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Lets talk about the MASS ban.

I was a hardcore AO player couple of years back until the BIG BAN hit, I have no clue why my account and many other innocent accounts got banned, Im pretty sure all I did was trade via market cos I was not super active before the ban. I still dont

Is Chiro a good merc?

I've got a level 155 Chiro with all magic at level 1. I like her and I was wondering if it was a good idea to invest on her or just focus on maxing my Jessica.

Situation Atlantica Online NA

Hi guys, I'm a nostalgic player of atlantica online. I played in 2009 but in 2012 I left the game. Now I am thinking to come back but how is the situation in NA servers? Is there a good population? I read a lot of posts on reddit. There are different

Come celebrate Atlantica's 11th Anniversary this weekend!


Returning player needs guides

Hi everyone, I have played AO a few years back and fell in love with the game. I stop by the time the game got crazy about P2W. If I remember correctly I wasnt even level 100 yet at that time. AO has always been on the back of my minds, the closest

Level Cap Raised to 200 and Talents added for 170 and 180 tiers

Lots of changes after last night's maintenance! [\_10\_2019\_Update]( [\_2019\_Talent\_Update](https://atlantica

Thinking about playing again but...

Hi guys, ​ I've played AO few years ago, and this was my beloved MMO. I really loved this game but they've started to add some weird things like place(Troy was it's name I think) where you had to move forward just with 3-4 mercs and get

Which mercs?

So I'm a bit of a new player and kind of in a weird situation. At level 15 I got invited into a guild, and someone ended up powerleveling me to just over lvl 100. So I've outleveled my starter mercs that they give you that cap off at 60 and someone s

Mouse Invert?

Did they ever include this in game? Being a huge turn-based game player I tried this game long ago but couldn't get past the lack of mouse invert (y-axis). I'm in a MMO deadzone and would like to give it a go if this has been addressed! Thanks.

Connection issues

Hello Atlanteans! I'm having trouble staying connected to Atlantica Online using my ethernet wired desktop, but not my wi-fi laptop. My laptop runs the game perfectly. My desktop can't complete a download of the client or a patch in a single

Battlemage returning after a couple year break

I don't know what mercs to picj for my formation i'm a lvl 70 Battlemage and so far i have a Northern viking, a gun merc and a sword merc =/ not sure what i should pick with the 7 marbles i have, also, i have a box that offers a elementalist a monk,

You can now enchant Abyssal gear

You're welcome :-)

2 Atlantica Day weekends in a row!

Valdez announced on Facebook that they will repeat this week's AO Day weekend next weekend. It's been awesome for EXP and crafting. You basically can't get enough experience when you are in your 170s.

Newb returning, any french speaking guild ?

Hello ! I just returned to this game. I played it a little bit a few years ago, and yesterday I wanted to try other mains. Is there any french speaking guild, and on wich server ? ​ Thanks and take care.

Returning player questions

Hi! ​ I was thinking of returning to the game for the nostalgia. I was wondering which server would be considered best for a "new" player, since I didn't transfe acc :/ (PS.: I'm european but only know english and a bit of spanish, no fr

Few question

Hello guys. I have few question. I am 144lvl gun Main and have about 250b. I am pve Player. Formation: --- (Main) (valkyria) -- (bai xian) (patriot) -- (hwarang) (Princess) 1.what should I change to improve this formation? 2.What merc sho

Atlantica Day?

is there a level requirement on Atlantica Day? I dont seem to get anything in my mailbox for my lvl 46 character

Are any of the current IM boxes (for deco/mount) worth the investment? Unsure if to gamble or wait

Organizing storage and opening up multiple boxes?

Im getting soo much items and boxes and opening 1 by 1 is a hassle. Any quicker way?

Mercenary Ranking (Project) - Consensus-based Request

Bear with me here, short story-time, then I'm going to try to explain exactly what I'm looking for and why. ------------------------ So, I haven't played the game in a few months, for RL reasons + just burned out from frequently playing the game for

New/IM mercs

So I saw that this new design contest merc came out and looks nice but I was looking for a while and couldn't find anyone who had her. I know there were a lot of people who bought grim from IM, are the last couple new mercs just not good enough to b

New player - Is there a discord?

Hey guys, im pretty new to AO and it seems like an awesome game. I'm level 50 or so on the server Sikyon, is there a discord that people use? I'm already part of a guild, but I would like having a larger community. ​ IGN - Xeliah

Atlantis Descendant Mage and Battlemage

Hello, I'm looking to get into the game and i took interest in these two classes. Can anyone give me a brief review on strengths/weaknesses and what's the main difference between these two.

Questions about Dark Crystal weapons

Hello fellow AO players, I noticed there's a sealed ability on my DC weapons (even +10), how do you unlock them? And what are those abilities exactly? Also can DC weapons be enhanced using atlas? Is there an L grade for them? Thank you and have a

Returning with my friend after a long break, how is PvE and Cooperative Play?

I never got far last time I played, maybe around lvl 60 with an Axe Main. I convinced a few friends to play again because I saw that the game is still up but I just wanted to make sure that coop is still a thing in terms of mobbing? Like, can you st

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Lets talk about the MASS ban.

I was a hardcore AO player couple of years back until the BIG BAN hit, I have no clue why my account and many other innocent accounts got banned, Im pretty sure all I did was trade via market cos I was not super active before the ban. I still dont [..]