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Collection random box

What does the random collection box contain? Ty


Hey, it's been a long time since I have played this game. The Vampire girl had just come out (carmilla or something) when I had stopped played. I'm sure it hasn't changed, or has become worse, but is this game still heavily P2W?

PVE Setup for Arthur

Hello guys, ​ I just saw this leveling guide []( and want to reproduce the Arthur setup. How does Arhur deal so much magic damage? ​

Launcher won't launch

I press the button to start the game and nothing happens nothing load, i use W10

Guard Mercs

A while back they did the lvl 130 main event with free mercs that are locked in terms of equipment and gear till you convert them to regular mercs, is it still possible to convert them to regular mercs? im a returning player but idk if i should conti

Next Main quest after Frozen Adlivun?

Basically what the title says. I finished the frozen adlivun quest line, got sent to Ygg for a second time for like 5 tbs-ish type quests and now I'm kinda lost. Where should I go to continue?

Stuck in limbo.

Trying to get to titan to do Forgotten City and it hangs. It's been 30 minutes and about 10 program open/closes. Why is there PVE content on a pvp server and why does it always hang? Does anyone know how to fix my character being stuck and how to

New Blog Post: All Skills Should Scale


Why are TBS battles locked at 30 FPS?

The rest of the game is 60, what gives?

Battle music played for the first few battles in game, now it's silent.

Anyone know a fix? All of the oggs play if I activate them in Windows.

XignCode/Games like this?

Hey there, I enjoy AO, but find myself a bit freaked out after hearing how invasive xigncode is. I was wondering two things; first is xigncode also present on european AO (I'm vaguely aware the EU seems to be stricter in its privacy laws) and second,

2 questions from a recently returned player starting over

OK, I have a couple of hopefully simple questions, although I see this reddit isn't super active, which scares me a bit. ​ First, when I came back I choose the Thebes server as my home. However, I'm noticing that other than the gold sel

Fast way to make gold?

Whats the fastest way to make gold ingame without item mall? Selling items in market tends to to take too long so Im looking for ways to gain gold fast and be able to afford 100b+ items. ​ Currently im doing the following: ​

Quick question

I played back in the 2010-2012 period, but that account appears to be lost. So I started a new account and discovered that for some reason the game grants me a full formation through giving me six faceless suits of armor. I'm now up to level 25, an

Launcher won't launch

Hei guys. I've redownloaded the game after a long time, installed and then some message about C++ appeared then the installation finished successfully. I cannot seem to be able to launch the game at all, any idea on how to fix this? Already reinstall

Evil King J's Onslaught this weekend


ultra instinct battle between slaves support

Chaos Ladder PVP, what is it?

Hi, there is any information about what is the chaos ladder PVP? i haven't found a single video or more info about this mode, thanks. Thinking of downloading the game again to play this mode.

Atlantica Day is this weekend, January 26 & 27

[]( Even if you can't actively play, stay logged in for free stuff!

Rare camel

This mount is very hard to get specially in the little limited time we have. I still need about 7k baits to get it and the event ends in 10 days so do you think the event will be extended? Like many events before it usually they extend them by a wee

No battle music

Can someone help me I installed atlantica today in the begining everything was fine but now the battle music is gone. I re-installed the game but i didn't help

Lets talk about the MASS ban.

I was a hardcore AO player couple of years back until the BIG BAN hit, I have no clue why my account and many other innocent accounts got banned, Im pretty sure all I did was trade via market cos I was not super active before the ban. I still dont

Is Chiro a good merc?

I've got a level 155 Chiro with all magic at level 1. I like her and I was wondering if it was a good idea to invest on her or just focus on maxing my Jessica.

Situation Atlantica Online NA

Hi guys, I'm a nostalgic player of atlantica online. I played in 2009 but in 2012 I left the game. Now I am thinking to come back but how is the situation in NA servers? Is there a good population? I read a lot of posts on reddit. There are different

Come celebrate Atlantica's 11th Anniversary this weekend!


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Collection random box

What does the random collection box contain? Ty [..]