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Create a private server like world

If LMS dies out, Jagex should just make a word similar to a PKing private server. You can change your levels, you can use any sort of gear you like and just mess around. People would be able to learn to pk at any level of skill. People still play pri

Is there anyway to remove an account????

So my "main" has the name "lavun llo" and another acc i made back in like 2017 has the name "lavun", I'm not planning on buying members just to change the name on my alt and then never playing on it again, So can I somehow delete the account in ord

I'll bring the wine

Elite Fremennik Diary + Enchanted lyre(i) = 2nd best equipable unlimited teleport to bank

New Iron Man Account- should I get 5 attack to use steel axe for wintertodt?

I'm pretty new to osrs, but all the guides I've read say to use the steel axe, but don't mention levelling attack. Will the better axe be worth the higher hp?

Verf's Karamja only UIM almost ruined by a boat travel

Petition to make an official world for the Inferno so everyone that's learning can grieve together...

... and touch butts

When you need a Heroes' Quest guide

Welcome to RuneScape

For when $11 dollars is too much 🦀

Looks like my gf is adjusting well to the community. (F2P canoes)

He died to a noob (me) :/

[Suggestion] Make ranger boots taller so we have a higher vantage point when shooting projectiles


Quick quest. 91 range, 85 def. I’ve only killed Vorkath 4 times. No void. Blessed d hide, salve ie, blowpipe. I’m on a blue dragon slayer task now. Will the slayer helm be of any benefit for me since I have the salve ie?

Heard that complaining on Reddit improves RNG so figure it's worth a shot

You ever kill Jad and not receive your cape? I sure have.

just logged in- what is going on

​ https://i.redd.it/i03j5zplvgi31.png


People always talk about how RS is a great game for people with autism, but it's also a really great game for people with ADHD!

ADHD causes me to get bored with things quickly, but luckily RS has so much different shit to do that that's never really an issue for me

Can’t be the only one balancing a relationship with OSRS

My iPad died with 1 prayer point left and I come back to this


wiiiiii https://i.redd.it/zpsfyfbvsgi31.png

A PvP-noob's take on "reviving the wilderness"

As I see it, there are 3 major problems in the current wilderness situation: A) A huge PvP skill gap between dedicated PKers and casuals/PvMers who choose to fight back B) A lack of incentive for non PKers to fight back at all C) The high (or perceiv

I’m shaking

I have 99 range but shitty other stats how can I find a rev team tonight?