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Transfer character to another server? From sikyon to Argos

I’m on sikyon and it seems to have a high population of Spanish speakers. I don’t understand the language and was reading Argos have more English players.

Dead game? Debating on coming back.

I have over 8mill night. Looking to come back is the game active? I mainly like the pve part of the game.

New start

Hello there. Im planning to return into game with new start. With one version should i choose? NA or EU? With one server? Long time ago i was play bow main. I need some advice for pvp formation. What is playable now with bow exacly. At this point i d

Reminder: this weekend is AO Day weekend

There will be awesome prizes and buffs all weekend: [](

Fist Mercenary Idea

Hey Guys, I was in the shower and had a thought. Fist mercs SUCK! So with inspiration from one of my other favorite game, I thought I would come up with an idea with a new fist mercenary that's useful, makes you think, and fun to use. ​

How to download NA version of Atlantica

Hey guys , I'm trying to download the North American version of the game as that's where my account is but I cant seem to be able to find a link. I can only find the EU version,could someone help?

Spear main questions

Hei. Could anyone help me with the best spearmain form for pve and talents? Would like to know which set up is best for him to have perfect dmg and fast clear in pve. Thank you! B

VLauncher trouble

Hi guys. I am an old player returning and the launcher gives the “VLauncher has quit working” message. I can launch the game using .exe but it won’t let me log in completely because it’s a different game version now than the most recent full

Atlantica Europe

Hello. What is the state of AO Europe. I would be interested to start there. Are there any English speaking guilds or just German/French communities?

pve mercs questions and end game pve questions....

I deleted my old post because figured out about **Riederans** armor set vs abyss.. but anyway my questions about PVE mercs what ones are best at end game pve? I been trying elem out. I just don't know how she is in hall of chaos etc( she ony lvl 15

Where do people farm gold and what's the best thing to jackpot for money?

As the title says, what is your advice?

Returning after a few years. PVE Main Questions

Hi All, I used to play this game so much under NDoors and then Nexon, right before the merger to Valofe. So I know I am out of luck in getting my old account back, so I'm ready to start fresh, but I have a few questions if anyone can help me. 1) I

Been a few years, is this game still p2w?

Just curious, I used to love this game but quit a long time ago (think it's cause of p2w but I can't remember). I just remember the game being slightly pay to win.

Cannon Main Merc.

So, I am currently a lv137 Cannon Main. For my mercs., I have Puppeteer-Warlord-General/Hippolyte-CannonM-Patriot/Shen Hong-Elementalist-Vampire I am thinking on adding slave warrior to my formation. I also hear that Lich is a good merc. Would Lich

How does the percentage work for skills like Green Dragon Glaive?

For example, if you look here: []( You'll see MP cost, Health (with the minus value) and a box for a percentage. What is tha

Opening multiple boxes

Is there an easy way to open multiple boxes? I know the in-game feature has been disabled for quite some time and won't be coming back (probably). But is there some way to open these boxes without falling foul of the the gameguard? Cheers.

Cannon Main Talent

So, I just completed my lv130 upgrade and opened the talent feature. I am not sure where I should invest. Any suggestions?

New area 'Antark' added to the game

NA Website broken

Is the NA site in Korean and not talking about Antlantica for anyone else? Yesterday it was fine, but now it is totally different. When I go to old links like the old download page I get a 404 error. Update: The website seems to be back to normal no

Ghost Spearman?

I am currently working on Ma Yun-ling questline and I have to kill ghost spearman. How do I find them? Auto-move takes me to middle of nowhere, where there are no mobs.

Returning Player

So I'm thinking of returning and just wanted to see if anyone can tell me how the state of the Macedon server is currently and if there's any event or giveaways for new player since i lost my account on the transfer

New player, which server to join?

Where do you even start after not playing for really long time?

I stopped playing before the Starstone system was introduced so not much clue what's that all about tbh. Currently is bowM lv170, although party mostly 160. Got most of the marcs back in the day minus a few super rare one like astrologer. I didn't g

Install problems

Hey all! I used to play AO when nDoors and later Nexon ran it. I did not transfer my character when VALOFE took over, but I am happy to start a new one now. It's been many years I keep having a pretty frustrating error message though. Whenever I tr

a few questions before starting again.

just want to ask a few questions about the current state of the game 1: hows the population? 2: is the market items still absurdly expensive? 3: is it better to continue with current account or make a new one? 4: from what i read here, making a n

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Transfer character to another server? From sikyon to Argos

I’m on sikyon and it seems to have a high population of Spanish speakers. I don’t understand the language and was reading Argos have more English players. [..]