On accuracy

People (myself included) often wonder about the accuracy of the numbers on the site. I was pleasantly surprised to see Albion Online post player numbers recently and we were extremely close with our calculations!

So it would appear our estimation of Daily Players is a little higher, but given that it’s based entirely on an algorithm it’s great to see!

Our recent graph matches their growth as well!

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Final Fantasy XIV: Stable Population

Final Fantasy XIV is a success story in MMO active player counts – a stable, reliable population of players. This is very unusual. Compared to something like WoW which can fluctuate by 10x near releases, FF XIV stays relatively stable as seen below.

Final Fantasy XIV is the most stable top MMO on MMO Populations, and commands a healthy player base:

We estimate that 1,809,102 people play per day, with a total player base of 19,043,182 as of April 2020.

This means a strong recommendation from us to play FF XIV. If you’d like to learn more, check the MMO Population FFXIV page.

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