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Where boys became woMEN!

The NEW Unlockable Ironman Series you've never seen before! 🗝 - Gridlocked 2.0?

Warding armor sets

Love the idea of new content but feel like some of the new warding armors set effects are mundane. Magic in it's own isn't used for much other than freezes and I feel like a couple curveball magic gear swaps in a pvp and pvm scenario could be interes

[Shower Thought] The original dance emote works really well at shaking off excess water before toweling off after a shower.

Y'all bitches know I'm blasting Sea Shanty 2 to set the mood.

Petition to add a questline expanding on the racist Asian continent from Ghosts Ahoy

When you are watching a staking streamer for giveaways and they get cleaned.

Shouldn’t be called OSRS once warding is Released.

I propose name change to nsrs. new school at. Adding a new skill completely eliminates the old school factor. I know there are many of new features and equipment in OSRS and it’s been so far but adding a whole new skill is such a big change and v

[Question]Old school runescape

Like the title says, this game is called old school runescape. The game we all loved to play as kids. Osrs was created because rs2 went to shit cause jamflex kept adding more and more shit.. Why is it that even rs2 is being less and less recognizable


Short, what is the warding thing?

Is there a way to see if any of my friends play OSRS?

With the release and popularity of OSRS on mobile I'm sure that I know someone irl that plays. Ideally I would like to find a way to see if anyone in my contacts plays with out having to text them all individually. There use to be a feature in the go

I know it's not much, but I finally achieved 99 fletching. Childhood me would be proud :)

Warding doesn't seem like a skill to me

It feels more like an activity to me. You do alternate methods to increase Xp Hr in a certain skill by creating items. So sacrificing time and energy in a more fun way to boost xp hr in skills that are not fun.

Can't figure out where to start on this flowchart. Anyone?

Video editing request

Per our lvl 99 and shotgun a beer meme trend lately, would someone be willing to add a nice maxing or getting 23 99's at once to this absolute unit? https://imgur.com/gallery/vqXd1uC

Daily "What are you up to today?" Thread x527

[Unpopular Opinion] We need more PvM not PvP

Why is the Granite Maul upgrade going to PvP, it makes no sense. All new PvP content should come from PvM. It's been this way forever and shouldn't ever change. Also make all wilderness content optionally safe. I shouldn't have to PvP if I don't want

To everyone who doesnt want warding in the game:

Read their new blog post Watch their new video They changed so much and did so much work to try and ensure that we like the content they're suggesting. If you want to vote no based on what they showed in the past, you're doing yourself a disservice.

PSA: Bank pin removal delay can be extended from 3 to 7 days

yes...I know people will already know this however i have played OSRS for a few years and only found out very recently. The more people who know the less chances hackers have of stealing items. https://i.redd.it/06hou21shja31.png

Got a hilt for every DWH spec the tank landed..

The grind

The Paedo’s set is a reward from Brother Jared. Coincidence?

The new warding blog is proposing that the lower tier prayer increasing set be called Pado’s (like paedo or paedophile) and you speak to Jered (like Jared, the subway guy) to obtain it. Does this seem like a deliberate reference to the scandals in


Just got members, and Im planning to do barrows but need some startup cash for equipment and supplies. I have about 100k rn after getting a bond. Any ways to get some cash for barrows? Stats: https://secure.runescape.com/m=hiscore_oldschool/hiscorepe

Need gear advice. Returning player from the old days.

I used to play a lot years ago, recently returned after mobile so just need a bit of advice on gear really. So I’m 75 Att, Str & Def. 73 Range & 76 Mage. I only do pvm & slayer tasks. My current gear: **Melee**

Is it true that Ironmen aren't people?

I just started a hardcore ironman account a month or so ago, and since then I've started to believe the rumors. Many a late night have already been spent clicking and watching numbers rise in between various multitask distractions, until my stats slo