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looking to get back into the game was wondering if anyone had any advice

Kidnapping help where is the knockout powder?

It says on the website that one has to go to the grocer to get the powder to do kidnaps but where is it? I see no powder there that the grocer should sell. Where is it?

Help! New how to download?

Hey fellow AOW players. I’ve played this game before and I forgot how I’ve download it.. would anyone be so kind to explain how to download the game with the new installer. What is the difference between patch and client and what should I downloa

Developing Private Server

Anyone Interested in Collecting Packets to Create a Private Server, and Release our own Updates/Patches for Age of Wushu?

what is going to be better in remastered version?

any1 know? if it gonna be less ping2w or just better graphic?

Wuxia server in 2018

Hello, guys! I think we have a lot of servers of AoW, a lot china, some private and SEA. So question is which server at this moment is good to start play again?

Is there a pirvate server for Age of Wushu

Similar how there is for archeage?

A few questions to help a brand new player.

I am sorry for any formatting I never make Reddit posts. I understand this game has a lot of issues but me and my fiancee want to play any ways. So my questions are \- Which version roughly has the highest population? I understand no one probably

Age of wushu Pvp DafuQ & Bloodmist vs Supmeme& Tdg

They disabled RE even for VIP users?

I love this game but I think it’s dead

AoW Worth playing?

I just want to know state of the game. Is it worth playing now? How big is the player base? How big is lagg for the people in EU?

People of Age of Wushu, join r/prequelmemes in the great meme war to destroy the axis and revive this subreddit, let it be known you still exist!!

Regarding the Age of Wushu remaster/sequel

Alright so I guess Age of Wushu remaster is launching in Asia in April and the development on Age of Wushu 2 (the survival game one) has been halted to focus on the remaster. Couple questions 1.) Where can we discuss these games? /r/ageofwushu2 is

Card charged but did not receive gold

Bought $30 worth of Age of Wushu gold yesterday and I did not receive anything from Snail on my account. It gave some error buy my card was charged anyway. I don't understand how can they have systems in place that can take your money so easily

Sad what this game has become

Full of bots, cheaters, terrible netcode and lag and a company that doesn't give a hoot. It's painful to do anything because the game is lagging 80% off the time even with a VPN.. (I live in Canada, that says enough).

English Language for King Of Wushu

I downloaded the game but I can't get it to work in English, anybody knows how?

eu server alive ?

it's still in EU right ? and how populated is it thanks

King of Wushu (sry for posting here, no info found)

Sorry posting this here, but I couldn't find no info about it. In what situation is it ? Closed Beta, China only. The entirely site is in chinese.

MADE A BETTER VIDEO (sorry for all cap)

How to Cultivate Video

i sampled age of wushu, let me know what you think!

Are there still people playing age of wuhsu??

Just wondering if there are still players who plays this game??

Quality control in this game is more than a little frustrating

How to build a yang internal character?

I would like to use sunset sword but it deals yang and it's skills is internal. Which inner/faction should I use?

All schools 6th inner max level attributes

Where can I find informations about attributes of 6th inner max level?