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Anyone know where i can get a working copy of aombh that is being passed around clan and omni at the moment?

Shade Weapon Questions

I've been searching online and asking around in-game but I haven't been able to find a solid answer. Currently I'm dual-wielding QL 160 nippy john stilettos. I've been using them since around level 70. At what level should I move on from them? I

Woooo AO!

Covid work from home has me being nostalgic. Started back in AO, learned the new start zone, created 10 toons, now I’m thinking of reactivating my paid so I can go back into SL. The nostalgia is powerful... Even pulled one of my buddies back into

Active player count?

Looking to get a general idea of the still active playerbase. I was around till 150 on rk19 and remember a decent amount of people around. What's it like these days? Is rk5 more populated? Thanks in advance! :D

How do i remove background fps cap?

Wanting to dual log with 2 screens but whichever screen isn't in focus seems to be capped at a tiny amount of fps. I can't seem to find an actual setting to turn background fps cap off but i may just be blind, alternatively - is there a setting in

Saving the UI

Hey guys, ive been playing AO on my laptop for the past years. Is there a way i could save that UI and then set it up on my desktop in a few clicks?

Returning player looking for advice.

I've played on and off for about 10 years now, but always played froob. I came back to the game about a month ago and decided to try out the expansions. I'm looking for a good profession to start out in SL with. The main thing I'm looking for is grea

What do you guys do for fun?

Just returned after almost 2 years and unfortunately the population has died down a lot. I used to be really into BS but I see it barely runs at all now except when someone logs 8 alts to do the daily. Soo, what do you do in AO now?

Returning with 2 froob accts - QUESTIONS

Hey everyone, last acct payment was in 2012, I wanted a fresh start (or perhaps just resub on my main account depending on the answers to my questions) ​ info: 1-I want to start playing again to show my gf the awesomeness that was the

To some this may be just a poster of a video game, but to me it's much much more. Thanks FC!


Hey guys I found this game early 2004 when i was 11 and played it obsessively for a good few years...i always come back every other year just to log in and visit my Enf (poorly named Maneater777) and glorious variety of alts but i really want to get

Anniversary Event for RK2019

4 friend's nostalgic IronMan playthrough

Hey all, just a quick story about me and some friends who came back to AO to get hit by the nostalgia train! My 3 friends and I decided to come back to AO and try to play with a custom set of rules to make our experience similar to the old days. **

All my froob accounts were deactivated

Again... They were all deactivated within the past few weeks too. Funcom really is trying their hardest to take this game out behind the barn, and shoot it in the head.

What happened to the guys making another version of AO?

Remember a couple of bitcoin-millionaires started redesigning some of the classes and the "world" we used to play. What happened to that?

If 2019 closes and if there is an 2020. What would you want to see different.

So if we play around with the idea that RK2019 closes and they open a RK2020. What changes would you prefer to see, would you want it the same as it was with RK2019? Personally the changes I would love to see: * Two restrictions, both level cap and

Coming back after about 10 years

How is this game population wise? What faction has the most players currently? What class is currently doing the most DPS? Thanks!

Best Duo

Me and the Wife have been playing since launch off and on, but we've never ever made it past 180. We understand the game (minus any updates over the last 5 years) . We're trying to decide what 2 professions have the best chance of Duoing to 200 and b

RK2019 or Rubi-Ka

Returning after a long break. Should I be rerolling on RK2019? Did that take off?

New player questions

Hi, I just started playing a couple of days ago and I've got some questions. I'm playing as an Engineer Could someone point me toward a walkthrough of how to use trade skills? How do I tell which items work with each other? Also, what are the drink

Returning to Rubi-ka

Got back in into playing AO a couple weeks ago. I stopped in 2010 after playing for 7years. Ao is different but the same all in one. Yes the player base is smaller, but actually it's now populated with players who love the game and not people there

I miss this game.

We had such good times all those years ago. Knight236 was alive. Borealis was a party all the time. We had our spot on RK1 in front of FT, by the pole. I could always find orgmates there... our org was massive. There were always groups running Subway

Tencent tries to revive the game, China gets a fucking pandemic

This game will never be revived, will it?

What's your favorite "part" of the leveling journey?

I have two characters at max level, but I've created more alts than I can think of over the years. I tend to really enjoy the 1-100 part of the game, but I find myself losing interest in a character around that point. I think for me it's just the up

I wish Anarchy Online Devs were as cool as the Neocron Devs. Now Neocron run by the community and these are example Patch Notes the game gets. It's funny because as time goes on the better things get. I think the biggest issue is when the devs gave the community the keys to the kingdom sort of speak the community took a while to learn the

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Anyone know where i can get a working copy of aombh that is being passed around clan and omni at the moment? [..]