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Anarchy Online installer for Linux

I have been working on a bash script lately that lets you select between the old client, new client and new client with d9vk (dx9 to Vulkan wrapper). It also gives you the option to let it preinstall some 3rd party tools like clicksaver and planet m

Looking for a 14 day friend code

Hi! Sorry if it's against the rules. I tried to ask on discord but had no luck. I've been playing on my froob accounts for a few weeks now and I'm considering to sub now, but first I'd like to check out RK2019 for a week at least. If anyone has a sp

NT solo leveling spots

I have returned to AO again, picking up an NT for the first time. I have always wanted to kite around RK. I have seen some guides on how to build but not on where to level. I find that the subway and totw are too close together. Anyone have any sugg

Is it still as I remember?

Played since launch, on my old P1 133mhz (or was it 450?). Loved it cos of the progression, the procedural questing, etc. Then a few expansions came out and learned to dislike it. Came back a few years later (4/5 years ago?) and saw that the "norm"

"Sometimes, late at night when I can't sleep, I remember my father. We lived in a rust park near Omni-1..."

The Outer Worlds vs AO

Today I, for the first time, heard about The Outer Worlds game. I checked Nintendo switch announcement where one "big" guy was telling the story about the game. And I caught myself on idea that it is way similar to AO. Seems like that game will be s

Virtual vs Physical Worlds - what drives us to both (Psychology Study)

[\_8wWL97IsvTuxBzf]( To participate in this study and do the questionnaire, you need to be an MMO player and 18+. I’m a master student doing placeme

Tower Keeper Tagnat

Looking for advice on finishing the Xan Civilization Quest (Ado Brain) on RK19. Been trying to find a group for the last week, but haven't been able to find a healer to finish the quest with yet. Seems I missed the boat on the majority of players a

Agent questions

I've been playing on the 2k19 server for the last week and having a blast, but I'm not entirely sure if I want to take my crat all the way to end game or make him into a twink for one of the dungeons. ​ So I'm looking at options for a ch

Curious about class balance from a former player

I used to love playing AO, I quit back in the Alien Invasion days. I'm curious if they ever fixed the seriously unbalanced classes in the game? Back when I played there were a few classes known for always being top damage and a few generally known

Couple of questions from a returning player

I just started replaying AO, I played about 10 years ago and loved it. Got a trader and a few other classes up to around 150 from what I recall. Bought the membership last night, but I've got a few questions. ​ I'm finding myself torn

So.. is it dead? - RK19

I've been on a break when it was capped at 75, decided to check back later to make a shade and have some fun that way. Back then, it was very busy, very active overall. Returned yesterday. Been playing shade all day. Did some backyarding, saw a few

What gear to wear?

Lvl 28 crat atm on rk 2019. What armor should i be getting for lvling solo? Weapons i dont think i have ip for? Hopefully CDR later. ​ Thx for suggestions ​ Edit: How do i make money for imps etc? just loot all junk?

Starting a nanotech on RK19

I’m having a hard time killing lower level mission mobs ... very poor.. plan to just get some levels and get to subway armor - got a set of ofab pistols from a friendly/sexy lvl 30 shade - should I even try to use them? My pistol is 61 and it’s m

Discord server?

Can I get an invite to an AO discord server, in case I decide to come back?

What is Twinks?

I saw an old post that talked about twinks.

Callin it

Been fun guys/gals. There isnt enough activity to keep me playing. It has been a blast reminiscing and replaying. Originally played from launch day till febuary of 2013, leaving was the hardest thing I had to do. Caught wind of the 2019 server an

How populated is the new 2019 Server?

The Original server is dead, nothing going on, im wondering a few months after release if its still populated? I don't want to buy a sub and then find out its pretty dead. Anyone have a realistic player count? ​ Also : do u think classic

Missions from terminal

i am currently level 34 Neutral froob and i am trying to pull missions from terminal at my location (Borealis) the problem is that i am not finding any missions using mishbuddy. There are missions at Wailing Wastes, Stret West Bank, Holes in the Wall

Damage override and added damage.

How does added damage and the damage 'conversion' of damage override weapons and items stack up? I'm playing a Fixer in the mid-40s ATM, and currently still using two Poison Injector Bracelets from the starting area (which override your damage type

Resubbed. Payment taken and still frozen

Resubbed after about a year away, fancied running around with a new character perhaps even on the new server... so entered my account information processed the payment... It remained at pending for about an hour. Then went to approved. Green light, "

Duck Exp: is it actually important for SL mobs?

Lots of legacy guides for skilling different professions suggest that, while not important for RK, duck explosive is a common defence check for SL mob attacks. Before I dump a whole load of IP into it, can anyone confirm that this is true or another

The "perfect" trifecta with 2-3 accounts?

Since i got 2 friend codes and like to be mostly self-sufficient i thought that i give it a try with 3 accounts for 2 weeks and after that we'll see if i keep 2 or 3. This is what i'm thinking so i can both farm most instances, ts and buff myself.

PVP on new server

how is it? bg active and duels etc?

Are Ely and Ado heck teams a thing again?

Thinking of resubbing for the first time since last year to play on rk2019. I have fond memories of tiig, ely heck and ado heck teams back in early SLs times. With the release of SL have these returned? Also how is the pop on rk2019?

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Anarchy Online installer for Linux

I have been working on a bash script lately that lets you select between the old client, new client and new client with d9vk (dx9 to Vulkan wrapper). It also gives you the option to let it preinstall some 3rd party tools like clicksaver and planet m [..]