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And breaking in to the tutorial area

Ahh fun times dragging mobs to spawn

Remember princewilliam3

Remember me pls

8Bitmmo's website for all to find!!!

Who still plays this?

I abandoned the game in 2013. You?


I may be the last one. Rip 8bitMMO. It's actually pretty sad now seeing all the empty towns. If anyone subbed to this still plays hmu

We should add flair to this subreddit

Well we should. Add the main character, Sir Zombie Brains, Draco, Lawyer Cat, Slug, Hipster and a potato and your good.

Looks cool, How is it ?

I just saw this game on steam, it looks pretty cool and interesting, how would you guys rate it. What are the pro's and cons ?

Achievements are a go!

http://blog.8bitmmo.net/2014/05/steam-achievements-are-in/ Finally! Achievements have been implemented into the game. It's only been suggested about a hundred times (99 of which were by me). Now all you Bittians have a goal to achieve! Good luck!

Mac + Linux Support

It's here everyone. The thing you've probably all been waiting for! 8BitMMO is now supported on Macs and the Linux operating system. For more information feel free to check out the official dev blog: http://blog.8bitmmo.net/2014/05/mac-linux-also-t

PLEASE make walls transparent when blocking your characters view.

picture 1: http://i.imgur.com/XDYMpoV.png picture 2: http://i.imgur.com/YDMuG25.png In picture 1 the wall is solid and I cannot see through it which is fine. In picture 2 the wall is obscuring not only my character but the ground behind it which ma

Anyone want to start up a town?

Subreddit seems a little dead but iI was wondering if anyone wanted to get town going?

8BitMMO now free-to-play for all on Steam Early Access

...I literally got the game for free. On Steam. I didn't do anything but sign up for the private beta.

Steam is broken.

How long did it take to get the key?

Title is self explanatory


QICP0-ADG5T-KM8NZ KJPAQ-LA3D9-J28P7 58CMF-3B8EN-DEGWV KZM64-KFP4A-3BPB6 V438A-Z0MZ2-7HW9Y 2DCQ0-XC48G-7434R Y7JJL-PZXIK-BE376 493VZ-PJR8H-4HYFF Now give me Gold Peaseants

anyone gotten a key?

i signed up today and was wondering where the keys comes in? email? it looks uber fun!

Didn't get a key? Private client beta signup form.

How do one get early access?

O saw this game on the front page today and I checked it out, the early access of steam said you can early access a free game by just downloading it but I can't figure out how, I was looking forward to try this with my so.

Join me for an 8BitMMO Livestream on Wednesday 11/13 - 2PM Pacific!

8bitmmo has been greenlit

possible higher influx of posts here I only played it for like 2 hours because 8bitmmo's java support broke so maybe the steam version will work now what a disadvantage; there go my promo codes

8bitsubreddit where you can post your shit!? Hell yeah

Im gonna uploaded all my shit!


I made a neat money making guide for 8bitmmo :D check it out!

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