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Was a legend. ​

Item capacity for vaults is a bit low?

Who’s the most hated player currently?

Just looking for opinions

Thanks, Simple

Great update.

Scamaz's vault (couldn't get the whole thing in screenshot)

An album of my best memories over a few years of Aberoth. Mainly in olderoth, enjoy <3

3D Aberoth Client!!

I made a client that makes Aberoth screen 3D from the screen image of the original client. You can play it with the link below, **BUT READ THE NOTES FIRST!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!** : [https://mushroomisgod.github.io/aberoth3D/](https://mushroomisgod.gi

Browser client of Aberoth is dead!!

&#x200B; [RIP.](https://i.redd.it/3el5ow2svwv11.png)

reddits been dead

hows everyone doing

Simpel congratulations on your new job

And university by the way


1. Allow straps to hold panpipes 2. More membership items (currently have 6 accounts sitting on 1500-1700 days passed on membership) 3. More large spaces in player vaults (a basement area in player vaults would be nice) 4. Decimals added to percentag


Please make pan pipes be able to be held within a container

Lets try to get everyone out of arc life

pussies hide in arc life all day include crop, shadowgod, jabier, akret, bitmap, tecnobit, neurosis they all hide arc life so yeah condemn them yeeeeet &#x200B; &#x200B;

The TOP 10 of ALL TIME - with bios

These rankings are based on several categories that mainly include: Charisma, History, Dominance, Reputation, Influence, Accomplishments, and more. &#x200B; 1. Shaunxd: "The man who surpassed everyone, and then some, and then some". Shaun goes

Realms are dead.

Membership inn, Common white, Black Arcane Red, Black are dead. &#x200B; My guess: someone used a faulty client, which sent invalid information which tipped all the other information like player data, player life, mob data, so its basically a c

T5 Illusion Idea

A scroll that causes all consumes in your inventory to be shuffled randomly and invisible for several seconds. When they are visible again, they will be in their shuffled locations. You may still use the consumes while they are invisible, but you won

any good site to blog aberoth

i seriously dunno any so every site is helpful


Could we have a command that hides the realm icon in the bottom right of the screen. This would be most useful to those who stream or make videos so they don't have to cut out that whole part of their screen.

Tmalla drops Mind, Mirror, 6bag, Thick, Ms, Sg, Hh (video)

https://youtu.be/XLNmt8tUv58 Yep. Can't wait to see what clever thing ObesePig comes up with in the replies to this one.

real question tho

can i use steam card for character not on steam tyvm

A thank you.

The ones who helped me when i just started playing. The ones who shared stories and let me understand them The ones who appreciated me even though i respected their enemies The time we spent talking or playing, it's not forgotten. And the ones

t5 trans scroll idea

scroll of super teleportation. works like teleportation, but takes you to any area you want. so if u in town an don't wanna walk to tomb you can type tomb in chat then use the scroll and it takes you straight to tomb entrance

New Book Of Aberoth Wiki Poll: What Update Would You Like To See Most?

https://bookofaberoth.wikia.com/wiki/Book_of_Aberoth Thanks to Azimathi for the idea!

Aberoth Clicker Completed!

[https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/227443237/#player](https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/227443237/#player) Hello guys, after all of this time I have finally gotten up and finished this game! If you would like to check it out, now that it is completed

found footage of d-day left unseen until now


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Was a legend. &#x200B; [..]