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Played mostly every class to level 56 and none of them seem fun to me, help?

My first class was striker, and what a mistake that was, he was very boring imho, due to just mashing buttons. Then I made a trial mystic, had fun for two seconds and then it felt like striker all over again. Then archer, he was just spammy and was

Is there a site dedicated to skins that are in kr but not EU/NA?

Title :)

Other ways to make money?

Im a lvl 61 ninja 232ap with a nouver. Im not really feeling the ninja pve (the pvp is super fun thoigh and why i play ninja) i was thinking about getting into sea monster hunting. Other than that, what are some other ways i could make money that do

Bugged In Search of SHarper Weapons #6 Giants

I was doing both 'In Search of sharper weapons' and 'a world of enemies' at the same time. After killling the treants for both quests I turned both in. I then recieved the next 'world of enemies' quest however I cannot find the next 'in search of sha

Shai cosplay

Tamer-Only Guild completely Reddit Legal (big black square is filthy tall tamer GM)

People on the Sea knowledge 2019?

So from what i've seen/found in regards to the island residents knowledge is that everywhere iv'e seen they do not include the 4 mysterious island residents that must have been added in the past year. I'm quite lost and now i'm turning to reddit for

SEA Patch notes 06/19

Short question about AP brackets

I'm at 232/235/289 and I was wondering if I need to get 235 AP with both main and awakening to get the extra AP from the bracket. I want to go to Mirumok but I don't know if I get the requirements with the AP I have (I have TET kutum and elixirs but

I've been trying to find where my last contribution point has gone for DAYS, and Kakao support told me they can't find it either.

So I was starting fresh, and decided to withdraw all of my contribution points and start my worker empire over (because a lot of them were in Velia). So I get them all back, except for one. A single contribution point. When I hover over my contribut

[meme]Gonna miss you respawn buff

should I buy red coral airings at duo or tri?

I'm grinding and currently have enough for duo red coral for my sorc should I get that or continue grinding for tri? To stat increase from duo to tri doesn't seem like it's worth the 300 mill more it will cost me on xbox.

For those who's late to the Black Spirit Trace party and shoved it aside until the last week of this event.

New Fadus vs Fogans/Sausans

How does new fadus compare in combat xp compared to fogans and sausans? I heard that it is better SP but I was curious how the combat xp is. If anyone has tested and cares to share that would be appreciated.

Ideas I would like to share

Pretty much just wanted to see everyones opinions on couple of ideas. The first being a marriage system? Like say you go grinding or life skilling together, the grinding exp wouldn't go down and life exp would give a small boost. My other thought w

BDO Striker Montage 3

definitely smells like hystria

Questions About AFK Training

1) Does time on your Book of Training still run while not on a scarecrow? 2) Do EXP boosts apply to AFK training (such as 530% scroll). ​ Thanks and sorry if this has been answered before. I couldn't find my answers.

Manshaums or Fogans?

I'm a 233AP TET Kutum Witch, and I'm wondering what the better silver/hr is between Manshaums and Fogans. I dobt expect a spreadsheet just anecdotal advice. I already grind Fogans and wonder if a switch would be worth it..

Ninja awekening issue

Hi guys, I just reached level 56 at BDO as a ninja, completed my awakening quest and got my weapons. My issue is that after I received the weapons, I cannot equip it or use it because Im not awakend yet. It says I need to learn a skill called Narusa

Are 530% scrolls going to be removed?

Hi, I was wondering if the 530% scrolls are going to be removed or if they're permanent. I'm a little confused because in the patch notes it says they were available until June 5th before maintenance but they're still in the shop...

To this day, I still want to know how this was possible.

PSA: By their own admission, they have until next patch to give us Manos or they straight up lied.

Mystic 239 AP Tet Kutum: Aakman or Hystria?

Archer Aakman 9k+/1hr 278 AP

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Wonderful Ranger (Ignis armor) by Drawme Cosplay


Where are we?


jokes on u it's not even halfway


Taking my first steps to becoming a lahn


Shai cosplay


Changed his mind pretty fast there

​ [..]

Hello FBI, I have a tip-off for you


This is fine.


“Not p2w”




Sky Balloon - Travel Time

Hello, ​ I thought people would like to know a little more about the Sky balloon and how long it takes and stuff. See Below for the results ​ **\*Timers started when sitting down in the Sky balloon\*** **\*Timer Stopped wh [..]

definitely smells like hystria


[Maintenance] Regular Maintenance June 19th 2019


Relic Scroll farm results

I did 100 relic scrolls today to test this method. My results were as follows: Ancient Relic Fragments x500 @ 1.3mil = 650,000,000 invested Memory fragments x453 @ 1.6mil = 724,800,000\*.845 = 612,456,000 Hunter seals x647 (used to buy 323 [..]

Mysterious Chest - from 29th May SEA Patchnotes


To this day, I still want to know how this was possible.


검은사막 레인저 | [BDO] Ranger PvP : Kamasylvian Child


SEA Patch notes 06/19


Late for Traces of Black Spirit party

Im trying to get Grana done but non of the guides are up to date. Anywhere i could find a guide? Missing only couple ones but they are never on the server [..]

Tamer-Only Guild completely Reddit Legal (big black square is filthy tall tamer GM)


Gifting the game to myself

Hey guys, ​ i want to get a polar bear and a hedgehog pet. Is it possible to make myself 2 more accounts and gift the game to myself? Is it possible to get a polar bear and a hedgehog that way? [..]

Crash on NW start

Me and a lot of ppl in my guild crashed exactly at the moment when the NW started, before I could even click the TP. Did anyone else also notice this? What caused this? ​ EDIT: EU, cal1 [..]

mystic or lahn

so im trying to decide between the two. which is better for pve? 1v1? low node wars and which is more fun? [..]

PC Build, halp

Howdy fellas. Currently playing BDO on a shitty laptop and been considering getting myself a propper PC for playing all kinds of games but primarly BDO, what do u sugest i get, parts etc.. But to keep things simple, ive got a budget of 2000$ for PC [..]

BiS gear for Shai ?

So from what i read Shai is being a not so dps strong support class. What is the BIS gear for Shai then ? Shai has alot of super armor on the utility skills and also has a buff that gives 6% Evasion and has an infinite uptime so is it worth going f [..]