Should you try Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 is one of the oldest MMORPGs that people are playing right now. It’s insanely fun, it offers great gameplay and despite being rather old, it continues to attract a lot of people. It has an average of 360k players every day, and a total of 12.69 million players. That’s a lot of people playing this game every day. Also, the interesting thing is that they announced a new expansion, so the game is not going anywhere.

A stunning game world with lots of things to do

Why do you find so many people playing Guild Wars 2 years after it was launched? That’s because the game itself was very well thought out and it has expanded quite a lot since launch. While it’s not the most popular MMO right now, it’s definitely out there. There are many reasons behind that, one of them being the really impressive game world. The story in Guild Wars 2 is not the best, a lot of players know that.

Yet what really makes Guild Wars 2 different is the massive game world, great cities you can explore and the fact that there are so many different races. You get to feel a part of the game world and it’s vibrant, it has its own economy and you are a part of something greater.

One of the best combat systems

Most MMOs require you to just click and the character attacks automatically. Things are different with Guild Wars 2. The game is bringing a skill-based combat system. You have a lot of skills to choose from and you will need to use them wisely if you want to win over your enemies. It’s a very interesting idea and one that continues to expand in regards to the gameplay and rewarding attention to detail.

Also, the developers listen to the customers. Initially then level cap in Guild Wars was 20, now it’s 80+ and it makes a lot more sense. They bring in a true focus on exploration, crafting and experimenting within the game. It’s interesting and it offers you reasons to come back.

Why do people come back to Guild Wars 2?

Aside from the massive game world and constant sense of immersion, there are plenty of other reasons to play Guild Wars 2 in 2020 and beyond. They have a lot of skins, which means you can easily come back to complete quests and challenges in order to win. On top of that, you can play a random map, obtain achievements and improve your loot.

Even if the Guild Wars 2 story is not the best in the series, their lore is amazing. There’s a lot to cover in the game, and the overall quality on offer is pretty impressive. The raiding system is great, the game is always spruced up with new ideas, and you’re always enjoying new challenges. It’s also a game that you can solo in without a problem. You can go and enter raids, or you can play as a group. The possibilities are there, the world is extraordinary, and Guild Wars 2 continues to stand out as an incredible, ever expanding world that you want to be a part of!

Learn more about the Guild Wars 2 subscriber numbers.

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Week 19 2020: MMO User Growth Highlights

It’s week 19 of 2020 and we have a new summary on what MMOs have gained the most users, and which have lost the most.

For more details please check the MMO Growth List.

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On accuracy

People (myself included) often wonder about the accuracy of the numbers on the site. I was pleasantly surprised to see Albion Online post player numbers recently and we were extremely close with our calculations!

So it would appear our estimation of Daily Players is a little higher, but given that it’s based entirely on an algorithm it’s great to see!

Our recent graph matches their growth as well!

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Week 18 2020: MMO User Growth Highlights

It’s week 18 of 2020 and we have a new summary on what MMOs have gained the most users, and which have lost the most.

For more details please check the MMO Growth List.

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Compare any two MMOs

We’ve added a new feature if you’re looking to put two MMOs head to head in player numbers – the Compare section.

You may select any MMO and then any MMO to compare it to. Our example below show ESO vs Guild Wars 2

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2020-05: The Biggest MMOs

It’s May and we’re publishing our official list of the biggest MMOs in the world.

For more details please check the MMO Activity List.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Stable Population

Final Fantasy XIV is a success story in MMO active player counts – a stable, reliable population of players. This is very unusual. Compared to something like WoW which can fluctuate by 10x near releases, FF XIV stays relatively stable as seen below.

Final Fantasy XIV is the most stable top MMO on MMO Populations, and commands a healthy player base:

We estimate that 1,809,102 people play per day, with a total player base of 19,043,182 as of April 2020.

This means a strong recommendation from us to play FF XIV. If you’d like to learn more, check the MMO Population FFXIV page.

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WoW Classic vs Retail: What’s bigger?

Now that WoW Classic has been out for a while – which game is being played more, and by how much?

Classic’s Stats

WoW Classic player numbers show a total population estimate of 22.8 million with a daily player number (in April) of just over 1.5 million gamers.

WoW Retail’s (Live) Stats

WoW retail player numbers show us a total player estimation of 80 million, far higher than classic but that’s to be expected. The more interesting number is the daily players at 2.31 million (in April).


While both sets of numbers are estimations, classic is far closer to retail than you may have imagined in terms of active players. This is during the BFA nightmare, but also a long time after classics release.

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2020-04: The Biggest MMOs

It’s April and we’re publishing our official list of the biggest MMOs in the world.

  • World of Warcraft is rank 1 in the world with 2.25M active players and 78.87M total subscribers.
  • Old School RuneScape is rank 2 in the world with 2.16M active players and 25.26M total subscribers.
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn is rank 3 in the world with 1.59M active players and 18.63M total subscribers.
  • RuneScape is rank 4 in the world with 779.18K active players and 11.72M total subscribers.
  • Black Desert Online is rank 5 in the world with 721.29K active players and 8.44M total subscribers.

For more details please check the MMO Activity List.

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How to choose a new MMO?

Picking a new MMO to try solo or with friends can be difficult. It’s actually how MMO Populations was born!

Fortunately, you’re at the right place. There are 3 metrics we recommend when looking at a new MMO:

  1. Total player base
  2. Activity percentage
  3. Growth

Total Player Base

When looking for a new MMO considering how many people are playing it is important. It might close down, or more likely, just be empty and boring. MMOs simply are more fun with others.

The MMO Population List is great for this. It will give you an estimate of the number of active players each MMO has. You can go into a given MMO to see the total subscriber base estimation as well.

Activity Percentage

Activity Percentage is a GREAT metric for gauging an MMOs popularity and quality. It estimates what percentage of the games players are active in the game. This shows excitement, interest and more!

Have a look at our MMO Activity List.


Possibly the biggest factor in eliminating an MMO from your list, growth speaks to if the community is growing at a healthy pace.

Every MMO on the site has a growth rating once you go in, but you can also look at the MMO Growth List.

Our Recommendations

These are the 5 games we recommend checking out:

If you’re looking for friends to play with, head over to the community Team Up section!

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