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QOL Suggestion: Please add the ability for us to separate private chats from different friends.

One of the biggest problems with socializing in Runescape is that Private chat is all mashed into on area. Whether it's the light blue text above the chat box, or the private tab of the chat box, the friends chat is impossible to sort in any manner b

Add 3 Iron Ore Spots in Blast Furnace

Do it please https://preview.redd.it/zpwwpl7w94q41.png?width=770&format=png&auto=webp&s=7044f0b746cc37d8259d0b92430574c11196b5ca

Most under-rated series on YT?

I just come across this content creator today and wanted to share his series with anyone else that may be interested. For context, he's playing through the game with almost no prior knowledge, and minimal aide with the end goal of achieving a quest

Ironman friends collection log

The osrs wiki just added a quest to get a dragon dagger as your mouse cursor

I don't know what triggered it but I got a popup on the osrs wiki where I had to navigate around to upgrade a bronze dagger cursor into a dragon dagger. Super cool! Anybody else getting this?

9 Champion Scrolls in 2 Days.

[https://imgur.com/a/8v0DL7k](https://imgur.com/a/8v0DL7k) Forgot to take picture of Imp Loot/Kc And i already had Goblin scrolls.

I’m a quadriplegic playing on mobile only. Hit a big goal of mine today!

I’m a quadriplegic playing on mobile only. Hit a big goal of mine today!

Is this an April fools joke????

When they ask who took their tbow split

Loot from standing at the GE for 5 minutes

Where to stand at nmz training range?

First time doing nmz and using absorption’s. Is there an optimal place to stand?

When are death mechanics coming out?


People who have chinned at temple spiders?

I’ve heard chinning at temple spiders is almost just as good as ape atoll. People claiming to hit 460k per hour with black chins? Could anyone confirm this - what has your experience been with them?

Real life doubling

I made a helm of neitiznot design on animal crossing


The Wise Old Man needs our help on the Wiki!

200 days of Coronavirus. Insane!

Please can I get some Reddit pet luck? :) P.S. I know I’m not exactly dry but I’m far from lucky... (the Visage isn’t from Vorkath either)

Sire too easy

Finished bludgeon on my main 33kc :p Unsireds: 4kc, 11kc and 33kc. ​ https://preview.redd.it/6e0e795bv3q41.png?width=227&format=png&auto=webp&s=a2473d171190ea4f8fe3e4e7d1e9f944390a65bc

Is it illegal for a friend to play on my account to do inferno for me?

Jagex are fine with account sharing now but I know they put in effort to keep the inferno cape a really prestigious item. In short my main is a maxed void pure with 42 Def 60 att and 45 prayer and I don't really have the time/ willpower to learn

1st Time Doing Dag Rex | Insane Luck!

What Type of Osrs Player Are You?

For research [View Poll](https://www.reddit.com/poll/fspemn)

got insanely lucky at corp!