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Reporting bots in F2P

I've started playing again since \~13 year break and playing for \~2 weeks now. Doing a challenge with a friend of mine that we are 2 man ironman, because we are both not that familiar with the game. We are just doing F2P for now to get our stats a b

Rare fossils are pretty much useless

Are they going to have a use on the museum or are they only going to be useful for prayer xp? It seems strange you can clean them and have different parts of a skeleton like for other tier fossils but be completely irrelevant to the museum

Anyone know how to make my inventory buttons not at the bottom but around the inventory itself? Cheers

Jad slayer help

I've been trying to get my fire Cape with slayer tasks but I cant seem to change it so instead of only doing 1 jad I can choose to do more? It let me choose on my first time I got the task but I only chose the single option and keep dying and having

Everyone getting pets and rangers while I'm over here collecting golden trenches

Twisted League #2 - A little bit of EVERYTHING

Twisted Leagues Chocolate Bars

Currently if more than 2 players try to gather chocolate bars hopping across all 18 worlds with 10k+ people on them, it becomes impossible for anybody to get any. It's woefully imbalanced for the number of people currently playing \~1/5k players is

Crab pet pls ty

Could we get a crab pet? I love the way the crabs look in game. They are absolutely adorable and I would love to see these little dudes as obtainable pets. In RS3 theres a wearable crab that sits on your head that looks just like these guys. I dont k

Multiple Players are quitting Twisted League because of the relic choice they made during the 1st hour of the game mode.

I feel like this issue really needs to be addressed in some capacity. The game mode is for 2 months. Atleast be able to reset their accounts or something? There definitely needs to be a solution for this. https://i.imgur.com/vCVYq45.png

Be careful what you say in the CC boys.

Best relic choices for twisted league?

What relics have you chosen so far?

Just met this guy on Twisted League

This is why I love Twisted Leagues! Never thought I would be top 100 anything on RS

When you have bad RNG in Twisted League

I don't know if im happy or sad

We need a way to change relics

Seriously, being someone who picked dark altar devotion day 1 not knowing how easy prayer would be to get and how stupidly overloaded endless endurance is is ruining the twisted league experience for me, not so much because dark altar devotion is bad

Dragon Axe 1kc on twisted league

Change Sara Wizards

Please allow multiple players to dig for Sara Wizard coordinate clues in Twisted Leagues. These clues take 5x longer than they need to due to multiple world hops and waiting in lines to kill the wizards.

Tough Grind FeelsGoodMan

How to train hunter in leagues?

So my only skill still at 0 xp is Hunter. How do we go about training from 1 on zeah? Thanks for any advice in advance


Suggest your ideas for a Necro summoning creature

Looking for ideas for summoning creatures for the new skill Necromancy. Player must include the following info in their suggestion. * Name of creature * Level * Passive: Optional * Drain: What require to keep the familiar up: Hp, energy, prayer or s


How do I kill the mimic in Twisted League...?

First master clue, 60 attack, 66 str, 50 def 45 range, 39 prayer, 42 magic. I can easily get my stats up, but wow. Was a bit difficult fighting the three ancient wizards, and my first mimic... My main weapon is a rune dagger p+ and i got a maple bo

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

My Wise Old Man runescape tribute tat


Hong Kong bout to get lit


Server ddos on 10b stake. Streamer wins but doesn't get paid out. 79 wins on the board, 78 in chat.


Allow Skull sceptre (i) to hold unlimited charges. This is an item used mainly by f2p players and useless to have as a Diary reward.... Make this item great again!!


How Twisted Leagues should end


Did I just win Twisted League?


I was doing Tai Bwo Wannai Trio when..


Every time I do this, I die a little more inside.


From a PKer's Perspective: Just Disable Bounty Hunter V2.

In the current format no one will fight. The first thing my target does, despite us both being fully geared, is asks me to sell, followed by offering to sell themselves. After this "negotiation" fails as I'm there to pk, they will skip. If you go [..]

Wiki guides > slayermusiq1 guides Change my mind


Just completed all the quests and got my quest cape. Shout out to SlayerMusiq1, his guides are awesome!


The Twisted League is really fucking fun

That's all that needs to be said really [..]

Truthfully, 100%, honestly, wholeheartedly, literally unplayable




OSRS Audience


These limp roots man, decent first master!


The boys doing day 1 of a converted Mourning Ends P.2 puzzle in Dungeons and Dragons. They are so happy after our 8 hour session that barely scratched the surface of the puzzle.


Was excited to do this piece for "TBedAbra" (red for the HCIM account) 😅


LMS bot-farm owner reacting to someone crashing his bots by teleother spell.


Casual day in bhv2



Jagex, implement some type of restriction to join an LMS game as having 100+ level 3 bots farming the minigame is disgusting. A simple in-game time played (100 hours) + 500 total level would stop all the bots from abusing this mini-game. New players [..]

Dont worry its just a joke


Two hundred hours later (it wasn't worth it)


Legend in my physics class


Jared please let us change our relics