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Alchemical Hydra pet MIA....

I've been thinking about getting another pet for awhile now. I know it s a big commitment, but i felt like i was ready. I wanted to wait for the perfect pet and out of no where it found me. I looked behind me and noticed the 5 headed good boy follow

I just want my ireon defender

I came for RS meme's I swear

Slayer Helm

will slayer helm bonuses work against all assignment creatures or just the ones in the location you’re assigned (i have greater demons in brimhaven but wondering if i’ll get the boost at kril, i know it doesn’t count towards task total just wan

Had to repost. 12yr old me was sad.

Two factor authentication be like

[QOL Suggestion] you should be able to use untradeable bonds on another account

The right click use function already exists The bonds were likely bought (on ge or through site) by the guy using them It would allow you to pre-buy bonds for accounts you are creating No more trading over cash, buying, and trading back I highly

Coloring/Trimming Runescape Armor/Weapons

Has anyone ever suggested that there be gear trimming/coloring method for gear/weapons throughout the game. So could OSRS bring a new type of "Dye or coloring method" to OSRS. For example there are many ways to go about doing this. You could bring in

HCIM Limited to PvP Worlds

Lynx Titan?

I wanted to try for the KBD pet cuz it's sweet.

What should I train to unlock some better money makers?

How many losses in a row have you guys had at dueling arena? (Max combat, whip)

I've been doing raids a lot lately, and have gotten 2 twisted bows in the past 3 weeks!! Sold one, and now have a crazy stack of like 1.6b Thinking about going to the nasty sand casino and betting 1, and doubling on each loss until i win it all bac

"You didn't hide your run energy, thanks for the account kid"

Lmao they made justicar from osrs into a real thing!

[Suggestion] Can we change gem bag to work like herb sack?

Lightning McFacetank

What is NMZ most afk set up?

Best if this is a setup that would let me do something for ~15 minutes without doing anything in game, if that's possible,or at least setup that's as afk as possible.

No Commentary Guides - Do you like them or not? I made one for new F2P players that are looking for Willow Spots

New Series! Kourend Only

Hey guys, I recently made a Kourend Only series! If you'd like to check it out its right here. &#x200B; Feedback is super appreciated <3 &#x200B; [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-288EQOVV7E](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-288EQOVV7

Anyone seen this classic movie with Morgan Freeman?

still perm muted??

im not giving up on this , im still perm muted , and it was a hacker , JAGEX your not responding to my messages can you atleast send me the evidence to my messages on runescape it says you guys sent me it via message centre and then i check my messag


hello, &#x200B; just a question spended around 1.2 mill in dragon slayer 2 should i continue?

Has hespori seed drop rate been reduced?

Seems like I was getting tons of them when they were initially released, but now I only get one every couple days.

Before the Specimen Cleaning update, this place was always empty. Great to finally have a group to help pass the time