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Lightsource in adventurer leet form ?

HI ​ Any lightsource that works in adventurer leet form ? Light bar and Photon Cloak stop working on entering leet form ... ​ THX

How to Make a PVM/TS'er Trader

Hey Folks! ​ Newbie here! With the help of a fantastic org on RK5 (Shout out to True Neutrals) I've managed to get my first toon - a nanomage trader - to level 118. ​ When I get him higher (e.g. TL4/5 IP caps) I would like t

Anarchy Online New Setup Emulator LIVE!

Returning player; Need advice!

Hello you wonderful people, I've decided to jump back into AO (and pay) after a absence of about 11 years. To be honest, I was kind of rubbish when I played then and didn't level past 100 on any character, but this time I'm going to have a better go

Project Rubi-Ka - Closed Alpha Testing

Good Evening! The Project Rubi-Ka team is preparing for an upcoming "closed alpha" testing season sometime in Q4 2019. Please find more details in [our latest blog post]( Don't forget to fill out our tester survey found [here

Slippers of screaming - rk2019

Would anyone happen to have a pair for sale? Thanks ^.^

Trader Endgame PVM

Hey Folks, Relatively new to AO, trying to get into it. I'm a huge team player/support player by heart, and I understand that docs (my second prof choice) are highly desirable for end-game pvm teams, but how is endgame PvM as a trader? ​

Alien invasion?

Any word on when Alien Invasion is coming out on the new server? Doesn't the new server only have a couple months left and AI still isn't out? How do you play without GMI?

Tencent to become largest shareholder in Funcom

New web-based Equipment Configurator / Skill Emulator work in progress (first preview)

(AO FANART) 3d blender-leet sends you on a fetch quest for moar fur. Original post:

New Player Healer - 14 Day Trial

Hey folks!! I used to play this game a bit as a kid (never made it far past 80 if I recall correctly) but I wanted to try it out again for nostalgia sake. ​ I love being the healer in mmos - as a new player which healer is going to be

Question about Meta Physicist

I have really enjoyed playing a MP. However, There seems to be a gap in the power of MP pets. I have been using the highest level anger pet since level 70 or so. The highest level pet I can buy from the superior store has stayed at 119 no matter h

Looking for Help to get back into the game

Hey :) i wanna join back into the game but i remember how big it there anyone with motivation to help me get back in? never see the endgame and much other stuff, but what i had done, was epic and unforgettable xD I will reactivate my old ac

Made a RK2019 tradenet website

To solve the problem of not being able to keep up with all the chat messages that go on in custom trade bots, I made a website that records these and basically just lists them somewhere that you can check any time of the day (without always being log

High-res Saavick's Map

Hey all, I'm looking for a high-res jpeg or png of Saavick's map. If someone could point me in the right direction that'd be great!

The ending of this song brought back a ton of memories from grinding hecklers in Elysium. I spent a lot of time in my youth in that place.

How do i play this game?

I've tried the steam version and it lags like hell and then I downloaded the new version from the official site and all i get is a white screen when i start the game. I've disabled and then removed all custom profiles of this game in Radeon Settings

AO Community Development Resources

Hello, I am interested in developing tools to use for Anarchy Online, but I don't know what I don't know. I have spent a fair amount of time tracking down developers who have made applications and addons for the game in the past, but I am struggling

Looking for a 14 day friend code

If someone still has a 14 day code I'd like to try out the new server a lot before resubbing.

Classic Anarchy Online

Hey all, first time posting here. Was just curious to see who all likes this idea as much as I do. A classic server with base Anarchy Online, and possibly Notum Wars. I'm talking about 2002 version of AO. No perks, or crazy shadowlands abilities. I

Returning to have a look

So I'm returning to ao after many year. Actually I was never much of an AO player to begin with, I only lvl one character to lvl 200 and I never got into pvp. However AO will always be my "one game" so my question tonight is regarding the state of AO

We have not reached level 210 on RK19 and...

It's dead Jim. Maybe a dozen people at best still playing with the usual 6 man alt army lined up in ICC to pump population. Debating on just rerolling on RK5 where at least I can do daily missions and some AI. The rollout has killed the AO relaunc

Old skool

I'm an old school player, went by Talien (rk2 nt). Been reading old forums and watching videos for nostalgia. Had no idea people still played!!!

Looking for a 14 day friend code

# Looking for a 14 day friend code 📷 Looking for a 14 day friend code,i just want to play again AO :) I'm a old player and i feel ready to play again :)

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Lightsource in adventurer leet form ?

HI ​ Any lightsource that works in adventurer leet form ? Light bar and Photon Cloak stop working on entering leet form ... ​ THX [..]