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Questions on gamestate

So I used to play this game pretty religiously, whaled a good bit, the works. I dont have an account anymore but was thinking of coming back and playing from the start. As I recall it was really easy to level up the first 120 levels last i played, ca

Lunar Moon Mount (new as of Jan 21, 2020) - Details in Comments.

Haven't played since Valofe acquired the game

Is the game worth getting back into? I really loved the combat. How is the state of pvp? Is the game overall still relatively active/populated? What, if any, are some major changes they've made

Are server still down? says "unauthorized IP"

10 hours maint today, I hope for new content...

Let's hope... :-)

Going back to Atlantica Online! Any tips and whats new?

I forgot my old account so creating a new one. But what are the things that changed in AOL? Major changes and any tips for starting??

lot of questions pve related

im planing on building a merc who can help me 1hit ko mobs so i can have easy er time in end game pve also for exp grinding... im using Guan Yu heard his aoe hit like a truck so with that what minimal to maximum gear etc needed for him to 1hit ko st

Do Minstrel Skills Scale?

I heard a rumor that Valofe "stealth scaled" the Minstrel mercenary and/or that there is a set of quests to do to unlock this skill scaling. I have a Minstrel on one of my alts, but she is low level and her skills don't display anything about her ski

Beginner trying invasion

Is there any detailed invasion guides for beginner, haven't try all the invasion but all the monster I faced hits so strong, I guess I might be able to get a better result

Also returning and I have a few questions

I'm thinking about returning and continuing with my old account I created when I (again) returned in 2017. I don't remember much about what I was doing with my formation, but if you guys had any tips, that'd be great! Currently I have: Champion - D

Stuck in the Tutorial

Hey everyone after a long time i returned to AO i made a new Character but im stuck in the tutorial it wont teleport me to the next main quest

Re-returning... maybe?

Dunno what came over me... maybe it's the fact we (brother & friends) used to play this years ago and we started during XMAS season... maybe it's because I'm curious or maybe it's because I'm nuts lol. Used to solo run Goonzu with a CannonM... h

Returning after a year break, gonna try to start over from lvl 1

What main is fun for PvE? I like healing mercenary like soraka umm I mean shaman but once I reach higher level her heals feels like nothing, is there any good healer main or mercenary or it's all about damage in higher level fights? Any server sugg

Where to grind for money and possibly gold 120+

Hi I just hit 120 on my main and I'm wondering where I can farm for xp and gold. I do 2 olympic towers a day but that's about it. Any idea is appreciated. Also where is a good place to get latest information about this game? It seems like most for

Khun Phaen's book

Where can i get khun phaen's book? I check the market and no one sell thunderbolt slash? Is it limited to item mall?

AoA rin's skill

So I played AoA againts someone who picked Rin. Naturally, she used bloody string, and she used it on carmilla. Normally carmilla would've died right? But after 1 turn, carmilla comes back alive. How? There's no riva faust to ressurect her. Anyone k

Is the game """"worth"""" playing ?

Hello guys I was searching for a game to play while I watch a stream and I stumbled upon AO and I was wondering if there was still active players in the game and if I can have fun in an only PvE playthrough (PvP is not my thing) . How much hours d

constant dc....

I was wondering does anyone else have this issues too? I cant event lay the game more then few mins and i just get dc.. it like my client completely closes(does not boot me back to log in screen).. so i have to pretty much re boot the game and its ge

Questions about 100+

The last time I played they introduced TBS.. the stupid Fire Emblem clone mode that was disgustingly slow. Have they removed this core mode from the game? Or is it still heavily enforced to play still? I also noticed every new patch there would be

making L gear questions

Once i have a weapon at a plus 10... am i able to use ether atlas ores to make it to L or can I use the safe atlas ores(I forget the name? But if so how many atlas ores or the other ones do I need or about estimated? ty in advance cuz im gonna start

Trying out AO agian.

i used to play AO many, many years ago around vampire release i believe. were looking at trying out the game agian but since its been so many years i basicly know nothing about the game. from what i could find Sikyon server would be the best place

Just came back after a long hiatus (2012/2013). My characters are missing a LOT of their gear.

Yo everyone. A long time ago I played this game, and it was awesome. Now my characters are way lower level than they were and all of their gear is missing. I had a team of 100+ characters plus plenty more in the merc room, and now so many things are

Worth coming back to ?

Was wondering what the overall status of this game is these days, I used to play it a fair bit and now I really wanna go back but not if it's become too beginner-friendly or if there are too many issues since Valofe has taken over. I tried looking f

Spooky Halloween is back

Get some the best Accessories in the game for free from the event now.

Transfer character to another server? From sikyon to Argos

I’m on sikyon and it seems to have a high population of Spanish speakers. I don’t understand the language and was reading Argos have more English players.

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Questions on gamestate

So I used to play this game pretty religiously, whaled a good bit, the works. I dont have an account anymore but was thinking of coming back and playing from the start. As I recall it was really easy to level up the first 120 levels last i played, ca [..]