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Playing With Friends

Should a friend and I join the same school? What are the benefits and downsides of joining the same school?

Where do people tp in private server moon?

Any single sword skillset that has flower petals or snowy/icy visual effect?


Age of Wushu Update

I dont know about you guys but I'm actually looking forward to the next update coming in a couple days or next week (whenever it comes)A lot of you may be drained out and feel like it's not worth it but I feel China is taking over Age of Wushu NA or

State of private server?

How is the population, cash shop, content etc. Is it in english or is it in another language with english patch?

Is this game worth coming back to?

Just started looking at this game again and was wondering if the servers are dead? I was also looking at age of wushu dynasty is it worth giving a go?

Rootless, POMF, PBI Skill Reworks with new 9YIN Update

[]( **POMF:** \- Rage Increased DMG + Increased Hit Rate + Yellow Armor \- Grafting can be cancelled with parry break ability \- Can cast stun ability right after using Parry break abili

9YIN Fresh Server Update

Hello Everyone, The new server has been confirmed to release next week on June 14.[]( For those of you who are interested in joining I will be linking the 9YIN Dis

(NA) Too late to start fresh?

Is it not good for new player to start playing anymore? I mostly do pve stuff ; quests, story, dungeons etc. Will I be able to enjoy pve stuff without getting pk by high level players constantly?

Snowsword build?

Hi! I really like the snowsword skillset but i dont know which merids and inner i should use to optimize, stats in gear and treasure would also be very helpful. Is there also any certain combo i should know? Thanks

Starting fresh Starting strong

Hello SO after roaming serveral chinse servers I realized that tianshan is the strongest or really one of the top sects, I see them alot with peach bloosom etc as sub sect. I wonder how you bulid tianshan , what skill set to max becouse I simply can

9YIN Fresh June Server

Hello, First of all, thank you so much for participating in my poll! I'm glad to see so many people still interested in the game. There were a lot more people interested than I initially thought. Currently with almost 40 people interested in start

is Chinese age of wushu worth investing time into?

how P2W is it compared to NA and EU is there an eng patch The ping? is it dead ? barely surviving ? or Alive ? thanks

Age Of Wushu Fresh China Server Poll

Hello friends, []( First of all, if this shouldn't be on this Sub then feel free to delete. :) I'm starting a poll to see how many people would be interested in joining the fresh serv

Brings back memories

Just watch this video and reminded me of the old times. [](

Good time to play?

Hey, Just wondering if this is a good time to start playing the game for the first time. I've heard some good and some bad things about it so I am curious if it's any good, and if I can just hop in right away and start playing.

Old Beta Player Wondering What's Going On

Hey all, I'm an old AoW Beta player from Blue Dragon and was wondering what is going on now? Who are the top guilds now? How is the server population? Is Snail still acting sketchy? Are there still bots everywhere?

Taiwan Server English Community

Hello I am interested in playing on the Taiwanese server (BFAGE), are there any english speaking people playing there that I can connect with? I am also considering getting VIP, is it possible to get it just from the taels made in game as non-VIP? Th

How do I change the language to English??

Site not loading

I would like to check out this game again but I can't even get to the site. The browser wont load the page. I'm wondering if they are blocking traffic from the US and if so can I have a country where they're allowing traffic?

Dedicated server

Hey guys, I was wondering if, by any chance, is there a way to create a personal dedicated server, to play single player? ​

Any news on the sequel?

I remember there was supposed to be a big announcement or something in September. Any news on the progress of AoW 2?

looking to get back into the game was wondering if anyone had any advice

Kidnapping help where is the knockout powder?

It says on the website that one has to go to the grocer to get the powder to do kidnaps but where is it? I see no powder there that the grocer should sell. Where is it?

Help! New how to download?

Hey fellow AOW players. I’ve played this game before and I forgot how I’ve download it.. would anyone be so kind to explain how to download the game with the new installer. What is the difference between patch and client and what should I downloa

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Playing With Friends

Should a friend and I join the same school? What are the benefits and downsides of joining the same school? [..]