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The once Splendid Acheronian Cities are nowadays Inhabited by Picts or Demons or... Both

A Famous Acheronian Gate that Witnessed the Passage of Too Many in the Tortage Jungle

PoM leveling build/guide?

Looking for easy PoM owning build and guide for solo. Thanks in advance.

The Halloween Event is Live Until November 12!

Been playing for about 6 months after initially being a beta. Love the changes since my first time around. Also new to Reddit & how could I resist AOCUC talk!

interested in playing this but i have 1 question first.

what are the chances this game will get a graphics overhaul in the nearish future? it's 11 years old and really needs it, imagine it it looked as good as conan exiles. any hint from the devs that this could happen?

Class advice DT?

Thinking of starting a DT. How does it manage leveling mostly solo? Any builds for a solo-minded game play?

Support for 4k monitors yet?

Been 3yrs since I last asked

Perilous Pass towards the Main Volcano of the Wild Lands of Zelata

Normal Leveling Path?

Obviously finishing Tortage at 20ish, but what is the standard/most efficient leveling path after Tortage? Subscriber with all expansions if that helps.

Spread all over Hyboria, Ruins of the Mysterious Acheron Instill Fear and Astonishment at the Same Time

Please Add Vote To Kick For PVP in AGE OF CONAN

Outlaw Camp in the Tortage Jungle, Home to Marvels and Brutalities

How dead is it?

So, I've been playing AoC on and off since it went freemium. Never got to end levels, got 2 chars around 60-70. Is there any point getting back now? Does the system offer same unfair advantages to paying customers? Is it possible to enjoy the gam

Old pvp video: Mephs - "No Gimmicks: Part 1"

Does anyone still have this old pvp video [http://www.aocmovies.com/movieview.php?id=477](http://www.aocmovies.com/movieview.php?id=477) ? You would make my day if you be so kind to post list of songs used in that video. It's one song on that list i

Transmog or something like it?

Been googling around and I can't seem to find a thing on the subject, only stuff that comes up is conan exiles. Is there any sort of way to change the model of my armor or possibly hide pieces of it? I'd love to get to high level in this game but I l

European server please.

Title, thnx.


AND WHERE CAN I WATCH IT?!?! I just discovered accidentally on imdb, apparently the actor (Harland Williams) that played Newton from Ned's Newt played a character name 'Carl' in Age of Conan: Hyboria Hangover, a 'tv series?' from 2013 and I CAN'T FI

New Player - Steam

Hi, new player here trying out the game on steam. Downloaded but can't launch the game with an error. Are servers down? Or is the game dead?


Heya everyone does anyone else here stream AOC? There are about 5 of us that do on twitch.

Returned after a couple years.

I was looking for a game to dive back into. Been heavily enjoying it so far but would love to find a guild/other players that are active and would be willing to help me every once in a while for raids and stuff. Willing to help me understand the skil

A Well-Known Beach of the Tortage Jungle Shores

Necromancer or Herald of Xotli

I'm a new/played to level 30 a long time ago player. I'm not sure which I'll enjoy more, and I don't really have time to play both. I always enjoy Spellcasters, especially summoners, but the aoe fire of the HoX appeals to me (as does its self reviva

Tortage, the Pirate Haven

To whomever has completed the unconquered achievment!

Was it worth it? What are the rewards? I died trying to climb down a ladder in tortage and I'll be honest. Kinda bummed me out. Want to see if I will even care for the rewards or just continue my character.