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Curious who still plays

I havent played aberoth for a lil but is it worth buying accounts to fuck the game up again

Are any guilds recruiting?

I've been playing for a few weeks and I think it may be time to start looking into a guild. I'm willing to switch servers and start over if need be. I'm Aegena on purple :)

Why do you keep playing aberoth?

What is fun about the game? What excites you about the game? Why have you endured the grind?

Each time iuke and tmalla

brag about themselves lets donate 1 dollar to jogass so he can buy sheets and fresh food

The most egocentric player is back

Iuke is back owning account "egg", as always, he was in arc black shittalking to logos.

Epic Plan: Raid Simple's Email

Raid Simple's Email. He can't stop all of us! *gotta find the content* ON SEPTEMBER 25 ALL EPIC GAMERS WILL RAID SIMPLE's EMAIL. HE CANT STOP ALL OF US. GOTTA SEE THE CONTENT. Ask me in game if u got any questions or pm me. all of us will send ema

About Aberoth dying and Crystal Bat

Simple, are you planning to stop running aberoth? aberoth gonna stop when you die only, or you gonna stop running It before of that happen? Simple, the Crystal Bat isnt worth it.. his stats are bad, you almost dont drain shit .. do drains more common

New content

I think Simple should employ someone else to add new content or just hand the game over to someone who will actually add new content, what do you think?

No eyes

Why peoples at this game have NO EYES? All other creatures have them.

“Quest? I'm already in a quest! A quest to get my swamp back!”

About what are the drop rates when gramming?

I was just wondering the approximate drop chances for the following items: Csash Pressy Obsidian Ms Thick Saphire

It's that time of the year again (2019) Dark edition

For the noobs arriving now, every year around august I make a redditpost on this shitsub, I mean, shitpost on this subreddit (You like that dont you) This year we'll take a minute to mourn the death of this brilliant child called https://www.reddit.

Membership Reward Idea: Unlocking additional hair colors in the customization area

Essentially would unlock a palette of unnatural hair colors (e.g. green, purple, extra bright yellow) for when you have customization credits. Could potentially be given to the player as some sort of hair dye kit which the player can either 'consume'


guild kick messages. when u kcik someone from ur guild and cant reach them to explain why it makes people feel sad and depressed and angery because they were ur friend and u had to kick them but little did they know it was just to clear the guild of

event if anyone wants to join

Crop’s and Saber’s Event Boss Challenge video series \* Overview : \* Part 1 .) bargaining for bosses and difficulty \* in bargaining contestants and anyone who isn't participating pays for bosses the contestants shall fight and

Glowbot link and Giveaway!

Hello there fellow Aberothians! Just wanted to give you guys a link to the biggest Aberoth Discord server. With Over 600 members and a slew of cool perks and bots, Glowbot has become the central hub for trade and converse in Aberoth. Additionally, we


There’s a lot of talk about my skills well I’m calling anyone out who wants to challenge me in 1v1 here’s your chance

Lich so unbalanced / petition

Why is the crypt / Lich boss made to be so insanely unrewarding? It's the most painful boss in the game to farm, and has the most random variables that make it particularly dangerous to farm, yet the rewards are almost always pathetic. Most of the

What's up with the "Secret Item"?

Is it a lie created to make people play this game and not lose faith or...?

Aberoth Clicker Remastered

Trailer: (i recommend watching before playing) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LChOpQLIQDY](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LChOpQLIQDY) Actual Game: [https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/319954025/](https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/319954025/) Enjo

Gurun quest question!

What's the best way to finish his "getting gram awards" quest. I will be buying the rewards and not farming them. I'm looking for the most efficient way to finish the quest. please help.

im back fellas

im back and better than ever. got my GED and now im ready to spend loads of irl on aberoth. lmfao.



There are a lot of mechanics that I'm having trouble figuring out in this game. Why can you open and close bags and other inventory items? Is it just cosmetic? How do you equip multiple gloves? Can you equip multiple gloves? Does handedness effect d

ok new idea

so you should be able to use this command: ​ setpklevel x ​ it is a command to prevent you from getting excess infamy points in war. the (x) value is the skill level. for example: setpklevel 5 will prevent you from killing p

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Curious who still plays

I havent played aberoth for a lil but is it worth buying accounts to fuck the game up again [..]