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Best way to farm ogre rings?

Drawing my Main in BDO

Starting my first week stuck at home, so I've spent the weekend binge drawing and playing BDO! Tamer is my favorite class so far. Overall, it was a lot of fun drawing her. Not sure, but may do more Black Desert related stuff in future <3 Also, I'm

Is this possible?

Hey guys, so I was afk fishing and got a crescent ring... i was just wondering if thats even possible because im pretty new at the game :) (i was fishing near velia)

[PS -> Xbox] Account Xfer due to Performance

With the performance of the PS4 and PS4 Pro being abysmal, even with SSDs. Are we going to have any chance to transfer our console accounts to Xbox? If the ability is not automated, would Customer Service offer a fee to do so? Should I contact cust

Looking for numbers on lifeskill incomes

Hey I’ve been thinking about switching from mainly grinding to lifeskilling for my income , I’m looking to invest into about 1115 gathering mastery / hunting just wondering if there’s anyone with solid info on what I’d be making with that lev

T4 Hedgehog on steam?

I got the Amerigo pack with T1 hedgehog. There’s also a 1+1=3 pack for wizards. Is it worth buying that just to get T4? Or should I use a T3 desert fox and a T4 shudad courier to get T4 hedgehog. I’ll still have 5 T4 pets assuming the hog succeed

Shiny Gold

When your new to BDO and you finally realize how big and epic this game actually is...just wow...

Life in the ocean~

Mainhand AP bracket affecting Awakening damage?

Now I know that your mainhand ap affects awakening abilities by a percentage...The question is does the bracket ap affect that as well? For example will pushing another bracket from 259 to 261 Mainhand increasing the bracket ap to +100 affect the da

Probably not a bug, and i am just missinterpretation

So i was doing the bartali quest line finally after reach the lvl62 and in the 3º book there is a quest that ask you to equip the witch earring, well i bougth one from the market an use it but didnt work, i thought that maybe i should earn one from

is narc enhancing a good way to make silver?

Im kinda broke now down to my last 100mill would be great if someone can tell me my options for making more silver since i kinda ran out of ideas

Post Patch: How much funds did you get for winning X tier Node War?

I’m looking for info on how much each tier pays now, after this last weeks patch. Please include both the tier and funds received. Optionally include region and size, or easy/med/hard for t1s.

me open 10 vell balls ((thrilling content))

Fastest EXP Grind Spots 56 - 60 | Black Desert Online 2020

Level 64 worth it?

Im a since-launch player and love grinding but i also just want to get into pvp. Id consider myself casual bc i dedicate far more to irl than bdo but i do really care to be great at the game. Now, my main is zerk and he is almost 63. I have saved eve


I hope you like it guys, this is just a fun montage. Please specify what should I do in the comments instead of just dislike, for my improvement. [DUO PLAYS VS 3-4-5 SORCERESS SUCCESSION]( https://

Ranger - succ/awa thoughts?

Hi I m quite new to this game. Started 2 weeks ago. Fell in love with mystic and now I want to try something else. I decided ranger. Also tried Archer but he feels not as good as her. So I wanted to know is Ranger good or bad? How is pve/pvp? I ve wa

My favourite screenshot

Questing in Calpheon for exp, only getting 0.8% no tome, 1.04% with Chenga. Did I miss a change to quest exp?

Title says it all really. I can't think of any reason I'd be getting less now. I've done questing several times and was sure it was always 1.0% no tome -> 1.3% per combat quest with Chenga tome. I'm 58.5, decided to finish out in Calpheon. Notice

Informative BDO youtubers?

Title. Also some ninja youtubers

Going to try BDO for the first time. What are some mundane things I can do?

I mean... fighting monsters and being a hero is cool and all, but you know what I really want? To ride around on my mount picking flowers? Can I terrorize npcs? It would be really funny if I could hoard ungodly amounts of like... hay or something.

What an amazing game we play

3 weeks in so far so good, advice going forward and life skills

Hello all, this post may be long but over the past three weeks i dove in to bdo headfirst and loving it so far! I started as a mystic but ended up rerolling after not enjoying awakening as much as i hoped, unfortunately the oasis event hadn't star

Question about imperial cooking boxes...

I recall there only being one type of cooking box to turn in. Now there are two but I can only make one type (apprentice, skilled, etc.). Was there a revamp that made old cooking boxes obsolete or can I still make and turn them in instead of the newe

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

Spot Review: Grass Beetle. Recommend AP: 290 AP with PEN Kutum. Money/h: 130m+/h


like seriously though


Here is Kunoichi in Lahn's Sanguine Petal Outfit


just my opinion


bdo balance meme


I never take my time to look at the beautiful world design, but once I do, Im always stunned.


What are some little things you adore about BDO?


What an amazing game we play


Bezerker logics


Light in the darkness


That face when you're waiting for your friend in Heidel but the couple next to you wont stop talking about the ball.


Upcoming Windows 10 update (20H1/v2004) will fix multiple monitor stutter caused by DWM. FINALLY!


Simple Witch Succession Guide


Sometimes you just get hit in the face with the gorgeous graphics and feel like taking a screenshot :p


Thought I’d share my ranger! These graphics are beyond gorgeous!


My DK~


Silver per Trade-in Item BDO NA Sheet Updated - Shining Shakatu's Seals Added

Hello everyone, I've updated my spreadsheet to add a sheet regarding the best/worst turn-in items you can get for the new and improved Shakatu's Seals, the Shining Shakatu's Seals. I would like your help, however, in deciding the best way to frame [..]

how to wake everyone up at 630 in the morning


Loving Awakened Lahn ⚔️


Ok I just came back to bdo and got this as a drop I tried using the wiki and the only thing it shows is the same description as in the game what does it exactly do?


What's the highest possible AP you could reach atm?

Even if it's hypothetical or near impossible, what's the highest someone could reach atm? &#x200B; Thanks! [..]

How is this possible? Is there some unlisted increase in weight somewhere I should know ?


Going to try BDO for the first time. What are some mundane things I can do?

I mean... fighting monsters and being a hero is cool and all, but you know what I really want? To ride around on my mount picking flowers? Can I terrorize npcs? It would be really funny if I could hoard ungodly amounts of like... hay or something. [..]

Why do my skills lock up like this?


does the jordine storyline wrap up in the main quests or do i need to find some sidequest or what?

I just made it through Mediah and then got to valencia city today and i keep waiting for jordine's return but like, it doesnt seem to be coming. Do I need to do side quests to get the rest of that story or is it unfinished? [..]