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Retail or private server?

Private server or retail is more active?

Official Allods classic 4.0 server

There are rumors about classic 4.0 Allods online (Gipat patch iirc) server russian developer is making. Any news about that?

Open Source private server?

I used to play Allods many years ago, and I'm seeing paid private servers, which usually means open source private server work somewhere. Anyone got links?

Some of the old SS ....

so i went thru and found some of old SS there are actially not many comparing to other games i have played which is a little bit sad... 1st time  imet Ryosei  i actually took this one because he abused npc.

Is the game dead?

I played pre-gipat and was excited to hear the game was on Steam looks very, very dead. I wanna come back and play a bit while my WoW sub is down but idk if I'm gonna play a dead game.

Is there any private server worth checking out?

I know of a russian server which has a non-existent english community and a brazilian server which is a complete grindfest. Is there any other server out there?

Imagine making a game...

Then having less then 200 people on the subreddit. Any onde playing? Beggan as a mage in server evolution.

Nostalgic player coming back after literal ages

Nostalgia hit me hard just now, Allods was my first mmo ever, and I am still in love with the world and visual style of the game. If I remember correctly I left shortly after bards were introduced, a whole lot seems to have changed since then. My qu

Allods Paradise 4.0 Private Server

Come and play, this server is insanelly fucking sick, the best i've ever have played. Every content can be buyed with in-game gold (All Boxes, Runes, V Patronage) All World Mysteries rubys completed (Except DC and GT, wich are the raid ones) In

Allods subscription

Hey, just downloaded the game and want to know if a subscription is worth it?, , what do you get with it? I know 5 euro a month is nothing. Do they have a big player base,, I just don´t want to commit to a game and not find it worth it like the oth

Is this game going to be playable again?

I just read an article about the game, that says the game is about to hit a new big update. You can almost call it Allods 2.0? So i was wondering if they would make the game less pay2win (like in closed alpha) to get more players attention to it? Are

Action combat addon?

Hi all, I steamed this game today (first time playing since 2012!) and had a bit of fun! However, I can't do tab combat again. Is there an addon that allows me to not have to hold down the right mouse button constantly? Also, is there a way to atta

Addons in 2019

I recently downloaded Allods again, and I'm wondering where I'd get addons andd which still work on this patch. isn't really helpful, because I can't speak russian (and I'm not going to pay for addons). Can you recommend any addons?

How to get the Xadaganian Steed mount skin "Veil of Fog"?

How to obtain the mount skin Veil of Fog for the Xadaganian Steed?

I'm triplet and I love gibberlings

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Starting over

Greetings, I used to play Allods untill like 3 years ago(I've started the game in like 2012 and for 3 years i was addicted that i would wake up at 10am and play for 16 hours). I literally fell in love with the game and i stopped playing due to some p

How dead is this game exactly?

I've only seen 2 other people so far in the city you start in as an Arisen. I have a few hours put in but have yet to see anymore players.

Why do Risen have tails?

I don't know if they're actual tails or if they are just cyborg hardware. What purpose does it serve? Why do they have them?

I like to revisit this game from time to time and every time it just makes me sad

I played this a lot during the closed beta all the way to reincarnation update. After that I had an on-off relationship with the game until I stopped completely three years ago. I still login every once in a while, mainly because of nostalgic reason


Any good Popular Private Server?

Any good Popular Private Server?

Worth Play?

Is this game worth Play? Also is popular?

steam controller?

Anyone here have luck playing this with the Steam Controller? I have it installed via Steam and in Big Picture mode, and still.. mouse clicks just don't work with anything but the real mouse.

The Problem with Allods

I used to play in the open beta.. I stopped playing some time after the major reworks to classes, like Mage losing the "build up entropy" system. The title is "The Problem with Allods" and of course the pay 2 win aspect is the big villain in this, b

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Retail or private server?

Private server or retail is more active? [..]