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Best place to farm Virindi Desecrators?

as title says, any info will help.

Is tanked just fucked for melees/archer on RC?

I cannot get Tank to not fucking freeze up me on RC sever with my melee / archer toons. It continuously just gets stuck in peace mode, or saying "you can only move one item at a time," causing my toons to die. Every godamned night, after about an hou

If you had to build a major suit.

Where would you hunt for majors?

Looking for an dungeon. On a reunion tour.

The dungeon was outside of some town. The entry portal was olthoi, the second portal was golems, I believe pyreal but I could be wrong. That is all I remember. The buffing spot outdoors was on a hill sloping down a little. Thanks for any help.

Oh look...ANOTHER PvP server. Way to keep dividing the playerbase even more. Wait, I know...your server is "What the players really want"

Never let the patients run the asylum, kids.

Getting mag tool errors on one charcter, any ideas?

When I log in on one of my charcters I get a non stop string of error messages, ~~any ideas on how to fix this? ~~ **Edit 2: Solved I had an item in my inventory, that has more mana, then it's capacity allowed. Thanks u/DizzyNerd, for the tip!** EDI

No love for Hea Totem/Rubble Quest Rewards.

When they overhauled—“modernized”, you could say—the gear in this game, they really screwed up some of them. There’s probably others that I don’t know, but Hea Totem quest rewards are dumb. The Elariwood Bow makes sense, I think, given

Tumeroks and Horns

So it's always bothered me that transformed/Hea tumeroks have horns, while the Aun don't. Does anyone know of a canon explanation for this? Are the horns just a random result of Virindi transformative magic? Were the Hea supposed to have always had

How do I report broken quests?

For Reaptide, a GLDE server, the quest [Ricardo's Blood Gem]( is impossible to complete as you cannot combine the gem fragments.

So... ACE have playable melee/archers?

Asking this since I was told to reroll a mage if I wanted to avoid characters locking up and restarting every 10 minutes. Thanks.

Registering for harvestbud down?

Hi, I was attempting to register for harvestbudDOTdamnserverDOTcom but I get a 404. Anyone know if it's down or the registration has moved? Thanks for any help.

So when doing this test I managed to get to 450 million xp an hour, being boosted and having 4 bot follows in the group (55minutes in video). Do you think I can get to the 1 billion xp an hour goal I am aiming for?

Recruiting new and old players Reaptide

I have been recently delving into the emulated server Reaptide. I have played many of the emu servers and this one is by far the most fun. It has 10x EXP boost and 20x quest exp. It is a full loot drop server so it also carries interesting dynamics a

Which GDLE Server Has The Highest Player Population?

Just popped into Reefcull. First time I've been in this game world since maybe 2002. Just wondering if Reefcull is the most populated server. Only really interested in PvE. I'm assuming GDLE is the way to go right now until ACE is ready?

Loot mechanics

I haven't played end game content since 2001, but what is the best loot available these days? Is it creature drop or chests? Or tinkering?

3 hours unattended at withered how long will they last, 5 demon army.

Watch TheGeneralCrow with me on Twitch!


You know a reason why I loved AC? Back in the day playing on darktide and using the command /die to kill yourself. Literally one of the funniest but legit tactics you could use to prevent someone from killing you. I miss AC

3d Printed Lifestone

Finished a 3d printed lifestone, painted it and stuck it on the shelf. ​ [3D Printed Lifestone Gallery](

LF Darktide players from like 08-14

I began playing thraxx 06-07 > The Man of Steal 2008-2010> Doomgaze of Koc. 2010-2013 (years could be off a little) Looking for people like ( I was not the OG of any of the accounts stated above. I began playing really random chars and had thr

So which one do i want? ACE or GDLE?

is one better than the other? I don't know which one to pick?

ThwargLauncher 6.2 - Server Browser and Bugfixes No April Fools!

EDIT: Updated to 6.3 to fix a small issue where the server list would not update. ​ Just in time to seem like a joke, we've released the new version of the launcher. ThwargLauncher 6.2 brings a server browser, which will allow server adm

ACEmulator Monthly Report – March 1, 2019 – April 1, 2019

[]( ​ Log in to Coldeve via Thwarglauncher to check out the current pr



Any good spots for a level 40 warmage to make a stack of MMD’s

I just started on Harvestbud a couple weeks ago. I’ve got my mage up to level 40 and my magic skills are getting to the point where I can start casting level 6 spells. I’d like to earn some Pyreals, so I can learn my level 6’s but it took me a

Decal Installed, doesn't let me log in

I see all check marks on Decal. Everything is updated, copied & replaced right ( to my knowledge). I get to character screen with decal injection. It freezes right before portal space, and then crashes to desktop with no error. After the first tr

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Best place to farm Virindi Desecrators?

as title says, any info will help. [..]