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New area 'Antark' added to the game

NA Website broken

Is the NA site in Korean and not talking about Antlantica for anyone else? Yesterday it was fine, but now it is totally different. When I go to old links like the old download page I get a 404 error. Update: The website seems to be back to normal no

Ghost Spearman?

I am currently working on Ma Yun-ling questline and I have to kill ghost spearman. How do I find them? Auto-move takes me to middle of nowhere, where there are no mobs.

Returning Player

So I'm thinking of returning and just wanted to see if anyone can tell me how the state of the Macedon server is currently and if there's any event or giveaways for new player since i lost my account on the transfer

New player, which server to join?

Where do you even start after not playing for really long time?

I stopped playing before the Starstone system was introduced so not much clue what's that all about tbh. Currently is bowM lv170, although party mostly 160. Got most of the marcs back in the day minus a few super rare one like astrologer. I didn't g

Install problems

Hey all! I used to play AO when nDoors and later Nexon ran it. I did not transfer my character when VALOFE took over, but I am happy to start a new one now. It's been many years I keep having a pretty frustrating error message though. Whenever I tr

a few questions before starting again.

just want to ask a few questions about the current state of the game 1: hows the population? 2: is the market items still absurdly expensive? 3: is it better to continue with current account or make a new one? 4: from what i read here, making a n

Shen Hong or Beggar Su ?

For both PvE and PvP. which one is better ?

Restarting BowM

Hi Everyone, ​ I havent played this game in years I currently have a BattleMage Main. But I want to restart as a BowM please give me the units is great for PVP with BowM. ​ I'm thinking: ​ Dark Sage/Valk/? Gig

Staff Main Mercenary question

Hi everyone, which mercenary are good for a staff main ? i started 2 days ago. And should i start new with a bow main or are staff main and bow main equally good ? thanks for answering

Newbie tips and guide

Hi, I've played Atlantice a while ago, mostly due to the Turn Based mechanics and how i thought it was fun and different from most things, not anything close to competitive or hardcore, and just got back into it ( after learning i've lost every merc

what people think of subscription server idea?

I used to play AO. Always thought of coming back, but remembered how much pay 2 win it is(also how much the grind is). ​ I'm just throwing out the idea of a subscription server where there is no cash shop. I doubt it'll ever happen. J

Atlantica Online 2 ? (Clickbait)

Hey ! Got you like a pokemon trainer having strawberries for pokemon in his hands. ​ So i just would have the attention to the least members active people if possible to ask a dumb question (mb it is not) Do you have or know a game like

Monster infos

Dear Atlantians, I am an old player that recently restarted this game from scratch. Back in the day, I was a huge monster info collector. In my guild, there are people playing for 10 years who have 95.something % of monter infos. So is it possible to


I am currently a cannon main (lev. 107) and looking to replace my mercs. My current formation is: Northern Viking-Swordsman-Beast Trainer/ Hwarang-Main-Inventor/ Witch-Princess(Elementalist)-Oracle/ I am looking to replace my swordsman with lady knig

[Delphi?] Characters gone

I'm an old player from Delphi server who stopped playing a long while back. Every once in a while I would download the game again and play for a bit to check things out. Today was gonna one of those times, but after I logged in I noticed the Delphi s

Best English Server to start?

I have to confess that I'm latino and sincerely I can't stand the Spanish-speaking players of Silkyon who abuse the global chat as if it were their private chat. ​ I know that Silkyon is the most full and recognized server but I would l

Switched to Bow Main (Marksman)

Hi I made the switch to marksman and I'm wondering what I should do for skills? ​ Right now I have Hwarang's Aura at level 70, this is on a level 140 character. Should I reset and go Empress Blessing? Is Know Thy Enemy better than H.Aur

Very old player looking to comeback

Hello AO reddit, I used to love this game very much ~~and I was thinking about coming back to play this game on a new character~~. I have read these forums to find as much information as possible and the most I get is that this game is very IM heavy

Verification Errors

I remember transferring my account awhile back but haven't played the game in about 5 years. The problem now is when I tried to log into the game it tells me to verify my account. So going onto Valofe and logging in, it tries to send me a email telli

April 24 Server Maintenance

Is the server maintenance not over yet (after 12 hours)? I have been trying to get on the game all day

base combat mechanics

hi, I am wondering what does 450 critical mean on my character inventory mean? 45% ? and what about evasion, 175 = 17.5 ? what is the base multi-hit chance and does action power affect it ? if a ring gives me 2 critical, does that translate to 0.2

Coming Back to the game

Hello everyone, I used to play this game back in 2007 through 2009. I am thinking of coming back to the game after 10 years, and I assume this game would have changed a lot over time. Any tips or thoughts for a person like me? Thanks ^^

PVE formation for rifleman main

Hello guys I asked similar question few months ago and i want to know is it still good. [\_question/]( ​

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New area 'Antark' added to the game [..]