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MMO Live News/Posts

extremely bad lag on white last night

it wouldn't let me log out and froze my lap top (last nite being an hour ago)

3 ideas

1. wallpaper prefer with skulls 2. zoomba for my vault or a auto clean feature AKA roomba 3. fat characters fatties or you can get fat in the game by eating too many eggs


​ [yes](https://i.redd.it/8o2igxfx9vm21.png)

iron boot rework idea

idea 2 revive game and fix economy

trade in items (or IRL money @simple) to get tokens/tickets to play in a battle royale mode ik battle royale has been suggested a million times but this also adds item sink the BR mode * everyone has same skills (i assume this should be possible b

Just doing the rounds...


acheivement idea

When you complete 30 of 30 acheivements i think you should recieve a reward (even something small) like a charm or something. would give players more of a goal in the game


lich should stay just how it is because its epic

1st Terror arc yellow 2019

&#x200B; https://i.redd.it/aewqyjgwcal21.png

Gud ideaz (so better than tods idea)

New Guild and vault upgrade wich lets you own 1 chicken. Or it can be a Membership reward that is only for your personal vault. MHM

Response to Higgins economy post.

I only just came back to the game (Tod). HH will never sell for 100k again but I think instead of deleting shit Simple /u/aberoth could add more to the crafting system. Old items should get upgraded versions that cost 2 or 3 of that item plus othe


I think that the lich should have some kind of weakness,strategy,etc. sort of like how you can kite gram but takes more practice and harder to do.


Lich should be changed so that building structures for regen and hitting him is still possible. It was a very fun and unique way to fight a boss that didn't give any insane benefit, only allowing you to regen easier and get a few free hits in. I ag

What the HELL is Simple's deal??

Why is simple constantly adding these ridiculous updates just to piss everyone off. I thought he was working on something different now? Can you leave this game alone unless you feel like actually adding content? You're constantly adding these fake


I need a life


#I need terror 😎

I need terror 😎


wanted time

when you say infamy you should also be able to see the amount of time left that you will be wanted

customization suggestion

add option to be shirtless when selecting long or short sleeve


we should be able to hold wolf hearts,minotaur hoofs, in a pouch and panpipes in strap


I heard simple fixed some bug and now its basically impossible to kill lich. &#x200B; Maybe someone could make a video on how to kill lich solo?

we need this simple

we need more armor that can take in embers and shoot them as big glob or just more armor like that, more bosses, more mobs and just more stuff

Aberoth Allies

Simple I don’t know about everyone else I have members and I find it very annoying that the most allies you can have 60 can you bump it up by 10-30 more allies?

What’s the largest transaction in Aberoth history that you know of?

Sad Aberoth Ending

what if that when simple was closing down aberoth forever he would slowly make the scrolls go dark for longer periods of time that when the game finally died every school would go dark forever and the game would have a shutdown timer for an update, b

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

extremely bad lag on white last night

it wouldn't let me log out and froze my lap top (last nite being an hour ago) [..]