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I am a newbie and I want to get into the game, how do I do that?

Hi everyone, I am sorry if this is a very stupid question. I downloaded the game but I am not able to connect to servers. What should I do? Thank you for your time!

Can't get Virindi bundle to install

I don't know if this is the right place to post, but I cant get the virindi bundle to install. It's saying i dont have visual c++ sp1 2005 redistributable. Every time i try to find it I can't

Reshade anyone?

I saw [this thing]( and don't have the ability to try/test/tweak it this week. Potential raytracing in Asheron's Call for peeps with somewhat recent graphics cards. I don't see any reason it wouldn't work so far.

All New PotatoAC. Pk Server, Perma Death on PK, Not NPK. Full drop on death.

As the title says. server info * 5x xp rate * Character is deleted upon PK death. * 20 second delay logout. (even on normal logouts) * All items in your inventory drop, this includes Foci's, Bonded items etc. Full stacks of items drop on corpses. Y

Newsletter archive?

Hello, does anyone have archives of the old newsletters? My wife's clan was featured once they were called the fuzzys or something like that. I was hoping to find a copy of this newsletter and give to her as a surprise. Anyone have any ideas?

Trade bot plugin?

What trade bot are people using these days?

How do I play as a full fellowship of 6 accounts?

Seen a couple people doing this, can someone walk me through how to set this up? I've always wanted to be a cloud of people

Where do we get plugins now?

I've got ThwargLauncher, and I see Decal is loaded in the top left corner with that little purple book thing. Where do I get plugins?

ArcheAge anything like AC?

I played it at beta and wasn't super impressed but now that they're going buy to play I'm kind of intrigued. The housing system seems pretty similar, and it seems more skill focused than class. Has anyone played it extensively? Thoughts?

Questions on the Classic Dereth build

In reference to []( I'm looking to spin up a private server for myself, can anyone give me a rough synopsis of the state of this build? 1. Roughly Feb 2005 build? 2.

Fighter Ace - same game as AC?

Some might remember Fighter Ace from the Zone days. This once state of the art air-combat mmo, appears to use the same game engine as AC. (physics, landblocks, UI and radar) I

Seeking information on Asheron's Call Beta

My recent wiki work has been focused on getting a more complete picture of early Asheron's Call development and beta testing. Were you a beta tester? Or even better, an old Turbine or Microsoft employee? If so, I've got some questions! To start off,

Trade bots

Looking for an easy way to buy stuff from the trade bots, I know about the $check option but I'm looking for eg: bracelet with epic twohand or something like that. Maybe there is another command or decal add. Thanks in advance.

Nobody asked for it, but i made it anyway...enjoy?

Armor / weapon / jewelry quick swap hotkey mod?

There used to be a few mods which would save a clothing or weapon profile, and be able to switch out with the press of a hotkey. This could really help out on the Hightide server, for the purposes of staying alive. Probably good for tailors and so o

Returning player questions on quests, armor and weapons

Im a returning player, and so far Ive got a war mage and an archer to around lvl 180. Ive looted along the way, but mostly jewelry and underwear with epic wards and epic critter buffs. I need to start building suits tho and gathering weapons to tin

Is the darktide pvp server available?

I recently found out that you were still able to play ac. I miss the darktide pvp server. Anyone know if it’s available?


Does reefcull lag bad for anyone else or is it just me? Thanks

Where to for an old AC2 player?

Missing AC2 and have never tried AC1 - should I? Or where else?

lf guild/patron on hightide

new player just came back to the game looking for an allegiance or just a chill patron on hightide, need to lvl / i like to pk

Shadow Armor Sets

Just came back to AC and was wondering if the new Darkened Mind Shadow Armor was worth farming for. I used to have old school GSA, but seems to be retired now.

Where can I download the files need to play again?

If like to find the .exe and other associated files. Got a new comp and would love to play again. TIA

Connecting to Asheron's call

I can't connect to Reefcull, although I could before. I go through the AC connection screen then as soon as the blue line fills up I get connection to the server has been lost, anyone have any ideas. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the client but

Where to sell high value items?

Whats some good spots where I can sell high value loot for MMDs? Alot of vendors wont buy most of my loot, like this garbage Amuli coat that's 31k value and lvl 150 wield, wont sell at most vendors, looking for ones that it will sell at.

Cant get Virindi Plugins installed, looks for VC++ 2005 even tho I have it

This is gonna be a bit long winded so apologies up front. Im coming back to AC after about 15 yrs. All is going well except I can't get VTank to work. Im on Win 8.1 but also tried on Win 10 eith same exact behavior. I download and run the Virindi

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

I am a newbie and I want to get into the game, how do I do that?

Hi everyone, I am sorry if this is a very stupid question. I downloaded the game but I am not able to connect to servers. What should I do? Thank you for your time! [..]