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In what order should I be getting gear for PvM/Bossing/Slayer? What's the best gear to go for? Been away from the game for 3-4 years and I see sooo many new items and bosses and monsters it's all so overwhelming.

Hey Scapers! So pretty much I've been away from the game for 3-4 years, and I come back to a shit ton of new content and gear! I have no idea where to start, I have some basics like Whip, Slay helm imbued, god dhide set, blowpipe, fury, toxic triden

Got some INSANE Hydra luck on my Zerk yesterday!!!

This sub during polls

The outcome of warding will ultimately depend on the turnout of the influx of new players voting or not.

Any Scottish 'Scapers on here?

Hold up...

Alright guys, whatever you do, don’t fall for shit like this. Drunken me saw it last night, logged into what looked like osrs, noticed link was wrong, immediately changed password. Was too late, acc was already logged. In 20 min I lost everything I had. All untradeables alched.

black chins

Who wnats to come fuck up the 20+ bots at black chins on high risk world all lvl 19-23

Can someone please tell me what’s wrong with this hard clue scroll puzzle? It won’t solve

Helping players defeat the new spider boss

cut charlie the tramp in half

by 2025

Finally completed all quests ... for 1 week

How I felt after doing half of my black demon task

How do i enable these notifications

The year is 2023

Jagex is polling the dds to only have 1 spec, but an attachment to allow it to have 4 as part of the warding minigame shop. Group ironman has been confirmed for Winter 2019. Membership prices are still 11$, but biweekly. Botting is now allowed, bu

Is this goblin blind or just a bad liar?

Best Chaos Ele luck?

Bit of Cerberus luck never hurts

Damn swordfish.


With 2 days left to vote still, Warding is now the most voted poll in OSRS history.

Vorkath has been kind to me

What do lvl3 skillers think of Warding

Interested in hearing what you guys think. how much of the skill is accessible to you guys, and do you like it?

New quest help

With thursday comes song of the elves. I plan on doing the quest immediately after the update. Where can I find the best help for quest and where can I post my findings? Is there a discord or do people just use twitch and reddit?? TYIA

Finally got those coveted BIS items!

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The Creator


Tinder-posts in a nutshell


Why is my account permabanned?


when a poll for a skill you worked on for half a year is only at the mercy of memes


This subreddit during a poll


Catfishing with runescape


When ur new to pking and decide to try LMS


It's like a warzone.


I sure do love playing Sea Shanty 2 in Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers. Nothing could kill my vibe.


WaRdiNG bAd, KeeP OlD ScHoOl OlD ScHoOl


🦀 Friend sent this to me... 🦀


Reality is Warding probably won't get 75%. Let's put some hype on the Guantlet coming next Thursday hoping it's fun and well made!


Suggestion: Let us use a saw to turn a unicorn into a horse


Congrats to Hey Jase for becoming the 2nd player to reach the max virtual total level of 2898. Just 20m exp to go for 200m all.


But I know ill be back tomorrow


I don't even know what to say at this point.


JMod Smackdown - (Colourised 2019)


Praise Zaros!


Hoes in the farming guild


Enjoy this terribly edited video that sums up my fight cave experience.


Finally hit all my f2p level goals. About to enter members for the first time ever. A proud moment


When I get assigned black demons


Regardless of your take on Warding, the turnout for this poll is insane

At the time of this post we have over **93,900** votes on the Warding poll. And we're only halfway through the time allotted to vote as well. That number may easily grow past 100k votes, making it the largest poll OSRS has ever had by a very hefty ma [..]

Tri-Hards splitting their first 3-way spade drop of the week after spending 3M on supplies


Game-changing suggestion: Squidwarding