a maehwa lvl 61 with 244 AP and TET Kutum and would like to here your opionions on where I should grind. I want to grind money so I don't mind if the exp is shit. I feel like my AP/DP isn't enough for hysteria but maybe it's just the way I gr [..]

BDO T9 Fantasy horse Doom Bug


Up-to-date Bartali's Adventure Log Chapters 11-15 (translation needed)


Kunoichi PvP Montage