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Why is zulrah taking me more attempts than Jad?

I just want my achievements :(


For anyone going for the Dragon Defender: It took me 274 cyclops, and i farmed about 1500 guild tokens and it was plenty.

Loot from 71-80 mining at MLM

Lost for words...

[Suggestion] Change the log in orientation back to South

Why was this changed in the first place? Logging into Varrock square to stand and chat was most legit when you stood with your back to the castle wall. Now you have to actually get someone to stand in the square below you and let you follow them to p

Remember if you ever feel useless, this items exist in game.

Fastest Vorkath Guide You'll Ever See

I made sheet music for Sea Shanty Two violin - quickcompose and play video

The friendships that Runescape can forge are amazing! I’m glad I could bring this friendship to life through art!

Youtubers borrowing accounts?

I've been thinking about this a lot because in the rules it says that "Players may not sell, share, transfer or lend their account to anyone else" but I still see osrs streamers like Torvesta using and admitting his friends accounts for videos. &am

Virgin gamers rise up

[Serious] Telegrabbing pets

Hey so I read a thread somewhere over the weekend that said if you pk someone with a pet, you can telegrab their pet before they disappear and by doing this you can like in a way " drop transfer" you're pet from alt accounts to mains if you get lucky

Dragon Impling just north of lumbridge on world 305

Dragon Impling just north of lumbridge on world 305. I cant catch it so I figured I would shout it out here. its roaming around between the cows and sheep

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, meet me 55 wilderness

Annoying don't know what to do with gp post.

I have 50m and just bought a sara godsword so went down to like 12m and I have d-chain dlegs and fury. Should I have not bought that sara godsword and bought something else?

Wow Classic is doing what OSRS did to rs3 at almost 2x the rate

killing it with fire

Best Gaming Community Ever

Add Remy from Ratatouille as a cooking pet

At what point does max strength gear surpass full obsidian/berserker necklace in terms of DPS?

So just to give some background info, i have 70 def/68 str/68 att. I'm assuming that once I can wield a whip, max strength gear will be higher DPS. However, at the moment, it surprises me that I seem to be doing more DPS with obsidian than I am wit

Excuse my ignorance, but what is going on here? I tried asking but no one responded. Seemed very disorganized

The reason for PvMers hating the wildy isn't that hard to figure out. Imagine the government made murder legal on ONE city block... and then put the DMV there.

I built an interactive map as capable as the in game one!

I've been working on a custom version of the world map with dungeon levels, search features and even cool things like boat routes. Check it out at the link below: rsmap.uk All open source! I know this exists in the game :) I wanted to recreate tha

OSRS Mobile updated on iOS question

Looks like the OSRS mobile app on iOS has been updated to version 180.1 today. The text underneath states "Minor improvements and stability fixes." Does anyone know what improvements were done on the app and is there a place I can see the breakdow

Best PVM money making with these stats and bank?

Stats: * 88 att * 92 str * 88 def * 96 HP * 97 range * 92 mage * 80 pray w/ rigour and aug I have a 150m bank with full elite void, b gloves, most of that stuff. I am going to be able to play a lot the next two weeks and was wanting to grind a b