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Nice shield - Cassie

Slayer quests

What quests should I do to unlock better slayer tasks for the future ? Right now I'm only 54 slayer but I have not done many quests at all right now. Just wondering if there were some ones I like need to do to get good tasks.

Why did the artisan skill fail ?

Im just wondering why, in my opinion this skill would have been the best one after slayer.

The BIGGEST Unlock in my Entire Series so far 💯👌🙏

When the lvl 65 with a 1 prayer firecape is pipin up

Frontline released a fresh new production. Topics: Firing of Mod Jed and the downfall of RoT

Loot from my greater demon task

Any word on group ironman?

Haven’t heard about it in a while I remember a few months ago when they announced they were working on it and I can’t wait. Jw if they plan on releasing it sometime this year?

Slayer Helm possible on defense pure?

So what im working on right now is a defense pure, as in Defense and Hitpoints combat levels only. Nothing else, no prayer/ranged/etc. ​ What i want is a slayer helmet, in order to do that i need 400 points. But in order to get any point

Jagex with the jokes again!

We’re leaking

[Suggestion] New mage based boss for OSRS.

Currently magic is the least useful combat style in Oldschool with melee and range both being way stronger than mage for most bossing and other content, except some barrage slayer, so I came up with a boss concept that would require the use of differ

Best bursting gear for 70mage?

So pretty much a noob at mage. Only decent gear I got is occult and seers ring (I). Got about 15m, what would be a good setup for slayer bursting(have bloodveld task rn) Should I wear vestament robes w/master wand and book of darkness? What boots a

1000 Hour 200m Wintertodt solo grind!

When she wants the D but you just want to cuddle

Loot from 3 slayer tasks (Not counting runes from hydra)

Light ballista VS RCB

What are your opinions on the two. Making a 1 def 1 pray pure so there won’t be any benefit in having a book. End goal is 85 range/mage for mid Wildy Pking.

Level 18 combat, am I ready for members?

A wyrm is just a malnourished aqua dragon

[Suggestion] Dragon hunter hasta - fusing dead content

Hydra tail + bludgeon

Guys everyone seems to want a crush flail weapon but can't abide it being not BiS, or have it be better than bludgeon. So why not have it adapt the bludgeon by adding it as the chain that makes a big two handed BiS crush weapon.

[Suggestion] Allow us to use a colored firestarter on Pheonix pet

Like the mining pet it would be cool to have the option to change the color of the Phoenix pet. Plz

My friend took 2500 tokens to get from iron to steel defender. I asked if he would alch it for 1M gp. Best 1M I've ever spent.

[Suggestion] Possessed Ice Lord (Boss)

Feedback is more than welcome, just a suggestion for an area i thought could use some love. Boss suggestion: Possessed Ice Lord Location: Abandoned Furnace Room in Penguin Stronghold on the iceberg Size: Roughly same size as Superior Kurask Wea

Absolutely disgusting.. RS3 streamer tells a girl to kill herself - mods take action!

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

when she finds out, boys


Starting a long mission to draw a pokemon for each skill starting with attack, strength and defence


Edited bone whip (Alchemical hydra variants)


when the homie in the squad hits lvl 50 fishing


2019 is starting out on the wrong foot


Combat 3 HCIM Kbd kill


A thank you from us, the OSRS Wiki

With just a little over a week since the Kebos Lowlands release and wiki coverage settling down a bit, we'd like to formally thank you, the players, for helping contribute to the Wiki. Before the update, we've prepared for the update as much as poss [..]

[Suggestion] Bone Flail (Visualized)


Runescape exterminators on the case


When you forget to make reservations for hydra on Saturday night


Efficient Minimalist PoH


Happens way to often.


Doing Clue Scrolls!


Been a long time since I've seen this :')


We made it


we all know its true


Petition for Robert Whitaker, UFC Middleweight Champion, and OSRS player to come out to Sea Shanty 2 for his next fight on February 9th.

I know you’re reading this, Robert. Pls. [..]

let us use a triangle sandwich on a triangle sandwich to make a sandwich


When you hit restores 5 times in one trip


Mood after accidentally opening my elite clue reward in wildy and then dying for my noted tuna potatoes


GF mentioned that the Kraken boss cave looks like Squidward


Oldschool poll text analysis (Insights & dataset in the comments)


Praise the lord


The GOAT spotted in AUS