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when I die put my money into grapes

40 ranged armour

Grinding ranged on sand crabs. What’s the best level 40+ ranged armor I should buy? Thanks for the tips/help in advance

Blackjacking, What would you think if blackjacking would give like 10exp in attack for every successful knockout you would do ?

99 crafting or 91 prayer?

Doing air battlestaves to 99 crafting would cost me 49M and would unlock the skillcape for the unlimited bank teles. I could also get to 91 prayer for the same price, which should I go for? Other ideas would be handy too

Best way to train Runecrafting.

I put on full graceful and do lava runes except I feed my gf lots of eggs and beans and let her fart in my face for hours on end until I get high off of inhaling her sweet ass gas and just keep running and training while I feel like I'm perpetually o

Blowpipe freezes Corp Core?

My friend and I were doing Corp the other day when we noticed if you attack the core with a blowpipe with adamant darts, then sometimes the core will just stop jumping and causing damage for about 10-15 seconds. You can even stand next to the core, b

Jormungand are you ok?

Mobile issues

Has anyone else come across/found a solution to a black screen upon start up that never continues to the loading screen for mobile? I'm on am iPhone sadly. First began about the time they removed BH temporarily, I don't know if the update did somethi

Remove non-BIS Ironman Modes, it’s time

[Suggestion] Godsword item sink Bounty Hunter + PvP revival.

Le sex numeral

Add a warning when emptying Ancient Wyvern shield

It currently costs about 500k in gp to charge and you can lose that with one missclick.

OSRS is featured on the main page of the App Store today!

Does anyone else get this bug? MOBILE

Hey guys, I've been reporting this bug for about a month now and there are no signs of a fix nor have I heard of others that get the same bug, I've provided a screenshot so you can take a look at what happens to see if the same thing happens to you

Fastest way to get a looting bag?

I used to buy mysterious emblems and then sell them to the store to purchase looting bags, but since the update is there not a faster way than killing monsters? Many thanks

Found this bad boy going through my boxes of stuff. (Circa 2007)

I only collect 1 thing besides scrolls

Die Lumbridge

I've been nerd logged 3 times today

AMA 3 back to back 6 hr logs. Nmz is life.

Do some Zulrah phases require ending the phase in a particular spot?

I've followed a number of rotation image guides, I'm identifying my rotation and praying correctly but I'm getting shafted on my positioning. I'm starting all phases in the spot from the guides and not moving throughout that phase but getting bombed

The player bounties, worst idea ever from jagex

"Kill two targets without leaving, or going below level 1 Wilderness Kill your target using Ranged/Melee/Magic on the last hit Kill your target while risking 250,000 GP (in coins/platinum tokens only) Kill your target without using any prayers K

The new Bounty Hunter idea in its entirety needs to be scrapped and reevaluated.

It's all in the title, the new BH idea just feels wrong, it's not thought through properly and many people are getting the EoC-feeling (Jagex with the sunken cost fallacy unable to scrap content that they invested time in although the community is di

Trying out Zulrah in prep for UIM kill on tourney worlds and this happens.

Reeeeee..... ​ https://i.redd.it/bjym48ra3ht31.png

The only important achievement on my account so far


​ ​ https://i.redd.it/ypt5iory1ht31.png Hi guyss, I just claimed my first twich prime loot and im wondering if this is only on RS3 or on old school aswell, and if this 1st month is on old school where do i find these coins, k

MMO Top Weekly News/Posts

The Birth Of Mod Ash - Art


This drives me up the wall, can we get someone to fix this?


Chaos Elemental Jr. achieved at level 3 combat :)


I think we all know what is needed in this game


TIL Jagex recreated the basement from That 70's Show in Slepe.


Don’t lie about what you want


Is auto clicking macro?


The madness is finally over


Been paying 50gp for 12 years every day, always the same issue.


Level 3 Solo's KQ & Venenatis + MORE - Lower The Better #13


The road to 99 is filled with sacrifices


a real interaction I saw at the GE today compelled me to make this in 5 mins


Never forget


We all know someone like this


I died on this particular tile in dorgesh-kaan and I can't pick my stuff back up


Know your priorities


Jagex can i just get my hammer :) ironmanbtw


Hi, first post here. This is my cape collection gained entirely from pks on 44 cbt range/2h pure.


Doesnt matter how hard you try to quit...


Can we stop locking agility shortcuts behind achievement diaries?

What's even the point of grinding one of the most boring and slow skills in the game if you can't even use the Shilo Village/Al Kharid Palace/Kalphite Lair etc. shortcuts? IMO if you get the level you should be able to do the shortcut. If you, for so [..]

Maximum efficiency


The other villager in the room watching me beat down the same Menaphite thug for 2 hours


First person to get back to back Grotesque Guardian pet??


Implement a collect button in the bank!


The forbidden music