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The Devil's Pass Region in the Wild Lands

New Bob Howard Experience

Hey marauders & fellow slayers, I'm wondering if any mega Howard fans would be down with a primarily PVE based (Crom) guild to forage/hunt/craft/kill in the world? I have low gear lvl 80s to boot, would love to connect with players of all ilk!

Servers need to interchange...

Anyone else of the mind that to help boost the low population of this game, the fury/crom servers should be interchangeable? I know in DC Universe Online, there is a "phase sifter" between the pvp and the pve server (PC). Methinks this would be a gr

Returning Player Looking for Mods

It's been several years since I played AoC (back when it was Rise of the Godslayer) and I remember there being several UI mods available that helped with harvesting. Are any of them still available?

Machinima took down the original uploads, so here is the reupload of the AOC series Roleplayin'

Potential new player! How's the population, and would anyone recommend any guides for starting?

Hi there! I'm lookign into the game, and it's intriguing me. I'm wondering how the population is, and if anyone has guides for me to peek at. Such as various classes, etcetera. Also, am I losing out on much if I don't buy the expacs or subscripti

I need a good Ranger PVP feat build. Id rather use ths bow than anything else.

Any suggestions?

2009 Limited Collector's Edition price

Hi, I want to ask you, do you know how much Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures 2009 collector's edition is worth right now? Box is sealed and have number on the top. Pic rel: [https://cf1-taniaksiazka.statiki.pl/images/popups/752/5907610721804.jpg]

Saga of blood class distribution?

Hey guys, potential returning vet here. I'm curious if there any metrics for the current class distribution for the saga server? ​ I was interested in rolling sin / ranger however I'm not terribly interested in the idea of a tortage sn

Why this game die in the hands of "Funcom" and their "support team".

Good day guys, ​ First of all i must say that i am little bit frustrated , not that much to open a post like this but i want you guys to know what you should expect if you play AoC game. ​ I used to play Age of Conan Unchain

Saga vs Fury vs Crom

I played AoC in Beta and when if first came out until \~lvl60. Lately I'm thinking about coming back. I enjoy casual PvP so it seemd like Saga of Blood is the logical choice and I was really excited about it. But as it turns out we are basically for

Saga of Blood full p2w

Better not play this bull. PVP themed timed server with full P2W buyable gear is just an elaborate scam.

Duo with a Rogue

Hello guys! I'm pretty excited about the new saga server, and I'm planning together with a friend to duo pvp. My friend is gonna play assassin for sure, and I'm still wondering what can be a good mate for ambushes/small skirmishes. My options are the

Official: Saga of Blood Launch Time Announced!

Saga of blood exact launch time?

Does someone know when it will be exactly launched? I'm in EU and I guess it will be launched at 00:00 of the 27th American time?

How is the game doing ? worth coming back ?

Well i played a bit in the past got to like lv 30 or something like that with 2 classes bear shaman and dark templar, i stoped playing mostly because my pc was a toaster.   I have been searchin for an mmorpg to play but idk cant really fin

Class balance?

When it comes to PvP. How is the class balancing in AOC? Are all classes relatively balanced? I was thinking of playing a Dark Templar or Tempest of Set for the new saga.

Returning Vets. for Saga of Blood

Myself and another veteran player where looking to come back to AoC for the Saga of Blood server/ event. Both of us haven’t really played much in the past 4-5 years, just the occasional login to see if any old friends still play from time to time.

Concerns About Cash Shop For Raiding/PvE...

Hey there, folks. I made a post here the other week about how the raiding scene is in this game, and after hearing good things, I decided to give it a shot. I'm about level 15 right now, doing all of the Tortaga quests and stuff, and I'm enjoying the

Problems installing the game

So I left the game over night to dl...Not many games these days where any DL takes 3+ hours. I believe the entire Elder Scrolls Online file is about 45GB, takes about 3 hours. Anyways, checking the game I get the "exe file missing, can't open game".

Life on Fury

Hello I'm considering the new Saga adventure, but I'm not sure if it makes any point creating a raid char that will transfer to Fury?

How is Fury raid/ end-game community

Hello I'm considering the Saga server opening next weekend, but I'm a bit worried as the chars will be transferred to Fury after. I hear Fury is dead. Any point of leveling a raid-ready char that gets booted off to Fury?

New player interested in checking out the PvP Saga, question about pay model

so i'm really interested in checking out this new PvP saga that was announced, but i'm hesitant because i think F2P sucks and heard this game had really restrictive free play in the past. my first question is, is it even viable to play as a "free" pl

Official Announcement: Saga of Blood Begins Sept. 27th.

How Is This Game For Medium/Hardcore Raiding?

Hey there, folks! I got directed over to Age of Conan by a fine member of the LOTRO subreddit when I asked this same question over there, who said that Age of Conan has some pretty good end-game raids! Lemme repeat some of my spiel in this post... I

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The Devil's Pass Region in the Wild Lands