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Should blood & soulbark armour be added to Shades of Mort'ton?

I actually find the minigame fine. Building/defending the temple is engaging and i like to loot the chest with keys. The only issue is the unique item are useless, i'm talking about Splitbark armour.

Laptop for osrs

will osrs play smooth on this 50 fps everywhere on runelite (Ignore the german language) Laptop HP ProBook 6570b (15.6) Prozessor Intel Core i5 3230M Prozessortakt 2,5GHz Arbeitsspeicher 8 GB RAM Arbeitsspeicher DDR3 RAM SO-DIMM Festplatte 500 GB

Goblin slayer tasks

Still proud that Odablock is zebt free now.

A little bit lucky at demonic's the past couple weeks..

Good omen or wasted all my rng?

Love u big o.

My OSRS interests

Let me start this off by saying I Dont play the game, I really want to but I dont. I do happen to consistently watch content creators for this game. The problem is everytime my interest peaks into the game and i download it i never know where to star

I guess we’re past donations now...

Vorkath is pretty ‘chaotic’

Do your beginner clues

What do i do with polished buttons?


Drop party 02-22-20

Wanted to get 77 RC and made a new friend

RuneLite: Primary Item Actions while Banking

Seems like a somewhat new and unknown Plugin Option for at least some of the community. Wanted to make sure everybody gets to appreciate being able to use primary item actions while banking. If you go to Plugin Configuration in RuneLite and then to

SadWolfGirl7 caught outside w522 rimmy house portal scamming

watch out got some fashionscape accounts wanting to people to "tele them" to dark crabs old scam but bet it catches some people

Marks of Grace Reduced Rates

I just wanted to know if anyone can actually verify that Marks are reduced by 85% after 20 levels. I’m doing the Canifis course at level 66 right now and have not noticed even the slightest reduction in Marks. I’m not being scientific about it, b

Any tips on how to finish the last quests I need for quest cape? I’m sitting at 205 rn with dragon slayer 2 done

Obtaining the fire cape.

Woth level 61 range 60 def and 60 prayer what should I wear for fighting jad. I’m not super rich btw

Is staking for a friend/friends "RWT"

Shower Thought: 2H sword rework?

What if the 2h swords had an increase of damage by some % per hit in a row? Example dont flame my example. 1st hit = 0 bonus damage. 2nd hit in a row = 0.01% damage bonus 3rd hit in a row = 0.02% damage bonus. And maybe there can be a stack cap?

I feel like I’m not really making a profit on Blast Furnace. What am I doing wrong?

I keep seeing that I’m supposed to make a million gold/hr doing steel bars at Blast Furnace. I’ve been doing it in half hour increments because I keep running out of money, but I finally have enough resources to do a full hour (5000 bars). I have

Problem logging in

Anyone having trouble logging in? Log in says ''To many login attempts wait a few minutes and try again'' Been 20 mins now. Unable to log-in on RS site either

3DP Dragon Defender made directly from customer support

First video game tattoo had to be for the one I've played for fifteen years.

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

How I feel when my membership runs out and I log in F2p with max gear


Sums up a lot of the community


Why fletch


Prospecting Update - What are your thoughts on the the Point of Interest marker for mining sites on the world map listing the rocks found at the location. The Dig Site could offer a reward for scouting all locations in the game.


2k total on my level 73 UIM.


The rat manages to get away!


Easy iron plank method - 4.8k/h


Why Does There Have To Be 3 Pets?


So if you done CORP in the last year, you've probably meet them. Its basically the new meta.


One of the most depressing images on the internet


When you go to the GE after skilling at the same location for 200 hours


Mod Ash responds to a new hire


I paid an artist on Fiverr to draw my char, pt. 2


Road to getting my OSRS account back from Hi-Jacker

I am a longtime maxed account player who has poured blood, sweat, and tears into OSRS. After multiple failed attempts to recover my hijacked account, I am still unsuccessful in retrieving my baby. I can provide any account information for the accoun [..]

5 minutes into Spec, Tab, and Chill...


I found where Jagex put the green pixel from the construction icon


Currently there is a huge problem with Mobile users converting to PC accounts. Jagex, do something.

[\[REPOST OF THIS POST FOR VISIBILITY FOR THIS ISSUE\]](https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/efp141/currently_there_is_a_huge_problem_with_mobile/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x) If you use a google play store or iOS (Game center) base [..]

Loot from 98-99 Runecrafting


Daily reminder that we are now 3 months without working highscores

I know you guys mentioned it in your last Q&A but if you could be at least a little bit transparent with it. This stuff started in December when you added boss highscores. I am a mid level player who now cannot risk fight or stake my levels becau [..]

As Of 2/16/2020. Brings me such joy.


big setup


The game has evolved.


Training agility


Does Anybody Else Miss OneChunkMan?

I first saw Episode 1 of OneChunkMan by Pookaguy the day it was released, it came up on my recommended on YouTube, once I realised that Episode 2 came out, I knew I had to watch that too, I was in a car for a couple hours so decided that I would watc [..]

One tick rick